Cockatoo Part 9


Cockatoo Part 9Cockatoo Part 9I couldn’t believe it when I saw Jandaeng come into the bar. The first thought which flashed through my mind was that he was following me and my instinct was to get up and run. The problem was Steve had his arm around my waist and was holding me tight even though he was busy kissing Nin. My hands began shaking as I watched Jandaeng and his group as they ordered beers at the bar and laughing as they looked around. I slowly began to realise they weren’t on duty but just having a good time. The bar girls stayed well away from them because they had made them for cops the moment they walked in. I was waiting for the moment when Jandaeng would see through what I was wearing and recognise me, but he had those mirror sunglasses on so it was impossible to tell where he was looking. The flashing lights in the bar were reflecting in the glasses which made the effect even more disturbing. Like all good cops he was scanning the bar, even off duty instincts would kick in.I saw him turning towards me, and despite the fact that I obviously didn’t look at all like I did when he last saw me, I didn’t want him to get any idea it was me. I turned to my right and grabbed Steve, pulled him towards me and kissed him hard on the lips. I could feel his surprise but that rapidly turned to pleasure, and he began to kiss me back, his tongue slipping between my lips. His mouth smelt of stale cigarettes and I began to feel sick. I sneaked an eye open and saw Nin staring at me, her mouth and eyes wide open in surprise. I rolled my eyes over to where Jandaeng and his crew were and she followed my glance, but she had never seen Jandaeng so she just looked back at me with a look of total bewilderment.I managed to push Steve’s tongue out of my mouth and whispered ‘Jandaeng’ to her, then went back to kissing Steve. He was getting into it with me and I felt his hand slide up my leg through the slits in my skirt I had thought were such a good idea. I tried to push his hand away, but he was like an octopus and he just kept shoving his hand further up. I sneaked another look and saw Jandaeng watching us with what looked like an amused smile on his face. I knew that if he recognised me, I would be spending tonight in Bangkok central police station. Steve was getting very persistent, his hand had forced its way past my defences and he managed to reach my cock, squeezed it and I am ashamed to say I began to harden at his touch. Thank God for Nin who, recognising what was happening, pulled him back towards her and he resumed kissing her. He left his hand high on my thigh but he was now fully engaged with Nin and he contented himself with stroking my leg.I looked up to see Jandaeng beckoning to the mamasan, whose look of fear told me she knew exactly who he was. She went over to him and I watched out of the corner of my eye as he nodded towards me, and she nervously looked at me and shook her head. He gripped her arm, and she nodded fearfully as he spoke to her. He stood up, said something to his cronies who all laughed and looked at me. He walked towards where we were sitting and stood in front of us. I was by now trembling with fear and couldn’t look at him in case my fear showed in my eyes. He coughed to get Steve’s attention who broke off from Nin and looked up at Jandaeng, his eyes hidden behind those sunglasses. Steve slurred his words as he said, ‘Yeah? Whaddyouwant?’ I could not avoid looking at Jandaeng now, but he was looking straight at Steve. He reached into his inside pocket and pulled out his Police identification. He flipped it at Steve, who tried to read it, but I think his eyes couldn’t focus. ‘So what?’ Steve said. Jandaeng bent forwards and said, ‘If you don’t want to end up in a cell tonight, I advise you to leave quietly and quickly.’ It was said with such menace that even in Steve’s befuddled state he couldn’t mistake the meaning. He mumbled something, got unsteadily to his feet and tried to walk away with some dignity left. Jandaeng turned to watch him leave and then turned back to me. ‘I haven’t seen you here before, what’s your name?’I didn’t want to tell him Jamie as that was too close to the truth. Panic lent me the imagination to say, ‘You can call me Scarlett.’I heard Nin stifle a sound and Jandaeng turned his head towards her like a T- Rex sensing its prey. He said something to her and she went pale, got up and left, casting an anxious glance back over her shoulder. ‘Scarlett? Actually I will call you whatever I want.’ He played with the word for a bit, ‘Like in Gone with the Wind?’I nodded and he sat down opposite me.‘Be my guest, what do you want me to call you?’ I said, hoping my fear wouldn’t be heard in my voice.‘My name is of no concern to you. Where are you from?’ ‘I’m new here, from New Zealand.’ It was as far from England as you could get.‘You sound English, not from New Zealand.’‘Private school education, then I got thrown out.’‘Why did you get thrown out?’I smiled, ‘I seduced my school teacher, he was very hot.’‘That doesn’t sound so bad.’‘I filmed us together and posted it on the internet. The school didn’t like that.’Jandaeng nodded, ‘Why you come to Bangkok?’I smiled again, ‘Have you been to New Zealand?’He shook his head. ‘All they do is play rugby and fuck sheep, it’s boring. I wanted some action. There is nothing there for girls like me if you know what I mean. I wanted to be a kathoey, make some money, have some fun.’ I was becoming more and more confident now that he did not recognise me, but I still wished he would go away. He looked at me for a while, his face as impassive as ever, then said, ‘Come with me.’My heart sank, he had known it was me all along and he had just been toying with me. He grabbed me by the hand and pulled me to my feet. I wanted to say something but my mouth had dried up and I couldn’t say the words. I looked around desperately for Nin but I couldn’t see her in the crowd. He pulled me through the bead curtain that led to the back rooms and I thought he was going to beat me up for trying to fool him. He pushed me roughly into one of the back rooms and then down so I was sitting on the edge of the bed. I bent my head forward to protect my face, I was convinced he was going to hit me. ‘Suck my cock, you farang whore,’ he tuzla escort said. What did he say? I wasn’t sure I had heard him right. He wants me to suck his cock. He doesn’t know who I am. I looked up at him and said, ‘You paid for me?’ ‘I don’t pay, you stupid bitch, I take what I want, now get sucking.’He unzipped his trousers and pulled out his cock, grabbed my head and pulled me onto him. I didn’t have time to think as he shoved it through my lips and began to move in and out as he put his hand on the back of my head to force himself into my mouth. My mind was reeling from the shock but I didn’t have any choice, I had to go through with it if I had any chance of getting out of this. I started to swirl my tongue around his cock head and I almost giggled as I realised his cock was very small. It may have been small, but it was hard enough, and he was trying to fuck my face with it. I had sucked Alex enough times by now to know what to do, and I tried to remember how Nin had gone about it, so I deep throated him a couple of times and then concentrated on the head, using my tongue to stimulate him beneath the head and put my fingers around the shaft and started to stroke him as well. ‘Look at me bitch,’ he ordered and yanked my head back so he could watch me as I sucked his cock. I could see myself reflected in the mirror lenses and I watched in fascinated horror me sucking him as he pushed himself in and out of my mouth. Of course, I couldn’t see any emotion in his eyes through his glasses and I wondered if he ever took them off, even in bed. My jaw was aching, and I gagged a couple of times and had to stop, but he pulled me back onto his cock each time and pinched my nose hard which made it worse. He was shoving his little cock into my mouth so violently I thought he would tear my mouth. I grazed the head with my teeth and he hissed ‘Be careful you bitch.’ I had an almost irresistible urge to bite his cock, but instead I wanted him to come as soon as possible so I picked up the pace and tried to get him off as quickly as I could. He began to grunt as I worked on him and holding back my increasing desire to be sick I tried to bring him on. I could feel his climax approaching as he began to grunt more and his cock stiffened. I didn’t want him to cum in my mouth and just as he grunted again I pulled away and his cum sprayed from his cock across my face.‘You stupid little whore, I did not tell you to do that.’ He hit me once across the face with the back of his hand which hurt like hell, then wiped his cock across my face smearing me with his cum. He bent down close to my face, grabbed me by the throat and hissed, ‘Clean me up you farang bitch. I will remember you and next time I come here you will swallow it all.’ At that moment there was a sharp knock on the door followed by a stream of Thai. Jandaeng spat something back and then zipped up his trousers. ‘You are lucky, if I did not have to go now you would be sorry.’ He gave me another stinging backhanded slap across the face snapping my head to one side and then turned and left the room.I lay there for a few moments shaking like a leaf before I crawled over to the small wash basin and tried to be sick. As I sat there with my head in the sink, I swore I would get even with Jandaeng for what he had done to me. I guessed this wasn’t the first time he had treated someone like this, and I was sure he had done it to others many times before. He deserved everything I could do to him. I didn’t hear Nin come in but she appeared at my side and put her arms around me. ‘Jamie, Jamie are you OK? What did he do?’ I shook my head, I couldn’t speak yet. ‘I’m so sorry, Jamie, it all my fault, I should not have brought you here.’ I looked at her and she was totally distraught, her face wet with tears. I reached out my hand and stroked her face, ‘Nin, it was not your fault, you didn’t do this, you are not to blame.’ She cleaned the cum from my face with a washcloth she found by the sink and helped me to my feet. She sniffed, and I saw she was crying as she wiped her eyes with her hand, ‘Come, we must go, we go out through the back.’She grabbed my hand and although I was still unsteady on my legs she managed to lead me out of the room where the mamasan was waiting and she was as upset as Nin. She was saying something in Thai and wringing her hands. Nin said she was saying she had no choice or the police would shut her down. I laid my hand on her arm and told Nin to tell her that I did not blame her. The mamasan looked relieved, but she also wanted us out as quickly as she could as the police seemed to be breaking up a massive brawl in the bar.She pushed open the backdoor, and Nin and I scampered out into an alleyway. She knew the backstreets of Patpong so well that we were soon back at the restaurant. We managed to walk through without attracting too much attention, but I guess they had seen many worse scenes in the past. Nin pushed me into the bathroom, stripped off my clothes and then her own and she took me into the shower and turned on the water. She hugged me as the water cascaded over us. I was angry, hurt and embarrassed at Jandaeng’s assault to my body and mind and I was still shaking, but slowly began to get myself under control. Nin just held me as the water cleansed us both. She looked up at me and whispered, ‘It all my fault, I’m so sorry.’I held her face in my hands and said, ‘Nin, nothing that happened tonight was your fault. It was Jandaeng that did this, not you.’‘But if we had not been there it would not have happened.’ She began crying again.‘Nin, listen to me, you cannot be held responsible for other people’s actions. I do not blame you, I blame Jandaeng. I will make sure he pays for what he did to me. now let’s get some sleep, we have a long day ahead tomorrow.’ She finally smiled though her eyes were red rimmed. ‘What did he do to you? Did he know who you are?’ ‘No, I don’t think he did know, I was just a farang who was there to suck his cock and beat up. I’m sure he didn’t know who I am. I was lucky his man called him away, it could have got much worse, the man is a pig.’Nin nodded, ‘It was odd, after Jandaeng took you through to the back there was a fight in the bar, some Australians start to hit each other. Jandaeng’s men tuzla escort bayan didn’t want to get caught up in it. I heard one of them say Jandaeng should not be involved if police were called. It could get him in big trouble. I thought he was police.’I smiled wryly, ‘So Australians are good for something at least.’‘It would have been good to have Shane there,’ Nin said. She hugged me again and that felt good. She shyly went over to one of the shopping bags she had bought and pulled out two beautiful short nightdresses. It was a measure of how far I had become accustomed to my role that I didn’t even think about it, I just pulled it over my head as Nin did the same. It was a dusty pink, pleated babydoll from Victoria’s Secret with lace cups and a big satin bow just below the bust. There was a matching thong, and it now seemed natural for me to pull that on as well. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and even then I didn’t think it odd. Nin looked at me and smiled, ‘Looks nice on you Jamie, sexy.’We climbed under the covers and Nin pulled me close to her in a gesture that was so soothing. I stroked her hair and held her tight. We stayed like that, not talking, just comforting each other. I was so tired that I simply said, ‘Thank you, Nin, for everything,’ and as my head hit the pillow I was asleep in seconds. I woke once to find Nin curled around me and I loved the feel of her warm body against mine through the soft material of the night dress. I hugged her closer, and she stirred but didn’t wake, and for a while I lay there listening to her breathing gently. I felt somehow closer to her after the events of the night and I knew that, despite what had happened with Jandaeng, my life was changing. I realised I had begun to like being Jamie; I enjoyed the attention and the excitement of being someone different. This had begun with me resisting what was happening. Now, it seemed I was accepting, even beginning to enjoy myself in my new role. Even what Jandaeng had done could not wash away the feelings I was developing. The last thought I could remember before I slipped back into sleep was how would I explain all this to Alex.We woke late and had to rush to get ready to catch our train. On top of a new Victoria’s Secret black bra and matching knickers, I chose a plain black strapless vee neck top with some loose black drawstring cotton trousers to travel in. The outfit looked comfortable and with a twelve hour train journey, I wanted to wear something that I didn’t have to keep fussing with. Nin did my makeup although by now I was sure I could have a go myself. We had left Alex’s wig at the bar, so I had to wear the longer one, but I actually liked this better than the blonde one. Nin topped it off with a black straw sun hat and big black sunglasses. It all looked great with my long black wig. We dashed out and managed to catch the train with only a few minutes to spare. Nin had sent a text to Alex and Areeya so they would be expecting us and would meet us at the ferry on Samui. We hadn’t been able to tell them any details about what had happened, so I was prepared for an interrogation on our return.I normally like train journeys; the monotony of the sounds of the wheels on the tracks and the movements are relaxing, soothing almost, but this one seemed to be never ending. It was hot and sticky and even with regular stops where we could buy food and water, I just wanted to be back on Samui. Thankfully, compared to the journey out, our return was blissfully, beautifully boring. Nin was quiet and I think she still believed herself to be responsible for what had happened. I would have to come up with some way to convince her I really didn’t blame her. We pulled into Surat Thani with just enough time to catch the ferry to Samui where we grabbed a couple of seats together, and Nin began to cheer up a little as we approached Samui. I was desperate to see Alex and Areeya again, but as we got closer to the island I began to feel nervous. It was as if I was coming back a different person than the one who had left even such a few short days ago, and I wondered how Alex and Areeya would react to me. I seemed to be making a habit of coming back to Samui with no idea of how to explain myself to Alex and Areeya, but there was one thing I had to say to Nin before we arrived, and I hoped she would understand.‘Nin, when we get back and we tell the story, can I ask you not to talk about what happened with me and Shane in the hotel? I want to tell them myself sometime, but not right now. Is that OK?’She smiled and said, ‘Jamie, nothing happened in the hotel with Shane, remember?’I smiled back and gave her a hug.‘Nin, you’ve been so great this trip, thank you so much.’ She blushed and wiped a tear from her eye. ‘Thank you Jamie, that mean so much to me.’Dusk was falling as Nin and I walked off ferry amid the usual chaotic scenes as passengers jostled each other to get off. I wore the sun hat and glasses in spite of the fact they weren’t strictly needed. I didn’t know if arrivals would be watched in the same way as departures had been, and I couldn’t see anyone, but that didn’t mean they weren’t there. I spotted Alex and Areeya standing by the dock watching the arrivals, obviously looking for Nin and me. I told Nin to go ahead and I would follow her off the boat. I let a few people get off in front of me and then I followed Nin. I dipped my hat just enough to cover my face but not so that I couldn’t still see Alex. I watched as Areeya and Alex embraced Nin with hugs and kisses. I could see Alex asking where I was and Nin turned back to look for me. By this time I had managed to creep around a group of tourists and approached the small group from the side. I stood by Alex as she was peering into the crowd and I said, ‘Sawasdee Kha, Miss Alex,’ and did a wai to her. I saw her turn and look at me, a puzzled look on her face and she began to say, ‘Sawas,’ stopped, blinked and said. ‘Oh my God, it’s you.’ She threw herself at me and wrapped her arms around me with a wild shriek, almost knocking me off my feet. Areeya arrived a few seconds later and we stood there, the two of them attached to me like limpets. Alex eventually let me go, took a step back and held my hands as she looked me up and down. escort tuzla ‘My Lord, you look wonderful, where did you get that outfit? It looks so good on you. And your hair, it’s beautiful.’ I laughed, ‘Nin and I have a lot of stories to tell you, but should we get home first? I need a drink and to sit on something soft. My bum hurts from sitting on hard seats all day.’Alex grabbed my arm and with Nin and Areeya following we headed over to the car park where the car was parked. I was relieved to see that Areeya had the car keys, and that she was going to drive and not Alex. Areeya and Nin were in the front with Alex and I in the back, and she held onto my arm all the way back to the apartment, trying to get me to tell her what had happened, but I told her she would have to wait. She kept looking at me as if she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She grinned and shouted to Areeya in the front seat, ‘Areeya, our little girl is all grown up now.’ That made everyone laugh, including me. ‘Did you enjoy being Jamie?’ she asked. ‘You look very good as you are now, good enough to eat I think.’‘Alex,’ Areeya chided her from the front seat, ‘I am sure Jamie will tell you about it soon enough. There is plenty of time for that.’‘Yes mum.’ said Alex, and we all laughed again.It wasn’t long before we arrived at the apartment and Alex and Areeya carried our bags up the stairs to the balcony as Nin and I sat on two of the chairs. Alex came over and sat on my lap and gave me a deep, long kiss, her tongue flicking between my lips, her fingers caressing my face. ‘Alex,’ said Areeya, ‘Please put Jamie down, we want to hear what happened.’ Alex kissed me again, slid off my lap and sat next to Nin facing me. ‘I’m not saying anything until I have a drink, I’m parched.’Nin started to get up but Areeya told her to stay where she was and went off to get the beers. She was back in a few seconds with four ice cold Leos. Alex said, ‘OK, we know what Nin texted us but we want to hear about everything, and I mean everything.’I certainly didn’t plan on telling them everything, but I began with our meeting Shane on the ferry, my suitcase disappearing and the three of us missing the bus. Nin picked up the story about the fake police roadblock and how Shane fought off the gangsters. Areeya was sitting next to me now, and she gripped my arm as Nin described what had happened in a rather over dramatic fashion. Alex’s eyes grew wider and wider as the story went on. As I told them about the night we spent in the hotel I looked at Nin and she nodded, she wouldn’t spill what had happened. I turned to Areeya and told her about her father’s reaction and how grateful he was that we had come to warn him and that he wanted to use my link to Jandaeng to his own benefit. Areeya frowned, ‘I hope he knows what he’s doing, and you too. This could be dangerous.’‘Areeya, I have my own reasons to want to get back at Jandaeng.’ ‘Why?’ asked Alex, a worried look on her face.‘All in good time,’ I said, holding up my hand.Nin took up the story in the bar and as she talked about the mamasan and how she had taken to me. Alex put her hands up to mouth, then asked Nin a question in Thai. Nin replied and Alex looked shocked. ‘Oh my God, I think that must have been the mamasan who took me under her wing originally.’ She looked over to me, ‘And that makes what you’re wearing one of my wigs.’I rocked back in my seat, ‘No, it can’t be, that would be too weird.’ ‘I had quite a few wigs back then, it was easy to change my look if I wanted to. I think I remember that one, she must have held onto it. How bizarre is this becoming?’Nin quietly said, ‘Cha dtaa.’Areeya nodded and said, ‘She’s right, it’s fate.’I shook my head, ‘No. it’s only a coincidence.’Areeya held my arm, ‘Do not rush to judgement, Jamie.’I was too tired to argue, and I desperately wanted to finish my story. We paused while Alex fetched more beers and Areeya took the opportunity to whisper in my ear, ‘Thank you for what you did, I will be eternally grateful. I hope I will be able to express my gratitude soon.’ We all took another beer and Areeya raised her bottle in a toast, ‘My thanks to Jamie and Nin for what they have done for us. I owe you both of you for this.’Alex said, ‘I’m sure Jamie and Nin can think of ways you can repay them, Areeya.’We all laughed, but I needed to be serious again. This was going to be difficult for me to tell, and I stumbled over the first few words but then Alex’s face dropped and Areeya gasped as I told them about Jandaeng walking into the bar. I realised I had to get this out of my system and there was a stunned silence as I told them about him coming over and taking me into the backroom. I couldn’t look at Alex or Areeya while I told them about what Jandaeng had said and done in the backroom before he left in such a hurry. Before I had finished Alex slid across to my side and both she and Areeya wrapped their arms around me. ‘I’m so sorry,’ said Alex, ’I would never have asked you if I had known that would happen.’Areeya was in tears as she held onto me. ‘Jamie, how can you forgive me?’I was on the verge of tears myself, but said, ‘Listen it was not your fault. You were not to know and neither of you are to blame. The only person to blame is Jandaeng, and believe me, I will make him pay for it.’Nin was now kneeling in front of me and laid her hands on my legs as we hugged each other. Areeya sniffled, ‘Jamie, I never intended this to happen, I do not know what to do to make it right.’I looked at her and said, ‘You need not do anything, Areeya. I will make this right. I will make Jandaeng pay for what he did. I don’t know how or when yet, but he will pay.’‘Whatever you want us to do to help, we will do it.’ said Alex as she hugged me tight. ‘We will go ahead with the plan, let Jandaeng think I am his spy and there will be a way to get my revenge. An opportunity will come up and I will take it.’‘Do you really want to do that, after all that’s happened?’ asked Areeya, looking incredulous. ‘Yes, even more so than before, Areeya. In fact, I need to do it.’ She nodded and was about to say something when I noticed for some reason Alex wasn’t paying attention any more. I glanced at her at her to see she was looking somewhere over my shoulder and smiling broadly. Nin sat there with her mouth wide open and her eyes like saucers. A hand gripped my shoulder from behind and an Australian voice said, ‘G’day everyone, my favourite ladies all together’To be continued

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