Subject: Chuck McGraw Part 10 The continuing story of Chuck McGraw, a big-dicked, bad ass mother fucker. Soldier. Father. Fucker. Please support Nifty! For legal reasons all of this is fictional. Feedback welcome at: hoo Chapter 10 – 2004 – RUCK UP – Tikrit, Iraq “So, no shit, there I was, the CG’s daughter on her back across his desk. She was moaning up a fuckin’ storm. Man, she was a fuckin’ squirter too. I thought the old man was going to be out for another hour at least. When he walked in with his aide and I stood up, her cunt juices were dripping off my chin and the front of my shirt was soaked through. When he slugged me, his fist slipped off my chin and it took him a second to realize his knuckles were now coated in his own little girl’s juices.” “What’d you do then?” “I fucking slugged him back. I knocked him on his ass.” “Yeah?” “Yeah. He was on his back on the floor. His daughter was screaming, trying to put her shirt back on. The Captain, his fuckin’ aide, was too fuckin’ scared to know what to do. Meanwhile I’m standing over him, my pants halfway down my ass, my cock out, still hard and dripping. It dripped right onto his chest.” “So thats why you you got kicked out of Regiment?” “Yup.” Said McGraw. “I wish I could say it was worth it, but I never even got to fuck the little bitch. He tried to do more but she’d been 18 for a whole 48 hours and she refused to press charges. She wasn’t a virgin, thats for damn sure. She’d been fucking half the command staff for two years before I tasted her twat.” The two men, one an Army Sergeant First Class (SFC), the other a Marine Corps Major, were sitting in the relative shade outside SFC McGraw’s CHU in Tikrit, Iraq. MAJ Tucker was up from the Marine base in al-Asad on a mission when he spotted his old buddy McGraw. As soon as they could break away from their respective commands, the two men headed off where they could catch up and trade a few war stories. They had shed their armored vests, uniform blouses, and undershirts and were relaxing in some folding camp chairs in front of the small white trailer, one among dozens lined up in neat rows close together. Tucker had produced some Cuban cigars and McGraw provided the cold water. It was then when SPC Garver walked up to the CHU he shared with SFC McGraw. He saw two men, both spectacular examples of manhood, heavily muscled, one dressed only in Army DCUs and tan combat boots, dogtags dangling between mounds of hairy, tattooed pecs, and a thick black watch with the face turned inward of the wrist. The other was just as muscular, with a chiseled jaw, but smooth rather than hairy, with a shaved head and colorful ink covering his one of his pecs and flowing over his shoulder and down his arm. He was dressed in Marine Corps desert cammies, sweat making his tanned skin shine, but otherwise identical to SFC McGraw. Garver hadn’t been expecting McGraw to be at their CHU for another hour at least and he’d been hoping for a little respite, his ass still raw from the pounding he’d gotten that morning after PT. Maybe he still be able to get away to someplace quiet since McGraw had a friend there. “About fucking time,” McGraw said with a frown seeing the young Soldier walking up. “Tuck, this is the one I was telling you about.” MAJ Tucker slowly, and hungrily, looked the boy up and down, openly assessing him while twisting the cigar in his mouth. From the looks of it what he saw didn’t exactly thrill him. “He’ll do, I guess. How long have you been working on him now?” “About two months.” Answered SFC McGraw. “I think you might be losing your touch, Sergeant. He doesn’t look like he can handle much.” “He’s tougher than he looks. But I guess you can judge for yourself.” McGraw addressed Garver, who was now standing in front of the door to the CHU and between the two men. He hadn’t dared walk past them and entered the trailer. “SPC Garver, this is MAJ Tucker, an old battle buddy of mine.” Garver snapped a smart salute toward the shirtless Marine who was sprawled in the plastic camp chair, legs spread widely while he drew in a deep inhale from his cigar. The MAJ half-heartily returned the salute and said, “At ease, Soldier.” “The Major and I go way back,” McGraw told Garver. “And I’ve been telling him about your training regime and progress. Its lucky he stopped by. His convoy doesn’t leave until 0700h tomorrow. So, until then he’s gonna assist me with your training, test you out, and we’ll see how you do. I hope you don’t have any plans.” “I was going to call my mother today, Sergeant. It’s her birthday.” Garver protested while reassessing the muscular Marine. He wasn’t sure he could handle the two of them at the same time. His ass puckered at the thought, and a knot formed in his gut. “That shit can wait until tomorrow. She’ll probably have another birthday Mission First, am I right?” “Yes, Sergeant.” “Good. Now, head inside and make yourself ready. MAJ Tucker will be in soon.” Lowering his voice to a quiet growl so that only the three of them could hear, he added, “You’d better be fucking cleaned out and in position. And you’d better not fucking embarrass me, understood.” He pointed the damp end of his cigar at Garver for emphasis. “Yes, Sergeant!” “Get moving, Specialist!” Garver jumped and hurried inside. He quickly stowed his gear away by his bunk and stripped off his uniform, folding it carefully and placing it on his footlocker by the end of his bunk. The room was sparsely decorated, even by military standards. There were istanbul travesti two metal framed beds with white sheets, a pillow a piece, and both blanketed with a standard-issue ‘woobie’. Both beds were immaculate made with tight corners. At the foot of the beds were black plastic footlockers. Hooks screwed to the walls were used to suspend kevlar helmets and vests, as well as M-4 rifles and M-9 pistols. Extra water bottles were stored under the beds. On SFC McGraw’s side he had taped up a few pictures of his family, a blonde-haired wife and two young boys. Garver’s side didn’t have pictures. There had been a couple of pictures of his family up, but he’d taken them down, with permission, after McGraw spent a couple of hours making Garver service him while the older Sergeant described in detail what he’d like to do to Garver’s mother. He openly speculated how good the faggot’s mother was at sucking cock and made Garver describe what it would be like to see the muscle god fuck his own mother with his monster cock. “Is your mom a screamer, Garver? Do you think her pussy is big enough to take my whole cock like your cunt does? Should I have her swallow my load, or should I breed her, make you some little brothers from my cum? Should I make your dad watch me fuck his wife. Do you think he’s into that?” After that, Garver put his pictures away inside his footlocker. Now, stripped naked, Garver took the position as he’d been trained. He knelt down between the two beds facing the doorway. He sat up on his knees rather than resting on his heels. He arms were folded with his hands behind his back at Parade Rest, one flat hand in the open palm of the other. He stared straight ahead and waited. It could be one minute or an hour, he had no way of knowing. But he waited. His cock was hard, sticking straight out from his body. His body was hard too, much harder than it had been when SFC McGraw took him on as his own special project and private cocksucker. McGraw was also a certified personal trainer and non-competitive bodybuilder. Every day he pushed Garver further and the results were beginning to show. His body fat had melted away and his muscles had swelled. Above his hard cock were now chiseled abs and a firm chest. He’d learned to hold this position for up to two hours or more. McGraw was an excellent teacher when it came to fitness, military lethality, and being the best faggot in the Army. It turns out Garver didn’t have to wait all that long. The door to the CHU opened, temporarily blinding him with bright sunlight. He squinted against the glare, but otherwise didn’t move his head. He heard, rather than saw, the door close, and felt a large body step in front of him. As his eyes adjusted, he made out the crotch of MAJ Tucker’s Marine desert cammies a few inches from his nose. “Well, he wasn’t lyin’.” Tucker said. He stood over the boy, his cigar clamped in the corner of his mouth, his hands resting on his hips. “You look better naked, kid. I can tell McGraw’s handiwork when I see it. I bet you were soft as a baby when he got his mitts on you.” With one hand Tucker unbuttoned the fly of his trousers and yanked out a beer-can thick hard eight-inch cut cock. Precum already glisten on the piss slit. He shoved his hips forward slightly while Garver wrapped his lips around the stranger’s cock, rank from sweat and desert heat. “Fuuuuuuck!” MAJ Tucker moaned. “I’ve needed this so fuckin’ bad.” Tucker laid one large hand on the top of Garver’s head and slowly fucked the young Soldier’s face. “Nothing beats a blowjob from a well-trained cocksucker. I’ve got a Marine in one of the fire teams down at al-Asad, a machine gunner. He’s not bad. Better now that I’ve been training him up. At first it was like he was trying to suck the chrome of a trailer hitch. It took him a couple of weeks of daily face fucking before he got decent. But you, I can tell you’re a natural cocksucker. Either that or McGraw worked his magic on you. He’s certainly got his way with boys, always has. I’d been fucked by tons of guys before him, but he was the one that really taught me how to take a pounding. He was telling me that he took your cherry up in the guard tower, with no lube. Thats fuckin’ impressive, I’ll tell you. That huge fuck’n monster cock he’s wielding. Of course he makes enough of his own lube that any faggot worth his salt should be able to take it, eventually. He tells me that by the time y’all demobilize that you’ll be a Grade-A faggot, Well-trained and well-bred. I can tell you from experience that once that daily dickin’ from him is gone, it leaves an empty hole in your soul that you will never be able to fill again.” This went on for some time as the Marine fucked the obedient Soldier’s face, until the door opened again and McGraw himself stepped in. Tucker didn’t stop, and Garver knew better by now then to even pause in his cock sucking duty. McGraw stowed his rifle and pistol and stripped off the remainder of his clothing. Then he stepped up behind Tucker so close that his half-hard ten-inch monster was nestled between the Marine’s baby smooth muscular ass cheeks. He placed one hand on Tucker’s shoulder. “He’s good, right? Took a little work, but the kid’s a natural.” “Faggots got a great mouth on him.” Tucker agreed. “Didn’t even gag, but then, with you training him..ha!” “His little cunt ain’t half bad either.” “I’m gonna half to try that next. But you better destroy my pussy before we pull out of here tomorrow,” Tucker said, looking kadıköy travesti back over his shoulder to McGraw. “Oh thats for damn sure.” McGraw said. “You can show the boy how a real man takes my daddy dick.” Tucker twisted his head around and the two men locked lips and their tongues fought for room in each of their mouths. They stood there making out. McGraw shifted forward around Tucker and the SFC’s now fully hard cock smacked the SPC in the face. Taking his cue Garver switched from the Marine to the Soldier’s dick, pulling back the foreskin and savored the musky and tangy flavors trapped beneath. He used both is hands now, one on either man, while they ignored him and took their pleasure in one another. The swapped spit and felt up each others sweaty, hard bodies. McGraw’s hand went naturally to Tucker’s crack, exploring the furry depth’s and seeking out the puckering hole. “Garver!” McGraw barked. Garver looked up expectantly, awaiting orders. “I want to fuck MAJ Tucker, but his Marine Corps ass is too fucking tight. His cunt is even tighter than yours. You’re going to eat his pussy out and keep eating it out until I feel like he’s ready. I want you to eat his ass like you wish your ass eaten. Take your time. Appreciate this man’s cunt. You’re not likely to fine such a fine specimen again.” Garver’s heart was in it throat as the three men maneuvered around the small space. McGraw sat on the edge of the bunk and leaned back against the wall while Tucker got down on all fours with Garver behind him. The Marine eagerly chowed down on the superior dick on display before him. In front of Garver now was a the arched back of a muscular Marine and two hard globes and a winking brown eye. He sat back and admired the beautiful sight, hands rising on either cheek. Tucker didn’t have a hair on his body, not his ass nor crotch. It was either natural or he must have shaved or used a depilator. His smooth muscle pussy pulsed with a life all its own. “What the fuck are you waiting for, Garver, a fucking engraved invite? Eat his fucking ass, faggot!” Garver dove face first into the Marine Officer’s ass and started eating, licking, and tongue-fucking for all he was worth. Tucker, his mouth full of McGraw’s cock, moaned in approval and delight. “I bet you missed this cock, didn’t you, Tuck? There is no other cock like it, is there?” McGraw, still smoking his cigar, laced his fingers behind his head while Tucker worked on taking as much cock down his throat as he could. “You see, Garver, Major Tucker here, oh about four years ago or so, was my little pussy bitch. He sucked down more of my cock and took more loads from me than you could even imagine. You’d be lucky to be half the faggot he is. You wouldn’t know it by looking at him, would you? He’s a perfect specimen of a Marine. Of course, that’s part of what makes him such a prime cocksucker. And the ASS! It’s a thing of fucking beauty. No one, and I mean NO ONE, has ever taken my cock so hard, so often, and begged for more like Tuck here. His ass was always lubed and ready to be fucking used. You see, I was down at Fort Knox, and they have this Marine detachment there using the MOUT Site. I was in the gym showers after a long day when Tucker, a Company Commander back then, walks right up to me, bold as fucking brass, he stands in front of me, looks down at my dick and then up at me. He says ‘Boy, if you don’t fuck me with that monster cock rickity-fuckin’-tick, I’m gonna regret it for the rest of my life.’ So, I did. I truly admire a faggot who know what and who he is. Embraces it. We took my truck out to an empty range where no one could hear this foul-mouthed cocksucker begging to pounded harder and harder, hour after fucking hour. I think in that first night I pumped three loads in his cunt and one or two down his gullet. My wife was pissed at me when I rolled in past midnight with no explanation. By the next morning all I wanted was to fuck Tucker again and again. This muscle pussy was so good that I took a full week of leave, lied to my wife about being TDY at Fort Polk, and Tucker and I shacked up down in New Orleans. We fucked so much my cock should have been chafed and fuckin’ raw, but between my copious amounts of precum, this here faggot’s ass juices, and reusing my loads as lube, it worked out. We even took one night and went down to one of the queer bars, one of the leather ones with a back room, and put on quite the fucking show. I love being watched and I fucked the shit out of Tucker while dozens of other faggots jerked their dicks and covered him with cum. He even sucked off a few. Good-fucking-times, right Tuck?” Tucker moaned agreement, his mouth full of Army cock, his ass full of Army tongue. Garver’s cock began spewing a load of cum onto the metal floor without touching him even touching it, he was so turned on by just hearing SFC McGraw’s story. Chuck noticed. “Hey Major, it looks like SPC Garver liked our little tale. Why don’t the two of clean up that fucking mess he’s making on my floor.” Tucker spun around on his knees and both he and Garver bent down and licked Garver’s cum from the floor. Then Tucker grabbed the Specialist by his chin and forced his mouth open. He spat the boy’s own cum back into his open mouth, then dove forward, kissing the young man forcefully. “Well, ain’t that a pretty sight?” McGraw drawled. He used the big toe of his foot and pressed it into Tucker’s smooth, puckering asshole while the two bottoms made out. “Hey Tuck, do you bakırköy travesti think your guys will miss you if you bunk here tonight? I’d sure like to fuck the shit out of you a few times while I can.” “They won’t miss me, Sarge. I wouldn’t fuckin’ care if they did. It’s worth it for that Master Cock.” Tucker stood up and shoved his cock forcefully into Garver’s mouth, making the boy choke and gag. “We don’t roll out til sun-up. Until then I intend to drain as much cum from your balls as I possibly can.” Tucker then pulled his dick free from SPC Garver’s mouth, and grabbing the base of his dick, used it to slap the boy across the face. “Specialist Garver. I want you to run over to the Marine Convoy parked outside the TOC. Tell one of my Marines on duty you’ve been sent to retrieve my pack for me. If they ask why or where I am, tell them I said its none of their goddamn business. Now, open your mouth.” Garver did as ordered. Tucker leaned over and, gripped Garver’s face hard and spat into his open mouth. “Now fucking move it, Soldier!” Garver scrambled to get up and throw on his PT shorts and shower shoes. He grabbed his rifle and ran out the door so fast that he never wiped the slobber off of his face from Tucker’s cock and ass. When he got back to the CHU with a heavy rucksack, McGraw had Tucker on his back, his ankles gripped in his hands and spread as far apart as they would go, and was drilling his monster cock into his hole so hard that the bed had already dented the wall as it was driven into the metal over and over again. If this carried on all night, he might fuck the Marine right through the wall and into the neighboring CHU. And they did fuck all night. The walls dripped with moisture as the two monsters tried every position imaginable. Garver was relegated to second fiddle. Occasionally he’s be placed on the bottom where he was fucked by Tucker’s beer can thick cock while McGraw pile-drove his own cock into the Marine. Or they would have him suck on Tucker’s cock or lick the dripping ass juices and cum from McGraw’s dick and balls, usually while was still fucking the Marine’s asshole. Tucker dumped two loads into the junior Soldier, one in either end. McGraw meanwhile bred MAJ Tucker’s cunt three times and fed him two loads, the last one after the Marine was already geared up and ready to rejoin his convoy. He was on his knees, flak vest on, rifle slung and Kevlar on the bed while SFC McGraw fucked his throat, both of his hands on the shaved head of the Marine. Garver, still naked, was kneeling beside the two men, watching closely. When McGraw erupted, he held Tucker there, with all ten inches of his meat jammed down the Officer’s throat, as he unloaded for a final time. They stayed locked into that position for a full minute or more, Tucker’s nostrils flaring as his struggled for air. Finally, Tucker leaned back, breathing heavily and smiling. “Fuckin’A, Big Sarge. That’s some good shit. But this Marine is still thirsty. Do you gotta a drink for a thirsty Marine before he mounts up?” McGraw let out a loud guffaw and smiled down at the two faggots down on their knees before him. “Shit, Tuck, you piggy fucker. I think I can give you one last drink, Marine. Open up.” And as MAJ Tucker opened his mouth, McGraw placed just his cockhead on the man’s tongue and let loose a pungent piss stream that the Marine eagerly swallowed. Not a drop was spilt or wasted. When he was done, and when Tucker had the biggest self-satisfied look on his face, he turned to Garver and tongue-kissed the Soldier. Garver could taste the sweat, cum, and piss on the Marine’s tongue. His balls ached from not cumming all night and Tucker gripped his junk in his rough hand and tugged on them painfully. “With Sergeant First Class McGraw’s permission, I’ve got something to aide in your training as a faggot, Specialist Garver.” They both looked up to Chuck expectantly, and he nodded. Standing, Tucker turned around, reached deep into a pocket on his pack and removed a small pit of fabric, a leather strap, and a silver metal buttplug. He handed them all to the Soldier. The fabric turned out to be a camouflage pattern thong, the strap was a metal-studded cockring, and the butt plug was much heavier than Garver thought at first glance. “Sergeant McGraw should make you wear those every day. The thong is reinforced so it will help hold the plug in place. I’ve taken that plug with me on two deployments so far. A good faggot like you should always have something in your pussy.” “Good deal, Tucker. Now you should head out. I imagine you have a bunch of impatient Marines waiting on while you’re in here drinking my piss.” “Catch you on the flipside, McGraw.” “Stay frosty, Sir.” McGraw rendered a salute to the Major and Tucker snapped to attention and returned the salute. “Oo-rah!” Tucker barked and then made an about face, grabbed his gear, and headed out into the daylight. “That, Garver, is the kind of fag that could make a man want to leave his wife!” McGraw sighed. He reached over and pulled on some green Marine Corps silkies, left behind by Tucker, and started to put on his socks and sneakers. “You’ve got fifteen minutes. Police this room, and clean yourself up, then meet me in the gym. We’re gonna start with a five-mile run, then lift. And wear the plug and thong. Let’s see if you can keep it in doing burpees.” As an afterthought he added, “You can jerk yourself off too, if you want. I think you’ve earned it.” Garver was shocked at how the small praise made him feel elated inside. “Now, hurry up. You don’t want to disappoint me.” McGraw’s smile was gone. He lowered his M-Frame Oakley sunglasses over his eyes as he grabbed his M-4 and headed out, leaving Garver behind. More to come Feedback welcome at: hoo

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