Club Exit Ch. 01


The bass from inside the building vibrated out into the cool spring night as a line of people stood waiting to get in. This was one of the hottest places to be lately. Club Exit, where myths become legend and legend becomes reality. Or so it was said. Club Exit was styled after the Greek myth of Medusa except from a male perspective, and catered mainly to gays but all were welcome; especially if you were young, hung, and open to new things… being the center of attention.

Straight men were a hot commodity inside these walls. The taboo thought of being so close, but so far away. Being able to touch and flirt with a young stud appreciating their physical beauty knowing full and well they wouldn’t be going home with you that night, unless after a few drinks they were convinced of their curiosities. Typically most of these guys could be convinced to show more than their torsos and undies while in a hot body contest. These were the guys that would end up going all the way. Club Exit was known for this, and continues to attract its customers.

In line were Dylan and Kyle along with a couple friends. Both were in their late twenties. Dylan is lean, about six foot tall and has a swimmer’s build. A cute with a boy next door type that could easily be sexed up Dylan is gay. He wore a simple button up with jeans that fit nicely without being too tight.

Kyle is straight with a tight muscular build and aspired to be a model. He bared a strong resemblance to male model Adam Ayash. Kyle stood at six and half feet had short and purposely messy hair, angular eyebrows and a five o’clock shadow beard that accentuated his squared and chiseled jawline.

He wore a tee with a three button collar that fit very snugly against his shoulders, pecs, and arms. The collar buttons were undone stretched wide open from his nicely sized chest with no hair to be seen. His jeans were a low rise cut hanging just below his hips exposing the waistband of his designer underwear, hugging the curve of his rather large and firm backside. Extending downward from his full round ass were two thick and strong muscular thighs. Kyle enjoyed the attention he got from the guys at the club and hoped maybe a modeling agent would find him there tonight.

The line ahead and behind them was full of guys and girls ranging from beautiful to unattractive. Most of them were typical party queens and their “hags”. The type that would start the night ready for fun and partying and end with drunk and sloppy drama that ended their friendships over something trivial only to makeup and reminisce over a late night meal at an all night diner while they sobered up to go home for a one stand with a trick they picked up the bar.

“Damn this is a busy night Dyl,” Kyle said looking at the long line, “I hope I don’t get overlooked with all these guys here.” Kyle kept checking himself, straightening his shirt, wondering if his chest was showing enough, holding his arms tight flexing his triceps.

Holding the flier he had in his pocket, Dylan reads that tonight was an event night.

‘Models wanted. Enjoy being on display and admired? Contest tonight: hot body, best bulge, best ass.

Winner gets a model position in the club’

The main reason for them coming out was for this chance to win. Kyle wanted to model and knew that a gig doing fliers and ads for a gay night club was superficial and tacky, but he had to start somewhere.

“I’m sure you’ll get noticed, you’re probably one of the better looking guys here tonight” Dylan responded looking up at his much taller buddy.

Kyle turned and smiled flashing his perfect teeth, “Aww thanks bro, trying to butter me up?” Kyle put his arm around Dylan’s shoulder bringing him in for a bro hug.

Dylan enjoyed the feel of his friend’s arm around his shoulder and put his right arm around Kyle’s waist. Kyle was taller than Dylan so this would do. Dylan playfully he slid his hand down towards Kyle’s butt and squeezed a handful. Kyle playfully shrugged Dylan’s hand away and said it was going to cost extra for that. The two had a good friendship and were comfortable enough to be physical without being sexual. Obviously Kyle enjoyed the attention and had no fear that Dylan would ever overstep his boundaries.

The line began to move and stopped after about five people, then three men came out the door wearing suits with the club’s logo on the left lapel. One of the three men was holding a touch device and walked down the line choosing random guys out of the crowd and entered information. The two others would hand a ticket to them.

They stopped at a hulk of a stud, he was tall and very muscular. He had a fairly tall faux hawk, and a neatly trimmed beard, out of the sleeveless button down he wore were his two massive arms, every muscle so well sculpted and defined highlighted by pulsing veins. After, the man with the touch device gave the stud his ticket then made their way down the line skipping past a large group and headed straight to Dylan and Kyle.

“Good evening, we’re here selecting lucky men who will have an exclusive chance to audition for the owner of Club Exit. The winners will be istanbul escort featured during the displays and shows throughout the events.” The man with the device said as he stood in front of Kyle and Dylan. He was thin and had a fair complexion. His hair shaved on the sides and slightly longer on top, he was clean shaven. He wore a slim and fitted suit in all black with a purple button up.

“Winners?” asked Kyle.

Without hesitation the man responded, “Yes, the top five, I’m sorry I haven’t even introduced myself. I’m Spence, it’s been such a long evening. Care to submit your info?”

Kyle agreed given it was a start, Dylan followed suit. He was good looking enough to compete. And he just wanted to be around to be able to admire the hotties that were guaranteed to at least take of their shirts, possibly more. He was also hoping that he would get to see Kyle undressed, but he would keep that a secret.

“Same here,” Dylan stated.

Kyle looked towards him and smiled, “Good going bud,”

“Good to hear gentlemen,” Spence answered, after gathering contact information he handed both a ticket. He didn’t bother asking the two friends who were with Kyle and Dylan due to their distractions of phones. “At midnight meet toward the back bar, there we’ll verify your ticket numbers and proceed with the audition process. Feel free to have some drinks and loosen up, but don’t get sloppy, that’s terms for automatic disqualification.”

The three men continued onward down the line.

Kyle looked at Dylan with excitement, “You ready Dyl? That’s not like you to jump in like that… wait you don’t care to win you want the show you little perv,” he said to his friend pinching his nipple. The two laughed. Their friends Tim and Ben looked away from their phones long enough to tell Kyle and Dylan to stop flirting.

Once inside the front entry the Club’s music went from a muzzled hum and vibration to a booming bass. The four guys received their wrist bands for above age and headed in. The club interior was all black with chrome accents on the pillars and rafters. Multiple bars sat in convenient locations with pedestals and podiums nestled throughout, some empty for the male dancers to perform, others with statues of fit muscular men posed for appreciation. Some statues wore skimpy underwear, some with no clothes at all sporting huge erections. All were beautiful and arousing.

Laser lights of every color danced through the large room bouncing across all the chrome pillars and rafters and onto the statues. Each statue in perfect detail and anatomically correct. It must have taken a master artist to sculpt each one.

Kyle, Dylan, and their two friends Tim and Ben make their ways to a bar in the middle of the club, Kyle looking at his phone to keep track of time, “Man, you’re really serious aren’t you?” Dylan laughs with a smirk.

“Hell yes! I know it’s for some cheesy club flier and not the cover of G.Q. but it’s a start. Besides, you’ll get to see me in my underwear, I’ll be sure to flex for you.” Kyle answers with a sexy smile. Dylan could melt when he saw the look on his face. He thought Kyle was very sexy when he flirted with him.

The two talk and joked for a while as they ordered drinks and a couple shots. Their friends Tim and Ben wandered off hoping to find some girls to hit on. Kyle pulled out his phone again, half an hour until midnight. While chatting Kyle noticed a man from across the bar looking his way.

The man was strikingly handsome and had an exotic European look about him, wearing a tailor fitted black and silver pin striped suit, Crisp white shirt with a jet black tie. His face beautiful and perfectly angular and chiseled, accompanied with a well grown and neatly kept beard. His eyes were mesmerizing, dark and mysterious, tempting, dangerous. His hair neatly messed and deliberate. He held his drink in his hand, swirling the liquid. His gaze worked its way from Kyle’s gorgeous face down his chest which looked even better in the lighting the muscles in his arms flexing and bulging as he held his drink. He returned his eyes back up to meet Kyle’s gaze gave a wink and vanished in the flashing lights.

Dylan, had been speaking to Kyle who was oblivious and distracted, with a nudge to his muscular arm he snapped to. “Wait, what? Sorry Dyl”

“Hey, five minutes til, let’s make our way to the back”

Both guys made their way through the crowds and found a line of other men in the back of about fifteen. All gorgeous examples of male perfection. Their hard bodies dressed in revealing tight clothing, some exposing more than others. In line ahead of them is the muscle hunk from outside, up close Dylan is mesmerized by this tower of beef. His arms flexed without any effort, the top of his chest exposed through a half unbuttoned shirt. Dylan licked his lips as Kyle watched.

“Wow Dyl, take a picture” Kyle joked, “why stare at that when you know I’m going home with you tonight… I’ll let you touch it.” Dylan quickly turned towards his friend, the two were best friends and room mates. He smiled and told his friend to hush and not to tempt him with a good time avrupa yakası escort or he’d load him up with plenty of drinks.

A door on the back wall opened and Spence walked out, guiding the line inwards. Once through he explained to the group of guys how the process would work. Starting with a basic interview, body judgment, underwear, ending in the final test comfort with public nudity.

Nervous, Dylan told Kyle that this seemed a little intense for a club gig. Kyle shrugged his beefy shoulders and told him it’s a gay club and skin was a factor and reassured his friend that if he wasn’t into it he didn’t have to go through with it. Dylan wanted so bad to show Kyle he could keep up so he agreed he was ok even though he really wasn’t. The muscle hunk was definitely popular, he was attracting stares and flirtatious comments from the other guys as well as from Spence.

“Hola, my Name is Diego,” he said turning his attention to Kyle and Dylan standing right behind him. Kyle shook his hand and Dylan was again entranced once he heard his sexy Spanish accent. His handshake strong and solid.

Spence led the guys down the hallway which was painted red and lit throughout by dim atmospheric lighting. The group was broken into smaller sections and led through separate rooms, Dylan, Kyle, and Diego entered a room together. Spence explained that shortly the club owner would be in with a few others to conduct their part of the audition. All the groups were doing different parts of the audition and would then switch. After a few moments four men walked in and sat at a desk along one of the walls, The mysterious man from the bar was in the center of the table. He locked his sight on Kyle, and announced himself as he stood.

“Thank you gentlemen for participating tonight, my name is Marcus,” in his deep seductive voice. Not visible earlier in the dark of the club, the rest of his suit was as well fitting as the top. His pants seemed to be sewn on to him. His pants slim and tight, hugging every curve of his legs and ass. His bulge was very prominent and commanding.

The three listened, and watched the man as he approached them. “This part of the audition is one of tougher to start with, but it’s easier past this point, now remove you shirts.” He watched and waited for which guys would be the first.

Diego, no stranger to undressing in front of others stated he worked as a dancer before and began to slowly unbutton the bottom half of his sleeveless shirt and pulled back the open ends. With each inch the shirt ends pulled apart the more his torso was exposed. His large pecs bounced as he moved, his rock hard abs needed no effort to be showcased protruding from his stomach highlighted by a tattoo on his right side. He stopped with the shirt pulled down his arms to his elbows. Marcus stared at him with delight and placed his left hand onto Diego’s chest. He slowly squeezed and massaged his pecs. Diego obliged by tightening his chest and then bouncing them under the pressure of Marcus’ warm hand.

Marcus then focused back on Kyle and Dylan. Marcus cleared his throat and commanded the two follow suit. Dylan was still hesitant as Kyle began to raise his shirt. Dylan watched as Marcus approached Kyle. Kyle knew this was the man who was checking him out earlier and thought he would take advantage of this situation. Marcus clearly had an interest and understood from what he had seen earlier Dylan was interested in more than just their friendship.

He placed his hand on Kyle’s stomach, feeling his abs caressing them. Kyle stopped and then continued to raise his shirt as Marcus slid his hand up higher, massaging his stomach and chest. He looked into Kyle’s eyes as his wandering fingers found Kyle’s left nipple. He circled his finger tips around the pink nub and squeezed it. Kyle let out a moan of surprise and pleasure. Kyle’s nipples began to harden from the sensation of his touch. He removed his shirt and dropped it to the floor exposing his broad shoulders and V shaped torso. His chest and stomach smooth and hairless, a tribal style tattoo adorning his right shoulder and upper bicep.

Always the flirt but never had he had another guy be that free and physical. Dylan continued to watch. Marcus tweaked Kyle’s perky nipples and slid his hand slowly and deliberately back down his abs and stopped right at the waist line of Kyle’s jeans. Kyle was breathing deeply, and didn’t know if he should say something. With perfect execution, he unbuttoned the denim of Kyle’s pants. Marcus stared at Kyle, right into his eyes entrancing him. His touch teasing and taunting, knowing Dylan was jealous. Kyle’s eyes were slightly glazed from the drinks they had and caught in the moment. All that Kyle was aware of were the piercing eyes staring straight into his, the warm hand slowly teasing him to arousal and the pulse of the club’s bass resonating through his body

Kyle realized was getting a hard on, and his bulge was beginning to outline itself through the already tight denim. He secretly wanted Marcus to continue, to feel his cock and balls in the hands of this mysterious man. bahçelievler escort As Marcus was ready to slide his hand down to the ever growing treasure buried below Dylan turned and left the room. This brought Kyle to his senses and he excused himself grabbing his shirt and leaving the room.

“I’m sorry, I…” Kyle stammered as we walked out the door to chase after his best friend still holding his shirt in hand and his jeans unbuttoned and his erection holding his jeans wide open. Marcus grinned knowing that he’d be back, he’d make sure of it. Diego still stood there with his glorious body on display. Marcus knew he had found what he needed for tonight’s show and excused the three others in the room as well as the other men in groups. Once they left the room he approached Diego.

“Well, tonight’s your lucky night stud.” he placed his right hand onto Diego’s smooth chest and squeezed. So firm, he smiled into Diego’s eyes. Diego bounced each pec and returned a sexy grin. Marcus slid his hand down to the top of Diego’s pants slipping his fingertips inside slightly stroking the base of his hard shaft; no hair was felt. He gripped the waist band tightly. Marcus stared into Diego’s eyes, Diego soon felt the same trance like haze as Kyle.

“Let’s get you loosened up for the next stage of your audition,” and led him through another door on the opposite end of the room by holding the front waistband of his jeans. Diego followed without any hesitation.

Kyle entered the main room of the club and looked for Dylan, as expected the crowd masked any clue to his whereabouts. He quickly put his shirt back on and began looking around. After searching the crowd he found Dylan sitting on a small sofa near the back wall holding a drink. Dylan was upset and not his usual upbeat self. Kyle sat next to him and nudged Dylan with his arm.

“Hey Dyl, what happened in there?”

“Dylan took a long sip of his drink and let out a big deep sigh, “Look it’s not that important, I choked.”

Knowing it may have been more than that Kyle didn’t want to drill into him with more questions. Standing up he took Dylan/s glass and took a sip.

“Wow fruity… I guess that’s what we’re doing now.” laughing, Dylan stood and soon Tim and Ben came stumbling over. Last call was being announced and the guys gathered a few drinks each and finished partying before catching a cab home.

Once home, Tim stumbled into his room mumbling about he got no pussy, and ended up partying with three of them instead. Kyle, Dylan, and Ben just laughed about it, Ben, too drunk to drive home fell asleep on the sofa. Kyle and Dylan were watching t.v. for a while until Ben’s drunken snoring became too much to handle. They went to Kyle’s room, Kyle knew Dylan had something to say but wouldn’t admit it. Inside of that shy boy next door was a strong man. Kyle loved and cared for his best friend and wanted to be there anytime he could. Tonight was one of those times.

Kyle laid back onto his bed, turning on the lamp on his nightstand. He patted the blanket next to him signaling for Dylan to join. Dylan did so, nothing had to be said. Both were exhausted but not yet sleepy. Kyle rubbed his chest through his shirt and slid his hand down his stomach, kicking off his shoes. He stretched his arms up above his head, and closed his eyes. His arms flexed and his shirt rose up above his stomach; Kyles abs tightened. Dylan looked his way, appreciating the view.

Kyle opened his eyes and sat up. Combing his fingers through his hair. He stood and took off his shirt. Dylan stared at his back, his broad shoulders tensed, his back narrowing down into a tight thirty inch waistline. His jeans still hugging his ass which jutted outward in a firm round dome. He turned and looked at Dylan, “Hey I’m gonna shower, why don’t you do the same and then come back and hang out with me, we’ll watch tv or something.” Kyle walked into his bathroom, noticing his jeans were still unbuttoned. Dylan went to shower as well.

Dylan entered his bathroom, and stood in front of his mirror. He unbuttoned his shirt and removed his pants letting them drop to the floor exposing his slim toned torso and legs. His blue boxer briefs fit nicely. Splashing water from the sink onto his face and brushing his teeth, he thought to himself what Kyle meant by wanting him to come hang out after showering. If tonight was the night his fantasy would come true, wouldn’t Kyle have invited him into the shower? Or was it Dylan’s move now, Kyle clearly laid out the invite. Afraid he was losing out on his opportunity he rushed out of his bathroom and through the hallway sneaking into Kyle’s room.

Kyle wasn’t there, he could hear the water running from behind the nearly closed door. Dylan peaked through the opening to see a silhouette of his strong, sexy best friend behind a sliding glass shower door bathing. Though details couldn’t be seen, Dylan could make out the basic shapes of Kyle’s body. He leaned against the door frame admiring as Kyle soaped and rubbed his body. As Kyle turned to rinse his hair off Dylan found that Kyle had an erection. Though obscured through wet and foggy glass, it was rather impressive. Dylan felt himself stiffening in his boxer briefs. He wanted so bad to join his friend, to take their friendship further, but again held himself back. Kyle was straight, and he wasn’t. It wouldn’t work, so Dylan left the room and went back to his own to take a cold shower.

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