Chronicles Of A Seductress. Chapter Five.

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Chronicles Of A Seductress. Chapter Five.Nantyglo Rugby Club.After having had a great time at their Christmas do, Jane and her best friend Linda often called in for a drink at Nantyglo Rugby Club. They were both made very welcome and as a result they sometimes even went to watch Nantyglo’s home games on a Saturday afternoon. The sight of all those young fit young men running and rolling in the mud was as good an excuse as any to join them for a drink later.Jane was aware that Nantyglo Rugby Club had not had a very good season. In fact they were near the foot of the table and were in danger of relegation if they didn’t win all their remaining three games, the last two of which were difficult fixtures away from home. With Tony still away, Jane and Linda thought they’d give the team a little support. This particular Saturday afternoon was Nantyglo’s last home game, and it was essential to win. As many supporters as possible were encouraged to attend and shout the boys on. Jane and Linda were stood with the coach and reserves during the game and some of the things they both said about the boys’ performances were not very complimentary. They were not playing well and by half time were down by six points. As the Nantyglo players walked off the pitch with their heads down, Jane tried to tease them to lift their spirits. She even offered to play for them in the second half.It was all meant in fun but everyone had to admit that Nantyglo played totally different during the second half and deserved a thrilling but narrow victory of 20 points to 16. Jane cheered them on as they walked off and was still laughing about winding them up when the players came into the bar after the game. They never expected to win, and they were now just two wins away from avoiding relegation. Jane and Linda were having a drink with their trainer Gethin when all the players seemed to target the girls about their derogatory remarks at half time. Jane continued teasing them about their performance and described the victory as ‘lucky,’ again offering to play for them.Neither Linda or Jane knew anything about the game although they had a new found interest in seeing the lads and their physical commitment to the game. The players all had a few drinks before they left the bar to go through to have a meal with the referee and the opposition. Jane was quite cruel with some of her remarks but they all knew it was just banter. Jane and Linda had had quite a few drinks and joked with other fans and club members before the players eventually returned to the bar, most if not all the worse for wear due to drink. A group of them rejoined the girls and continued with the dispute over their performances. Apparently they had been discussing Jane’s opinions during the meal, to everyone’s amusement.It was all a lot of fun, teasing the guys and joking around. Gethin the trainer was having a lot of fun winding things up and encouraging the dispute. Gethin was getting mischievous as he continued to egg things along, as he was willing to try anything to get the two essential victories in the remaining matches. He knew they had the ability, but he was struggling to achieve the correct mental attitude.One player asked if Jane would do him a favour and not attend their next match. Jane giggled and replied that she probably wouldn’t come anyway, as she didn’t think it would be much fun to watch, as they would probably lose and get relegated anyway. There was a loud moan of disagreement and Gethin confided that they had little chance of winning any of their last two games, which were against two of the top four teams in the league, and on their grounds as well. The odds were stacked against Nantyglo picking up even a single point, and they needed them all.The Wager.Gethin suggested that the girls should make a wager with the lads to encourage them towards a better performance in the massively important matches. Jane laughed saying that she wasn’t betting on just one game.”Look if you win the next two, making it three wins in a row, that will mean you have beaten some of the best teams in the league, you stay up and you don’t get relegated. Then it might be worth us having a serious bet with you.” Jane had to shout the last bit due to their laughing at her.”You want a bet that we can’t win the next two games then?” said Gethin to Jane and Linda.”Yes, go on then, I’ll bet you can’t win three in a row,” Jane yelled.“Count me out,” said Linda. “You’re on your own on this one, Jane. If it all goes pear shaped, I don’t want any bad feelings.”There was more mumbling as they considered the offer until Gethin piped up, “What are you willing to bet then Jane?””I don’t know, it’s not me that’s going to be paying up,” Jane laughed cheekily.Gethin was grinning away and chatting quietly to a few of the players around him. They didn’t seem able to agree on what to bet or even if they should. Gethin turned and put an arm around Jane playfully. “Ok, so if they win the next two games, you join the players for a team bath, after the game,” Gethin whispered.Jane raised her eyebrows. “And if they lose?” she prompted.”Ok, if they lose, then they lose.” said Gethin”To hell with that, if they lose I want payment,” Jane shrieked. “Like what?” asked one player.”One lap of the pitch, naked, all of you ” Jane replied quietly.”Who?””All of you,” Jane giggled.“Is this the wine talking, Jane, or are you up to the challenge?” teased Gethin.There was quite a lot of laughter from the players before they began to agree and eventually one of the players confirmed the bet. The others gradually expressed their agreement as they fell around laughing.Jane teased, “You’re all going to be doing a lap of the pitch naked if you lose. I can’t wait. I’ll bring my video camera!”Linda, Jane, Gethin and the players had a few more drinks together but as the players began to leave, they followed them. As they left the club, a couple of the lads reminded Jane, that in a generous offer to improve the Nantyglo team’s performance, she had at least twice offered to play for the team. Extending The Wager.They dared Jane to extend the bet to include joining in with the team for a training session at the end of the season as well. “Join you lot in a training session? No problem, I’d leave you all standing. With these long legs of mine, it’ll be a case of catch-me-if-you-can!” she laughed loudly. The lads just smirked to each other.Gethin was laughing about the bet and didn’t think his old team mates had much chance of winning, but it made for an interesting end to the season.Jane giggled to herself every time she thought about the bet over the following week. Gethin phoned Jane mid-week and asked if she wanted to go watch the game, which was an away match. Jane declined because she had plans to go shopping with Linda and some of the other girls.The day of the game Jane and the girls were having a coffee when she got a text from Gethin; Nantyglo won 10 points to 8 – you lose. Jane was a little shocked that Nantyglo had won. Gethin had been so positive they would lose. Jane giggled though. She found it exciting that they needed to win one more, to stay up. The match was an away game against the league leaders. Nantyglo had no chance. But it was better than losing straight away and the season already being over.Jane and Linda called in at the Rugby Club for a drink that evening and received quite a reception from the players that were there. More banter and joking with the players, who were on a high having won a game they should have lost. They were also taking the opportunity to tease Jane, suggesting she bring soap to the next game for the bath after the match. Jane promised she would turn up the following week, just to watch them lose and then the girls both headed home.The week dragged and Jane had a few moments when she felt quite nervous. The statistics were against Nantyglo winning, but the other team had already won the league, and could switch off. Now Nantyglo had the incentive of winning to avoid relegation and the added motivation of Jane promising to share their after game bath. Linda suggested to Jane that she back out of the wager now, before it was too late, but Jane didn’t think it would be fair on the team, and she would also lose face.Jane was actually really nervous when Gethin the trainer picked her up to take her to the match. Linda had to work, so Jane was on her own with the entire Nantyglo team. Jane knew they should lose but things were not going her way. The other team looked fit, ready and more professional than Nantyglo, and Jane felt a little more at ease to begin with. Yet as the Nantyglo players ran out onto the pitch they all waved to her and smiled, even the mascot looked happy to see her. They didn’t seem like a team which was worried about losing, but a team with a lot to look forward to.It was a really hard game and Nantyglo were getting pushed back constantly. By half time Nantyglo were down, ten points to eight. They looked shattered and a bit dejected as they returned to the changing rooms. Jane felt sorry for them. She didn’t want them to lose but she didn’t want to lose the bet either.”I hope they play better next half,” Jane told Gethin.”Why? Do you fancy taking a bath with them?” Gethin chuckled.”No, not really maybe they can get a draw,” Jane said hopefully.Gethin sighed and said, “A draw won’t be good enough. They’ll still go down. It’s a win or nothing. A good performance wouldn’t even be enough.” They both went to the bar and had a stiff drink as they waited for the second half. Out Nantyglo ran and looked a lot more determined but it didn’t seem to help. They made no progress at all against a far superior side. Yet with just five minutes to go, no further points had been scored and Nantyglo remained ten points to eight down. Gethin was screaming encouragement to the players and Jane didn’t feel like teasing them anymore. In five minutes they would be relegated.As one of the Nantyglo players made a run down the pitch with the ball Jane actually found herself screaming at the top of her lungs for him to score. He was brought to the ground with an almighty thud a few feet outside the 25 yard line. Some of the other players heard Jane though and gave her huge appreciative smiles as they ran forward in support.The next run Nantglo made was like lightening but they were still held some 25 yards from the posts, and now they were near the touchline. There could only have been seconds left, and they were giving it their all. Jane was cheering and screaming with canlı bahis everyone else. More guys noticed Jane shouting her support and seemed to be passing the word along their lines. There was some scuffling from a tackle and the ball went loose. A Nantyglo player managed to collect the ball and ran towards the posts but a high tackle from the opposing Number 8 brought him crashing to the ground. The crowd shouted their disapproval of the tackle as the referee awarded Nantyglo a penalty. It was still over 20 yards from the posts, and then there was the added difficulty of the angle and the wind. It would have been a difficult kick at the best of times, but this was pressure. Convert the penalty, gain the three points, and Nantyglo would win eleven points to ten. Kick the penalty and Nantyglo would remain in the division. And Jane would be sharing their bath!Jane’s heart was in her mouth. Gethin was silent. Most of the Nantyglo players couldn’t look. You could hear a pin drop in the crowd of Nantyglo supporters. Then came the hissing from the home supporters. They wanted to finish the season on a high, despite winning the league. They did everything they could to put the Nantyglo kicker off.The Nantyglo Number 10 placed the ball and studied the distant posts. He sighed, breathed deeply and his concentration was total. He took five paces back and paused again, studying the posts. Another deep breath and he addressed the ball, kicking it firmly and very high indeed. The ball didn’t seem to have the strength, and the wind seemed to have taken it away from the uprights. Now there was complete silence. The kicker put his head in his hands, feeling he had missed the opportunity to save his team, but the wind swirled and the ball struck the inside of the far post before falling behind and between them. Three points to Nantyglo.Jane was cheering loudly and jumping up and down as the crowd of Nantyglo supporters ran past her on to the pitch to join in the celebrations. Jane fumbled with her buttons on her blouse nervously as if getting undressed. It was all beginning to dawn on her. She had lost the bet.”What am I doing?” Jane shrieked at Gethin.”Losing your bet,” Gethin laughed.”No, oh no I can’t,” Jane whimpered.As the pack ran back up the pitch a lot of them were smiling or giving Jane the thumbs up, Jane felt like hiding as the final whistle went and the Nantyglo players all celebrated with a lap of honour. Jane was stood near the team coach as all the players gave her a wave or a cheeky smile as they went back into the changing rooms.Gethin took Jane’s hand and led her into the bar, where she downed a stiff double whiskey. He then led Jane into a private corridor leading to the changing rooms. “Are you sure you’re ok?” Gethin asked quietly.”Yes, sure I am,” Jane mumbled nervously.”I think they would understand if you backed out.” said Gethin, “so don’t worry, they’ll understand.””No, I made the bet, I will do it,” Jane replied.Gethin entered the changing room while Jane waited anxiously outside. There was a lot of noise and cheering and Jane was actually pleased they had won. She wasn’t so impressed with what she had to do next and wanted to just get on with it. After about ten minutes had passed, Jane thought the occasion has passed, but then the door opened and a few older men associated with the team came out followed by the coach. He didn’t say a word but didn’t look surprised to see Jane standing outside the changing room. The manager gave Jane a huge grin and carried on into the bar.Jane stood alone, wondering if manager coach knew about the bet and what she was supposed to be going to do. “What if he came in when I was in there, what would he think?” thought Jane to herself.The changing room door opened again and Gethin appeared smiling, “Are you coming in or not then Jane?””Yes, yes, yes….” Jane stammered.Jane pushed herself away from the wall she was leaning upon for support, and followed Gethin inside.The Nantyglo players inside were still cheering and most were half dressed. They all gave Jane a huge cheer when she entered the room and they began hugging her. Jane was dumbfounded as these huge, half naked men squeezed her. As each player appeared to give her a hug they seemed to be wearing less and Jane was just waiting expectantly for the first naked one to appear.After a few minutes Jane must have hugged them all but none had appeared naked. She stood talking to a couple of players who were giving her some credit for actually bringing the team together. Jane found it really funny that they might only have won the game just because they wanted to see her naked. The guys were clearly not shy about removing their clothes with her in the room. All but two had already entered the showers when Jane glanced at Gethin.”Ok, here goes,” Jane mumbled with a smile.The players still with them looked confused until Jane began undoing the buttons on her top. “Are you going ahead with it?” they blurted, almost in unison.”I pay my debts, if it’s ok?” said Jane nervously.”Oh yes but they wont believe this,” one guy laughed.The Bath.They stood watching as Jane removed her top and her jeans. Jane stood in her underwear for a second before unclipping and removing her bra. They began giggling like schoolboys as Jane’s substantial and voluptuous firm breasts were released.Jane gestured for the guys to finish undressing as she slid her panties down and stepped out of them. They paused for a second, looking Jane up and down as she stood naked facing them.”Go join the rest, I’m coming through,” Jane said casually.They walked off into the showers as Jane gave Gethin a kiss on the cheek. “I’ll be here waiting, don’t worry, they are good lads,” Gethin said reassuringly.Jane smiled at him and walked into the showers. They all roared with shock and approval as Jane strolled casually towards the huge bath at the end of the shower room. Jane couldn’t help noticing some of their cocks, as she passed through the shower towards the bath and she felt herself trembling. Some of the cocks seemed to be flaccid and quite normal in size, others seemed to be in the process of erection, and some seemed absolutely huge. Jane glanced at the powerful bodies and backsides of the naked players that she passed, imagining them pounding into her. She shook her head and tiptoed across the slippery floor, her tits bouncing for all to see.Jane stepped into the bath as she playfully waved for the players to join her.Jane had the mistaken idea that she may have been able to conceal herself in the bath, but the water was really quite shallow.It was chaos as they all ran and jumped in the bath beside her. There were naked male bodies everywhere, landing on top of each other and Jane. She was in hysterics as she pushed them off of her, Jane’s hands inadvertently touching a few guys. The bath had looked huge when it was empty but now it felt much smaller. Jane was pressed up between two guys, the water level not even reaching her glorious tits, her nipples erect and very hard.There was a lot of chatter about who got to sit beside Jane, so she suggested they take it in turns. They were all shouting and joking and obviously surprised Jane had carried out the bet. As the last players climbed into the bath, it was solid with bodies. Jane was squeezed away from the sides and into the centre, surrounded by naked men.”I’ve had dreams like this,” Jane said glancing around at their bodies.”So have we,” shouted a few guys. “About you too! You don’t know how many of us have longed to get a look at your tits!” Jane gasped. Jane and the players were all laughing as their naked bodies rubbed against each other. Jane had been trying to maintain some space around her but it was a waste of time and she conceded. It wasn’t that they were doing it on purpose, just that the bath wasn’t big enough.Everyone was pushing each other and Jane was getting jostled around too. As Jane toppled over she put a hand out to catch myself. It was hilarious with her hand landing right on some guys cock. Jane tried to withdraw it and ended up falling onto a couple of guys. She was lying on them, laughing uncontrollably.Jane was surrounded by cocks and she couldn’t put a hand anywhere without touching somebody’s. As she lay across the guys she had cocks prodding her everywhere. Most of Jane’s body was out of the water but she had no intention of concealing herself. The soap and shampoo used by the players was making it very difficult to stand or gain any traction. Jane was trying to find somewhere to sit and began crawling from one players’ lap to another, with many comments of approval. A few hands ran across Jane’s arse and she took the occasional glance back at the culprit, smiling.Jane slithered into a space in the middle of the bath and knelt down. She was giggling and feeling quite naughty but she wasn’t going to let things go too far. Jane asked for some soap and one guy passed her a bar. Jane turned to a player beside her and asked him to lather her back. He was only too willing to help and everyone else began cheering and laughing, begging for a chance to do her front as well.He started at Jane’s shoulders and slowly worked his way down her back. He was massaging the soap into Jane’s skin until he reached the waterline. Jane then took the soap from him and slowly stood up and began to create lather in her hands. Jane watched all their faces as she began to rub the suds into her skin, massaging her breasts and slowly running her hand lower.The cheering died away as Jane’s hand reached her crotch and she began rubbing the lather over her pussy. Jane was trying to be as sensual as she could and she noticed a couple guys touching their cocks as she performed. Jane carried on for a few minutes before kneeling again and washing the soap from her body.There was uproar as they all became embarrassed at having erections while sharing a bath. There was a lot of laughing as they pushed and jostled each other. Jane was pushed forward with a guy leaning over her, his cock resting in the crack of Jane’s arse. Jane couldn’t move and as more people noticed the cheers got louder. Jane was tempted, she had to admit that, but as soon as she could get a hand free, she slipped it behind her back and pushed the cock aside.It was hysterical with the occasional hand groping her, running over her arse or brushing against her pussy but nobody was getting carried away. There were a few that were getting their cocks as close to Jane’s face as they could as they all rolled around bahis siteleri in a big heap.It was time to get out and it became a battle to climb out of the bath. As players climbed out they were being dragged back in by their legs by the others. Jane joined in the melee to get out of the bath and began climbing over the bodies. Anybody that hadn’t had a feel of her body before took full advantage now and she had hands all over her.As Jane got to the edge of the bath it was chaos. She was pulling herself over player’s backs and slithered onto the shower room floor. A couple of guys grasped at Jane’s ankles and began pulling her backwards. She couldn’t help laughing and let out a shriek. As Jane was pulled backwards her legs were spread wide. Who knows what they could see but there was plenty of excited chatter. Suddenly Jane felt something between her legs and one players face was pressed into her clitoris. Jane looked around startled but could see he was trapped in the rush and not initiating anything. It had all happened in the mad scramble. It didn’t stop him though, and as Jane turned away she felt him take a mouthful of her pussy, and lick with his tongue. She squealed and scrambled franticly out of the bath.Jane was still laughing and waved to the guys who were still fighting. She walked around the corner to see Gethin sat smiling at her. “Did you have fun?” he said grinning.”Oh yes, it was brilliant,” Jane gasped.Jane began drying myself and quickly dressed. Gethin hadn’t watched but had stayed around the corner throughout. Both he and Jane went back into the bar and waited for the team.After a short little while they all appeared, sporting their team blazers and looking very smart. Jane sipped at her drink and giggled, it felt strange knowing all these guys had just seen her naked. They ordered drinks and gathered around us. Jane was a bit startled when one guy stepped forward and began apologising. “What for?” she blurted.”Well, because I got too close at the end.””Oh it was you, I didn’t recognise you with your clothes on,” Jane laughed and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Not a problem, I had a lot of fun but please don’t tell anybody,” she continued.They all assured Jane they would keep it a secret and she gave each one a kiss on the cheek before they joined the opposition for a meal. Jane hung around with Gethin and they had a few more drinks. It had been a lot more fun than she had anticipated and she told Gethin everything that had happened. As they spoke Linda arrived and asked to be updated on everything. Her jaw nearly hit the floor.Gethin and Linda found a lot of it very funny, especially the battle to get out of the bath. Gethin gave Jane a serious look and asked,” Did anyone misbehave?””Oh no, they were very good, a shame really,” and Jane gave him a naughty grin.”Oh, I thought a few of them would have tried it, maybe a finger or something,” he whispered.”No, no fingers, I had a few cocks in my face and one in the crack of my arse but no fingers.” Jane repliedGethin burst out laughing, “enjoy it then?””Oh yes, I think they all had a feel, especially at the end but they all deserved a treat,” Jane giggled naughtily. “Now I just have to survive a training session with them. One day I’ll keep my mouth shut!” laughed Jane.Rugby TrainingGethin picked Jane up to take her to the final training session of the season. It was a case of winding down now, and not taking things too seriously. Although the thought often sent her pulse racing, Jane had been looking forward to it since being dared to include her attendance in the bet, but hadn’t known what to expect. Gethin explained that the players just did exercises and ran through some rugby things. Jane didn’t understand any of it but Gethin said she would be ok. They were not doing a full training session, just one for her, and it would be based around a fun seven-a-side game.Gethin asked, “Are you up for some fun this afternoon, Jane?””What do you have in mind?” she giggled.”I don’t know, some groping, maybe more? The boys finish for the season after today, and they are likely to want to let their hair down.” said Gethin”Sure, I was expecting that anyway.” replied Jane.”So you don’t have a problem with it?””No, tell them to go for it,” Jane laughed, having consumed half a bottle of wine before Gethin picked her up.There were a dozen players left training, plus the coach, when Jane walked out to the pitch with Gethin. The coach had a huge smile as they approached the players. They stood waiting a little distance away, while the coach finished his talk. After a few minutes the coach turned towards Jane and gestured for her to join him and the players. “Have fun,” he joked, “There’s 14 of us, 7 on each side.”Jane giggled but didn’t get a chance to reply before Gethin left her and marched back to the clubhouse, and the players came across to greet her. They were already covered in mud, as the pitch was saturated after a heavy downpour of rain. There were even a few puddles on the training area.”Are you ready then?” one player asked.Jane nodded eagerly and began removing her coat. The players could barely contain themselves as they caught sight of what Jane was wearing. She had on a pair of very tight and very thin lycra shorts with a matching top. That was it. She’d left off all underwear. The players were all staring at her and a few suggestive remarks were made that caused Jane to blush. Before they’d even started, her nipples were becoming more and more obvious through the material of her chosen top.Jane followed the guys out onto the pitch and left Gethin to watch them. They all began by running up and down to warm up and then sid some stretching exercises. Jane kept quite fit anyway so she was enjoying this and kept up with the guys quite easily. Eventually they began running little rugby games and they were a lot harder but much more fun. They started off passing the ball as they ran in a line and Jane found it much harder than it sounded. Jane had so much trouble keeping up the further down the line she got. After a while they changed again and did what they called line outs. They formed two lines and one player threw a ball down between the lines. It was fun because they were throwing Jane up to catch the ball. It was hilarious and they were all taking the opportunity to have a grope.On one occasion as one guy picked Jane up to catch the ball he put a hand under her arse. She sat there impaled upon his hand as the ball flew past her and all she could do was laugh. He just held Jane up there with his hand on her crotch and arse. After a few seconds he lowered Jane down and they got ready to start the mock game. Jane was laughing with everyone else and it was clear she wasn’t bothered by him touching her.As the game progressed, it all seemed like a melee to Jane, with a few isolated opportunities to pass the ball to each other, run with it, or be tackled and brought to the ground. The rules didn’t make sense, but Jane was having a bit of fun.Now everyone wanted to pick Jane up, tackle her, and bring her down into the mud, and they were far from shy about touching her. There was a lot of heavy breathing, perspiration, grunts and groans, many of which appeared to be quite pleasurable. The players were constantly running theirs hands over Jane’s arse and breasts and she was allowing herrself to fall against them.The guys formed a scrum and it fell to Jane to get the ball when it was released and pass it to another player or run with it. As soon as Jane collected the ball she was jumped upon, and could hardly stop laughing as she was dragged to the ground, time and time again. Gethin had said obviously something to them and it had obviously been about her and what they could get away with. They didn’t waste an opportunity now and were all over her.Another scrum took place and Jane took the ball and made a run for it. One player grabbed at her and ripped her top. The tear was just under the arm so it didn’t bother Jane but she knew where things were heading. As she ran she could feel that the side of one of her boobs was showing through the ripped material. A few moves later and Jane was off again, picking up the ball and running for all she was worth. She was quicker off the mark but they soon caught her and her was dragged to the ground.As Jane climbed to her feet, covered in mud, her shorts had been pulled down below her arse and her pussy revealed. Jane giggled as she hoisted her shorts back up and wandered back for another scrum. Her next attempt to get away with the ball was a disaster when she slipped in a puddle and fell into the mud. All the players dived on top of her, pretending to reach for the ball, but groping every inch of her body before they started another move.This time Jane was determined to get more than a few feet, and even try to score a try. She grabbed the ball and made a run for it dodging past a player, as she burst into open space. Jane was running full speed when she crashed to the ground but this time the player she was in the process of passing hadn’t finished. He grabbed her shorts as she passed and yanked them down, pulling Jane into the mud. With all the other players standing over her, his hands were all over Jane pretending to tackle for the ball, but Jane was rolling around on the ground laughing as he pulled her shorts off completely. She lay there laughing for a minute, naked from the waist down. Jane wasn’t trying to hide myself, there didn’t seem much point. For a moment she waited anxiously wondering if they had the courage to take things further. There was no-one else about on the isolated pitch, only her, the players, and Gethin in the distance at the changing rooms.One player helped Jane to her feet and she felt a little disappointed they had missed an opportunity. Jane picked up her shorts which had been ripped almost in half, and threw the remains away. Another player asked, “Are you done then?”Jane laughed as she stood there naked from the waist down, “I’ll go again.”She walked over to the scrum, trying to pull down her top to cover her exposed pussy, and waited for them to get ready. “Come on then, let’s see what you got,” she joked.With that, all the players threw off their own kits and stood there naked in front of Jane. Their powerful chests, arms, legs and bums made her both gasp and giggle.As she followed them around, with her own lower half totally exposed, and waiting for the ball to be released, she knew they would make a move on her and she wasn’t disappointed. bahis şirketleri As soon as she moved her top rode up and her bottom half was open for them all to see. Jane had barely got away from the scrum when she was tackled by her legs and brought to the ground. Feeling herself firmly gripped on her arse from behind by a strong pair of hands, her knees sliding apart in the mud, Jane braced herself for the inevitable. She glanced up and saw a naked player with a semi-erect cock facing her, and the strongest arse she’d ever seen of another naked player with his back to her.As the expected penetration didn’t come, the ball appeared and all hands tried to grasp it. There were bodies everywhere as her flimsy top was also torn off and hands ran all over her body. They all rolled around together in the mud for a few minutes, as they explored every inch of her naked body. Eventually they released her and she climbed to her feet laughing. They’d all had a grope and no part of her body had gone unexplored. Jane was completely naked standing on the pitch, her body covered in mud and nothing much else. A few players suggested it was time for them all to shower and gave her a coat to walk back in. They were joined by Gethin as they walked back to the clubhouse and he couldn’t stop laughing at what he’d seen.The Shower.Jane followed the players into the locker room and they began stripping for the shower. Jane decided to have a shower also and being naked in front of them was no longer a problem. They were only a little surprised when Jane joined them into the showers. There were only about six players left and Jane stepped amongst them and began to shower.I couldn’t help giggling to myself as they joked and teased her and she was feeling very naughty. “Will you do my back?” Jane asked a player, handing him some soap.He obliged and began rubbing soap into Jane’s shoulders. Jane placed herr hands high on the wall and leant against it, arching her back slightly. Everyone else was watching as he continued, his strong hands working their way down Jane’s body. As his hands reached the base of Jane’s spine she felt like putty in his hands. Jane was trembling with excitement and feeling very horny.Suddenly she stepped away from the wall to face another guy. She beckoned him closer as the other player continued to wash herr back and said, “I think I’m dirty all over.”He looked completely stunned but took a small step closer. Jane was shaking uncontrollably as he reached out a hand and began washing her shoulders. His hands quickly began to move down and cupped Jane’s breasts as he applied soap. Jane smiled over at the other guys. They didn’t need any further invitation and moved in to join them.Jane fell against the shower wall as they all ran their hands over every inch of herr body. Hands cupped her pussy, breasts and arse as they climbed all over her. Jane was moaning loudly and grasping for their cocks. They were all erect and she pulled back on any cock she could reach. Her legs were spread wide as hands were pressed onto her crotch. Slowly she was being raised up the wall as the players lifted her higher and her legs were spread even wider. Fingers were running along her clitoris, teasing as if to enter but didn’t.Jane was in euphoria and squealing loudly with pleasure as their hands explored her body. She was pressed against the wall and had been lifted clear off the floor. The players were taking her weight with their hands under her arse. Her legs spread wide and what seemed like everyone’s hands were on her crotch. She could still reach a few cocks and pulled back hard on them, making the players groan, as she pulled a foreskin back with one hand, and rubbed the shaft of another cock with the other.After a few minutes only four guys remained with her, the others stepping away to watch. It was a player named Michael who was running his fingers along Jane’s clitoris, parting her pussy lips gently with his fingers. Jane was writhing around and tempted to beg him to enter but she was nervous about initiating things. The players that had been watching left us to it and returned to the locker room. Now there were only three, Michael, Cameron and Harvey who were ravishing her body. Suddenly the guy Michael, who was playing with Jane’s clitoris pushed his fingers deep inside of her and she gasped. Slowly but firmly he began moving his finger in and out of Jane’s pussy, gradually getting faster but always pushing as deep as he could.He had a couple of fingers inside of Jane and everyone could hear her wet pussy squelch as he thrust them inside herr again and again.”Don’t stop,” Jane begged, panting heavily. “I’m going to come, don’t stop, please don’t stop!”Michael didn’t hesitate and thrust his fingers deep inside her. With every thrust Jane let out a short gasp or squeal. She was ecstatic and pretty much ready for anything they wanted.The two guys supporting her weight were now bouncing Jane up and down on Michael’s hand and Jane was riding it for all she was worth. He was engrossed in the whole thing, willing to accept anything and determined to enjoy everything.Michael was now fingering Jane’s pussy as fast as he could and she was panting heavily, her breathing reduced to short, sharp gasps.”Oh, oh, please don’t stop!” Jane screamed.Jane was about to come and there was a grin of satisfaction on Michael’s face. Jane released their cocks and flung her arms around the shoulders of Cameron and Harvey as her body seemed to explode. Jane shook violently as the orgasm rippled throughout her body and she flung back her head in ecstasy, knocking it against the wall. Michael dropped his hand and the other players slowly began lowering her to the floor, Michael’s cock only inches from Jane’s body as she was lowered. Suddenly Michael moved his body forward slightly as if manoeuvring into position. His cock rubbing against Jane’s body as she was lowered past it.Jane lay back against the wall, her legs sleepy with cramp. Harvey pressed his hand onto her crotch and his fingers explored Jane’s pussy. She just stood there, looking up into Michael’s dark eyes. Harvey slowly withdrew his hand and kissed Jane gently on her shoulder before stepping away.Michael stood in front of her, so close Jane could feel his warm breath on herr skin. Harvey and Cameron had stepped away a little but stood watching her. Jane still lay back against the wall, herr mind racing as she considered her position. She wanted Michael and if she could she wanted Harvey and Cameron to stick around, but for what she didn’t know. Jane didn’t really know what she wanted to do; She was just ready to be taken.Michael was hesitating and she felt helpless as the moment seemed to be slipping away. She turned away from him and placed her hands back on the wall, high above her head. She’d arched her back and stuck her arse out a little, hoping he would accept her invitation.Jane could hear muffled noise behind her and she was expecting someone to approach any second. She trembled with anticipation until she heard loud voices from the locker room. It was Gethin, chatting loudly with someone who had entered and was about to disturb them. She stepped away from the wall and the guys quickly guided her out of sight. Michael and Harvey returned to the locker room and Jane hid with Cameron for a few moments until the coast was clear. It was exhilarating being so close to being discovered. She couldn’t help herself and began to tug on Cameron’s cock. He didn’t hesitate and quickly slid a hand between Jane’s legs, rubbing her wet clitoris.Jane had thought Michael was the one to take things further as he was a bit of a lad but now Cameron was surprising her. He spread Jane’s legs wider and she could feel him position himself behind her. His hands parting Jane’s arse as he prepared to take her. They could still hear the voices from the locker room and the thought of Cameron taking her at this dangerous moment was mind boggling to Jane.Cameron’s cock jabbed at her, probing before it found its way between her legs. Jane was shaking, her knees weak as his huge swollen cock was pressed against her clitoris. As his bulbous purple head began to enter her, the voices seemed only feet away and Jane giggled like a naughty schoolgirl. Jane was gagging for it as he pushed his shaft hard against her Jane gasped, as her parted pussy lips began to part as his cock began to penetrate. But still couldn’t take the situation seriously, and before his cock was pushed fully inside her, a voice rang out ending their fun.”It’s the chairman, Gethin’s trying to divert him” Harvey said as he rounded the corner.His face lit up as he caught sight of Cameron stepping away from Jane, his cock standing erect and a flushed look on his face. Harvey smiled as Jane scuttled away to get dressed.They all quickly dressed and Gethin led Jane outside and back into the bar so as not to draw attention. He explained that the club chairman had made an unexpected visit, and stopped everything in its tracks. The guys were already ordering drinks as they entered the bar. They casually joined them before finding a quiet corner to sit and chat. The guys were friendly but a little nervous. Cameron made Jane laugh because he didn’t look happy, actually he looked very disappointed.Jane leant forward to whisper in Cameron’s ear but she burst out laughing before she could say anything.Harvey was the funniest and was paying Jane a lot of attention. A little while later Jane was at the bar getting more drinks when Harvey joined her.”Jane, you are a lot naughtier than I thought,” he said grinning.”Oh you can count on that.” Jane giggled.”I can’t believe you and Cameron around the corner.”Jane turned to face him, “Harvey what are you talking about?”His jaw dropped as he realised he might be mistaken until she slowly began to smile up at him. “Jane I thought you were interested in Michael, that’s why me and Cameron took a back seat. Then when I saw you with Cameron!”Jane began to smile broadly. “Wrong but don’t worry.”Harvey was grinning as he pressed Jane as to what he had really happened.”Ok, Harvey,” Jane conceded. “To be honest I thought Michael was more up for it than he was, he’s single and a bit of a lad but it wasn’t meant to be. I was expecting more in the showers. As for Cameron, no, he didn’t but if you had been ten seconds later, I’d have let you watch.” she burst out laughing, “but it looks as if the chairman would have had an eyeful too if we hadn’t stopped.”Harvey started laughing and they rejoined the others.They had a few more drinks before they decided to leave and began to say their goodbyes. Jane had had her bit of fun and the lads had again tried their best to be good boys. Just as Gethin had told her they would.

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