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Subject: Christmas with my Cousins – Chapter 5 This is a work of 100% fiction, so chill out. If you enjoy this, and other stories on Nifty, please help support it by making a donation today fty/. Comments and feedback are always welcome Christmas with my Cousins – Chapter 5 I had been here a week now, but in some ways, it felt like a lifetime ago since I was back in Chicago. My world had been turned upside down since coming out West. A week ago, I was a shy, Midwestern boy with no sexual experience whatsoever other than masturbation. Now here I was in Southern California, skinny dipping with cousins, wearing tiny Speedos instead of baggy swimsuits, eating meals and hanging out in the living room regularly with my aunt and uncle in only my underwear, exposing my naked body to both of them on several occasions now, showering with my cousins, and most significantly — exploring a whole new world of sexual adventures with them. I was regularly receiving blow jobs from Sam and Daniel and I had returned that favor to them a few times now. I had learned the joys of 69, I had tasted my cousin’s cum along with my own a couple times and was sleeping in the nude almost every night now. What had happened to me? One morning as I got out of bed and reached for a clean pair of boxers, I suddenly wished I had something else to wear. I had grown to love the look and the feel of my Speedos and wished I had some brief-style underwear like my cousins wore most of the time. I asked Aunt Katie if we could go shopping and she happily agreed. I picked out a 6 pack of low-rise briefs in various colors, another Speedo (white with a black stripe this time) and used some of the money Mom and Dad had given me to pay for them. My boxers went untouched for the rest of the visit, and at night watching TV and in the mornings at breakfast I would be wearing just my small, snug, briefs just like my cousins. The white Speedo was cut like the blue one and didn’t leave much to the imagination, especially once it got wet. The pink tip of my penis was clearly visible as it pressed against the wet fabric. Aunt Katie and Uncle Bob got more relaxed with what they wore as well. I think they were being modest (at least by their standards) around me the first few days I was here, but after a while Katie was usually in a pair of panties and a t-shirt in the mornings, and Uncle Bob was also in his underwear a lot more around me. I’m pretty sure the two of them were doing some skinny dipping at night after we all went to bed. We would be here in San Diego for a couple more days, then we would drive up to the mountains on the 21st for some skiing and snowboarding. My parents were scheduled to join us on Christmas Eve and would stay and ski for a few days before we’d all go back to San Diego. Then my parents and I would fly back to Chicago the following day. What would life be like for me after all of this? I dreaded going back to the old me. The me that wore pants all the time, the me that never skinny dipped, the me that never fooled around with other boys… I wondered if I could talk my parents into getting a hot tub, but even if they did, I just can’t see them being cool with me and my friends being in there with no swimsuits on. And I don’t even want to think about what would happen if they caught me fooling around with another boy. I’d be grounded for life or sent away to a monastery somewhere. Would any of my old friends back home even want to do any of those things? They seemed to be just as shy and conservative and naïve as I was a week ago. One day we were doing our normal routine. I had taken the boys to the park to practice football while Aunt Katie and Fernando ran some errands. After a while we had come back home and I made some lunch for my cousins when Aunt Katie returned. “Oh hey there” I smiled. “Want one of my world-famous grilled cheese sandwiches?” She smiled at me warmly and gratefully accepted my offer. The boys wanted to go for a swim so they went and changed into their suits while I made lunch for my aunt. “It’s so nice and warm outside today” she said “I’d love to join you boys in the pool, but Fernando has been so fussy today.” “Why don’t you let me take him for a bit” I offered “he loves me.” Then I looked at Nando and added “you’re not going to be fussy with me, are you? Do you want to go swim with your brothers?” The little guy smiled and nodded his head. Katie gave me a hug and I took Fernando to put him in a swim diaper and then to put on my own swimsuit. I played with him in his float, and we splashed around enjoying an unusually warm day for mid-December. After a bit, Aunt Katie came outside and I couldn’t help but stare — she was in a tiny, red, string bikini. There was a little bit of fabric covering her breasts and her pussy and just the crack of her ass. She looked amazing. She hopped in the pool and played with us for a little while and then got out and laid on a recliner soaking up the warm California sun. Fernando really was in a bad mood that day, and despite my best efforts, he started to fuss and cry about wanting his mommy. Aunt Katie sighed and said “OK little one, come here.” I lifted Fernando out of the pool and he waddled over to his mother with his saggy swim diaper drooping down between his legs. “Let’s get you out of those” she said and pulled off his diaper. I couldn’t believe what happened next. She sat up and completely took off her bikini top. Her big, full breasts looked so gorgeous. I was glad I was in chest deep water because my cock got hard immediately. She picked up the baby and held him in her lap and then laid back on the recliner to let him nurse. I know she talked before about how natural a thing this was, and I understood that, but to me, it was also sexy as hell. I wished I could trade places with him and suck on those big titties of hers. My other cousins were used to this and didn’t pay any attention to their nearly naked mother. I couldn’t help but watch though. She caught me starting at her and smiled and gave me a wink. My cock was rock hard. About that time, Uncle Bob came home. “Hey Sam, hey Brian, I’ve got a client on the way. Hop out and help me set up the room will ya?” Sam immediately complied while I stalled trying to come up with a reason to stay in the pool. “Brian, let’s go big guy, I need your help.” “Coming Uncle Bob” I said as he walked back into the house. Sam was over near the door drying off and Daniel and Ben were busy trying to drown each other. I knew my Aunt knew why I was stalling and she just grinned at me. I had no choice. I climbed up the ladder out of the pool, my steel erection leading the way. It was so ridiculously obvious in this tiny blue Speedo. I tried to cover myself with my hands once I was out of the pool, but I know she had already seen it. I avoided eye contact with her as I quickly walked over to my towel. As I dried off, I glanced back at her and she was looking right at me, or more accurately, she was looking right at my bulging Speedo. For once, she was the one caught staring. Aunt Katie looked up at me and I think I saw her blush a little bit. Uncle Bob was growing impatient, so I wrapped the towel around me and headed inside to give him a hand. That night after everyone went to bed, Sam and I were fooling around and stroking each other’s cocks. We were startled when the door opened with no warning but relaxed when we saw it was Danny. He had on his tighty whities with a bulge in the front that told us he was horny. “Hey” he whispered as he shut the door “wanna play?” The three of us rolled around on the bed sucking, licking, touching, groping, for the longest time. At one point, Sam suggested we lay in a triangle so we could all suck istanbul travesti and get sucked at the same time. I laid on my side with Daniel’s fat little cock in my mouth. He was sucking on Sam, while Sam sucked on me. That was fantastic! Danny had a shuddering orgasm as he practically fucked my face, and then he decided he wanted to get fucked. He wanted me to do it, but we all decided I was just too thick for his tiny butt hole. Instead I humped the crack of his plump little ass. I loved the feeling of his soft, smooth butt cheeks against my throbbing erection and soon came all over it as he sucked Sam’s cock. Then we traded positions. Danny licked my cock clean while Sam used my cum to lube up his dick and Danny’s hole. After fingering him for a while to loosen him up, he gently inserted his erection into his little brother’s willing ass. He started thrusting in and out slowly as I watched intently. I had never seen them do this before, but it was obvious it wasn’t the first time for either of them. Sam’s pace built and he fucked his little brother hard until he came inside Danny’s chubby little butt. I wished I could do it too, but I knew I’d end up hurting the little guy. I think Daniel must have had three or four dry orgasms that night. He ended up falling asleep snuggled between the two of us that night and stayed there until the morning. The next morning I was the first one up. I slipped on a pair of new black briefs and went out to the kitchen where Aunt Katie, Uncle Bob and baby Fernando were. Katie was in skimpy, black panties and a t-shirt as she sat at the table nursing the little guy. I was getting used to seeing her nursing him occasionally, but it still turned me on for some reason. The two of them filled me in on the plans for the day. Katie had errands to run to get ready for our trip to the mountains, and Uncle Bob was working at the massage studio. They had friends (the Martins) coming over for dinner later. Mrs. Martin would be bringing by her son, Zach, that morning so he could play with the boys and then they would come over later along with their younger son, Mack, for dinner. Around 10AM the doorbell rang and Daniel bounded to the front door. His buddy Zach came in carrying a backpack and an armful of Nerf guns followed by his mother and a pouting 5 year-old who I assumed was Mack. Zach and Mack were both cute kids. Zach had just turned 11 so he was a little older than Daniel. He had dark brown hair, brown eyes and a dark complexion to match. He was about the same height as Daniel but had a leaner build, more like Sam. Mack was a smaller version of his big brother, but with sandy blond hair. He was upset he didn’t get to stay and play, but apparently, he had gotten in trouble for something the night before and this was his punishment. I introduced myself and invited her into the home. “So you’re the poor soul who has to wrangle all of these monsters?” she joked, “you’re a brave young man.” “Aww, they aren’t so bad” I replied “I only have to beat them occasionally.” She smiled and gave me her phone number in case I needed anything and wished me luck. The boys and I had an epic Nerf battle and when they tired from that everyone wanted to swim. Zach followed Daniel and Ben back to their room to change, and as Sam and I walked by a couple minutes later we saw all three of them naked and wrestling on Daniel’s bed. “Hey you dorks, I thought we were going swimming?” I said. “Well we would” replied Zach “if these jerks would give me back my swimsuit!” as he made another lunge at Daniel who held a pair of orange swim trunks just out of reach. Ben sat on Zach’s back trying to keep him from getting to Daniel. Zach had a cute butt from what I could see and didn’t seem at all embarrassed at me seeing his naked backside. “Are all California kids nudists?” I wondered. The 5 of us played in the pool for an hour or so doing goofy diving contests and playing sharks and minnows — which always resulted in a lot of ass and cock grabbing with these boys. Zach was especially touchy when he tagged me, squeezing my butt cheeks and grabbing at my pecker another time. Ben was getting tired of losing and was pouting. “Can I get in the hot tub?” he asked. “Sure Ben, just let me get the lid off.” Per usual, Ben peeled off his wet swimsuit as soon as he was up the ladder and as I lifted off the hot tub cover, I glanced back to the pool to see if there was any reaction from our guest. Zach was watching us but didn’t look shocked or weirded out. As Ben climbed into the steaming hot water and turned on the jets, I heard Zach say “let’s get in too.” Soon he and Daniel were getting out of the pool as well. Daniel dropped his suit on the way to the hot tub and Zach did the same. “Have you been over here before Zach?” I asked “you seem to know the hot tub rules.” “Yep, I have” he replied as he stepped into the tub “and we have the same rule at my house too” he added. I got a good view of him as he stood at the top of the steps waiting on Daniel to settle in. His little cock was tiny, maybe from the cold. The tip barely stuck out from his belly, and you couldn’t see any of the shaft at all. The head was maybe the diameter of a nickel, but he didn’t seem embarrassed or shy about it and none of my cousins teased him about his size. I guess they were used to seeing naked boys in all shapes and sizes from their time abroad. Sam and I decided to join them, and I saw Zach staring, first at Sam’s penis and then wide-eyed at mine. “Wow” he said as he turned towards Daniel “it really is big.” They did the normal moving around, trying out all the different jets, and Daniel showed him the “special” seat that we all enjoyed. Zach giggled as he sat there with the jets of water massaging his tiny cocklet. Daniel sat next to him and I noticed his arm was moving. It took me a few seconds to realize he was jerking off his little friend. Zach had his head back and was obviously enjoying it. I looked at Sam and winked and nodded towards them. He noticed too and grinned. Sam was sitting next to me but scooted closer and then I felt his hand on me doing the same. It felt so good, but I didn’t want Zach to see what we were doing. Ben was oblivious to what was going on. He asked if he could watch some TV before lunch and I said that was fine. He got out, dried off and went inside wearing only his towel. Daniel continued to work on Zach’s cock and Sam did the same to me. Zach realized that I was getting a hand job too and grinned a mischievously. He moved over to the opposite side of me and joined Sam in playing with my cock and balls. “Wow, it’s huge” he said excitedly. I smiled and enjoyed the sensation of their hands. Daniel climbed up on the edge of the tub, with his chubby little cock pointing at the sky and started to jerk it while watching us. “Can I see it?” asked Zach. I was too horny to say no. I sat up on the side, opposite of where Daniel was, exposing my hard cock for all to see. “Wow, it’s amazing,” said Zach. These kids were really great for my ego. He stroked my cock for a little longer and then Daniel said “hey, let’s go inside and play.” I knew he wasn’t talking about another Nerf battle. The boys all went to Sam’s room while I checked on little Benjamin. He had fallen asleep, naked on the sofa, watching Sponge Bob. I covered him with a blanket and went to join the others. When I got to Sam’s room the action had already started. Zach was on his knees on the floor. His cock had grown from before but was still small. He was maybe 3 inches or less and thin with a small pale pink tip. His cock stood straight up though and revealed his little hairless ball sack. Sam and Daniel were standing on either side of him with their kadıköy travesti cocks in his face. I stood in the doorway for a moment just taking in the scene before me as my own cock swelled. Zach had a cock in each hand, jerking one while sucking on the other and then switching back and forth. Sometimes he would bring them together, so their cock heads were touching and lick on both at the same time. Wow, this little guy knew what he was doing and was hot as hell! I stroked my cock and watched for another minute and then walked up and presented my fat cock to Zach. He jerked my cousins while he leaned forward and took the head of my cock in his hot little mouth. He moaned as he swirled his tongue around the head and licked the drops of precum that were already leaking. After only a minute I felt myself getting close, but I didn’t want to cum yet, so I backed away and let him go back to work on Daniel and Sam. I moved over to Sam’s bed and sat down to watch more of the action. Zach wanted more from me, so after a bit he joined me on the bed. Soon I was on my back and Zach was on all fours between my legs. As he stroked and licked my cock his little ass was being played with my Daniel. Zach apparently liked that and moaned in pleasure. “I’m gonna stick it in, OK Z?” said Daniel. “Z” just nodded his head and moaned some more. Daniel grabbed the massage oil from Sam’s bedside table drawer and poured it on his cock. Despite several attempts he just couldn’t get his fat little cock to enter him. “Here, let me try” said Sam. Sam took a more patient approach. He poured some oil in the crack of Zach’s ass and worked first one, then two fingers into him. He took his time and got his little hole relaxed and loose before adding more oil to Zach and to his penis. Sam was able to slide in pretty easily after all that prep and Zach moaned in pleasure. Daniel looked disappointed. “Come here buddy” I said and motioned for him to come over by my head. He crawled over, sat on his knees and positioned his short cock right at my face. I licked and sucked on him while Zach did the same to me. After a few minutes of this, Daniel repositioned himself to that he was on all fours too and straddling my face sideways. This allowed him to thrust his hard little cock in and out of my mouth. God this was hot. I couldn’t take any more and without warning (I didn’t think he would mind) blasted my hot cum in Zach’s mouth. He tried to swallow it all, but some leaked down his chin and dripped on the bed as he smiled and savored the taste. Daniel moved off me so I could catch my breath. I scooted around and lay on my side so I could get a better view of Sam fucking Zach. The little guy was taking a pounding but appeared to be loving every minute of it. Daniel scooted behind me and spooned me and humped against my butt cheeks. I knew he was still horny, so I ground my ass back against him. Being even more assertive than normal, he gave me a little nudge and said, “roll over Brian.” I rolled the rest of the way onto my belly facing the opposite way as Zach. I felt oil dripping between my cheeks and then Danny’s fingers probing my asshole like Sam had done to Zach. Those sensations were still pretty new to me, and it felt incredible. I moaned along with Zach and pushed back against his fingers. I expected Daniel to do what Sam and I had done before and would hump my butt cheeks, but taking a page from Sam’s playbook, he patiently poked and prodded me with his fingers for a while. They felt so good sliding in and out of me and I found myself craving more. Daniel paused to add more oil and scooted up against me. I felt the tip of his hard little cock searching for the right spot. After a few unsuccessful attempts he found the opening and I felt the head of his penis enter me. I buried my face in the sheets and groaned. He was so short, and my ass was so fleshy, he couldn’t get much more than the tip in me. It popped out a few times, but he persisted and finally got into a good rhythm. I hadn’t paid attention to the other two, but I guess Sam had cum in Zach because the two of them had stopped and were watching us. Daniel pumped and grinded and thrust in and out of my hungry ass. I wished he could go deeper but it still felt amazing. He didn’t take too long before his orgasm finally hit him. I felt the tip swell and pulse as he fired blanks inside me. “Can I try?” asked Zach. I didn’t say anything, but just laid there and let them trade positions. Part of me was thinking “am I really gonna let myself get tag teamed by a 10- and 11-year-old?” but I really didn’t care. Zach was able to slide in easily after Daniel’s fat cock, but like him, he was short and couldn’t stay in me very well. He eventually settled for just laying on top of me and humping his little cocklet between my ass cheeks. After all the excitement he had been having, it didn’t take long for his dry cum either. I started to get up, but then saw Sam smiling and stroking his still hard cock. Now this is what I wanted, so I smiled back. Sam traded places with Zach, added a little more oil to his cock and inserted his full four inches inside of me. God it felt fantastic. After being loosened up by the other two, he had no problems getting inside me. Zach and Daniel watched and played with each other’s erections while Sam pounded my ass. He fucked me forever it seemed. Even though my cock was buried beneath me where my hands couldn’t reach, I felt the familiar building of pressure and the tingling in my balls. The next thing I knew I was cumming all over the sheets and my belly without ever even touching myself. I didn’t know I could even do that! My orgasm made my sphincter grip Sam tighter and that was all it took for him. He shot another small load of cum deep inside of me. I was exhausted and my mind was reeling from what had just happened. Had I really let these three boys just use my ass like that? I felt some shame about it, but also couldn’t deny how good it felt and how much I enjoyed it. I wanted to lay there and take a nap with all of them, but I was afraid Benjamin would wake up, so I got up, checked on him (still asleep) and took a quick shower. I fixed lunch while the other boys got cleaned up and then woke sleepy Ben up to eat. After cleaning up after lunch, we all went down to the park and played until almost dinner time. The Martin’s came over right as Uncle Bob was lighting the grill and prepping the steaks and burgers. Mack was excited to be able to join the rest of the pack of boys and was full of energy and laughter. Mrs. Martin, who I had met earlier, was a medium height and build blonde. She was probably in her early 30’s. Her husband, Tom, was a big chubby guy who laughed loudly anytime something even remotely funny was said. They were both very friendly and were appreciative that I had babysat Zach for them today. Dinner was great, Uncle Bob made me a steak instead of a burger like the younger kids were eating, and Mrs. Martin had a huge tray of Christmas cookies for dessert. “Can we go swimming?” asked Mack with a half-eaten cookie still in his mouth. “It’s a little cool out sweetie,” said Mrs. Martin, “and we didn’t bring swimsuits.” “Oh come on Sara” said Aunt Katie. “The pool is heated and you know our boys hardly ever wear swimsuits.” Mrs. Martin glanced at me and looked back at Katie. “Oh don’t worry about Brian, he’s one of us now” she said with a grin and a wink at me. I blushed for the 100th time since being here. Mack didn’t need anything else for an answer. He took off towards the pool, shedding clothes along the way. Ben, Daniel and Zach were right on his heels doing the same. Sam and I helped clear the dirty dishes. I wasn’t sure about skinny bakırköy travesti dipping in front of strangers, so I went to put on a swimsuit. Sam followed me to do the same. The only one that wasn’t in the laundry room was the white Speedo. I was nervous about wearing that one in front of the Martins, but even though it was almost see-thru when wet, at least it was more than most of the other boys were wearing, plus it was dark outside so maybe that would help too. I walked back outside trying to act confident and noticed Mr. and Mrs. Martin checking me out. We all swam and played while the adults sat on the patio drinking wine and talking about grown-up stuff. Every time I got out of the pool, I could feel the Martins eyes on me which gave me a little thrill to be showing off to them a little. I could feel at times the back of the suit had slipped down, showing off a good portion of my chubby ass, but I made no attempt to pull up it up. The younger boys weren’t concerned at all about being naked in front of parents that weren’t their own, and enjoyed jumping off the rocks into the pool and climbing all over me and Sam. After about an hour it was getting colder. Uncle Bob said, “OK boys, get in the hot tub before you all freeze.” Aunt Katie added “and after that you can watch a movie and have some popcorn.” The 4 younger boys scrambled into the hot tub. I was cold too, and wanted to get in as well, but I knew the rules. With my back and my big chubby butt pointed towards our guests, I dropped my suit and climbed into the tub. The steam was billowing into the cool night air and the water felt great. After 20 minutes or so Aunt Katie walked over with a stack of towels in her arms “ok gentlemen, time to hop out and dry off.” I glanced over at the patio table and saw Mr. and Mrs. Martin both watching all of us and decided I really didn’t care anymore who saw me naked. I got out, never bothering to try and hide or cover my genitals and dried off. I guess I really was becoming “one of them now” and I liked it. I could feel my cock start to stiffen a bit, but finished drying and wrapped my towel around me before it turned into a full-fledged hardon. Aunt Katie said they were going to hang out on the patio a bit longer and asked if I could make the popcorn and start the movie. Of course I agreed. The house was warm and cozy. Sam and I slipped on some underwear, but Daniel, Zach, Mack and Ben decided to stay naked for the movie. Ben and Mack were snuggled together under a blanket on the couch, while Zach and Daniel were laying on the floor next to each other. Their two naked butts looked so different, but both so cute. Sam and I grabbed seats and settled in to watch “Elf” for the 11th time this month. All the playing, swimming, Nerf battles, etc. had caught up with the boys and about halfway thru the movie I noticed everyone was asleep but me and Zach. I hopped up to get some blankets to cover the rest of them but couldn’t find any. I decided to go out and ask Aunt Katie, but when I stepped out to the patio, I stopped in my tracks. The adults were all in the hot tub, naked. Before I could turn around, Aunt Katie saw me and hollered “what is it sweetie? Do you need something?” “Oh, uh, sorry… I was just wondering where I could find some extra blankets. The boys all fell asleep.” “It’s ok Brian, I’ll give you a hand. I needed to come in for a bottle of wine anyway” she said, (speech slightly slurred) and with that she proceeded to climb out of the tub, completely nude. The water streaming down her naked breasts and curvy hips looked amazing in the soft glow of the Christmas lights Bob had hung on the patio. I’m sure my mouth was agape. She grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her, then glanced down at the growing tent in my grey briefs. “Aren’t you sweet” is all she said and gave me a wink. I was embarrassed but so aroused I didn’t care. We stepped inside, with me following her. We tiptoed into the living room and confirmed that everyone was sound asleep, including Zach now. She led me to her bedroom closet, and we grabbed a few blankets and used those to cover Daniel, Zach and Sam. Once everyone was covered, she checked on Fernando, then came back out to the kitchen. “Thanks for taking such good care of the boys Brian, you’re such a sweetheart” she said and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Then she grabbed a bottle of wine, walked out the patio door, dropped her towel and headed to the hot tub. I stood in the doorway long enough to see that beautiful, round ass of hers climb up the steps as she joined the others in the tub. I could tell from the voices that all the adults were a bit tipsy at this point. I hadn’t gotten a good view of Mrs. Martin naked yet, but I had a good idea of how I could. Sam was still asleep in the living room, so it was just me on his bed peering out the blinds towards the hot tub. And it was a good thing he was. I couldn’t believe what I saw! Aunt Katie and Mrs. Martin (Sara) had their arms around each other and were kissing. Oh My God! Mr. Martin and Uncle Bob were watching, and it looked like maybe jerking off. I can’t blame them, because I was squeezing my cock thru my underwear too. After another minute of making out, Mrs. Martin sat up on the side of the hot tub and spread her legs. She had smallish, but nice perky tits, with small dark nipples. Aunt Katie moved between her legs and I think she was licking her pussy! I could hear Mrs. Martin moaning in pleasure, and I quickly pushed down my briefs so I could wrap my hand around my cock. I was so focused on what was going on with Aunt Katie, it took me a while to notice what else was going on in the tub. Mr. Martin (Tom) was now sitting on the other side of the hot tub rim and Uncle Bob had a hold of his cock and was jerking him off. What. The. Fuck??? Aunt Katie AND Uncle Bob are bisexual??? Bob and Tom watched the ladies while Bob jerked off Tom. From what I could see his cock wasn’t very big, which surprised me for a guy his size. Aunt Katie finally sat up and wiped her mouth (God that was hot) and then went over to Mr. Martin and started sucking on his cock. My god, my Aunt Katie was a slut! She slurped and licked on Tom’s cock while Uncle Bob scooted up on the side of the tub so Sara could get to his. Uncle Bob had a pretty good-sized erection — not huge, not small, but I guess very average. Mrs. Martin certainly seemed to enjoy it. This whole scene was too much for me and I pumped a load of cum all over the sheets of Sam’s bed but kept on stroking and watching the show. After a minute it was Aunt Katie’s turn, so she got up on the rim of the tub and Karen dived between her legs to eat her beautiful, hairless cunt. Mr. Martin stood on the steps and positioned his cock in Aunt Katie’s face so she could suck it some more. And she eagerly did — licking, slurping and moaning in pleasure. Uncle Bob moved behind Sara in the hot tub and was fucking her from behind. I could not believe what I was seeing. Aunt Katie was writhing in pleasure, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her, despite everything else going on in the hot tub. Suddenly, Mr. Martin grunted loudly and shot a big load of cum over Aunt Katie’s face and tits. She slurped on his cock and took the rest of his load right in her mouth. I guess that sent Uncle Bob over the edge and it appeared he was emptying his semen into Mrs. Martin who continued to lick and suck on Aunt Katie’s pussy. I shot my 2nd load of cum onto the bedsheets and collapsed on the bed. My mind was reeling from what I had just seen. I had seen people fucking when I watched some porn, but I had never seen the real thing. My mind raced — “Aunt Katie is bisexual? Uncle Bob too? And I guess I’m bi also? Is everybody bi??” I wondered. I think I fell asleep shortly after that and didn’t wake up again until the smell of bacon from the kitchen came wafting in the next morning. (To be continued) Other stories on Nifty: Gay / Young Friends / – Bradley’s Sleepovers

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