Cocksucker 8 – party time

Cocksucker 8 – party timeMick came by my place a little before 10 and we walked over to Peter’s. He let us in and told us what the plan for the day was.First he gave us both a tablet of viagra. “I know you don’t need this to help you get hard, but it is a great thing. You’ll see.” He smiled at us as we downed the tablets. Then he led us to the bathroom and told us to take off all our clothes. Mick was a little shy at first. I wondered if he was having second thoughts. After all, he had only ever been naked with me and only had sex with me and only ever been fucked in the ass once. By me. And that was only yesterday. “Are you OK Mick?” “Yeah, I guess. This is a lot and all at once….””You can change your mind,” Peter told him. “I was only expecting Ben until yesterday””No, I’ll be OK” Mick said.”Well I hope so. You’re going to be pretty popular today. Both of you are.”We took off all our clothes and stood there for Peter to inspect.”I’d like it if you would both let me take off all your pubic hair.” he told us.We looked at each other. I shrugged. Mick shrugged. Why not?”It might sting, but only for a minute” Peter said. Again we both shrugged and so Peter went and fetched a waxing kit he had set up.H started with me. Carefully smearing wax over my balls and around the top of my cock. He touch, lifting my penis out of the way as he worked began to make me hard. It was too soon for the viagra, I was just responding to the touch of his hand on my body.He pressed down the tear-away part of the waxing kit onto my balls and told me to count to three.”One…” Riiiip. He didn’t wait so I wouldn’t be tense. Man, it hurt! And there was still plenty left. Three more swipes on my nuts and then three to remove the hair over my cock. Then several quick tugs to get the last few remaining hairs. When he was done, my pubic region was as smooth and bald as it had been a couple of years before…. before I had entered puberty. Peter rubbed cream into the whole area and I enjoyed the sensation as every part of my genitals received his attention.”How do I look?” I asked Mick.By way of an answer, Mick reached out and caressed my cock and balls. “They feel great! I want it now, please, Mr Dixon””Peter. We’re not exactly being formal here, Mick” he said and started the waxing process with my friend. I held Mick’s hand as the first few pulls removed most of the hair. He squeezed hard. After the waxing I kept hold of his hand and we both watched as Peter rubbed on the salve. By now, we were both very hard. My cock felt like it was ready to explode from the pressure of my erection and it stood straight upright, not outwards at all. Mick’s was the same.Now Peter told us that he wanted to make sure we were as clean as possible for the guests that would be arriving and that we would have to let him give us both enemas. I was reluctant, but we both acceded to his request and afterwards Peter suggested we share a shower. We stood in the glass-enclosure with the warm water cascading over our smooth bodies. As Mick and I had only had sexual relations outside in the woods before, it was very special to be able to touch him like this. We took turns washing each other. My soapy hands rubbed up and down his body from head to toes. I paid extra attention to rubbing his cock. Then, as I stood facing him under the shower, I reached behind to his ass and slipped my hand between his cheeks. Rubbing up and down. Our cocks rubbed against each other.Peter stood on the other side of the glass. He had stripped off while we had been distracted by each other and now was naked. Mick saw, for the first time, Peter’s enormous cock. “Oh man…… scary” he whispered into my ear. Too quiet for Peter to hear over the noise of the cascading water.”I know, but don’t worry.” I whispered back. I wasn’t scared by Peter’s cock any more. I knew I could take it in my ass and I knew that I liked it.He opened the glass shower door and stepped in, under the water with us.”You can both wash me now it you like” he told us and we stood on either side of him and lathered him all over.The touch of two smooth teens was obviously something he enjoyed. His cock started to grow. And grow.Soon he had a full erection and illegal bahis Mick started to soap it for him. The girth was too much for Mick to close his fingers around and he used two hands on Peter’s cock. Rubbing up and down, slowly and steadily. Never taking his eyes off it. “Do you like my cock, Mick?””Yes Peter” Mick made a little panting noise and continued to rub his hands up and down the length.”If you rinse off this soap you can suck it” He didn’t need to be told twice. Mick cleaned all the lather off Peter’s monster cock and bent down to take it into his mouth. I stood behind Mick and gently caressed his ass.Before Mick could make him cum, Peter pulled his cock out of his mouth and turned off the shower. “OK that was a nice little bit of foreplay but let’s get out and dried off before our guests arrive”So we stepped out of the shower and toweled off. Peter slipped on the robe I had seen him in before. Even though he tied it closed, his hard cock peeked out of the front. I reached out and touched it.”You like this more and more, Ben.” I nodded. “Good boy.”Peter had prepared some clothes for us. Even though we had both arrived wearing sexy little girl’s panties, he had other outfits.We each had something like a wrestler’s leotard to wear. Tight shorts with attached shoulder straps. But there was a hole at the front and a bigger one at the back. Peter helped us on with them, making sure our smooth cocks and balls were comfortably through the hole in front. He took the opportunity to give each of us a brief suck as he did so. Mick groaned as his cock went into Peter’s mouth. And then again as it came out. “You like having your cock sucked, Mick?” “Oh yes, Peter. It feels so nice. You might have made me cum in a few more seconds….””Patience, Mick” he winked. Peter led us through to the living room in our new outfits. I was behind Mick, watching his bare ass move in front of me. I stepped closer and let my hard cock bounce against it. He stopped walking and I grabbed him and started grinding my cock against his smooth cheeks, reached around and started stroking his cock.”Stop that!” Peter commanded and made us sit on either end of the sofa, like naughty boys. Then Peter explained who was coming and what they liked to do.”John will be here first. He likes virgins. Ben, I want you to let him fuck you but I want you to pretend it is your first time. Can you do that?””Yes, I think so” it wasn’t long ago that Peter had fucked me for my first time, so I could remember the feeling well.”I know you weren’t very willing with me, Ben, but I want you to be very willing with John. Like you are desperate for his cock. Like you have wanted him to fuck you for months. OK?” No problem. This was going to be fun.”….and later, Dave is coming over. He’s a big guy, but he likes to be on the bottom. His wife knows about it and she’ll be coming with him. She likes to watch him getting fucked. Actually, she just likes to watch men fucking.””We might do some other stuff as well” he said, and before either of us could ask what, the doorbell rang.John was a man of about 50 years. I could see a pale band around his bare finger where he must have taken off his wedding ring. He was a secret lover of boys. “I can’t stay too long, Pete.” he said as he walked into the room. We stood to greet him.”No problem John. I’d like you to meet Ben and Mick.””Hello boys, I’m John” he said, checking us out. Staring at our erections.”Hello, John” we said, almost in unison.”I told them you would be visiting, John, Ben is very keen to make you acquaintance. Isn’t that right Ben?”I took my cue. “Yes Peter, I’m very glad to meet you John” I stepped forward and stood directly in front of him. My hand reached forwards and I cupped his cock and balls through his trousers. “Would you like to get to know me better, Ben?” he asked and, without waiting for an answer, took my hand.”We’ll be in the spare room, Pete” he said over his shoulder as he led me to the downstairs bedroom. He knew the way well enough. Peter must have procured other youths for his pleasure in the past.He led me to the edge of the bed and took me into his arms. “Peter tells me you are new to this, Ben””Yes, but I illegal bahis siteleri have been having thoughts…..””About being with a man?””yes John.””And you never did it before?””I tried once with a sex toy I found in my Mom’s drawer””Did you like that?””Yes, but I want the real thing. And Peter said you would let me experience what I have been thinking about.””Ben, I’ll be gentle and I will let you find out how it is to give yourself to a man. Shall we start?”He closed the door and, as I stood there watching, took off all his clothes. He was not fat, not thin, not too hairy but not smooth. Just an average man, I suppose. His pubic hair was trimmed. He had a nice-looking cock and I was excited by it. I was going to have no trouble pretending to like being fucked by this man. I slipped the straps of my leotard off my shoulders and peeled it down. Carefully stretching the spandex around my hard cock and balls I managed to get it completely to my ankles and I stepped out of it. He stood and stared at my naked hairless body. Stroking his cock. I watched as it became harder.”Would you like to take my cock into your mouth, Ben?”I nodded and dropped to my knees in front of him.I opened my lips and he slipped his cock inside. I felt his hand on the back of my head, holding me there.”Good boy, you like sucking cock?”I pulled away and looked up at him.”Yes John. I like your cock in my mouth.” I took his penis back into my mouth.I tried to pretend this was the first time I had sucked a cock. Made a couple of mistakes and accidentally let my teeth graze against his shaft. “Mmmm, careful Ben!” he said. I hummed ‘sorry’ without taking my mouth off his cock. I didn’t do it again.In fact, I was getting into it. Sucking off this middle-aged married man. My cock stuck out almost painfully from my lap as I sucked him, but both my hands were gripping his ass while I bobbed my head on his cock, so I had to just leave it untouched. “This is very nice. You’re a quick learner, Ben” he said. I kept on blowing him.”You’re a good cocksucker, Ben””Mmmm Hmmm” was my reply and I think he liked the humming as I sucked.”But you mustn’t make me cum, Ben, or you’ll miss out on what you want”. His hand guided me to stand and my mouth reluctantly left his hard penis.I stood in front of him and he took me in his arms. His lips went to mine. “Mmmm…. kissing lips that just had my cock between them” he murmured and kissed me again.He broke away again and held me tightly. Our cocks were pressed together and he humped his body against mine. Feeling my cock rubbing his. “I’m going to fuck you now.” I went limp in his arms. Like I was finally going to get the thing I craved. He turned me and had me lay face-down on the bed. Grabbed the pillows and positioned them under my hips. My hard cock pressed into them. “Do you still want to, Ben?””Oh yes, John. I want you to fuck me. Take my virgin ass”He took lube from the night-stand and dribbled it down over the cheeks of my ass. Some trickled between the cheeks. “You have a very sexy bottom, Ben” he said and started rubbing the oil into my smooth skin.”Thank you” I wriggled my buttocks as he rubbed them. His fingers slipped between the cheeks and found their way to my anus. He pressed a finger into me. Instead of relaxing, I clenched my muscles and moaned quietly. “Just relax a little, Ben, I’m going to put some lube up into your ass. OK?””OK” I lifted up from the bed. “Should I spread my cheeks?” I asked.”Yes, that might help” and I reached behind myself and pulled my ass cheeks apart. Exposing my asshole to him.”Mmmmm sweet virgin ass. I love it.””I want you to fuck me John. I want to feel your cock going up my ass.”His finger entered me and I groaned for him. “That feels nice now,” I told him and felt him going in with a second finger. Very slowly. Very gently.”Mmmmm, it’s nice, but it feels big” I said into the bed.”Concentrate on ‘nice’ Ben.” hid fingers moved in and out for a few minutes. I relaxed and my ass accepted them. “I think you’re ready for me now.””Oh yes, John. I want your cock. I want to be fucked. Take me.”His fingers left my ass and he climbed up behind me. I felt his dick slip between my ass cheeks. I canlı bahis siteleri was still holding them as wide apart as I could. “I want you to push out your ass, Ben. Like you’re trying to have a big dump””Like this?” I asked, and pushed out my anus. “Yes, exactly. Now stay like that and I will give you what you want”His penis head touched my pucker and I whimpered.”Mmmm yes, John. I can feel it. I want it.”He pressed himself more onto me and I allowed the head of his cock to pop into my ass. “Ohhh so big. Too big” I cried.He stopped and asked if he should take it out. I told him no. I just wanted to get used to it before he went on.I moved under him, keeping his cockhead trapped in my ass as I squirmed my bottom. After a minute or so…. “I think I’m ready now John.””Just relax sexy boy” he began again to push his cock up my ass.I relaxed and let him enter me. Groaning with pleasure. It was genuine. I was loving his cock inside me.Eventually he was all the way in. He stopped. “How does that feel?”I kept playing the role of willing virgin.”I like it. But it feels so big. Your cock is so big in my ass.” “Is it OK?””Yes……. can I do it?” I asked him.”Do it?” “If you stay still……””Oh OK” he said.I got onto my hands and knees. His cock still in my ass. His hands went to my hips and I slowly moved my bottom back against him. His cock went into me. I moved forward again. Controlling how I was being fucked.”Oh John” I said, in a small voice “I like this so much”.We continued like this for a few minutes. Gradually I was moving faster. Taking his cock into me and hitting my ass against him as I rocked backwards. Then I turned around to look at him.I smiled shyly.”I think it’s your turn” “You want me to take over…..””Yes John. I want you to fuck me now. I want to feel you going in and out of my ass.”I flattened myself back down onto the pile of pillows.He started to withdraw and then push back into me. “Oh yes, John. Oh yes”More and more, he went in and out of me. It was no act as I encouraged him.”Oh John, your cock feels so good””I love how you’re fucking me””Mmmm so nice up my ass””Faster!””Yes. So good”I was bouncing my ass up to meet his thrusts. Grinding my smooth ass against him. I felt his cock grow inside me. I knew he was ready to cum.”Will you cum inside me John?””You know it, sweet boy.”He lowered his body completely onto mine. His hot breath against the nape of my neck. His hard cock driving, driving, driving up my ass. Over and over. Faster and faster.”I’m going to shoot up your ass. Ben””Yes yes. I want you to cum in my ass” I squirmed under him. “Cum inside me” humping against his cock.”Fill my ass”I turned my head and put my mouth on his. I was kissing him as he fucked my ass and it was enough to take him over the edge.He grunted and stiffened and I felt his whole body tighten over mine. “Mmmmm cumming!” he breathed. His cock was deep inside me and I felt him cumming up my ass.So much cum. It was an intense orgasm and he lay there on top of me with his cock buried in my ass for several more minutes as he recovered. As he caught his breath, he whispered into my ear.”Sweet boy. Sexy boy. You gave me such a nice cum””Sexy ass. I’m glad you liked it.””I’m glad I was your first””You will make many men very happy, Ben”I lay there on my belly with his cock up me. Hearing his compliments. Loving the sensation of having my ass stretched. Pleased that I had given this man so much pleasure. “Mmmm John. Thank you. Thank you for showing me. Thank you for fucking my virginity away”He eventually pulled out of me and took me to the shower. Washed me tenderly and then himself and then we dried off, dressed and went back to the living room to rejoin Mick and Peter.Peter asked “everything OK?”I nodded furiously. John said “Better than OK. Thank you Pete. Oh yes. This is for you.”. He passed Peter an envelope.Turning to me, he gave me a long deep kiss. Grabbing my ass as he did so. Then he had to leave. Peter and Mick had been busy themselves while we were in the other room. Mick was naked. His hair was mussed. “This viagra is brilliant, Ben” he said. “Peter sucked me off and I’m still hard as a rock!””That’s a good thing, Mick,” Peter added. “Our next guests will be here soon.I had just been given a great fucking. But I hadn’t cum.My cock, sticking out of my leotard again, felt like I should be able to actually see it throbbing. … I was really looking forward to Dave and his wife’s imminent arrival.

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