Subject: Coach Tom’s Rookie Mistake Chapter 2 DISCLAIMER: This story contains graphic depictions of sex between men. If you are under 18 years of age or not allowed to read such material in your jurisdiction, please be advised. This story belongs exclusively to the author. No reposting or republishing without the author’s explicit permission. Like this story? Want to read the next chapter as soon as it comes out? My patrons get to read my new stories before anyone else! Please support me eon/scwalker Please support Nifty so that these nasty stories have a place to call fty/donate.html *** I had to admit, Victor was much better at being an assistant coach than I had expected. He definitely knew the game well, and he was perceptive and supportive. It didn’t hurt that the players loved him. He was like a little celebrity because he played ball in college. They would go up to him and ask for advice on going to college, but most of them seemed more interested in his physique. Which, to be fair, was impressive. I was surprised to see Victor come in on his first day wearing a tight golf polo and a pair of khaki shorts. By no means baggy, they at least didn’t look painted on like what he wore during his interview. Instead of blatantly violating the dress code, this just went right up to the line. I didn’t blame the kids for having some body envy. I was envious of him too. There was a time in my life when I had washboard abs like him, for sure, and my arms are still big and bulging, but I never had a chest like his. Or glutes. How is it possible that someone is both top AND bottom heavy? I guess the pecs provide a counterweight to his ass… I knew how Victor felt about me, so I was on the defensive from the start, ready to turn down any of his flirting and lecture him on appropriate boundaries at work. Instead, Victor surprised me. I kept expecting him to make a suggestive comment, or put his ass out on display, or get too close, but nothing. What was his angle? He was acting exactly how he was supposed to. It just confused me, considering how he acted during the interview. What was going on? And then I realized I had been staring at him. Hard. Like I was boring a hole in his ass. I looked up and saw that Victor was facing my way, giving me one of his cockiest grins. Damnit. I really didn’t want to give him the wrong idea. He might see me staring and think I was into him or something. Aw, fuck it. I AM attracted to him. I don’t know what that makes me, bi or something else, but Victor just draws you in. The kid has charisma out the wazoo. And his body, dear lord, it was like he stepped out of a porn shoot. Which, considering his side hustle (or is coaching his side hustle?), wasn’t surprising. He spent a lot of time in the gym. I knew this because he was usually in the school weight room until late at night. I had given him the keys so he could be the last one to leave and lock things up. The more I worked with Victor, the more I liked him. He was easygoing, but also competent. And he bent over backwards to do things for me. There were plenty of nights where we both worked late, and I think he stayed to keep me company, which I did appreciate. Which led us to yet another Friday night, the same routine. I just couldn’t stop glancing at him, though, sitting in the chair in my office. Now that we were alone, with nobody else in the whole school, he was surely going to try something, right? What was he going to do? The “oops I dropped my pen” trick again? Was he going to ask if he could feel up my biceps? Was he going to say it was hot and strip off his polo? Was he going to take a shower right where I could see him? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Had he given up? But he never even really tried. What did he say during his interview? I like the chase. Well, if that was true, why wasn’t he chasing me? These thoughts plagued my brain; Victor was like a puzzle I was trying to solve, but there was no solution in sight. I was broken out of my thoughts by a rumbling sound. I looked up and realized both my and Victor’s stomach was growling. I checked the clock and realized it was already 8:00 PM. I had had a light lunch, izmit escort bayan and I was so busy working that I forgot about dinner completely. I guess Victor was in the same boat as me. “Damn, I gotta get some food into me before I waste away,” he chimed in, as if he was reading my mind. “Gotta eat a lot to keep up the gains, right Coach?” “Sure… I guess I am pretty hungry too.” I wasn’t sure what he was implying, but I was ready to shut down any suggestive comments. Why don’t you take a bite out of me Coach? I got a nice rump roast for you to dig into, Coach. I could sure use some of your special sauce, Coach. “You wanna grab a bite to eat?” Victor leaned forward in his chair. “My treat,” he said, finishing off with a wink. A part of me was sounding alarm bells in my brain, but another part was hungry. I wasn’t thrilled about Victor paying (I am his boss after all), but we could argue about the bill after dinner. “Sure, let’s go.” I guess Victor had been dropped off this morning, because he said he didn’t have his car with him. Either way, he said he was going to call an Uber and meet me at the diner, but that seemed crazy to me. I could definitely fit him in my Ford F-150. “You sure about that, Coach?” He asked, as if it were a warning. I didn’t know why, after all it seemed like he got the message that flirting was off limits and was behaving himself. Still, I couldn’t help but be guarded during dinner. He directed me to a diner on the outskirts of town that has apparently `the best fucking ribs’. When we got there, the waitress looked at us funny. It suddenly made me self conscious. Obviously it must be because Victor draws attention like nothing else. During dinner I tried my damn hardest not to stare. Who knew eating eating ribs could be so damn erotic? Victor expertly wrapped his plump lips around each bone, sucking off the meat with ease, using his tongue to wipe the stray bits of barbecue sauce around his mouth. He didn’t eat like a ravenous beast, instead he was controlled, barely making a mess. The whole scene made one thought take up all my brain space: Damn, Victor has a talented mouth. And then: I wonder what else it can do? “What’s wrong Coach?” I realized I had been staring at his mouth again. “Nothing, just… you really like ribs, huh?” Victor chuckled “Yeah didn’t you know? I’m a carnivore.” The last word was said in a tone that made me think what other kind of meat he liked to stuff his mouth with. My shorts were uncomfortably tight, and my half-hard cock was straining against the material. Jesus, how sex starved did I have to be to get turned on by someone eating ribs? As soon as Victor finished off his plate, the waitress appeared at our booth. This time, I noticed where her eyes went, flicking around every inch of Victor’s body. She was clearly checking him out and she liked what she saw. “Can I get you and your… father anything else?” The waitress said, probably trying to feel out what kind of relationship Victor and I had before she made her move. Victor broke out that charming grin again. “Naw we’re all good, right Dad?” his voice dipping into a slight southern drawl. Well. It’s official. I’m going to hell. Because as soon as Victor called me `Dad’ it sent an electric shock to my cock that made it go from half-hard to hard as steel. I was seriously worried I was going to rip my shorts! Why the fuck did something like that turn me on so much? What the fuck was wrong with me!? He must have had noticed the confusion on my face, because he just shrugged and said “I’m from Texas, I moved here when I was in middle school.” Phew, at least he didn’t realize that I was tenting underneath the table. “I’m gonna go clean up, then we can head out. Sounds good?” I nodded, my mouth feeling like sandpaper again. This time I tried so hard not to stare as he walked away, but his ass just had this magnetic draw. Watching his two huge globes shift with every step he took, squashed together under a pair of shorts that were slightly too small, just filled me with a hunger that I hadn’t felt in a long, long time. I tried to will my boner down as much as I could, but it was izmit escort so hard I felt like I was going cross-eyed. I needed a distraction. I asked to pay the check, but the waitress said Victor had already taken care of it. I felt a little weird letting Victor, who was technically my subordinate, pay for me. “Ready to go, Coach?” Victor appeared in front of me, and I had to fight to not let my eyes travel all over his body and settle on his ass. I could feel my willpower crumbling bit by bit every time I saw his two glorious cheeks bounce and jiggle. We hopped back into my truck and I asked Victor to tell me how to get to his house so I could drop him off. I followed his directions as we drove, only to be surprised when he told us we were there. I tried to focus on the road and let my boner go down, but it just wouldn’t quit. I was full on tenting, my cockhead bobbing and smacking against the steering wheel every time we went over a bump. We were parked next to a large field, underneath a large tree. Nobody was in the field at all, it was completely abandoned, the sun was setting. I had no idea where we were, but most importantly, why we were even here. “Uh, Victor, you sure this is the right place?” Victor just grinned at me again, and he reached out, his hand settling on my lap, then going closer… and closer… approaching the hard, thick rod that was stuck in my shorts. “Fuck, Coach, you think I was gonna leave you with this thing? You know I’m a growing boy. Still feeling hungry after those ribs.” My breath hitched. Victor didn’t mean… he wanted to blow me, right? “C’mon Coach. Let me. My throat is just as talented as my pussy. And I promise to swallow.” To be completely honest, I was curious about Victor’s oral skills. Because he didn’t show his face in his videos, there were none where he showed off his mouth. And it’s not like I was watching his videos so I could jerk off… it was just curiosity, I swear. Except I totally did jerk off to his videos. Again. And Again. Fuck it. I want Victor. I blew out air through my nose as I gave in. “Go ahead, Vic.” Victor beamed at me with pure joy and satisfaction in his eyes. Considering what he said during his interview, I’m probably fulfilling a fantasy of his that he’s had since high school. “Just lay back, Coach. Let me do all the work.” I leaned back in my seat and went to fish my cock out of my shorts, but Victor grabbed my wrist. I pulled back, realizing that he wanted to do everything for me. I felt like I was using him, using his mouth to get off. But I also knew how badly he wanted this. As soon as Victor tugged my shorts down, my boner smacked against my stomach, leaving a splattering of pre-cum on my lower abs. He zeroed in on that spot like a predator spotting its prey, and he bent over, licking it and lapping up my pre-cum, smacking his lips as he savored the taste of it. The whole thing was debauched, and just made me even hornier and desperate for his mouth around me. Finally, Victor lapped at my cockhead, scooping up even more pre-cum into his mouth. I was leaking like a faucet, the clear fluid bubbling out of my piss slit and dripping down my cock. My cock twitched in anticipation as Victor licked me up and down my length. He slobbered up a little, getting some spit on my bone to mix with the pre-cum. A few strokes of his hand teased me, making sure I was all slick and ready. Victor met my eyes and gave me a wink. Then, he pushed his head down my entire length, taking all of me in one go. I screamed and swore as I felt my cock get engulfed by his hot, tight throat. It honestly felt almost like a pussy, there was no resistance at all. My cock speared into his mouth like butter, one smooth fluid motion. Victor stayed there for several moments, feeling my cock twitching in his mouth. I couldn’t believe how much he took! Nobody had EVER deepthroated me before. I didn’t even think it was possible. After all, I have a dick bigger than a ruler. Goddamn! I ran my fingers through Victor’s fiery blond hair, grabbing onto it to try and steady myself. I didn’t dare push down or pull up. I knew Victor was in control this izmit kendi evi olan escort time. After he adjusted to my size, he started moving. Bobbing up and down my length, pumping me with his throat. He pulled up until just my cockhead was nursed on by his pouty lips, then he descended, massaging my length with a throat that squeezed around me to bring me ultimate pleasure. I turned my head and noticed that Victor’s shorts were around his knees, and with his free hand he was stuffing fingers in and out of his wet hole. The squelching sounds that mixed with the sloppy blowjob filled the car, and I knew unmistakably that Victor was wet with pussy juice. He pumped his fingers frantically, clearly imagining that it was the cock that he had his lips around that was plowing his pussy. “Ah, fuck, Vic!! FUCK!!” I screamed as Victor continued the most amazing blowjob I’d ever had. Victor let out a contented moan as he slammed my cock into his throat, trying and succeeding in swallowing it in its entirety. His lips slid up and down while his throat massaged and pulsed all over my rock hard baby maker. Victor’s mouth was so perfectly in tune with getting me off, it wasn’t long before I felt my balls getting tight. “Victor… Vic you gotta stop, FUCK, Victor stop!!” But Victor pressed his lips against my crotch, and his throat got so tight I couldn’t even pull my cock out of it. I grabbed onto his hair and tried to pull him off, but his mouth was like a vice grip, suctioned onto my cock so that I couldn’t pull him off until he let go. I watched with a mixture of horror and horniness as I felt my balls unload inside his hot jock throat. Each pump of baby batter hit the back of his throat, which pulsed at each volley, swallowing down my hot jizz like he was taking big gulps of water. I was a big cummer, I always have been, and I didn’t want to choke Victor. But he persisted, even when there were a couple of moments when he sputtered and a small amount of cum dripped out of his nose. At the same moment, Victor let out a muffled moan, and I heard a wet squirting then splattering sound. I looked over and saw the evidence of Victor’s pussy-gasm dirtyting up the side of my passenger door. Victor didn’t even seem to notice the mess he was making, he was so perfectly zoned out in pleasure. The fact that Victor squirted form just giving me a blowjob turned me on even more, and it seemed to have unlocked another round of cum in me, which of course Victor slurped down easily. After what felt like ages of pure bliss, my cock finally softened up a bit and the cum stopped gushing. Victor released my cock from his throat-grip, and pulled off, taking a deep breath of air, a single strand of spit connecting his slightly swollen lips with my cock. “Jesus, Victor, I’m sor-” I stopped dead in my tracks. Victor looked at me, glassy eyed, cum drunk, with a grin of pure satisfaction. He looked at me like he worshiped me, like I was some kind of God that rewarded him for his devotion and piety. “Thank you, Coach. Thank you so much, Sir,” his voice raw and scratchy from the beating it took and heavy with my cum coating the inside of his throat. If I hadn’t just cum, I would have been ready to go ahead just seeing him like that. A part of me wanted to give Victor everything he asked for – he proved to me already that he was talented in more ways than one, and he seemed almost scarily in tune with what brought me the most powerful orgasms. I was only half-surprised that my cock was hard again. I usually was a multi-cummer, which was another reason why I scared off most women I tried to have sex with and forced me into this celibate lifestyle. Victor’s eyes traveled down my crotch again and he let out a low whimper, like a puppy desperate for his food. He started to lean down again, ready to take me into his throat for a second time, when I put a hand on his chest to stop him. He looked at me like I had just slapped him. He probably thought I was going to say that this was a mistake, I regretted it, and we couldn’t do it again. The rational part of my brain wanted to say that, but I also couldn’t deny how badly I had needed to get that out of my system. And what kind of asshole would I be to finally give him what he’s been dreaming about for years, only to rip it away from him? “Let’s go somewhere more comfortable, Vic.” I said, starting the car up and setting off towards my house.

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