cleaning the pool.

cleaning the pool.the wife and i were on holiday and the lady we hired the villa off said that it will be all cleaned out ready for us the only thing to do is clean the pool,the man who was doing it got hid dates mixed up. that’s ok we will just visit the beach until its done..we arrived in Miami for our dream holiday and it was great to get away from the hustle and bustle of work,we got to the villa and it was stunning even the pool looked great but we decided to wait like the lady said it would be done soon. the 1st night we decided to just stay in the villa and relax and plan our days out and where to go. the days flew by and we had seen some of the places we had wanted to see but i wanted to hire a car and go up the coast to see the Everglades but Dawn decided she would rather stick to the beach, we agreed that i would go on my own for a day to see it and she would chill on the beach.i got a nice soft top sports car and i was on my way leaving Dawn in the villa whilst she got ready for the beach, i got a call on my mobile off the owner saying the pool man was coming today, i rang Dawn and said that the pool man would be round the back just in case she got a shock if she came home and seen a man in our back garden. OK Ste,,thanks. i think he will be gone by the time i get back from the beach.i did my thing and left Dawn to it, the güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri day passed by and i set off home it was about 3 and by the time i get back it would be about 5 so hopefully the pool would be ready cos i was dying to dive in and chill out. i text Dawn and said on way. but what i didn’t know was that Dawn had come home early from the beach cos she was bored on her own and decided to just sunbathe around the pool. but when she came home she seen a man in the pool and he was naked?? she was looking through the blinds and she couldn’t believe what she was seeing a young black man had decided to clean the pool but then strip off and use it. Dawn rang me and said what should she do, i said just go out and are you the pool man?? if not what are you doing in our pool. Dawn put the phone down so i didn’t know what was going on.i was driving and trying to call her but no luck i was thinking ring back let me know.. but no reply so she must have dealt with it. i was nearly home and i was interested what had happened so i went straight round the back and all i could hear was a slapping noise i continued round to the pool and there was Dawn on the sun bed arse in the air getting fucked by this young naked black man, i didn’t shout for some reason i just stood and watched as he was fucking her from güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri behind and gabbing her large tits. i got a huge erection and i just stood wanking whilst watching his black arse go in and out, Dawn was loving it she was telling him to go faster as her husband will be home soon in her next breath she said take me up the arse please i want a black cock to fuck my arse i have always wanted a big fat cock to fuck it, my husbands is a decent sized cock but yours is fat and, How big is it?? the lad replied its 10 inches hard. come one fuck me hard up it i want you to fill me up with your cum before my husband gets home. i was hard as steel now my cock was about to burst as i seen him pull out and try to squeeze his fat pink head into her tight arse hole Dawn yelped a little but he finally got it in and he slid his shaft right down to his pubes Dawn was shaking as he hit her hard he was totally going for it i could hear the slapping and squelching and i couldn’t hold on i shot my load all over the floor.the pool boy was now ready to pop himself he told Dawn he was coming and she pushed back on to him and he filled her tight little arse up. she collapsed on to the sun bun and said that was awesome thanks but please hurry up and go Ste will be nearly home, so i decided to go back round güvenilir bahis şirketleri the front and open the door and shout Dawn i’m home and see the panic on her face. i shouted through and she came running through, hi darling the pool boy is just leaving he said he didn’t know we were home and he really wanted a swim but had no costume so risked it in the nude,, that’s OK as long as its sorted is the pool clean,,Yes. i walked through and said hello to the pool man, have you enjoyed yourself whilst you were here have you helped yourself to drinks and anything else, Yes thanks mate for not kicking off please don’t tell Sue the owner or i will get sacked, i said well what are you going to do for me so i don’t?? he just looked at me and anything mate. i said how about making my wife’s dream come true and letting her fuck a black man cos i know she has always wanted to take a bbc.. Yes mate i will do that if you really want to. Yes.i went through and said to Dawn that i have struck up a deal with him that i don’t tell Sue about him swimming in the pool that i can watch him fuck you, Dawn said WHAT, i said i have known all along that you have wanted a black cock cos all your dildo’s are black and you made me wear a black condom before and said imagine you are a black man and let me see your cock go in and out so i can see it looking like a black cock. so i’m not stupid i know that’s what you wanted. the pool boy said he is up for it its now up to you..Yes please i would love to do as long as you watch. so we decided to make it for the weekend when Drew the pool boy was off. so i will tell you the rest if you want to know just ask and it will continue.

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