Subject: Coach Bryant’s Boy’s.(Incest)(adult/youth) Chapter 4. This story came to me one night. Daddy and I had watched a movie/musical called The Best Little Whore House in Texas. We loved it the punch lines was so damn funny. I told Dad I especially loved the the locker room scene. I hope you enjoy this. **************************** This story will have descriptions of Gay sex, Intergenerational sex and Incest. If these things offends you please leave. If you enjoy these stories please consider making a donation so the Nifty Archivist can keep Nifty strong and continuing. **************************** When I got home Daddy was up and waiting for me to come home. Hi Dad I’m sorry I wasn’t home sooner Coach gave me this and told me to give it to you. Clayton clued me in about it. I handed him a envelope full of money and a note to Dad. I took a shower and a douche at Coaches house I’m going to put on something for bed be right back. Daddy called out naked is what I want baby, and your sleeping in my bed tonight. Smiling I stripped putting my dirty clothes in my hamper. ************ I walked back and before I sat down, I asked is this what you want? Showing off my naked body he looked me up and down licking his lips. Want? It goes way past just want Tradd it’s more like need and every Day and night. Leaning towards him I began kissing him and sucked his tongue into my mouth. Sitting up he showed me the unopened envelope, saying I think you have the right to open this seeing how you earned it. I opened it and handed Daddy the short letter. I started counting the cash. It was all $20 dollar bills. Damn , I counted out $300 dollars Daddy took the money and handed me $60 bucks. I didn’t say anything but I raised my eyebrow? The rest is going in a Savings Acct for expenditure’s for University. I will only have the authority to deposit not withdraw, Baby I don’t need your money. If you need funds I will provide that. I have set up a special acct, if I am alive the bank will get my authorisation to give the funds. If I pass away you will receive a cashier’s check for the balance. Do you agree? Of course I do Daddy I know you would never cheat me. ************** Daddy said before we go to bed, I need to tell you something. When I got home the answering machine was blinking so I pushed play. Tradd your Mama and I never told you about your Grandparents. Mama wanted to shield you from them. But why Dad? Didn’t they want grandkids? Son they didn’t approve of me, they don’t tuzla escort know about you. They were both killed in a car accident your Granddad was driving and he fell asleep and hit another car head on. *************** The phone call was your Uncle Ashley he called to tell me his wife was in the car with them and she was thrown from the car and her neck was broken. Ashley is your Mama’s only Brother. When she told them she was marrying me they disowned her. And they came very close to disowning him also. So he stopped fighting them because your Mama begged him to make peace with them. He has seen you twice, one when you were born and at your Mama’s funeral. Do you remember the good looking man I was holding at Mama funeral? Yes Aunt Mary was holding me while I was crying. Daddy that man held me at the house and told me how much I looked like my Mama. He told me he would see me again. So he’s Mama’s brother huh? Yes and him and his son Cooper are moving here. Ashley is a History and Economic’s Teacher and he is also going to be a Assistant to the Coach. So how old is Cooper? He is exactly one month younger than you. Why didn’t he and his Mom come to the funeral? Well he discussed it with Julia and they thought it best that she and Cooper stay home because they didn’t want his parents to know he was coming to Mama’s funeral. When will they get here? They should be tomorrow. Where will they live, with us? Well you remember me opening the house next door? I opened it up and your Uncle and Cousin will live nextdoor. **************************** Mac and Tradd made love for two hours and they both agreed that the missionary position is the favorite. With his cock thrusting in and out Tradd’s ass muscles were milking his cock. God he knew he would never have sex with a woman again. When Char had died he lost all interest in women. The first time he went to a party and Coaches Boy’s were there he had cum in the boy three times. My God he fell hard in love with a boy’s body. Now his own boy was under him, loving him making him feel so damn good. Briefly he thought about Ashley and Cooper, and Ashley’s comment that Cooper shared his bed now. Giving a few more thrusts he filled Tradd’s cute little ass full of his seed. Tradd’s beautiful cock was pumping out his load on his sons stomach. Tradd got up and got a washcloth wetting it and came and cleaned his Daddy. Then himself and crawled under the covers. He kissed his Daddy and laying his head on his chest. Mac said son tuzla escort bayan I regret some of the things I have done in my life, but having you for a son isn’t one of them. I love you with my entire heart and soul. Daddy I will never doubt your love for me again and know there is nothing, nothing, will ever stop me from loving you. ***************** Ashley was sick and tired of Charlestons code of conduct for the original families. It was the reason that drove his sister away. He had done his duty and was the only heir to his parents. But now he was in a position to rectify the situation. Unknown to his Nephew and his brother in law, they were going to become a lot more comfortable. His parents estate was evaluated at $80 million. Tradd would receive his mother’s share. It was right at $40 million. Half of that was Mac’s due to the fact he was Chars husband. He himself has put Cooper’s share in a trust fund for him. Cooper could have it on his 21st birthday, the same as Tradd’s. His money and Mac’s will be used to care for themselves and their Son’s. He knew as soon as he discovered that the house next door to Mac’s house was for sale it was a sign that he was doing the right thing. They drove up to their new house and smiled at each other. Ashley said welcome home son. They were getting out of the car, when Ashley saw Mac walk out in just a pair of short shorts his muscular legs and muscled chest showing off. Dad please tell me that’s Uncle Mac? He’s fucking gorgeous. Ashley said I can’t wait to see ahh there he is. It was Tradd and he was every bit as beautiful as his son. Getting out of the car they casually walked towards them. Hi Mac giving him a bear hug. Mac and Tradd this is my son, Cooper. Mac stuck out his hand to Cooper took shake. Cooper look at his uncle’s hand and shook his head no. Cooper flung his arms around his Uncle’s neck and kissed his cheek. Stunned Mac said now that’s how you say hello. Well Ashley and Cooper this beautiful little beast is my Pride and Joy this is my Tradd. Uncle wrapped his arms around me and bent his head over and slipped his tongue in my mouth. My eyes wide I moaned and lift my right leg and snaked it up his hip. I heard Daddy clear his throat and Uncle started giggling and he said boy it’s a pure pleasure to meet you. He stood me up and Cooper said my turn, you ready to become kissing Cousins? Well we are Southern boy’s aren’t we? He put his hands on either side of my face and leaning in kissed my lips and kissed escort tuzla me with a nice amount of tongue. Drawing back he said Dayumm Daddy he is definitely half of our family. ****************** They opened the front door and everything was in place not bad Daddy said. How the hell did you keep them from breaking something? Pay them a Bonus of $500 each if nothing was broken. Well now we know the secret to moving with out breaking. Awesome house Uncle, thank you Tradd. ***************** I had a 6 layer Lasagna thawing and asked them if they like Italian? Cooper said Italian men or food? I looked at him and said Coop I think we are going to be great friends. I have a 6 layer Lasagna ready to put in the oven, and he looked at Uncle said it’s my Mama’s recipe. Smiling wide his Daddy said Char taught him everything about cooking. Uncle Ashley closed his eyes remembering how Julia had taught Cooper to cook without his Grandfather finding out. Yes Julia did the same but kept it secret from Father. The old bastard thought only women should know how to cook. Cooper took his Dad’s hand and said he’s gone now Dad and good riddance. I hated our Grandfather, he ruled over the family with a iron fist, he even would tell Nana to keep her mouth shut. The last time he said that I came very close to backhanded him, Nana saw it and sent me to the supermarket for a dozen eggs. She was making Easter dinner. **************** After we ate Dad whispered to me, son are you up for some sexy fun with your Uncle? Sure are we going to swap partners tonight? Only if you are ok with it? Well what about Cooper does he get a choice? That’s my boy always concerned about being fair. Ashley and Cooper walked back to the kitchen. Both were smiling, Ashley said we’re in, how about you guys? I reached over taking Cooper’s hand and put it in Dad’s hand. I walked over and took Uncle Ashley’s hand. See you two in the morning giving Dad a good night kiss. Cooper did the same. **************** Tradd and Cooper spent Saturday night with each other’s Uncle. Both Ashley and Mac took the sweet boy pussy’s 3x each effectively putting each boy into a deep sleep. Ashley and Mac met at their fence in the back yard. Both men gave each other wide grins, they both held up 3 fingers. Damn Mac if I wasn’t already in love with Cooper I could easily fall in love with Tradd. I agree completely, your Cooper is a wonderful lay, and the boy knows how to drain a man nuts. Ashley then asked if Mac and Tradd would join them for Brunch tomorrow? Yes we would be honored to. Good we have some information to tell you. Kissing each other goodnight. They went back inside and fell asleep. ******************* To be continued in chapter 5.

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