ClareI shouldn’t have tested her. Or, maybe I should have. I’m not sure anymore. I’m not sure which emotions are mine. I’m in a happy relationship. I think. My name is Clare. Now… Anyway. Sorry, I realize how confusing this is. Let me attempt to make sense out of it. My name is John. Or, my name used to be John. My best friend is named Hunter. We did everything together. Now we do everything to each other. You see, Clare was dating Hunter. I didn’t know her last name, whether or not she had a family, or anything like that. The strange thing is, neither did Hunter. He assumed she was shy or embarrassed of her family. Something like that. Now I know that we were both dead wrong.I went over to Hunter’s house like every usual Saturday. I wasn’t surprised to see he and Clare cuddling on the couch. I chuckled to myself and made my presence known.”Hey, what’s up?”Hunter – Still looking at the tv – said,”Not much, trying to win this game. Shut the fuck up and sit down.”I laughed to myself.”Bite me asshole.” I retorted.Clare grinned.”You two are so mean to each other. Kiss and make up.” She made her hands touch like they were kissing.”No thanks. I’ve gone eighteen years without mouth herpes and I’m not gonna break the streak today.” I joked.After a while Hunter went to take a shit. Clare looked at me shortly after. She seemed to be sizing me down. I nervously tried to strike conversation.”So-” I was interrupted.”You two should kiss.” She said plainly.I was taken aback by this.”Wh- What?” I asked, confused.”I want the three of us to have sex. When he gets back.” Clare explained.”No way!” I shouted. “What’s gotten into you?””Don’t talk to me that way John. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.” She threatened.”Oh yeah, I’m terrified. Here comes the five foot four hulk to wreck our shit. Fuck this. I’m out of here.” I stood to leave.Clare was quickly in front of me.”Fine. I thought this could be fun. I thought we could have a nice and dandy polyandrous relationship. casino siteleri You’ve forced my hand. Would you ever do anything to hurt Hunter?” She hissed.”What? No. That’s why I’m not going to have sex with you!””Then try breaking up with him. Or don’t, either would amuse me.””What?” I asked.After that everything went black…………..I awoke to Hunter tapping my arm.”Clare.” He whispered. “Clare…”I was confused. My eyes opened to see Hunter very close to me.”Hey, sleepyhead.” He smiled.sleepyhead? This was a little too weird for me.I didn’t have time to ask questions.”You look so cute when you sleep.” He purred.Before I could say anything his lips were on mine. We weren’t making out. Just a quick peck before he joined me on the couch. I felt myself feel happy when he did this. Gratified. Like I did something good. I wanted more. I was freaking out. I got out my phone and checked my facebook. No way. My name was Clare! My family was the same, only some of my friends were missing. I didn’t know what to do. There I was, Clare Long. Hunter’s girlfriend. I didn’t know what to do. So I sat on the couch with Hunter, reluctantly kissed him goodbye, and went home…………….I woke up in my room the next morning. I quickly noticed the extra weight of my bust and began to tear up when I realized it wasn’t a weird dream. I was Clare Long. Hunter’s girlfriend, youngest daughter of Trevor and Laura Long, and God knows what else. My phone beeped and I grabbed it. My stomach sank when I saw it was from ‘babe’. After I tapped the accept button a good morning text appeared on my screen.”Morning beautiful. I dreamed ’bout you last night.” It read.My heart skipped a beat when I read it. I smiled and quickly responded with,”Aw, thanks boo! XOXO”Only when I put down the phone and lay on my back did I realize what had just happened. I had reciprocated his romantic feelings. What did this mean? Was I gay? Or… straight? With Hunter!?! No. We had been friends canlı casino since we were five. I kissed him by force the night before. I knew what had happened. Clare didn’t just turn me into his girlfriend; she was making me into his girlfriend. These feelings of romance towards him were fabricated. Then, why did I feel all tingly when thinking about him…? Could it be fake? I wasn’t sure. My phone interrupted my thoughts with another buzz.”Wanna go to the ice cream shop this afternoon? I’ll get you your favorite.”I wondered if Clare Long enjoyed blue slushies as much as I used to. I changed into my clothes quickly, eager to see Hunter. It was weird, my morning routine was something that seemed so natural. Showering, doing my hair, doing my makeup, bra, panties, shirt, pants, and overshirt. I had never done this before, yet it was so easy. And it even felt… right. I suppose Clare wanted her boyfriend to think she was pretty. I wasn’t Clare. I was John. I would go to the shop, pay with my own damn money, and then we’d play Halo…. If only………………Hunter bought me my blue slushie and himself a vanilla cone. We sat on the park bench – closer than I’d like – together and talked about random stuff. I had to admit; I was really enjoying myself. When he offered me a lick of his ice cream, I took it quickly. I didn’t care that he had just been caressing it with his tongue. I didn’t really care about how close we were sitting either. Everything just felt right. Clearly it was the work of the old Clare… But I didn’t mind. In fact, I felt quite the opposite. Whatever this body was before I got it, it sure hadn’t orgasmed in a long time. I was horny as hell.My legs crossed in sexual frustration and I noticed Hunter could tell something was wrong. I said that it was nothing. He lifted my face by the chin and looked into my eyes.”You wanna tell me? I could help.”I couldn’t help myself. I lunged forward and began rabidly kissing him. His tongue kaçak casino was in my mouth and mine in his. They danced together, sharing spit. I didn’t care. I was making out with my best friend. And I was a girl doing it. He grunted, and I realized that my leg was being pushed away. My cheeks grew red when I saw his erection bulging from his jeans. I swear, had we not been in public, I’d have touched it. What’s wrong with me?……………About forty-five minutes later we found ourselves as Hunter’s house. His mom wasn’t home so we sat on the couch and made out for a while. I didn’t know why, but I was enjoying this a lot. The idea of him having me as his own made me so wet I was afraid he’d notice. Finally I took the initiative and planted my hand right on his crotch. I felt his member twitching and thrashing inside his jeans trying to get to me. He groaned, but other than that was dead silent.I leaned in and slowly kissed him on the lips while unzipping his pants. Then, I worked his dick out of the underwear and simple held it. The throbbing flesh was warm to the touch and made me feel sexy just touching it. I noticed he was uncut. That was fine seeing as I used to be. I began slowly stroking it up and down, trying to make him last a long time. After a while I couldn’t take it anymore. I gave into Clare’s urge and gave the head a big kiss. My puckered lips gently touched his dick and he bit his lip. No going back now. I opened my mouth and slowly took his cock into it.My tongue grabbed all of the sperm already present quickly before I began rubbing the head with it to get more. Then I felt his hands on my head. Yes. This is what I wanted. He began forcing my head up and down. My throat started to hurt, my eyes began to water, and I loved every fucking second of it. I felt him freeze and readied myself for the oncoming wave. His semen soared down my throat. What was left on my lips and hands were quickly consumed, and I smiled at him sweetly. I was his girl. He loved me. And I loved him. We held each other for another hour, sometimes kissing, sometimes just listening to each other breathing. Then I went home to pleasure myself the rest of the night thinking about what had just happened.

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