Claire’s day of orgasm denial


Claire’s day of orgasm denialClaire was sitting at a table in the back of the coffee shop when I arrived. We’d been meeting off and on since we both met at a swingers club. Claire was single and enjoyed the no strings fun of playing with myself and my husband Phil.She smiled widely as I approached, her brown eyes lighting up. I pecked her cheek and sat across from her, brushing my soft summer dress as I sat. We made small talk as we drank our coffee. I slipped the sandals off my feet under the table and was able to raise one bare foot onto Claire’s lap.I rubbed my foot firmly along her inner thigh, wiggling my toes against the tight fabric of her blue jeans, flicking across her crotch.Claire stuttered but continued what she was saying. My bare foot continued up her tummy and over the toned flesh left bare by her crop top. All this done under the table of that coffee shop.When it was time to go I slipped on my sandals and Claire followed me to the car park. We were in a quiet alleyway when I turned around, realising we were alone I grabbed her and pushed her against a wall. Kissing her quickly and passionately, before turning to resume my journey to the car.“Geez, Jennifer!”, Claire muttered in surprise, picking up the pace and following me again. As I drove us to my home I raked my fingers up and down her demin clad thigh. She writhed slightly in the car seat, rubbing her thighs together gently. Occasionally my hand drifted between her legs, feeling the warmth of her crotch. Claire reacted immediately each time, pushing up gently to meet my touch, breathing deeply.I’d had a few occasionally interactions with other women, always though in the company of Phil. I’d never really before craved female company but with Claire it was different. The girl was in her early twenties when we first met, a very submissive personality that always wanted to please.I’d never really considered myself as a dominant, when with men I always wanted them to be in charge. Probably if I’m honest the main thing that attracted me to Claire’s submission was a wickedness in myself. I enjoyed the power over her, I enjoyed making her jump through hoops and seeing that all it did was make her crave my attention more. I enjoyed tormenting her, teasing her. I enjoyed the look in her eyes when her sexual need was at its zenith. This was why for this weekend I planned to torment her for an extended period.Unlocking the back door to my home we walked into the kitchen. Sunshine was streaming through the windows, making the room bright and warm. I closed the door and uttered one simple command to Claire, “Strip!”She looked at me a little shocked but putting down her rucksack she immediately pulled her little white crop top off over her head. She was wearing a simple little white bra. I sat on a kitchen bar stool and watched as she continued, bending down to unlace her training shoes and slip them off, then tugging off white cotton socks and balling them inside one shoe. She next reached the button of her jeans and pulled it free, yanking down the zipper, she wiggled her body out of the tight denim. Claire folded her jeans on top of her shoes and put the top onto the pile. She paused and looked at me. I just blinked slowly, an unspoken command to make her continue. Reaching behind her back she clipped off her bra, laying it on the pile. Finally she stood, her eyes down, she looped her fingers on the hips of her panties and pulled them down.I was pleased at how well I’d taught her as she stood with her hands behind her back, eyes down. I got off the stool and walked slowly over to her.Claire kept her head bowed, her beautiful red hair cascading over her shoulders. Her body was perfection. I ran my hands over that smooth pale flesh, down over her tummy, her ab muscles well defined from all the competitions in her swimming club. I knelt down and rubbed my hands over those firm muscular legs, spending a moment to gently rub the top of her feet. Next I stood behind her and pulled her hands to her sides. Running my hands down her spine, then up over her shoulders, she involuntarily tilted her head to the side at my touch. I ran my hands down over her amazingly firm butt.I really enjoyed times like this, times when Claire was obediently under my control. The touch of her soft, firm skin was great to me. Standing back a couple of steps I walked around her, watching how the sunlight played on her pale skin, how it enhanced the tone of her muscular tummy.“Ahhh, you really do please me darling,” I said, moving in to embrace her and take a kiss. My tongue played firmly into her mouth, my hands freely exploring everywhere as hers returned to be folded behind her back. I stepped back, breaking the embrace and crooked a finger for her to follow me, pointing at her bag and clothes pile she quickly picked them up and followed me upstairs and into the master bedroom.Claire stood in the centre of the room, checking her posture was correct, standing up straight with her head bowed. “Please take a shower now girl, once dried kneel in the centre of the room,” I ordered, “I’ll return soon.”I walked to another bedroom I often used as a dressing room. I pulled my summer dress over my head and quickly removed my bra and panties. I had been collecting the perfect outfit for a little session with Claire. First I sat on the bed pulling fishnet holdup stockings up each leg, standing now I picked up a leather zip front bodice I’d bought online. My hubby had helped me lace the back of the bodice to a perfect, flattering fit and all I had to do was wrap it around me and zip it illegal bahis up my chest. The bodice pushed my tits up like a wrench in a period drama, it left the top of each breast on show, just about covering the nipples.I looked in the mirror and giggled to myself. Next I pulled up the shortest little leather mini skirt, it hardly covered my bum, more the size of hot pants than a skirt, I wore no panties underneath, I bent over and looked in the mirror and was able to see my shaved pussy. Perfect!Next I pulled up long patent leather boots and zipped them up my calves. They came to my knees! My thighs covered in the stockings but the elastic hold up visible below the skirt. I quickly tied my hair back, combing my blonde locks into clips to hold it on top of my head. I worked on my makeup, bold and striking red lipstick and dark mascara. Spraying some of my favourite perfume in the air I walked through the mist.Lastly I pulled on long lacy gloves, grabbing a lovely flexible riding crop in my right hand. I was ready to go back and play with my pet.Claire was a vision of perfection as she knelt there, her hands behind her back, her butt back on her feet and legs folded beneath her. She’d towel dried herself though her hair was a little damp still. She kept her head bowed, then looked up with a gasp as I stood in-front of her.I stood close in front of her, just about a foot separating us. I ran the riding crop over her shoulders, gently, the sensation making the girl quiver a little. I reached out, stroking her hair then pulled her head firmly against my tummy, stroking her through the lacy gloves. Claire closed her eyes and let out silent little purrs as I stroked her.Things weren’t to stay gentle for long though, I knew she liked it when I changed up a few gears so I demanded, “Stand up, then bend over and hold your ankles.”Claire quickly and obediently did as she was told, bending over I saw her perfect little ass in front of me, her spine stretched beautifully. I flexed the riding crop in my hand, I couldn’t resist giving her a good hard stroke right across that ass. Claire let out a loud gasp but kept her position as I rained down another five or so strokes in quick succession.I reached down and with my lacy hands stroked the girls butt, stroking over the red marks my crop had left before pushing my fingers further between her buttocks and flicking over her ass hole. She shuddered as I played her, I enjoyed watching her squirm in that position so my other hand down between her thighs and entered her pussy. She was wet and slippery, ready for anything I choose to give her this afternoon.I next commanded the redhead to stand, she jumped up and smiled at me, flicking her hair backwards. I couldn’t resist her amazingly tempting lips and went in for a kiss, soft, sensual delicious. She kissed with her eyes closed every time, I preferred watching.Breaking the embrace I grabbed lots of pillows and spread them on the end of the bed, laying down with my shoulders propped up, my little leather skirt pulled up around my waist, my booted legs spread over the bed, the heels of the boots touching the ground.Claire knew to quickly drop to her knees, she knelt forward and started playing around my pussy with her hands. Over the time we’d played together she’d become quite expert in knowing just exactly how to work my body. As I lay back and relaxed in the soft pillows she played a finger inside me, then another one as she expertly and softly licked my clit. Her tongue was exactly what I needed, she got me in the right place every time. Lapping and curling her tongue over my clit as her fingers twisted and pulled inside me, finding my g-spot and sticking there. Her other hand played softly with my asshole, not penetrating me but flicking and teasing me, making me pant loudly, getting close to what I knew was going to be a very messy orgasm.My chest heaved in the bodice heavily as I felt my orgasm build, receiving oral, especially from Claire gave me the most powerful orgasms I’d ever experienced, she knew exactly where to lick, exactly how firm and how quick and exactly how to move her fingers inside me.I felt my body shudder as my orgasm finally took over, I thrashed on the bed and even without looking down I knew I’d squirted onto her face. She kept licking, softer but still keeping the pressure on as I bucked and growled. With both hands I held her head to my crotch, encouraging her to keep going. Soon my persistence was rewarded with another explosive orgasm.Panting deeply I reached down, shoving her away from me. I loved how rough I could be to her, I knew she actually craved it and the meaner I treated her in bed the more she came back for.Standing up, I watched her go to the en-suite and come back with a towel, about to dry my squirt from her face and chest. “You better not be about to do what I think you’re about to do,” I said, glaring at her.She stopped before she wiped herself, I approached her and rubbed my hand over her body, smearing my wetness down her tummy and rubbing it over her face. “Let it dry naturally, I want you to stink of me,” I said, smiling.I never in a million years thought I’d demand that anyone keeps my bodily fluid on their skin before I started dominating Claire, but humiliations like that pleased me.Next I kissed her, pushing her onto her back on the bed, putting pillows around her to make her comfy as my knee pressed into her sex. I grabbed a red soft bondage rope that I’d left by the bed and pulling her hands above her head I wrapped her wrists with the rope before tying it tightly illegal bahis siteleri to the headboard. Claire giggled nervously, but looked at me with love in her eyes, the first time ever I’d seen that from her. I picked up my riding crop again and standing by the bed I teased her body, scr****g it down her sides and then across her breasts, flicking the tip on her nipples, then up and over her throat.In my mind I played with the idea of whipping her, a full frontal attack, vicious and brutal. A little voice in me said, “make her cry”, but I resisted it, knowing that Claire’s submission was a precious gift I didn’t want to lose.I next took a rechargeable wand toy and started playing it between her legs, she squirmed and opened wider for me, licking her lips. I stood there playing the crop with one hand while pushing the toy against her, watching her body rise and fall, watching her close her eyes, the expression of joy on her face.As I worked the toy around her she quivered and squirmed more and more. “Don’t cum without permission,” I reminded her.Claire nodded, biting her lip, stretching her arms against the rope as her body arched beneath me. I climbed between her legs now and started rubbing my hands across her, I turned the toy up to a higher setting.Immediately Claire responded, “Okay, okay, please, please, can I cum?” As soon as I heard this I turned off the toy and got off the bed, “No.” I walked around watching her writhe, her head turning to watch me. I’d never refused before so I knew I’d confused her.“Why not?” Claire questioned, blinking at me a little impetuously now.“Because I fancy playing a little game,” I walked around the bed, trailing my riding crop over her skin in the knowledge that in her aroused state the sensation would feel electric. “A little game to see how long I can bring you right to the brink without you cumming. I want to get you worked up, hot and bothered and then put the brakes on, and I want to continue doing that until I decide when you orgasm.” I said as I looked deeply into her eyes.She let out a loud sign which I ignored, disappearing from the room for several minutes. When I returned she’d regained some of her composure. I had taken off the bodice and mini skirt now, keeping on my boots and stockings. I’d also pulled on a nice big bright pink strap on dildo.Without ceremony I walked to the bed as she watched, I knelt between her legs and presented the dildo to her pussy. Pushing forward the toy quickly disappeared into her wet pussy.I let the weight of my body rest on top of her. My size used to concern me slightly when compared to Claire, I was bigger, taller and stockier, but I’d grown to like it, enjoy how my body could overpower hers.Moving with slow deep strokes, the dildo stayed in place well in its harness and allowed me to fuck her naturally. I knew though that while Claire loved penetration it wouldn’t make her orgasm without clitoral stimulation. I knew I could pound her hard and she’d get close but wouldn’t fall over the edge.We kissed passionate, I pushed my tongue deep into her mouth as she gasped. I loved how Claire’s body squirmed beneath me, writhed and wriggled. I reached up and released the rope, unbinding her wrists, to be met by a tight embrace from her. Nails digging into my back, I’d let that one slide.She was close again now, desperate to orgasm and expecting it by now. I relished the agony I knew I’d cause her when I pulled out. Suddenly I pulled from her and got off the bed. I stood panting as she looked up at me, squirming she begged, “Please Jennifer, please, I need it now!”“Get up and put panties on and your shorts, no top, bare feet,” I demanded.Claire huffed but does as she was told, she stood there in nice tight little shorts, her body shining a little, her cheeks red.“Down to the kitchen and make me lunch, Phil will be home soon. I’ll decide then what to do with you.” I barked“But can’t I put a top on?” Claire whined.I insisted, “No Claire, do what you’re told.”She huffed but did as she was asked. I put on a robe, taking off my boots and stockings now, bare foot, I followed her down to the kitchen and watched her as she made us some soup.I heard Phil’s car returning and smiled. Walking out I conspired with him. He knew I was up to something and I gave him clear instructions on what I wanted to happen.Once Claire and I finished lunch I instructed her back up to the bedroom. I listened from the hall, knowing Phil was already naked and would be ready for her.I heard Claire make a little yelp of surprise and heard her getting tossed on the bed. I looked through the open door now, just to catch Phil quickly climbing on top of her. She writhed playfully beneath him. They’d fucked many times before and I always enjoyed watching. I stood leaning on the door frame letting the robe fall off my shoulders. I must have been playing with myself but didn’t really think much of it. I heard him grunt and groan, knowing he could cum when he wanted now. I also saw Claire’s hand go between her legs and realised she was going to bring on her orgasm. I walked up and quickly grabbed her hands. I took the rope and quickly bound her hands above her head again. Claire let out a frustrated sigh, glaring at me. I touched Phil on the back and said, “come off her now babe, I want you in me.”I lay beside the frustrated and panting Claire as Phil pulled out of her with a pop. I put my legs wide and he gripped my ankles as he expertly drove himself deep into me. My mission was to cum, cum hard, deep, fast, to look into Claire’s eyes as I orgasmed frustrating canlı bahis siteleri her denial with the pleasure I was experiencing. My body didn’t disappoint. I shook and wrapped my arms around Phil as he roared, pushing deeply into me and cumming deep in me. We kissed deeply and passionately, ignoring our little female plaything as husband and wife enjoyed their climax simultaneously.He pulled out of me and was already in the shower. I knew he had to run out to another appointment and would be gone the rest of the day, but he’d fulfilled his purpose. Without uttering a word I straddled over Claire and pushed my cunt into her face. She knew what to do and started lapping hungrily at my pussy. Tasting my husband inside me, licking me to another great orgasm. The sex had made me hot and sticky and I needed a quick shower. I left the girl lying tied on the bed without explanation and showered. Pulling on yoga pants and a little top and leaving my hair to dry naturally. I went about some chores in the house, checking emails, just generally ignoring my plaything. I knew her ears would prick at every sound, wondering when her torment would end.When I eventually came back to the room I picked up the wand toy and started playing her again. Her pussy was beautifully moist, red and almost pulsing from need. I played the top over her nipples, tickling her and stroking her, caressing her beautiful soft skin.Still I learned the rhythms of her body, detecting when she was drawing close and taking away the sensation, simply to replace it somewhere else on her body. She made all sorts of noises, sighing, purring, cooing, her eyes mostly close.After a while I lay next to her, struggling out of the tight yoga pants I started to use the wand on myself, my body touching Claire as I pleasured myself, orgasming several times in quick succession. I stood up finally. “Right Girl,” I announced, “time to get dressed and go somewhere for dinner.”I untied Claire as she spoke, “What? Oh, okay. Just let me grab a quick shower first.”“No, definitely not, you can visit the toilet but I’m coming too.” I repliedClaire tilted her head, “What do you mean you’re coming too? I’m just going to pee.”“I’m happy with you having a pee, but you’re going to be watched just to make sure you don’t play with yourself”.Claire gasped and huffed but opened the en-suite bathroom door and sat on the loo as I stood in the doorway, arms folded.On the drive to the restaurant I kept playing my hand over Claire’s jeans, she was wearing a nice blouse now and my hand drifted under it and up her tummy a few times.“So when do I get to cum.” Claire asked very matter of fact.I smiled, keeping my eyes on the road, “Maybe I’ll force you to do it in the restaurant toilets.”Claire gasped, “You wouldn’t?”I giggled and kept driving. The meal was delicious, not just the food but the delicious joy I had from touching her under the table. I felt her body jerk like electricity, especially when I dared flick my hand over the tight crotch of the blue denim.Once we returned home I made her strip naked in the hallway. I walked to the kitchen and took a bottle of wine from the fridge and two glasses. Walking purposely to my bedroom, a now totally naked Claire following obediently. I put the bottle down and poured two glasses, drinking some myself but not offering the other to Claire. I pulled my dress over my head and looked straight at her. Claire smiled gently at me, this was the moment I knew the game was up. I could no longer torture her and had to give her a break. I handed her a glass and let her drink.My mind raced with how I was going to end this torment. I quickly realised though that I needed to taste her, needed to feel her cum the first time with my body. I took Claire in my embrace, our two bodies warm, soft, so close. I could feel her tremble as she let me kiss her. I tasted her need, her desire. Gently I guided her to the bed and fluffed pillows under her before kneeling between her legs. I started by making long slow laps of her labia, my moist tongue exploring her taste. I was soon on her clit, tasting her need, twirling and lapping my tongue around her sweet spot. Two fingers drove inside her, twisting and caressing her firmly.I was a little taken aback by the force of her first orgasm and just how quickly it arrived. The girl had obviously been on the boil all evening. Her body jerked strongly, almost lifting completely off the bed as she screamed my name. A little squirt escaping her and covering my mouth, dripping from my chin onto my breasts.Spurred on I continued my assault on her, making her beautiful little body pant and heave beneath me, she tasted so good I never wanted to stop.After a while I paused and stood up, panting heavily from the job I’d just done. She was in delirium, squirming on the bed, a wet, sweaty mess writhing uncontrollably.I composed myself and managed to struggle into my strap-on dildo, buckling it tight around my hips. I was quickly between her legs again, kissing her mouth as I guided the dildo deep inside Claire.She kicked her legs up, wrapping them around me, her toes curling as I pushed my body hard on-top of her. She came quickly, obviously penetration was enough for her as she wrapped her arms around me, holding tight, her body convulsing. We continued with this intensity for some time, her orgasms coming quickly and powerfully. Then we started to slow down, hugging and kissing, not a word said between us.Later I lay there after she’d drifted off to sleep, wrapping her up in sheets, my mind racing. What had started as a little evil torture had ended in deep passionate love making and a longing in myself to make sure it happened again. I curled around the girl in the darkness, drifting off to a deep sleep and realising this was the first of many encounters we’d share.

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