City Secretary Ch. 01


I woke up from my surgery in a daze. My body hurt and I knew I had a long recovery ahead of me. I knew plastic surgery was vain and I had spent a lot of time choosing the procedures and considering it carefully. But my ego won in the end and I went through with it.

I’m only 28 and I want to enjoy my body while I can.

“Ah, Nikki, you’re awake!” The doctor moved to my bedside, “Everything went perfectly; no complications. You’ll be feeling better in a week or so and in 6 weeks, you’ll be right as rain.”

Those words were good to hear. The possible complications were terrifying.

“My advice would be to avoid mirrors until the swelling goes down. It can be a bit of a shock.”

“Thank You, doctor.” I was feeling drowsy and strange and my lips were swollen. I had requested collagen injections so I knew they would feel strange.

My neighbor, John, waited until I was fully awake and able to walk before driving me back home. He was a nurse and had agreed to pick me up and help me through the healing process. I was thankful; I’d had a lot done and it wouldn’t be easy.

Once I was home and set up in my bed, he sat on the edge and asked me how I was feeling.

“Kind of stupid. Was it really worth all of this pain?”

John laughed, “Nikki, I know you well. You would have done it anyway.” John was gay and always brutally honest with me. He had helped me choose my procedures and given me some good advice. But he knew I was egotistical and was always kind enough to feed my vanity.

“Thank you for everything, John.”

“I’ll let you nap and I’ll be back in a bit to see if you want to have some dinner.”


I lay there, waiting to drift to sleep and made a mental note of my pain. My lips were sore, my breasts hurt horribly and there was pain between my legs. What kind of woman has plastic surgery done on her lady bits? Me, that’s who. I’m moving to the city soon and starting a new job that pays ridiculously well. I know the kind of men I will meet and I’m going to be at my best. I want to find a successful husband and a woman needs a certain look to get there.

John returned after my nap and brought all of my prescriptions with him. I took them obediently and laid back.

“Strange.” John was studying a label on a syrup bottle.


“This is the last one you need to take, but it’s a hormone.”

“Probably something to do with my vajayjay procedure. Just dose me up.”

“You got it.”

I swallowed the thick pink syrup and it actually tasted delicious. Like honey and flowers. All medicine should be so wonderful.


After a few weeks of recovery, I was completely off my pain medication and my bandages had been removed. I was busy packing for my move and staring in the mirror at my new, glorious body.

I’m 5′ 6″ and athletic, I make sure to stay in shape. My tits were now a large G and stood straight out without a bra. I loved to look at them. Ever since the surgery, my nipples seemed to be larger and always rock hard. I figured it was a side effect and nothing to worry about.

My collagen injections seemed to take well, my lips were larger than I had thought, but damn sexy. I had taken it a step further, against John’s advice, and had a beautiful luscious pink tattooed on my lips, a slightly darker shade around the edges to look like lip liner. The healing hadn’t taken long, but the scabbing was pretty gross. Now that it was all healed, with just a light layer of coconut oil, they looked like beautifully done lips.

I had requested that my clit be enlarged, a procedure to enhance sex. My lips are so full and puffy that sometimes my clit gets ignored during sex. It was not supposed to change it much visually, but it seemed the swelling never went down. It now peeked through my outer lips just a bit and was incredibly sensitive. John and I had gone for a bike ride a week before and I had three orgasms before we were done. I couldn’t wait to get to the city and start dating so I could see where this would take me during sex!

I put on a pair of running shorts and a tank top, no bra needed! And finished packing. The movers would be there the next day to carry my things off to the city. I would be flying ahead to begin my new job and stay in a corporate apartment until my things arrived.

John drove me to the airport that night, insisting that I wear a bra over those nipples so I wouldn’t be harassed at security. We had a tearful goodbye and he promised to call and text and visit as soon as he could. He was anxious to explore the men in the city with me!


As I was dressing for my first day at my new job, I made sure to dress conservatively and make sure I demanded respect from my coworkers. My new body was for going out at night! I chose a white buttoned blouse and my black pinstripe skirt suit. The skirt came just above the knee, feminine bostancı escort but professional. With my wingtip heels, it was fabulous.

I chose to leave my long, thick brown hair down with a slight wave and I headed to the office.

The building was divided by floors and each floor had four partners. One partner office for each direction. There was entertaining space, waiting rooms, bathrooms, a breakroom and meeting rooms. I was to be the personal assistant of James Mattison. He was a fast-rising star in the firm and during my interview I noticed just how handsome he was. Unmarried, but I wasn’t interested in dating anyone from work.

My desk faced his office door, which was shut when I arrived. I knew he was there, he told me he came in two hours before my start time to make international calls. He also stayed late to do the same. My first order of business was to get him fresh coffee. In the break room I found an expensive assortment of coffee and a pot already brewed. All of the assistants brewed coffee, as soon as one pot was finished, we were to make another.

I strutted back to Mr. Mattison’s office and knocked softly.

“Come in!”

I smiled as I entered and replaced his empty cup with the fresh one I’d just poured.

“Nikki! I’ve been so busy, it will be refreshing to finally have my assistant with me.” He smiled and sipped the hot coffee.

“Where can I begin, Sir?” I’d had experience in many office situations and I was eager to learn new things and impress this man.

“I need you to get your employee information together and entered into the system first thing. Sign all of your required documents and get your file together.”

“Yes, Sir.” I returned at my desk to do just that.

While going through the employee documents, I found two pages that didn’t make sense to me. One was a privacy clause and the other was a dress code agreement. I decided to take it up with James.

“All firms have a dress code agreement, it’s pretty standard.”

“But this doesn’t outline anything. It’s just a blanket statement with no actual guidelines. Just that I will dress according to what is agreed upon by you and I. And this privacy clause …. It’s incredibly detailed….”

“This firm entertains many hi-profile clients and we protect their privacy vigorously. Outside of work, their names are not even to be referred to, nor is anything you see or hear while on these premises or anywhere that work and clients are being discussed or entertained.”

“Okay, I see now.” I signed it quickly and returned to the dress code, “As for the dress code … do we need to discuss that between us before I sign?”

“Yes, let’s.” He leaned back in his chair with his hands behind his head and smiled at me, “I like pleasing attire.”

“Yes, I understand that. What would be described as pleasing?” I needed to impress this man.

“We can work it out as we go, Nikki. But to begin with, I do love skirts.”

“I understand that but legally you can’t….”

“You don’t have to lecture me on the legalities of anything, Nikki.” There was a stern edge to his voice, “I hired you for your brains and because I like the way you look. Though your looks seem to have changed for the better since I last saw you.”

“Oh, um, I just had a few … adjustments.”

“I approve.” He smiled and flashed those beautiful teeth at me again.

“I don’t want to use the word ‘sexist’ but …”

“Then don’t! Do you like the way you look?”

“Yes, Sir, I do but…”

“Then we both agree. I’m sure with all of these adjustments there are things you’d like to enhance or show off to get a bit more attention.”

“That’s really not how I want to advance in my career, Mr. Mattison.”

“We do whatever it takes, Nikki. All of us.”

“Yes, I suppose we do.” I took a deep breath and considered what he was telling me. He wanted me to dress sexy in the office. For his ‘pleasure’.

“I like skirts. Short ones.”

“I…well…” Would it kill me to have some skirts hemmed? “I can work on that, Sir.”

“I’ll tell you what….I’ll have an outfit sent over to the apartment tonight for you to wear in tomorrow. We’ll see if our tastes can come to an agreement?”

“Deal.” I smiled and signed the last paper for my file. “I just have to get these to personnel and then I’m off for the day. Reading the contracts and fine print took longer than I imagined.”

“See you in the morning, Nikki. And thank you!” He smiled and began dialing his phone.

I left the building and met up with one of the assistants in the elevator, “Hi, I’m Nikki, Mr. Mattison’s new assistant.” I stuck my hand out and she shook it with a smile.

“I’m Cassie. I’m Mr. Hall’s assistant. Just around the corner from you.”

“It’s nice to finally meet someone at work. Today was my first day.”

“Did you do okay with your employee forms and agreements?”

“Well, to be honest….yes, but I struggled with the dress code.” I scanned my peripheral vision for what she was wearing and noticed bostancı escort bayan a short skirt and a tightly fitted jacked over a sheer blouse. Her heels were impossibly high.

“You’ll get used to it. I don’t mind it anymore, I feel sexy at work and that makes me feel powerful!” She giggled and nudged me with her shoulder.

“I hadn’t thought of it that way.” She was right, sex was power.

When I arrived at the corporate apartment, I noticed I had taken nearly all of the prescription syrup that I had gotten after surgery. It was the 2nd refill and it said to call for a refill. I was due for three more!? This had to be wrong. I phoned the doctor’s office and was referred to a physician in the city for a check-in on my procedures. They called in a refill for me and I finished what was left.

The syrup always made me feel a little feverish after I took it but it didn’t last long. The hormones were to help my clit stay its larger size while it healed. Increasing blood flow to the region was important, or so the doctor had told me.

I showered and curled my hair, washing off a day of work so I could go out and take this new body for a drive in the city!

I put on a silk spaghetti strap dress that fell mid-thigh with nothing on under it and some sexy pink heels I’d bought just for my first night here. I loved my new tits. I was so low maintenance now! The dress clung to my curves and draped in a sexy way over my nipples. I looked like sex.

John and I had already scoped out the club scene in the city and I arrived at the one we had picked as our first choice. There was a line down the side of the building, so I turned to get in it. A voice yelled, “Hey, tits!” I turned briefly and noticed they were motioning to me. “You can come in. Nipples like that win every time.” He winked and motioned me in. I could hear voices in line yelling and degrading me. “Tramp!” “Wish I was a slut!”

I ignored it all and went into the club. I decided to sit at the bar to get my bearings and survey the room. Within seconds I was surrounded by gorgeous men buying me drinks. A shiny new toy. I enjoyed watching them stare at my lips when I talked and trying not to let their eyes divert to my chest.

One man asked me to dance and once I was on the dance floor, I couldn’t help but just keep dancing. Before long I was sticky with sweat and my dress was clinging to every part of me. The man I was with asked me if I wanted to get out of there.

“Yes!” I smiled and followed him out onto the street. I could feel all eyes on us, well me, and it was incredibly sexy.

We fell into a taxi and he finally introduced himself, “I’m Ian. Nice to meet you.”

“Nikki. And likewise!” I winked at him.

“Do you live close by?”

“I’m actually in a corporate apartment right now. Just moving into the city, started my new job today.”

“Well lucky me to be able to welcome you!” He smiled and leaned in to kiss me. His kiss was gentle and his tongue was soft. He was making sure I was willing.

I moaned softly.

“Corporate huh? So you’re beautiful AND smart?”

“Yes.” I smiled into his next kiss.

He was a gentleman on the ride to his apartment, keeping his hands to himself and I knew the restraint that must have taken.

When we got to his apartment, he paid the driver and held his hand out to invite me inside. I took his hand and we entered the building. His doorman smiled and raised his eyebrows approvingly.

In the elevator I couldn’t resist, “So your doorman seemed impressed. You do this often?”

“Often? Um, no, not at all.”

“Ian, I’m not the kind of girl who cares if you do. I am coming upstairs for the same reason you asked me up.” I leaned against the back of the elevator and he leaned his body against me to kiss me.

“Yes, I do this often.” He smiled as the doors opened and led me to his door. “After you,” He gestured into the apartment and I walked in. He was tidy and simple at decorating, though I could tell he kept entertaining women in mind when he decorated. The colors were muted but everything was warm and inviting.

“It’s warm in here.” It felt like a tropical vacation. Was it the hormones?

“I keep it warm for …. Encounters such as these. I don’t want anyone getting cold.” He smiled and went around the bar in the living room to grab a bottle of wine and pour me a glass. I appreciated the seduction, but I was already horny. I wanted to use this new body and see what it felt like to sink myself on a cock with this new clit of mine.

I waited until he had poured both glasses and was coming around the bar. I slipped the straps over my arms and let my dress fall to the floor. I stepped out of it and walked to him, taking one of the glasses. I kept my eyes on him as I sampled the wine and watched him take in my body.

“The wine is delicious. You have good taste.” He was speechless, just watching everything I did. So I walked to him and kissed him deeply. I felt the crotch of his pants with my free hand and he was already escort bostancı hard. It felt like a good size and I wanted to see what I was working with.

I set down my glass and kneeled in front of him, un-doing his pants and letting them fall. A boxers man. I lowered them down as well and observed his gorgeous 9″ cock. The perfect girth and length for a test drive. I took him in my hand and wrapped my new, big pink lips around the head of his cock and looked up at him to make sure he was okay with what I was doing.

He was.

I lowered my mouth and suckled his clean-shaven balls in my mouth, one by one. They tightened and shifted. I moved up his shaft, running my tongue along the underside and when I got to the tip, I wrapped my lips around his cock and slid him all into my mouth and down my throat in one long, slow movement. I heard him catch his breath and looked up at him. He still had the glass of wine in one hand and just stood there, looking stunned.

I slid his cock out of my mouth and smiled as I stood up. “Where is the bedroom?”

“Are you for real?” He still had that dumbfounded look on his face.

“This is why I moved to the city; for the entertainment.” I smiled, “Bedroom?”

Ian clumsily gestured to the other end of the apartment. I turned and walked in the direction he pointed and I could see his bedroom clearly as I neared the doorway. I walked into the dimly lit room just waiting for someone to have some fun inside. He had the lights on a dimmer and it was warm in this room as well.

I took my heels off and laid on the bed, waiting for Ian. I noticed a blinking red light on the dresser across from the bed. Then I could see another to my left, one in the light fixture….I stood and moved toward my right toward the blinking light there as well. It was a lens.

Ian appeared in the doorway and cleared his throat, “I hope you don’t mind. I like to record.”

“Mind? Um….what do you do with the videos?”

“They’re for me mostly. You’ll have to sign a release when you go home though. Saying you agreed to be filmed. Sometimes they’re played at my parties; sometimes high-paying clients buy them.”

“Buy them?”

“One-of-a-kind porn edited with my artistic eye….yes. I have sold them for quite a bit.”

“I don’t mind.” I smiled and walked toward him, one hand on his cock and one around his neck I kissed him. He finally brought his hands around my waist and began feeling my body. I have unusually soft skin, which is why I had been so concerned about my surgeries and scarring. I would be having laser procedures to minimize scarring in a year or so and you wouldn’t be able to tell they were even there.

“You are so beautiful, Nikki. Other-worldly.”

“That was the idea.” I smiled and pulled him to the bed. I sat in front of him and lowered my throat onto his dick again. He loved it. I tried to make it visually stimulating since I knew I was being filmed. He so easily slid down my throat. It was like my throat was excreting a slickness that helped him enter. My gag reflex didn’t do a thing and he was fucking my throat with a steady rhythm.

“Your mouth is fucking amazing.” He grabbed my head and picked up the pace. Then he looked down at me, “Look at me.” I raised my eyes to meet his and he pulled out slowly, letting the full length of his cock slide against my lips slowly until just the tip was resting on my lower lip. He smiled as he slowly slid it back in and down my throat to resume fucking my face.

Before he got too excited, he pulled out and told me to get on my hands and knees. I spread my legs apart until I was at the perfect height for him to enter me from behind and let my giant globe tits hang freely as I licked my lips for the camera in front of me.

I heard him slide a condom on and then I felt his beautiful cock enter me from behind and made sure to moan loudly. It felt so amazing inside of me. He fucked me with long strokes and leaned forward to fondle my clit. My body went insane and an orgasm slammed into me with a force I had never experienced. I was howling like an animal it felt so amazing.

“My god you’re perfect. I’ve never heard a woman make a noise like that.”

“That felt soooooooo fucking goooooooood.” I could feel the sweat on my skin. The orgasm and the head in the room had me panting.

“Come here.” I turned to see Ian lay back against the head of the bed, “Show me what you can do on top.” He gestured to his dick, standing straight up.

I smiled wickedly and crawled to him, straddling him and lowering myself onto that beautiful fuck stick. I had been a gymnast and dancer growing up; I was flexible and had amazing control of my hips. “Let me see what I can do for you.”

I started rolling my hips in circles and moving up and down on his pole. It felt so amazing inside of me, my whole body felt different inside and out; I couldn’t describe it. Before I knew it, my body took over. One hand was rubbing my new, sensitive clit and the other was fondling my own giant tits, pinching my nipples and making myself squeal like a whore.

I couldn’t stop it. My hips gyrated and slid around on his cock and before I knew what was happening, I was cumming again. I threw my head back and screamed. My pussy gripped his cock and I came so hard I could feel the wetness run out of me and onto him.

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