Subject: Cocklust Ch. 14 (gay/college) That week, we put our other sex toys to good use. Chad was partial to the anal wand; he made me fuck him with it a half-dozen times, in a half-dozen different ways. Personally, I was more into masturbators myself, especially when used in conjunction with a cock ring. We both liked the dildos, which were still getting plenty of action. We especially liked to do what we called an instant flip: I would bottom for Chad while at the same time fucking him with his dildo, or vice versa. It was pretty hot to think we could each have the other’s dick inside of us at once. Chad also stopped wearing underwear, and he started wearing a jockstrap instead. Nobody knew about it but me, yet he wore it all over campus. It got me hard just thinking about it: I loved knowing that his butt was freely bouncing around in his pants, while his package was safely secured. Of course, when we were alone, I took fiendish delight in peeling his clothes off. The strap looked particularly sexy when it was the only thing he was still wearing. I especially loved being able to fuck him with the strap still in place. By that point we were practically inseparable, even more so than before. Since I had access to his place– in the form of the frat house– I knew it was high time he had access to mine. So I gave him my spare key, and he immediately put it to good use. He brought an extra toothbrush that night, and over the course of that week, he brought over more and more of his things. By the weekend, he had so much stuff at my place that there were was no more walk of shame. That was also when Chad started growing out his beard. I didn’t like it at first, because the longer his stubble got, the itchier it was. I actually avoided kissing him for a while, at least on the lips. But once his beard filled in, the itchiness went away, and I found I really liked it. It made him look that much more manly, which was especially hot when he was getting pounded. With each day that went by, I learned new things about him, like the fact that he was farsighted. He could usually get by without glasses, but he did wear them if he had to stare at a screen for long hours. His glasses were designer, so they made him look cute and sophisticated. I asked him to wear them more often, but he wouldn’t. Some of his quirks did exasperate me. Whenever he came home– either to his place or mine– he’d drop his stuff in the middle of the floor, where I’d always trip over it. He was totally disorganized too, so even if he just needed a pencil, he’d need to go hunting for one. He spent so much time rummaging through his things that I wondered how he ever got anything done. At the same time, some of my own habits drove him nuts too. Apparently I bit down on my fork when I ate. No one had ever complained to me about that, but Chad kept bringing it up, so I started getting self-conscious. “Just use your my lips,” he said at lunch one day, “not your teeth. Like you’re giving a blowjob.” “That’s a helluva way to put it,” I said. “Here, let me show you.” Then he climbed under my table, pulled down my pants, and wrapped his mouth around my pole. “Oh shit,” I said. I could hardly see what Chad was doing, but I sure as hell could feel it. He was an expert at using the soft parts of his mouth: he ran his tongue around my cockhead, and he slid his lips down my shaft. Then he started bobbing up and down, and he sucked me as hard as he could. “Mm,” he said between slurps. Then he took his mouth off me and started jerking me off. “God, I love this. You’ve got the hottest fucking dick….” “More like the hottest fucking boyfriend,” I said. Chad seemed to love when I talked to him that way. He went right back to sucking my cock; he stroked the base of my shaft with one hand, and he played with my balls with the other. His grip was strong enough to feel manly, yet tender enough to be pleasurable– which was exactly how I wanted it. “Baby,” I said, “I’m getting close.” Chad didn’t miss a beat. He kept right on sucking like his life depended on it. I felt his tongue against my pee hole, and at that point I couldn’t hold back. “Oh shit!” I gasped as I busted in his mouth. Chad kept going till my dick finished shooting. Then I felt his throat contract as he swallowed. He kept stroking himself as he did it, and I could tell he was about to bust himself. I didn’t want Chad’s load to go to waste, so I joined him under the table, and I put my mouth on his cock. It only took a few seconds before he let off a grunt. The next thing I knew, I had a mouthful of sperm. “Oh fuck yeah,” he said as his orgasm died down. Then he finally let out a deep breath. I gulped down his cum, then moved up to his face, and I gave him a salty kiss. “Did I pass the test?” I asked. “What test?” “About not using my teeth.” “Oh. That.” He grinned. “You got me distracted.” “I didn’t hear you complain.” “That’s because I didn’t,” he said as he gave me one last kiss. I’d assumed our coming out was behind us, but it turned out it wasn’t. I’d never noticed how many people assumed we were straight. We kept getting asked about girls, often in passing, from people who didn’t have a clue. A couple of dudes found out we were Kap Eps, and they immediately asked us which sororities were hottest, and what the girls were like in bed. One professor even said something in class; she asked a few girls about their boyfriends, and boys about their girlfriends, without giving it a second thought. I didn’t usually say anything, but that only made the awkwardness worse, since it made me feel like I was back in the closet. The alternative was to keep coming out over and over again, like I was caught in Groundhog Day or something. One night I was writing a paper when my phone rang. I assumed it was Chad, so I answered the phone without checking the caller ID. “Hey,” was the only thing I said. A split second later, I realized it was my ex. “What is this I hear about you being gay?” I was tongue-tied for a second, but then I forced out some words. “I-I dunno,” I said. “I mean, who the hell told you that?” “Fucking Kevin,” she said, “who heard it from your mom.” I gritted my teeth. I’d never given Mom permission to tell anyone. “What the hell?” “`What the hell’ is right,” Erica said. “She ran into him at the grocery store, and he asked what you were up to, that’s the answer he gets?” “Oh for shit’s sake–” “Are you trying to deny it?” I paused. “Well no–” “Is that why you broke up with me?” “No,” I said. “Back then I didn’t know.” “How could you not know? I always knew I was attracted to guys–” “It’s not that simple.” “Were you thinking of guys when you were having sex with me?” I debated how to answer. I had to admit I’d fantasized a little, not about gay sex per se, but definitely about orgies and stuff. The more I looked back on it, the more obvious it was that sex with her had never been that great. But I bit my lip. “Okay,” she said before I’d had a chance to respond. “That’s all I needed to know.” “Now listen–” “You broke my heart, you asshole!” She was half-crying, half-yelling through the phone. “I wasted three years of my life on you! I swore I was going to get married to you, and have kids and everything–” “Wait. When did I ever agree to that?” “Junior prom,” she said. “Remember how you took me out to the river?” “I didn’t exactly propose to you.” “You sure as hell made it sound like we had a future. You were talking a big game about being a hotshot lawyer–” “Uh yeah, about that–” “Now my mom is sick, probably dying, and the man I loved is gay.” “Wait a minute–” “What am I supposed to do now?” “Look,” I said. “I’m sorry about your mom.” “No you’re not,” she said. “You just want one more excuse to kick me while I’m down.” “Kick you while you’re down?” I said. “I didn’t choose to be gay. Not that I’m complaining or whatever, it’s just… well, if I had to do it over again, I would’ve started dating guys in high school, which would’ve saved you the trouble. But you know gaziantep travesti what? I can’t undo that shit, and neither can you.” Erica was silent for a moment. Then she cleared her throat. “I really cared about you,” she said. “I even told Amy, the last time I saw her, I hoped we could figure things out–” “Oh God,” I said. “Is that seriously what you talked about? At Rosie’s wedding?” “Yeah. How’d you know about that?” “It was all over my Facebook. Between Amy and Kevin and Johan–” “You talk to Johan now? I thought you hated the guy.” Aw shit, I thought. I knew I’d said too much, but I tried to play it down. “He sent me a friend request,” I said. “I figured what the hell.” “You know he’s a cokehead now too?” “Cokehead?” “Yeah. He was acting all weird at the reception. He was sweaty and jittery, and I saw white stuff on his nose.” I frowned. I didn’t know what to make of that. I was tempted to call Johan about it, but I wasn’t sure if I should. I just knew I needed to change the subject. “Sounds like that was a hell of a wedding.” “Yeah,” she said, “that’s one way of putting it.” “Anyway, I don’t really know what to tell you,” I said. “I mean… it wasn’t easy for me to admit I was gay. But I got to be good with it, and you’re gonna have to be too.” “Can you still say you loved me?” “Erica, don’t do this.” “Do what?” “I have a boyfriend,” I said. “You need to respect that.” “Is he anything like me?” I debated how to answer. “Don’t go there,” I eventually said. “It wouldn’t be fair to either of us.” “I still care about you, Scott. Even though we’re not together anymore.” “I know that,” I said. “And I care about you too. But you and I are never going to work out. So you’re best off moving on.” I felt bad even as I said it, but I knew it was true– and I knew there was nothing to be gained from beating around the bush. Erica was silent at first. At first I thought we’d gotten cut off, but then I heard her let out a sigh. “Listen, I gotta go,” I said. “Take care of yourself, okay?” “O-okay….” “I hope your mom is all right… say hi to her, all right?” “All right, thanks,” she said, and then she hung up. By then, my stomach was in knots. Her call seemed to have gotten under my skin in more ways than one. I wanted to talk to Chad, but I didn’t know how to broach the topic, especially the part about Johan. I didn’t want to call Johan directly, so instead I checked his social media. I looked for any sign that he might be in trouble, but he hadn’t posted much. Of course, I also knew he went on gay websites, so I also looked for him there. I felt like a bit of a troll, but I couldn’t think of a better way to do this. I ended up finding him on Vitruvian Men. He was still calling himself YoDude, and he was using the picture I remembered from Grindr. According to his profile page, he’d been using their forums for years, yet he only had a handful of posts. The most recent one was just entitled “Why”: I must be a lost cause. Why is it so fucking hard to meet guys? I’m lonely as fuck but all I can find is a meat market, and I only seem 2 attract assholes. i can never get someone i like to like me back. every guy I want to go for stops talking to me after they get to know me and won’t even acknowledge my existence. I’ve gotten so paranoid about being abandoned that I am afraid to meet new people and then I fall into an awful cycle of self-hate. I did hook up a couple times w/a dude I thought I liked. I actually knew him years ago, then found him on Grindr when he needed a quick fuck. I really liked it and wanted to keep doing it. I thought we could be bf’s, but apparently now hes got a bf of his own they all kept complaining about something or another. A bunch of people had responded to his posts, trying to reassure him. But he never seemed to respond back. Part of me did feel bad for him, but I wasn’t sure what to do. I needed to talk to someone, so I e-mailed Nick and Jay. By that point, we’d had struck up a pretty good rapport. They were the first gay guys I’d confided in on a totally platonic level. I felt like Chad and I needed more gay friends, and I figured Nick and Jay were a start, even if I only knew them online. I had just finished typing up my message when I heard Chad’s key in the door. I scrambled to hit “send” right before he stepped inside. Chad clearly knew something was up. “What’s wrong?” he asked. “Nothing,” I said as casually as I could. “Just… drama between some old friends.” “That sucks,” he said. I hoped he was buying my story, but I couldn’t quite tell. He just threw down his bag and plopped on my bed. I tried to brush off what I’d just found; I shut my laptop and joined Chad on the bed. But I didn’t feel like doing anything– at least at that moment– so I just held him tight. That Friday was my twenty-first birthday. I spent the day fielding tweets and texts, some of which were more sincere than others. My mom called me early that morning, which I appreciated, though I had other things on my mind. “Mom,” I said the first chance I got, “did you seriously tell Kevin about me?” “Well yes,” she said. “And I told my new hairdresser. It turns out he’s gay too! He’s fabulous, by the way. He gave me plenty of tips–” “You’re kind of missing my point.” “What– you mean about Kevin?” “Well yeah.” “He said he hadn’t heard from you in a while. I mean, I suppose that’s a good thing, if I’m not the only one being kept in the dark–” “Oh come on–” “It’s true. Why– did I embarrass you again?” “Yes, actually, you did.” “What’s to be embarrassed about? He’s your friend. And now that you’re out–” “Mom, don’t you get it? I want to be the one to tell people, and I want to do it when I’m ready. I didn’t particularly want Erica to know, but… now it’s too late.” “Well, I don’t understand how this works,” she said. “Am I not allowed to tell people what you’re up to?” “I didn’t say that. But there’s more to my life than being gay–” “You mean like how you’re thinking of changing majors too?” “I-I… well yeah, I guess. But who cares about my major? Besides you and Dad–” “A lot of people care about you, Scott. Especially on your birthday.” I sighed. “Just… just don’t advertise this stuff, all right?” “But Scott–” “I mean, I’m cool with being gay,” I said. “I just don’t need to wave a rainbow flag or anything… and I don’t need you to do it either.” Mom was silent for a moment. “All right,” she finally said. “If you say so.” I had just gotten off the call, and was heading to class, when I got a text from Chad. It was a picture of him in the locker room, and it was unusually hot. He was wearing nothing but his gym shorts. His hair was wet, and it hung partway over his forehead. He had a come-hither look on his face, and he wrote: Here’s a preview of coming attractions. I scrambled to hide my phone. I was right in the middle of campus, and I didn’t want anyone else to see this. I was annoyed at Chad at first, but then I realized I was pretty turned on. My dick was straining against my pants, although I tried to hide it. I got to my classroom a few minutes early, so I discreetly checked my e-mail. I was still waiting for a response from Nick and Jay. But at that particular moment, there was nothing in my inbox– at least not beyond the usual crap. I tried to focus on my class, but it was easier said than done, because Chad kept sending me more pictures. They were all of him at the gym, and each was naughtier than the one before. First his gym shorts disappeared, so he was just wearing his jockstrap. Then, in the next picture, he had his back to the camera with his bare ass on display. A picture or two later, his cock peeked out from behind the elastic. Then his jockstrap came off, so he was fully nude. Then I got a close-up of his boyhole, in all its tasty glory. I could hardly contain myself. Chad knew just what to do to get me horned up. He knew I’d been fantasizing about locker room sex, and he knew I’d gaziantep masaj salonları get excited over pictures like that. I was tempted to jack off the first chance I got. But I wanted to save my cum for that night, so I stayed on my best behavior. I knew Chad was also in class at that moment, so he had to be texting from inside his classroom. Part of me didn’t like that idea, but another part loved how dirty it was. I finally got to see him late that afternoon. He picked me up from my last class, and by that point I was dying to fuck him. We locked lips in the car, and my hand went straight for his crotch. “Woah,” he said. “Easy, boy!” “It’s your fault,” I said. “After all that sexting you did–” “I figured you’d be into that. Except you never sexted me back.” “What did you expect me to do? Drop trou in the middle of a lecture?” Chad wrapped his arm around me. “I’m just saying… you have a lot more naked pictures of me than I have of you.” “Okay,” I said, “so maybe we need to remedy that.” “Maybe we do,” he said. “But first things first. It is my boyfriend’s birthday.” I assumed he was taking me to buy liquor, or maybe go to a cheap bar, but Chad wouldn’t hear of it. He insisted on making it a nice date, albeit one that would be up my alley. He took me to a place called the Riedegost Ale House. It was in one of those old brick buildings that was now super-trendy. The waitstaff were basically hipsters. The drink menus were all on chalkboards, including kinds of beer I’d never heard of before. “Now,” Chad said, “I know you’re not one for shitty beer, so let me show you the good stuff.” “So you’re a beer expert now?” “Remember, I’m from San Diego.” “What the hell does that mean?” “You’ll find out soon enough.” I nodded, and I thought of the Christmas break to come. “Do you still think that’s a good idea?” I asked. “I mean, with your family and all–” “I told you, my dad will be gone when we’re there. He’s the one to be worried about.” “I know, but….” I took a deep breath. “You don’t think it’ll be awkward?” “Listen,” he said, “it was awkward last summer. Back when I was hiding what was up. Fuck if I’m going to back to that shit.” “But what about your mom? Or your brother?” “They already know about you. And no, I don’t think they’re gonna be weird about it.” “Yeah, well, I thought the same thing about the Kap Eps… before Brody freaked out.” “I don’t give a shit about Brody,” he said, “and you shouldn’t either. He’s an entitled little dumbass, and he can go fuck himself for all I care.” He fiddled with his coaster. “Anyway, my family may have issues… but at least they’re not like that.” “I do want to go with you,” I said. “More than anything, I want to… you know, get away from it all. And not have to deal with all the bullshit around here.” “You won’t have to,” he said. “I’ll make sure of it. I promise.” I looked into his eyes. I wanted to believe him, and I didn’t want to spoil the mood. So I just nodded, and I tried to put my doubts aside. Chad ordered me a flight, so I got to show my now-legal ID. Once we got our drinks, he gave me a crash course on what to expect. He told me to start with the lightest beer– in this case a pilsner– then work my way toward the more intense ones. He taught me the difference between lagers and ales, and how wheat malts were cloudier and sweeter than barley. He kept track of which tasters I liked, and he started recommending what else I should try. The next thing I knew, I’d gone through three flights, and I could definitely feel it. The more Chad and I drank, the hornier I got. I didn’t want to get too hammered though: I didn’t want to risk passing out, or going impotent, or whatever. So I forced myself to go slow. I ordered a big juicy burger, and I sipped my beers instead of chugging them. But that only drew out out our dinner even longer, and it built the anticipation that much further. At one point Chad got up to use the bathroom. As I waited, I pulled out my phone and checked my e-mail. I found I’d finally heard back from Nick and Jay: Hi Scott, Take it from us: you’ll want to steer clear of that other guy. It sounds like you want to help him, which is noble. But before you can do anything, he needs to help himself. From what you’re saying, he apparently has longstanding issues. Only he can sort that stuff out. In the meantime, you’ve got your own relationship to worry about. You should focus on your man and yourself. If you do a good job with that, then nothing else will matter. If you want to talk in detail, let us know. Otherwise have fun in San Diego (because we sure did!) and let us know how it goes– Best, N and I followed suit. We both watched as Bathing Boy rotated his body, and the water gradually rinsed off his suds. The soap bubbles kept sliding across his bare skin. Some of them dripped off his cock, but most of them ran down his legs. Then he squeezed out his sponge, and a burst of white water splattered on the floor. I thought of the first time I’d laid eyes on Chad. Now it seemed like the tables had turned– at least in a way. Now Chad was getting hard, though he kept trying to hide it. He turned his back to Bathing Boy, so only I could see his cock. I tried not to stare too much, but the truth was, I couldn’t get enough of the view. Bathing Boy turned off his showerhead. He walked over to his stuff, and he bent over so his boyhole was in plain view. Then he picked up a towel, dried himself off, and wrapped the towel around his waist. Finally he headed for his locker. Chad was already touching himself. He hadn’t taken his eyes off the guy the whole time. “What’s that saying?” he whispered. “You hate to see him go but love to watch him leave?” “Sh!” I hissed. “Don’t let him hear us!” Chad grinned. “He’s not going to hear us,” he said. “And neither is anybody else.” We could still see Bathing Boy in the distance. He opened his locker, undid his towel, and was naked again. But it only lasted for a second, because then he put on his undies, and his bare ass disappeared from view. A minute or two later, he was fully dressed; he closed his locker, headed for the exit, and finally closed the door behind him. By now, both Chad and I were as hard as a rock. I couldn’t wait any longer; I just jumped under his showerhead and slammed my body into his. Our lips locked together– Chad’s beard notwithstanding– and my heart started beating a mile a minute. Chad’s dick pressed into my thigh, though I didn’t mind it one bit. “Oh fuck,” I said between kisses, “I want you so bad….” “Then what are you waiting for?” he asked. Without breaking our embrace, I turned off the water and pulled him away from the showers. The main exercise room was totally deserted, so I laid him down on a weight training bench. Then, at long last, I took Chad’s cock in my mouth. “Oh shit,” he gasped. His body squirmed against the bench, and he almost popped out of my mouth. But I managed to keep him where I wanted him. I used one hand to play with his balls; then, slowly but surely, I ran my fingers down his taint. When I got to his mancunt, I circled around it a few times, then finally poked my fingertips inside. Chad let out a groan, but he didn’t object. He looked down at me, and I looked right back. “You’re gonna make me cum,” he said. I took my mouth off of him. “This party’s just getting started,” I said. Then I flipped him over so he was lying face-down. I spread his legs open, pulled his butt cheeks apart, and dove right in. “Yeah baby,” Chad said as I rimmed him. “Woah… keep doing that….” I flicked my tongue against his pucker, and I savored the taste of his tender dark skin. Then I ran my lips up and down his crack, while I kept exploring his hole with my tongue. I could tell Chad was trying to stay quiet, but his body language gave him away. His sphincter started opening up, and he pressed his ass harder against my face, which forced my tongue deeper inside him. His flesh down there was gaziantep escort bayan so soft– it wasn’t even really skin, more like the mucous membrane inside his lips– and I couldn’t get enough of it. I kept rimming him for a minute or two. My dick was dying for some action, but I wanted to draw things out. I basically forced myself to edge: I wanted to have a mind-blowing orgasm eventually, but in the meantime, I wanted both of us to enjoy the ride. “I want to suck your cock,” Chad said. “Please baby… I need it….” I teased him at first, but then I finally stood up, and I positioned myself above him. Chad craned his neck up, reached for my package, and guided it into his mouth. He took me in all the way, balls-deep, till I could feel his breath on my pubes. “Mm,” he mumbled. Then he started working my cock. I felt his tongue on my shaft, and I almost shot my wad right there. I thought of anything I could to distract myself: finals, current events, my family, even Brody. But the blowjob still felt as incredible as ever. “Yeah baby,” I said. “Suck the dick that’s about to fuck you.” Chad seemed to love that. He started sucking faster and faster, but just as I started getting close, he took his mouth off me. “Fuck yeah,” he said, “I can’t wait for this….” I leaned down and gave him a deep sensuous kiss. I had to give my dick time to calm down, so I kept the kiss going for as long as I could. I loved how hard Chad was breathing; he could barely stifle the sounds coming out of his body. After a minute, I broke off the kiss. I stepped away just long enough to grab some lube from our gym bag. I rubbed some of the lube on my dick, then poured more on my hands. Then I stepped back to Chad, and I dutifully lubed up his hole. Chad put his legs in the air, and he hooked his ankles around the bar above him. I crouched over his body, aimed my cock at its target, and slowly but surely went inside him. Chad’s chute was as tight as I could remember it. His jaw dropped open, but he didn’t resist. His ass felt so good that I was almost ready to cum in it myself. I could barely control myself as I started thrusting away. It was my first time really having sex in public. Part of me was still scared of getting caught, but the other part knew this was part of the thrill. I felt delightfully naughty as I pounded Chad’s ass, listened to his moans, and wondered if anyone else could hear us. I could see our reflections on all sides, since the walls and columns were all lined with mirrors. It almost seemed like there was an orgy going on, with dicks and asses gyrating all over. But it was really just a kaleidoscope of sex– not that I was complaining. I started watching myself in the mirror, and it turned me on a lot more than I’d expected. I loved seeing my man get reamed from a distance. Knowing I was in control made me feel like the world’s biggest stud. I started getting close again, so I forced myself to stop. I wanted to kiss him again, but in that position I couldn’t. I just held him while I tried to catch my breath. “Hey,” he whispered, “I have an idea.” “What?” I asked. Chad made me pull out of him. He lowered his ankles, got up from the bench, and walked to a pull-up bar. Then he grabbed the equipment, swung his legs up, and once again locked his ankles against the bar. He looked like he was doing naked acrobatics: he was suspended in mid-air, with his arms and legs above him, and his ass and package hanging down beneath him. “Holy shit,” I said. “I fucking need to plow that ass.” “Just do it,” he said. “Not yet,” I said. “I don’t want this to be over.” “Please baby….” “Hey,” I said as I gave him a kiss. “It’s my birthday, remember?” “I’ll put out for you anytime you want–” “I’ve wanted this for so long,” I said, “and now that I get to do it, I don’t want it to end.” I flicked his earlobe with my tongue. “Not that I don’t want you to put out for me of course….” Chad gripped my body like he couldn’t resist. He pulled me toward him, and he guided me into his hole. Then he started swinging back and forth, basically impaling himself on my rod. “Oh shit,” I said. Our thrusting motions were different this time; I wasn’t used to Chad hanging four feet off the ground. It was almost like we were in a sex swing, though I couldn’t speak from experience, having never used one myself. But we got into a rhythm, the same way we always did, and it felt as incredible as ever. The mirrors still created a feast for the eyes. I’d lost track of how many naked men were around us– or at least so they seemed. I could see my own ass flexing and relaxing, while at the same time, I watched my dick slide in and out of Chad’s hole. His back muscles were roiling, as were his hamstrings and biceps and everything else. Suddenly we heard a noise, and we stopped dead in our tracks. The noise seemed to be in the women’s locker room. “Is somebody coming?” Chad asked. “I don’t know,” I said. I didn’t like the idea of a random person seeing us, at least not right then. I pulled out of Chad, and he dropped down from the pull-up bar. Then we scurried back to the men’s area as quickly as we could. I was tempted to finish in the showers, but then I decided against it. I grabbed Chad’s hand and pointed at the stalls. “So,” I whispered, “which of these did you jack off in?” “What?” “That time you said you jacked off here, thinking of me… or are you saying it happened more than once?” Chad seemed a little sheepish at first, but then he went back to his usual self. “Well,” he said, “I always did it in that stall at the end… not the handicapped one, but the one next to it. It’s more private.” “You’ve given it that much thought?” “Well yeah,” he said. “What do you expect?” “Oh, it’s cool,” I said, “except this time you don’t need to jack off.” With that, I took his hand and led him into his stall. I locked the door behind us, then sat on the toilet. I didn’t need to tell him what to do next. Without being ordered, Chad got on top of me. Then, slowly but surely, he lowered himself onto my cock. “Oh shit,” I said as I felt my dick go inside him. Chad started gyrating back and forth. I don’t know exactly how he did it, because he didn’t have much room to maneuver. But somehow he turned out to be a master. Of course, I thought, he’d had plenty of practice in this stall. I could only imagine how many times he’d pounded his pud, sitting in the same spot I was in, and how he must’ve felt. I’d seen Chad masturbating plenty of times, in any number of positions; so I pretty much knew how he must’ve done it there. I had to wonder if he’d jacked off thinking of what we were doing then. I wanted to know how badly he’d wanted his ass pounded, or at least violated, and whether he imagined what we were really doing. “Omigod,” he gasped, and then he let out a scream. The next thing I knew, jets of cum were shooting out of Chad’s dick. Most of his ropes landed right on my chest, but some of them splattered on the walls and floors around us. I knew it was time for me to finally get off. I thrust back into him, and I felt my dick start to tingle. I couldn’t have brought myself to stop, even if I’d wanted to. I just surrendered to my instincts, and I let my body do its thing. Then I pumped Chad’s ass full of all the cum I’d been saving. “Fuck yeah,” Chad gasped as he rammed his body against mine. I heard a faint smacking sound as his cum-filled cunt started leaking its contents. “Oh shit,” I said as my dick slowly went dry. Then I stopped pumping, and I leaned up to kiss him. “That’s a hell of a present.” “Exactly,” he said as he put his arms around me. I looked to my left, and I realized the toilet paper rolls were empty. At first I worried we couldn’t clean ourselves off. But then I thought of a simple solution. I ran my hands across my chest, and I scooped up a lot of Chad’s cum. Then I offered him the contents, and he promptly lapped them up. “That’s it,” I said, “baby, eat your fucking cum.” Chad licked his lips, and he flashed me a grin. I did another pass along my chest, scooped up what was left, and ate it myself. Finally I clutched Chad’s body, and I held him tightly against mine. “Fuck,” I said, “we should do that more often.” “Well,” he said, “it’s too bad your special day only comes once a year.” And with that, he gave me another salty cum-filled kiss. To be continued….

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