Christmas Castration

Christmas CastrationMy wife, Janet, had taken me and her two girl cousins, Jenniferand Sarah, to the GlobalTV match as a surprise Christmas present and I,like everyone else, was completely unaware of the surprise event in theboxing/ wrestling ring.The man was a tall and tough looking brute with broad shoulders, narrowhips, a barrel chest and rippling muscles. He wore shiny little black satin briefs with an enormous bulge in them that hardly contained the huge packagebetween his legs. He posed, flexing his muscles for the cameras.The girl was extremely pretty and very skinny with blue eyes andtwo large thick blonde plaits that swished around in an alluring, sexy manneras she moved. She wore a tiny black shiny “metallic look” top and matchingmicro-miniskirt that hardly covered her hips and revealed her tantalising tight,shiny, soft white satin panties for everyone to see. Her thighs were thin andlily white with little seductive bulges in the inside, just below the crotch. She looked so enchanting but delicate and vulnerable compared with the man thatI couldn’t believe that she would last a second before being beaten to a pulpby the brute. I was acutely embarrassed at even the perverted thought thatthe girl might put up a fight, so I wiped it guiltily from my mind.The young girl referee announced that it would be a bare-knuckle fight with noholds barred except that gouging the eyes was not allowed. Two falls, twosubmissions or a knock out. The audience of schoolgirls cheered andshouted, “Make him wank!” – obviously supporting the hopeless girl.As they bell went and the two fighters came out of their corners to face oneanother one could see that the man walked with a kind a swagger: it was botharrogant machismo and the obviously uncomfortable tightness of his briefs onhis crotch. He clearly lusted after the girl, licking his lips as his engorgedmanhood pushed the elastic of his briefs away from his belly making it evenharder for him to walk or concentrate on the job in hand. He sneered at herlaughing derisively as he announced loudly for the benefit of the cameras, “I’m going to smash your scrawny little body and then impale you on my tooland fuck you – fill you up with my spunk until you burst, little girl.” She justeyed his bulge and simpered, licking her lips and looking every bit the ‘silllygiggly, vulnerable, weak, timid, cute innocent little girlie’ and no one couldavoid being very afraid for her. I though about her pathetic little cries as this strong man ****d her and felt my penis and balls becoming uncomfortablyheavy, with a little tingle in the head of my dick.As they came together the man reached out and ripped off the girl’s top,turning to the crowd as he threw the ripped fabric into the audience. At firstthe girl shyly covered her breast with her hands, but then she lookeddetermined and allowed her little breasts to swing freely.The man reached out and grabbed the girl’s tits with both hands andsqueezed them: the girl squealed with pain but then brought both arms upbetween his, brushing his aside: She grasped his shoulders with both hands,stepped forward, and brought her knee smashing up into his unprotectedcrotch. I could hear the horrible slap as the girl’s knee battered the man’stesticles and then a loud “Oooof!” as a look of utter surprise crossed his face.and he slid slowly to his knees in front of the girl, his face in her panties. We all watched in complete astonishment as the man fell onto his back andscreamed as he clutched his ruined manhood in a futile attempt to bahis firmaları alleviatethe crippling pain that immobilised, indeed paralysed him in both body andspirit. He writhed on the canvas moaning and pleading “Help me, oh help me- she’s kneed me in the bollocks!” The girl just stood there laughing andpointing his plight out to the cameras. Then, pulling his hands off his balls for a moment, she took off his pants and held them over her head in triumph, onefoot on his chest. The girls in the crowd went wild with excitement shouting”Girl Power!” and “Female wins, female wins!” over and over again. The girltwisted his right foot (on her left) outwards, placing her bare right foot ready to stamp on the helpless man’s balls if he did not submit and he sobbed”Submit” before crawling on his hands and knees, naked, crying and snivellingin ignominy to his corner. One could see that even his useless flaccid memberwas huge and dangling, and his bollocks hung low like two massive billiardballs in a sack too small for them. The referee girl massaged him quickly andexpertly as he moaned and writhed in pain and then, when she thought himready, she announced “In round one, one submission to the female. Roundtwo.” I was too shocked and ashamed to allow my embarrassment to showthe awful beating our collective male pride had taken.When the bell went the man came out warily and one could see the nakedfear on his face. He was not just naked but exposed, waddling even moreuncomfortably. The girl laughed at him contemptuously, first staring and thenpointing at the man’s ridiculously vulnerable tackle and smacking her lips,rubbing one finger in the shiny pussy-crease of her pants: the shamelesstemptress! The man was smitten, bedazzled by her female sexuality and I feltmy face go hot with shame for the poor man as his male urges betrayed himand his penis grew longer, dangled more, and then reared up in a massiveerection. The shame belonged to every man! One could see why he wasuncomfortable as his ponderous penis and balls got in his way so much. Thegirl danced gracefully around him, little titties dancing too, and her plaitsswishing around her making her look like an entrancing elf-angel. Suddenly ina blur of movement the man was on his back and the girl was sitting on hischest, pinning his arms to the canvas with her knees. The girl reached back,brushing her hand past his straining penis, and captured his male weakness,his huge bollocks, in her dainty little hand. He screamed as she tightened hergrip. “I submit”, he shrieked again, but she tightened her grip until heblubbered “Mercy, girl, please don’t hurt me any more”. She lowered her softshiny white silky panty-crotch in front of his red face and told him “Kiss mypanties first”. “No way”, he replied. “Why not, I have beaten you haven’t I?””Yes, he whimpered, “but that is just too awfully humiliating”. At that point she squeezed even harder and he squealed and squealed and then blurted out,”Yes, panteeees”. “Not until you plead to kiss my girly panties” she shouted,not releasing her crushing grip at all. He shrieked, “Please, please let me kissyour girly panties.” She released her grip a little and lowered her intoxicatingpanty-crotch onto his face: he kissed it enthusiastically. I felt so ashamed tosee a big strong male with his male urges on display, defeated, humiliatedand broken by a slight girl that I blushed and my face felt hot – Icouldn’t look my wife or the girls in the eye as they cheered and clapped thegirl. By now I had an kaçak iddaa erection that was difficult to hide from Janet and shenoticed it, and to my utter horror, pointed it out to Jennifer and Sarah.The sexy girl seemed to enjoy the man kissing and then licking her panty-crotch as she wriggled and giggled like a young girl at a party and waved atthe cameras. Then she released his balls from her grip, stood up, took off herpanties, and lowered herself back on to the man’s face. He just lay thereutterly helpless in his defeat: his male ego destroyed and the fight gone out ofhim – but his penis bobbed and strained for release of his male frustration ashe kissed and licked and sucked and the girl became very excited, rubbingher nipples and squirming on his face. After a good five minutes of that shegrabbed his ears and pulled his face up into her crotch, crushing his headbetween her thighs, then squeaked like an uninhibited little girl-piggie as shefucked his face to her completion, her face contorted in the rictus of orgasm,then relaxed and sighed happily. By now I was shaking with sexualexcitement and Janet and the girls enjoyed watching me squirm.The girl put her panties back on and then, with the girl referee, helped theman to his feet as his swayed groggily with a glazed look in his eyes. Thereferee announced, “Two submissions to the female: the female wins: GirlPower Rules!” Then they tied him up in the ropes in his corner with his hugepenis bobbing hungrily towards the girls and his huge vulnerable bullocks, fatand heavy, like two juicy fruit for the plucking, dangling between his legs. Thegirl took a little knife from the referee and held it against the man’s scrotum,ready to cut the heavy bollocks free from his body and announced: “Femalevictory: I claim my trophies!” The man shrieked, “No, please, not mymanhood!” By now the girls in the crowd were chanting “Make him wank,make him wank, make him wank.” The man looked in horror at the look ofsmug triumph in the girl’s face and started thrust his hips forward rhythmically, each time the tip of his penis touching the girl’s panties that had teased and stupefied him so much: and he moaned, deep masculine moans as he started to masturbate himself pleading “Oh god, girl, yes: finish me off: pleasecastrate me!!!” The crowd went wild, shouting “Cut them off, Off, off, off.”Suddenly the man went into a convulsion, prick straining towards theirresistible overwhelming femaleness that had conquered and defeated hismaleness: his back arched and he tottered on the brink: his need was urgent,but his gut-churning fear held him back. His face showed his struggle to keepthe last dregs of his dignity and then his surrender to her: He shouted “Now!”as the first gout of hot frustrated semen exploded out of him and hit the girl’spanties right in the crotch; then the next spasm shot globules all over her tits, belly and skirt and he emptied his thwarted masculine seed in pulse afterpulse of shameful but wonderfully satisfying male tribute over his pretty littleconqueress. The girl put the knife down so that she could enjoy rubbing hisspunk into her tits and belly with one hand while holding the heavy trophies inthe other. Then she positioned the blade carefully – ready for the gelding. Heshrieked and shrieked and shrieked, but the girl had no pity. She pulled man’stesticles down until the scrotum was exposed and then with a little cry ofjubilation she sliced them off, emasculating him with one delicious blow. Hispiteous screams echoed around kaçak bahis the arena. Oh how the thrill, the fabulous joy,the ecstasy of female victory showed on her pretty face! The girl held thebloody remains of his manhood over her head in the ancient sign of the victorover the loser, grinning and shouting, “Female defeats male and takes herprizes! Girl Power Rules” while great globs of his tribute slid down her chest,belly, skirt, panties and legs.All of the men in the crowd looked on in horror as their greatest fear – and yettheir most exhilarating secret desire, the ultimate thrill – was played out on the public stage to their utter abject humiliation. I felt the most powerful frisson of pleasure and fear grip my mind and body and just wanted to ejaculate now: but Janet put her hand down my pants and gripped my bollocks until the needsubsided. I wanted desperately to save my male ego by shouting out that thegirl was unfeminine in some way: but I just couldn’t claim that when the girlshad seen me have an erection for her: and I could hardly say that either whenthe man had acknowledged her superior female power over him byejaculating over her panties! I felt a deeply painful, shameful thrill go through me as I admitted to myself the obvious: in combat female is superior – I could just never admit it to a female or my male ego would snap!The conquering girl toured the stage jeering and crowing while holding up thesevered bollocks for the cameras and the audience to see – the very symbolsof the man’s manhood and his defeat by a female. The referee girl gave theman a shot of morphine in the leg and he soon dozed off in shock and d**g-induced sleep – a globule of spunk sliding slowly down one leg and a trickle ofblood running down the other, utter defeat and humiliation written on his face.The journey home was a blur that I don’t remember much except my acute,red-faced squirming embarrassment as the girls discussed every humiliatingmove in the fight. When we arrived I was in for another surprise. Janetordered me to lie naked on the floor while she dressed in a little outfit identical to that of the fighting girl. My penis disobeyed my desperate attempts to control it and reared like a startled snake. I pleaded with her not to let the girls see, but Jennifer and Sarah came into the room and both were wearingsimilar outfits, vivacious and giggling as they teased me with their tight, shiny, wet-look panty-bulges and laughing and giggling at my awful shamefulerection. Oh the gut-wrenching visceral shame! Janet let Jennifer abuse mefirst: she came down on my face and I could smell her hot sexual musk as Ikissed the hot soft shiny fabric tight over her pussy crease and licked alongthe beautiful white flesh of her belly and in the creases between her panty andher leg. She crushed my bollocks and I was soon licking her delightful hot little pussy in submission as she came in shrieks of delight. Sarah quickly had her cum-juices all over my face too, squealing and giggling with enjoyment andsmacking my painful balls. Then Janet, my own wife, humiliated me too,shouting “Off with them” as she came on my face. They tied me to the bed,tied up my balls, and threatened to castrate me for being unfaithful to my wifeeven though they forced me to beg Janet for sex. When I saw the three girlsexamining the knife I realised with a terrible shock what my surpriseChristmas presents to them were going to be! I started to pant and moan withan overwhelming need for it to happen. In a sort of thrilling orgasmic terror, Irealised that, like all of the men who had seen the fight, I wanted nothing morethan the ultimate relief of having them ripped from me in a cataclysmic displayof female victory and strength, male weakness and defeat; Girl Power!

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