Clarissa and Owen 02: Barefoot Night


***This is part two of the Clarissa and Owen series. Part one is in my profile and I suggest to read the first part before reading this part. Story: young couple Clarissa and Owen’s holiday in Bali after their high school graduation. Clarissa chose to be barefoot the whole journey for Owen.***

As the plane touched down at the local airport, Clarissa and Owen boarded down the plane. It was already afternoon, and they got a reservation to visit. Clarissa’s previously washed bare feet instantly got dirty again as her thick, calloused soles made contact into the dusty and hot metal floor which connects the plane to the airport. Owen, fully rested from their previous escapade, walked behind her to admire her voluptuous booty and her bare legs.

As they carried their luggage across the airport, Owen still could not believe that his girlfriend would spend the whole week in her bare feet, carrying no footwear whatsoever. Clarissa walked on the soft ceramic floor of the airport, which gave her feet some time to rest. They hitched a taxi ride to their hotel room.

“Ugh, I’m so tired. Are you sure you still wanna go there?” Owen said as he threw his body on the bed.

“Come on, we don’t have much time left,” Clarissa reminded him.

“Ugh..You better make this worth it. Fine, I’ll get ready.”

They planned to go to the Sky Garden Bar for their first night. It was not a well thought plan, as they highly underestimated the fatigue the long flight took on their body. Or perhaps, it was their mile high bathroom break that broke their energy levels. Clarissa opened her bag and put on a black dress with high slit. She knew exactly what Owen like, and she’s sure that she will get him to his usual high spirited self upon seeing her moves later that night. It was part of her plan, after all, and she won’t back down because of some fatigue.

Owen changed ankara escort to a hawaiian shirt and a pair of black jeans. He wore his favorite Nike shoes, put some cash on his pocket, and grabbed the hotel keys before calling a cab. They locked their room and waited on the lobby of the hotel for their ride.

It was their first time to spend a week just the two of them, away from everyone else, on a foreign tropical country.

“Damn, you’re so pretty,” Owen took a glance at his beloved girl.

“Aww, I thought I look prettier in heels. My soles are calloused and rough, you know” Clarissa teased him.

“It’s your fault for running barefoot countless times on our school track. Of course it’d get calloused. But I like it better than if you wore those heels. This matches you perfectly, but are you sure you’re okay with not even bringing one pair of sandals just in case?” Owen pointed at Clarissa’s bare feet.

“Teehee – I knew you’d like it. Don’t worry about me. Worry about containing yourself in the club tonight,” Clarissa answered.

Their ride came and not long after that, they arrived in the Sky Garden. They exited the cab and got into a line of visitors. Clarissa noticed that every other girl in this place wore high heels or stilettos with knee-high stockings, while her feet remains bare. She confidently stepped her soles into the bar, and she was greeted with the cold sensation of the floor.

Owen and Clarissa decided to go into the outdoor lounge to see the night sky. Owen took out his phone and asked Clarissa to pose. She playfully teased him with her feet, as Owen’s camera zoomed in on her soles. It wasn’t dirty yet, but he could see traces of dust slowly sticking into Clarissa’s soles except for her arch. Clarissa walked around the terrace. It was wooden, and it wasn’t as cold as the indoor floor. She danced around gleefully, ankara genç escort as Owen took pictures of her. She could feel her feet getting dustier every step she took on the floor.

As the night went on, they decided to go back into the indoor section to watch the music. The indoor part was now darkened, with only stage lights flickering as the night msuic blasted through the air. The lovebirds started dancing along to the rythm. Clarissa could see that few girls had troubles dancing around in their heels, and she pointed at them to Owen. They silently laughed at those girls while Clarissa jumps around freely in her bare feet.

Clarissa wasn’t that carefree, though. She repeatedly flinched as she felt that she stepped on weird things. The dance floor was dirty and was filled with waste at this time of the night. She felt that her soles get sticky and itchy, and she noticed that there were spilled drinks, leftover cigarettes, as well as tissues lying on the floor, and she could’ve sworn she had stepped on all of them at least once. Her soles felt so disgusting, and yet she was also aroused by that sensation.

As she danced closer into Owen’s body, she put her left hand inside her underwear as she could barely contain her wetness. She took them off in a quick movement, and kicked it away with her bare feet. Owen didn’t notice as he was taking picture of the stage with his phone. Clarissa then let out a moan only Owen could hear, and his attention immediately switched to his lustful girlfriend.

Clarissa grabbed Owen’s hand and shove it underneath her dress. Owen’s eyes immediately fired up and stared at Clarissa with utmost curiosity. “You…you didn’t even wear pants??” he whispered to her ears.

“I did, but I threw them away too. I could not help it. I need you. Again.”

Owen started sticking his fingers antalya escort into Clarissa’s wet pussy. Even though she had her first intercourse merely hours ago on the plane, she knew she wanted more, as she has known the taste of sex. Owen playfully moved his fingers around her clit, as he too have only learned how to do it recently. The two young couple were discovering themseleves in the night, as Clarissa’s juice dropped to the floor only to be stepped on by her already sticky and dirty soles.

Knowing they could not hold it any further, they quickly made their way into the exit and hauled a cab. On their way out, Clarissa didn’t mind her steps and she stepped on what she thought was a broken glass shard on the floor. She was too horny to even think about it, and the pain merely aroused her even more. She felt a sharp twingling pain on her right soles, but she didn’t care – she kept on walking, only to feel it again upon stepping her bare soles into the dirty road outisde the club.

As they get into the cab, she raised her leg on her lap and noticed that a piece of glass was stuck onto her right feet. Owen gasped and was seemingly worried. She assured him it was fine as she pulled it out. Owen’s face turned into a sigh of relief when there was no blood to be found leaking from the place that shard previously rested on her sole. Her soles were too calloused and tough for a small glass to penetrate.

They soon arrived back into their hotel and went into the room hurriedly. It was not long before they both stripped and launched themselves onto the bed, and passionately have sex as the night went on. Clarissa wanted to give Owen a footjob but she remembered how dirty her soles were, and she hadn’t had the chance to clean them. They finished their second intercourse voraciously as now they both were completely out of energy. Owen could only lock the door before passing out on the bed, as they slept soundly till dawn arrive. Clarissa knew her feet was still covered in dirt and dust, but chose to ignore them and went to sleep as the she knew cleaning them up would’ve took some time. Those waste might’ve already stuck on her feet anyway.

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