Co-worker’s Man Ch. 17


“Oh yeah, I forgot something. Just stay right there for a minute,” Mr. Wolfe said as he pulled his cock out of my mouth and climbed off the bed. I watched as he picked up his discarded pants and reached into one of the pockets. He drew out a small digital camera and then crawled back onto the bed. He threw his leg over me as he straddled my chest once again.

“Open up Jon,” he said as he wrapped his hand around his heavy thick cock and held it just in front of my lips. I dropped my jaw and he slid the broad head back into my mouth. I instinctively closed my lips beyond his thick protruding ridge.

“That’s good. Now look up here.” With my lips clamped around the gnarled shaft of his cock, I looked up to see the camera pointed down at me.

“That’s perfect. Now hold it….just like that.”…….CLICK! The flash blinded me for a split second as he took the first picture. He snapped a second picture and then a third.

“Take it out of your mouth and roll it around your face.” I did as he asked and he kept snapping pictures of me with his cock in different locations on my face.

“Kiss it,” he instructed. He continued to snap photos as I pursed my lips and placed multiple kisses along his virile manhood.

“Oh, these are good,” he said and I saw him scrolling thru the photos as he looked at the back of the camera. “This’ll give me something to look at as I jack-off if you’re not around to take my cum. ‘Cause if you’re around, my cum’s going into you somewhere.”

He set the camera down on the night table and then looked at me intently from his straddling position on his knees.

“Fuck. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been this horny. Slide down on the bed, Jon.” I slid down from my position against the headboard and moved further down between his legs until his heavy cock hung just over my face. “That’s good right there. Now stick out that tongue of yours. It’s time to eat some ass.”

I stuck my tongue out as far as it would go and looking up, I saw him put both hands back on the top of the headboard before he shuffled slightly forward and then lowered his wide ass over my waiting tongue. I could see his tight pink hole getting closer and directed the tip of my tongue towards it. His wrinkled pucker settled perfectly right on the tip of my tongue.

“Oh yeah. That’s good Jon. Now get that tongue working in there,” he said as he wriggled his ass and settled down on my face. His bag was covering the top part of my face as I pushed my tongue against his sensitive hole. I could taste his manly sweat as I licked the flat part of my tongue back and forth along his smooth crease. He started rocking back and forth as he dragged the deepest part of his crack along my salivating tongue. I could heard the headboard banging against the wall again as he held on tightly and bounced his yearning ass all over my face. I was gasping for air as it was difficult for me to breathe in this position with his broad ass covering my mouth and nose. He must have noticed my struggling.

“A little hard to breathe, eh Jon,” he said as he swung his leg over me but remained kneeling beside my face. Right above me, I could see his heavy cock had swollen as I had been working on his ass. “Just slide down a little further. Yeah, right in the middle there. That’s good.”

“You should be able to breathe fine in this position,” he said as he swung his leg over me again and was straddling my face again but facing my feet this time. This was the same position Evan had put me in last night when I rimmed his succulent ass. Mr. Wolfe let his ass settle down again until he felt my tongue swirling around his puckered hole. I could breathe freely through my nose as I pushed my tongue eagerly against his tight opening.

“Oh, that’s better. Now you’re getting into it,” he said as he rotated his hips in a circle as he continued to press his ass against me protruding tongue. I brought my hands up near my mouth and used one hand on each cheek to pull his opening further apart as I speared my tongue into him.

“Oh yeah. That’s just what I was hoping for. Let’s see how far you can get that tongue into me.”

I felt him relax his sphincter and as I pushed upwards, I felt my tongue slide easily into his moist hole. He kept pushing down as I kept pushing up and I felt the heat of his insides against my tongue as I pushed it deeper until I had the full length of my tongue lodged within his searing ass.

“Oh fuck, Jon. That’s it,” he said as I felt his anal ring tighten around the base of my tongue. “Now swirl it around.”

I did my best to swirl my tongue against the hot sensitive tissues deep within his ass. He was moaning with lust as I rotated it and pressed against the moist tissues.

“Oh yeah….fucking great. Now keep that tongue good and stiff.” He eased his grip on my tongue with his sphincter and started to raise himself off my up-thrust tongue. He slid up until the tip of my long tongue was teasing the wrinkled istanbul escort opening and then dropped himself back down as I kept my tongue stiffly pointing upwards. He started an up and down rhythm and he continued to moan as he rode my ardent tongue. I felt my saliva running over my lips and down my chin as he pleasured himself by bouncing up and down on my long tongue.

“Now take some long swipes along my crack,” he said as he raised himself off my tongue and then started a rocking back and forth motion as I pressed the flat part of my salivating tongue along his sweaty crack. I moaned with pleasure as I tasted his sweaty manliness. For the next ten minutes, he alternated between having my tongue deep in his hole and having me take long swipes along his crack.

He finally swung his leg over my face and as he kneeled beside me, I could see his full 9 ¾” standing fully erect as it projected forwards over my face. There was a large drop of precum shining in his wide piss-slit and he wrapped his meaty hand around his cock and slowly but firmly slid it forwards. The drop of his precum started to expand and got milkier in color as he forced more of his teasing semen up his lengthy shaft. The globule expanded and started to distend towards my face. I opened my mouth eagerly and he shifted his cock slightly until the growing pearl of his creamy seed was hanging inches from my mouth. He continued to slowly push his gripping hand forward and the droplet swelled and started to drip down. I moaned out loud as I kept my eyes locked on that teasing morsel of his precious cream. As his hand pushed against his engorged cockhead, the droplet extended still further down as it remained connected to his cock by a thinning web of his precum. It slowly continued its descent right between my lips until I felt it touch down on my tongue. The gob continued to grow and spread across my tongue as if fed by the clinging web. As I felt the warmth of it sit on tongue, I moaned even louder and he used his hand to flick his cock and the web finally parted from the head of his cock to fall across my tongue.

“Ummmmmm” I purred as I closed my eyes and savored the musky flavor of his warm cream.

“You like that Jon?” he asked.

“Oh, yes sir. Very much sir.”

“You want some more?”

“Please sir, yes Mr. Wolfe.”

“Well, if you’re a good boy Jon, I might let you have some more. Here, slide this pillow under your upper back,” he instructed as he brought one of the pillows down and slid it well down under my shoulders. This position caused my head to fall back slightly. He shuffled around on his knees behind my head until his rampant cock was looming right over my face.

“Open wide,” he said as he leaned forward. He pushed down on the top of his up-curved cock until it was pointing directly in line with my mouth. He shifted forwards and the broad head slid between my full lips. I clamped my lips past his crimson crown and with his cock secure in my mouth, he let go of it with his hand and leaned forward on his powerful arms as he simultaneously extended his legs out behind him.

So this was why he wanted me to slide down until I was in the middle of the bed. He had taken up almost a “push-up” position with his cock in my mouth! Fuck, was this man in good shape or what! I felt him flex his hips and his cock started to make its way deep into my mouth. When his broad head hit the entrance to my throat, I gave a little gag as I didn’t have the alignment quite right and he paused.

“Just relax Jon. I want that throat. I know you can do it.” I adjusted my head slightly and then to let him know I was ready, I reached back around with both hands and gripped the cheeks of his ass and pulled him forward into me.

“Good boy…………here we go,” and with that he slipped it further into me. With my head thrown back at the right angle, I could take it much easier this time. He pushed it forwards and I felt the wide crown distending the lining of my throat as he started to make his way into me. I swallowed around his plowing shaft and I heard him moan as he kept moving forward. The upward curve of his cock was causing it to push against the upper portion of my throat as he continued to slide it forwards. My throat felt completely full as he hunched his hips and the last few inches entered my mouth. His huge balls lay against my eyes as I felt my stretched lips pressing against his muscular groin.

“Oh fuck Jon! Your throat fits over my cock like a glove…….a nice hot slick massaging glove. C’mon now, swallow for me,” he said as he held his rigid cock still within my distended throat. I swallowed and he groaned as the muscles of my throat sent massaging tremors along the length of his pulsating shaft.

“Oh shit yeah! That’s so good!” He flexed his hips back and his cock withdrew from my throat. I barely had time to take a breath before Mr. Wolfe powered his throbbing rod all the way into me again. He held it still beşiktaş escort there a second time as I swallowed repeatedly around his swollen manhood.

“How do you like this Jon?” he asked as he held still and I felt him repeatedly flex his cock so it pushed upwards almost as if it was bobbing up and down within my throat. I was fully impaled on his thick bludgeon of a cock and this man still had enough control over it to make it press against the walls of my throat! I moaned with pleasure as he continued to flex his powerful cock within me.

“Are you ready to have that throat fucked now, Jon?” he asked as he leaned forward to support his upper body on his strong arms as he adjusted his knees behind my head. With his groin pressed flat against my face I moaned a “Yes” into his rampant cock as I pulled his ass-cheeks towards me.

“Okay, you asked for it!” he said as he quickly withdrew and then thrust forward. I felt his broad cockhead rubbing forcefully along the upper surface of my throat as he started to drive the full length of his 9 ¾” weapon in and out of my throat. As he hunched himself back and forth into me, I continued to press my tongue against his thick shaft. His balls kept slapping against my face as he pistoned his saliva covered rod in and out of me. Sweat and saliva were covering my face. Mr. Wolfe kept thrusting his cock in and out of me for about five minutes as I kept my hands on his muscular ass, pulling him deeper and deeper into my throat. He quickly pulled back all the way out of my mouth with a gob of my saliva hanging from his engorged crimson cockhead. He reached down and pulled the pillow up under my head.

“Get that tongue back in my ass Jon,” he instructed as he quickly moved forward and settled his ass down again on my mouth. I slid my tongue deep into his relaxed ass as he ground down against it. He rode me for about another five minutes as we got into a rhythm of my tongue being either deep in his hot hole or him sliding his steamy sweaty crease along the flat part of my tongue. He then hopped back off me again and shoved the pillow back down so my head was free to hang back. I could see his turgid cock leaking a steady stream of precum, some of which fell onto my upturned face.

“Open wide,” he said as he leaned forward again and slid his cock back into my throat. He started rapidly humping his thick swollen member into me. He would alternate between short fast thrusts and then would slow down and take some deep long strokes where he would withdraw his cock until only the tip of his engorged head remained between my suctioning lips and then would slide forwards until his groin pressed tightly against me face. He took his time as he fucked my throat like this for a good ten minutes. His control was unbelievable and I loved the feeling of him using me for his pleasure. I kept purring and moaning around the hard surface of his virile manhood.

He pulled his cock right out of my mouth and quickly got off the bed. I sat up on my elbows as I watched him walk back and forth along the foot of the bed, his huge member glistening with my saliva and his shining precum dripping from the swollen head. He looked at me as I subconsciously licked my full lips as I kept my mesmerized eyes glued to his throbbing cock. He finally stopped as he turned directly towards me as he stood right in front of me at the foot of the bed. I watched his engorged cock continue to bob up and down as a web of precum dripped down onto my bed.

“Tell me what you want Jon,” he said as he stood with his hands on his hips and I saw him flex his cock like he had done within me. I could see it move up and down as he flexed and more of his precum oozed forth to drip downwards in another distended glistening pearl.

“Oooohhhhhhh,” I moaned right out loud as I licked my lips again and couldn’t tear my eyes away from that luscious display of powerful manliness he was presenting to me. “I want to taste your cum again Mr. Wolfe sir. I want you to fuck my throat again and I want you to cum on my face and then feed me your creamy cum.” The words babbled out of me instantaneously before I even thought about what I was saying!

“I don’t know. Maybe I should just get dressed and go back to my apartment,” he said as he took his hand and wrapped it firmly around his cock.

“NO! PLEASE MR. WOLFE!” I almost shouted as I kept my eyes on his cock as his gripping hand slowly slid forward to force more of his milky precum to ooze forth from his large piss-slit. Man, I had never seen anybody who oozed as much precum as Mr. Wolfe!

“Well, then…..if you want some more cum, you better get up here on your hands and knees before you waste any more,” he commanded as he milked more of his precum towards me.

I spun up onto my hands and knees and dove forward to stick my tongue into the drooling web of shining precum dripping from his engorged cockhead. I raised my head towards his swollen member beylikdüzü escort as the stream of precum gathered in a bigger pool on my eager tongue. I lapped upwards and my tongue speared right into his gaping red piss-slit to capture the succulent nectar right from the source.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm,” I closed my eyes and moaned with lust as I savored the warm creamy flavor of his man-juice.

“Just hold your tongue out and keep it still for a second,” he instructed. I instantly did as he asked and watched with anticipation as he brought his surging cock right over my tongue. He milked his hand back and forth and a thin stream of his precum oozed forth and ran onto my tongue. Once there was a sizable pool, he pinched down on his cock to temporarily stop the stream.


I drew my tongue back into my mouth and let my tastebuds languish in his musky flavor as I swirled it around within my mouth and then swallowed lustfully. I eagerly extended my tongue again right beneath his hot crimson head. He released his tight grip and milked the outer sheath forward again. I watched thru hooded eyes as his piss-slit flared wide open as a milkier pearl of his sweet nectar oozed forth. It grew and then slid downwards onto my tongue again. He milked his rigid shaft back and forth as he fed me more of his delicious precum.

“Swallow,” he said again as he pinched off the cloudy stream.

“Mmmmmmmm,” I moaned out loud again as his musky seed slithered soothingly down my throat. He repeated this about six or seven times as he gave me a continuous supply of his warm precum.

“Okay, open wide Jon,” he said as he put both hands on my head. I dropped my jaw and got my head at the right angle so my throat was aligned with my mouth. He adjusted his stance and eased his cock into my waiting mouth. I wrapped my stretched lips closed behind his huge crimson head. His cockhead felt incredibly hot in my mouth. He had kept it fully hard and busy for well over half an hour now. His upward curve caused it to rub sensually against the roof of my mouth. As I got used to the size of him filling my mouth, he stepped forward and slid his wide cockhead against the entrance to my throat. He paused with it there as he spread his feet slightly wider apart and took a firm grip on my head.

“Ready, Jon?” he asked and I felt him do that flexing thing with his groin muscles again. It caused the swollen end of his cock to pulse and vibrate against the soft tissues at the entrance to my throat.

“Mmmmmmhhhmmmmm,” I moaned in agreement against his cockhead as I nodded my head slightly.

“Good. Now just relax that throat……..two…THREE!” And his hips slammed forward to drive his cock fully into me. I felt the sweat pop out all over my body at the surprise of his oral assault. I was totally impaled on his thick turgid 9 ¾” and I was loving every second of it! My cock had gotten rock hard in my underwear again already!

“Mmmmmmm,” I moaned again as I nibbled my lips against his groin as I tried to make sure I had as much of him inside me as possible. He quickly pulled back until just the tip of his cock remained between my swollen lips. He fed it back fully into me as he used his hands to pull my head towards him to meet his thrusting hips. I kept a generous supply of saliva coating his thick shaft as he long-dicked me with his full 9 ¾” length.

I was loving every single inch of his mighty cock as his sweet precum continued to flow into my mouth and soothe my ravaged throat. After a few minutes, he moved closer and started rapidly humping my face with short hard thrusts. The saliva was backing up and running out of the corners of my mouth and down my chin. It hadn’t taken long before his cock had been completely soaked and it had continued to run down his shaft to coat his silken bag. I could see some of my saliva running down his bag and dropping onto the floor beneath him.

He stepped back slightly and started the slow long-dicking again as he flexed his hips to draw his cock almost all the way out and then slide it sensually all the way into my gripping throat. Every time he would feed it all the way in, I would swallow so the massaging muscles in my throat around his pulsating manhood would give him maximum pleasure. A couple of times it seemed like he was getting close to cumming and then he would slow right down and let himself come down from that pre-orgasmic level of intensity. He kept his hands running thru my hair as he gripped my head and varied the way he fed me his cock for about another twenty minutes. His control was absolutely amazing! I knew with him taking this much time, he was priming himself to feed me a huge load.

As I continued to bathe his thrusting cock with my saliva, I looked up and saw the sweat glistening on his body, his chest hair shiny with his perspiration. I raised my eyes higher and realized he was intent on watching my full swollen lips sliding back and forth along his hard erection. His eyes locked on mine and I almost swooned with lust under his hypnotic gaze.

“Are you ready for it Jon?” he asked with knowing smile.

“Mmmmmmhhhmmmmm,” I moaned around his rigid member as I drew my tongue along the taut membranes of his protruding cockhead.

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