Subject: Cocky Cuzins Cabin Cocky Cuzins Cabin Fuck it’s a great day! I’m 35 and I’ve been coming here to our cottage for our annual family reunion since I was 13. And, as my family is very large too, this summer `cottage’ has 8 bedrooms and a separate cabin with 8 bunk beds. It’s waterfront too, a bit isolated and the sun is beating down on me now as a I work on my ‘full’ tan for this summer. Yep, `full’ tan, as the area is clothing optional! The family has never had a real problem with it on our property, so I’m laid back naked on the lounge facing the entrance area. My feet are spread and my cock is slumped back up over my shaved pubes to get some rays on the underside and to warm my dangling balls up too. I get the usual welcome smile or nod from the regulars and cousins who know me, but it’s more fun to see the surprised look of a cousin’s or their friend’s first time here. Of course the regular boys start stripping, but new ones look shocked as they grab their crotches, well, for a few minutes… then start. You know kids, eh? The younger girls titter and blush, but after seeing all the swinging cocks and bobbing tits for a while, everyone eventually strips and enjoys being in the altogether after they adjust. Okay… I have to admit this tanning bit is actually a bit of a ‘front’. I’m more interested in assessing the physical potential of those that are arriving might have in their shorts. Or by their length of pause on my cock as they slow down and pass by so I can imagine them in some ‘bun fun in the sun’! Oh… and talking ’bout `members’, there’s good old cousin Archie approaching me, smiling with his impressive member that is arching out in his small bikini and tucking back up under in it. And as expected, with a new sweet swishy of a cutie on his arm! Archie is a body builder who likes to lay back and enjoy the contrast of his tanned sculptured physique against the white skinny twinks that bounce atop on his long ‘sculptured’ cock up their ass. Yep, and this twink has just spotted me. He’s quite bug-eyed as his stare is focused on my flopped cock, so… I’ll waggle the fingers of my hand down on my hip beside it … ha… yes…he’s embarrassed when he sees the fingers, his eyes follow up my arm to see my smile! He blushes and titters as he puts his fingertips on his lips and presses his other palm on the rather long snake down the leg of his white spandex bikers and squeezes Archie’s arm. Could be interesting as he must be able to take Archie’s wood, or lumber up…. It brings back fond memories of my first time 12 years ago when I had just turned 13. Yep-per, and as it is a real eye opener or bone popping experience for all new teens, it was likewise for me my first time to see bare cunts and cocks. Well a first for cunts, but for big cocks with hair now that is. My rents were always so busy, so you can appreciate my excitement when cousin Bren invited me to join him. I mean I was impressed that a 24 yr. old would put up with me. When we carried our kits to the cabin I had immediately boned up when I had seen so many cocks, well even one cock would do it. Thank Christ I had my shorts on though, I mean it had been doing it a lot on its own for the past year and this sure didn’t help! The bunks were doubles so would accommodate 16 if need be. Or party as I would find out most of the summers! Also it was a bit away from the cottage so it was where most young family members hung their hats together to keep away from the elders. And since most of those older folk had already spent many a young summer in it, they turned a blind eye remembering their own erotic summers in it and the pleasures they had. I followed Bren in and was a bit shocked to see my 30 yr. old cousin Colin, who I had never seen naked, wipe his lips then put his fist out for Bren to bump! Jeez, Bren bumped then smiled down at Colin’s cock that was hanging down with its foreskin leaking a stringer. And Jake, our 17 yr. old cuz whom I’d only ever seen in his choir robes, had swung over, sitting on the edge with his cock hanging down, and leaking too! He wiped his lips too, but seemed to be a little embarrassed as he stood and dangled one hand down and bumped us with the other. Shit it was all I could do to keep from staring down, and I sure was hurtin’ hard from my own boner now that was straining to get up in my shorts! And as I watched them head out, holding hands, their bare asses grinding away, Bren had gone over and tossed his kit on the bottom bunk on the opposite wall. He stripped and I noticed his bare ass muscles start pinching as his arm started jerking? And when I carefully moved up beside him, my kit in front of my shorts figuring I would take the upper bunk, he turned to me! Shit! He had his fist around his boner and was stroking it! I froze as I stared. I’d seen cocks with hair before but not a big fat boner this close! It was like long and thick and its knob was popping in and out its hoody! He was not surprised but quite comfortable as he kept stroking and when I started to toss my kit up, he said, “Oh no! Just toss it at the end there, these are double bunks, you sleep with me.” I was so busy trying to avoid staring at his boner that I was stunned! Does he sleep naked? And I’m fighting a boner, but wait, he has one too stupid! When I tossed my kit down, the tent in my shorts was obvious and when he saw it, he smiled, “Better get it out and toss your load too or you’ll be waving away all day as you walk around!” I watched his balls bouncing around as I turned aside, stripped, then, turned back with a hand modestly dropped in front my aching boner. Shoot, his brow rose as he took his hand off his cock, and he bobbed it as he put his hands on hips “Whoa Mitch, lemme see that… that thing!” I took my hand away and he smiled, “Musta got that from the Smith side of the family, long and thin, curving to right with likely a big knob. Lemme check it out. Oh, and gaziantep escort you check mine too.” Great! Being an only child, I was really wanting to but not sure if I should ask. Boy his was quite thick, real hard and curving out with its bared knob more pointed than mine. I had been reading up on cocks with the feelings I was getting and found masturbating was what I loved once or twice a day at least to address those feelings that made me feel so good. And I sure will do it in bed tonight thinking about his that’s in my hand now. “Let’s do the toss now but do each other…” He ran his fingers in my hairs, “… only about a dozen curlies..” then fondled my balls, “…but good danglers and length of skinny cock too. You wank now?” He saw my confusion. “You know… whack off … masturbate?” My eyes lit up! ”Oh masturbate! Yes! A… a lot?” He smiled and moved against my side, pressed his boner on my hip, put his arm around my hip, pulled in tight and rocked it on my hip as he started ‘whacking’ me off!.Wow! And it was so better by him as my knees quickly got weak and I spit a long a spiraling stringer of sem… cumm out! My best ever so far!. He was impressed by the amount, “And how long you been beatin’ your meat?” I thought for moment and proudly announced, ” Forty six days!” He licked some off his fist and chuckled, “Good… a little thin still.” Thin? As if he always tastes it? “Well you’ll just have to learn the many different ways of getting off this week. Have you tossed anyone else off yet?” When I sheepishly shook my head, he smiled, “Great! I’ll proudly be your first!” I faced him, his vertical cock jiggling, so I wrapped my my small hand around it and was quite intrigued by the feel of it in my fist at my age. It was so thick, the fingers in my fist just touching and the skin was real tight over what felt like a fucking hammer handle! The knob was big too, with a big kinda flare which his hoody was tucked up under now. And as I started tossing it, I was intrigued by the way his big balls flopped around. Mine sure don’t yet! So I grasped them, feeling them kinda tightening as I really concentrated, pumping faster and biting my lip. Wow! He suddenly gasped and dropped his head! I felt his thick cock start pulsing and… balls contract more… and fuck! The piss lips on the bright red knob opened and spurted up a thicker spiral of ‘cumm’ as he called it, mega more than mine! It was whiter too and fell back all over my fist! Then a couple final spurts oozed out and down ! He relaxed, breathing deep as he grinned at all the mess he made on my hand . Then he took my hand, smiling as he sucked and licked some off it. His own cumm now! “Fuck me, Mitch my boy, you’re hired! That’s the best whack job I’ve had in quite a a while so when I need a good jerkin, you’re my official Tosser Boy! And methinks thou will be a good apprentice for all the fun ahead of us this week. Oh, better clean up before we head out.” And I was surprised when he bent down, sucked my leaking cock then rolled my hoody back and sucked my shiny knob! Wow! I grabbed his head as he chuckled. So I looked mad, “Bitch! I’ll fix you!” I bent down and since his hoody was still back I ran my tongue up his leaking piss lips. His turn to flinch now, and he shook his head as he looked down at a our cocks and let his hoody roll back over to it protective state… “To keep it tender for future fun!” He chuckled, “Well, we’ve done a good job on cleaning up our fun, so lets head out swinging and see who is here. So, you like the start of our family reunion so far? And maybe ready for some more family ‘unions’ too?”. He stretched his skin down, so I grinned and did the same. And I must say, it’s really different and gonna take a while getting used to stripping naked to go out rather dressing the usual way! And it was a good thing we did whack each other off because my cock kinda kept getting a bit jumpy but not hard as I watched those other cocks now, imagining then spitting cumm too. They’re all so different in so many ways too. And what I liked best were the looks I got too! I mean I’m a quite nerdy what with being taller and skinny with glasses and used to being snubbed, so it’s amazing what a difference a big swinging cock can make on a nerd my age. Definitely a different image of me, not the usual mean looks, but more envious ones now! Longer than boys my age, with bigger balls, but the best sign was the dozen or more curlies crowning it! So I was no longer shy in front of the boys now any more but rather a bit proud when they stared. The girls were a little different and some would giggle at it but I wasn’t interested in there cunts, just slits to me. Boring. Some had some hair on theirs and were getting tits. Boring. A couple times though I saw a boy standing with his hands on his hips, looking down at a couple girls on their knees as one was sliding the skin back and forth on his little boner while the other girl rolled his little nuts in her fingers. Another time a girl had spread he cunt lips with her fingers as two boned up boys took turns jiggling their fingers on her little ‘clitty’ as I learned it was called. Playing `doctor’ or `diddler’? Kids will be kids eh? Bren seemed to be enjoying my company to when he said, “Let’s go down to the water and check out the beach and see who’s here!” He sure knew a lotta guys back then too, and I really enjoyed seeing such a large variety of swinging cocks for my first time. He liked the attention I was getting too and would introduce me as, my `little’ cuzin Mitch, and chuckled with some comments like, `More’n a lunch on `little’!’, `Don’t choke on `little’!’, `Great `little’ butt plug!’, all comments I didn’t understand back then on my first visit. So that was my first time with Ben at our `au naturale’ cottage and needless to say, you can understand my faithful attendance every summer after that, and have `relations’ suriyeli escort with my relations and their friends! Especially the virgins like I was and could do my part to prepare them for some fun in the `sandbox’ now. The family accepted the fact that it was normal for a percentage of it to be queer, albeit a higher percent than average. Other than being used for initial indoctrination for straights, they considered the `cabin’ off-limits from then on. It was nic’d the `Happy Hang Out’, where you didn’t `hang’ for long! Being a high testosterone family, and as per its size, most boys including straights remember the experience of `cumming of age in it, but then they spend their visits in the main `cottage’. So, now back to the present. I rise up and put my fist out, Archie smiles as he bumps mine and introduces his friend, appropriately named Queenie, who giggles as he takes his eyes off my cock and his hand off his own clothed white snake and bumps me as he titters. Suddenly we hear yelled out, “Hey Archie! There you are! Sorry I missed you!” and it was obviously a gym friend of Arch’s by his build but looked only about 15-16. And angel cute too! My interest was not missed by Archie either. He was a bit breathless as he stared down at my cock and modestly pressed on the swelling in his tight white silk shorts, a bit embarrassed. “I didn’t realize it was a clothing optional beach either.” It wasn’t missed by Archie either who introduced him as Brit from his gym class. And as we all knuckled, Brit became a little uncomfortable, “I… I didn’t have time to put on… my suit you know…” Archie and I didn’t look at each other as he stifled a chuckle, “No probs Brit my boy, we have a cabin we all often change in to get comfortable for the day!” Archie shot me a wink as Brit relaxed a bit, but likely was still concerned about how he was gonna be able stuff his growing bulge in… anything. I know how I felt my first time. We went in and they were impressed with the layout, as I had been, and Archie tossed his kit on the end of a bottom bunk and told Queenie to put his there too. He smiled at him, winked at me, then turned to Brit, “We’re expecting a full house this weekend, so have to double up. Best to do it beforehand so, how’d you like to double up with Mitch here now as you already know… all of him? He can help you `change’ too” Brit took a quick glance at my dangling wood that was slowly becoming lumber as I scanned his nubile but young physique and could see some lust in his eyes. Perfect! Likely a virgin too. Of course Queenie didn’t hesitate and started working Archie’s bikini down. I had Brit drop his kit on my lower bunk across from them and smiled warmly at him as I pulled on my filling cock then held that helping hand out. He finally relaxed and smiled back as he hesitated, then lifted his arms and I pulled his tank top off. I could see he realized it ws was game time! I was horizontal now as I coyly squeezed the hard tent that had formed in his shorts. Boy, his lust had overcame any kinda shyness now as I bobbed my vertical cock and he was extremely anxious to have his hard teen cock now freed into the fresh air. And what a tasty beaut snapped up! A 6+ on a teen sure was a treat! Not quite the muscle cock like Queenie is sucking on now, but nicely curving out with the hoody quite swollen so the pink eye was peeking out. Great set of dangling rocks too! All barriers gone now as he didn’t react as I peeled back so that pink cherry dome glistened before my eyes, and when I looked up and licked my lips, the hard shaft in my fingers jerked in reply! Straight or queer, a stiff cock has no conscience! I gave it a very memorable suck for a virgin, like it was a straw in a thick milkshake. As I sucked, I could hear the other springs creaking and when I glanced sideways, I saw Queenie bouncing on Archie’s huge cock that was up his ass already! This must be as incredible an experience for Brit as it was for me my first time I saw it. I was enjoying his nice crown of curly pubes before my eyes when I heard the door fling open with a babble of high voices. I quickly pulled off the cock and held it up as Brit and I looked back. Luckily it was the 13 yr old twins, Terry and Tommy who were gay like 65% of male twins are. And with them was a tall and skinny boy who looked about like Harry Potter and was pressing the crotch of his shorts and was looking kinda scared too. Queenie settled down on Archie’s cock and the two of them also looked over too. Terry and Tommy pulled their shirts off and as they worked their shorts down, one of them piped up , “Hey, Archie and Mitch! Good to see y’all! This here is Blake, our cousin that’s new to the cottage,” and he paused as he stepped out of his own shorts and stretched the skin out on his boner, “and he’s embarrassed because he’s boned up too. So we told him to come with us and we’d help him get rid of it the way we usually do. I guess you don’t mind cause I see you’re doing the same thing, K?” It was Tommy because when they are naked I can tell them apart.Tommy’s hardon curves a bit to the left and Terry’s to the right. Terry had been staring at Brit’s cock in my fist and when he said, “Boy that’s a big one!” I couldn’t help but rub the shiny bared knob on my cheek as I smiled, “You bet! Brit is the owner of this beaut!” And I could feel it jerk in my hand as Brit proudly nodded now! Terry looked over a Archie, “And whose hard cock is doing the swirling helicopters as he’s taking a ride on your rod now?” When he replied `Queenie’ I could see they understood the tranny look and gestures. I could see Blake too was also quickly getting into it now, relaxing more, his horny hormones now flooding over his modesty ones. So when his hard cock snapped up, he smiled as he put his hands on his hips and proudly made it bob. It was thin, a fair length that curved in and was sliced. rus escort The large dry and bright pink knob matching the bright pink uptight bag added a bit of colour to his bright white cock and body, as did his large head of black curly hair and matching small nest of black curls crowning his cock. It became quite quiet as Queenie kept bouncing, as I deeped Brit, and as Tommy was on his knees nursing on Blake’s fresh virgin cock. Blake’s head was back, eyes closed in revelry as Terry ran his fingers over Blake’s naked body, over his ass and down its crack to help heighten the rush. He then moved behind him, bent his cock down and pushed it in between his legs, then reached around and fondled the tight bag of nuts as he rode his cock in and back between his legs. The silence slowly became broken by the slurping, the slight moaning and the soft gasps that were suddenly increasing to a louder crescendo of gagging chokes, loud gasps heading to a finale of a group cumming! Archie was holding Queenie’s hips still, his head bobbing, his ass cheeks pinching as he pumped cumm up him. Suddenly Brit was squeezing my head and gagging as he painted the back of my throat with a huge load of cumm! Wadda fucking load too! Christ! Tommy had blown Blake’s nuts off who in return had sucked off Tommy. So Blake now has sucking Terry’s hard cock in his mouth as Terry on the other end of it was flopping around like a puppet on the end of a stick! Queenie’s kneeling up on the bed now and Archie is sitting up, bent over, his head bobbing on Queenie’s cock! And Brit is halfway down my hard cock, his ring of pink lips around it as his eyes smile up at me, his grin being denied because of my cock in his mouth, but his cheeks dimple as he sucks. Boy oh boy… those slurping sounds of the trio of young cocksuckers and the building gasps, joining me with a cacophony of gasping/choking and gagging releases… and sure heightened my cumming as I spriralled a beauty down Brit’s virgin tongue! Fuck! Brit sure picked up on the technique fast too as I look down at his satisfied smile as swallows then wipes my cumm off his lips and licks a finger at a time! Shit, no longer a stranger to cock sucking and I bet will becomes a pro! The group is quite comfortable and very friendly now as you can well imagine, having just enjoyed a peeking experience with each other. And I have found these `introductions’ make for longtime relation friendships as my lengthy preamble proved for me. The end wall of the cabin is a simple open shower. Natch, a nudist colony. The wall and 3 feet of floor before it is tiled and has 4 shower-heads with 4 drains to the outside . Good for washing sand off before bedtime, or for… Yep! We now bunched in together and went on to enjoy all the others’ naked `bodies’, especially their most important parts, peeling and enjoying a mouthful of `floppy-cock’. It’s a routine that most, like myself, will eventually `enjoy’ in their future visits. We hadn’t quite finished when the door swung open and, like I just said, Gordy comes in. He’s a regular and the 3 teens behind him come tumbling into him and freeze when they see Brit now kneeling and stuffing Queenie’s floppy-cock in his mouth under a shower. As expected, Brit is no longer shy but just turns his head to them and tries to smile, a pair of balls dangling below his chin. Cousin Gordie’s about 24, and is naked, carrying a bundle of clothes in front of him which he tosses on a bed. He then comes over to me, his boner now waving. I reach down and give it a pull as he pulls mine and he smiles, “Feels like you got `ready’ now and have helped these other lads get `ready’ also?” “Yepper! All empty and ready to go out and `flop’ around like everyone else now. And how be you introduce this troupe with you that are now pressing on their crotches! Wanting to get `ready’ too?” “Oh yeah. Jake is my yard boy and the other 2, Luke and little Stan, his friends. When I asked if they wanted to go to my cottage for a swim and sleepover, I kinda forgot to tell them it is clothing optional. (oh sure) Of course when they saw all the bare cunts and cocks, they immediately boned up. so I told them it is very common so we like to fix it right at the start.” They had been staring at my cock, so I put my hands on my hands and swiveled my hips, making a good thigh slapper for them. Gordie then moved over beside me, hands on his hips and jolted his hardon “K guys, now come and check us out, I’m the `before’ and he’s the `after’.” They were a little shy at first, hesitating, but then they giggled and took turns pulling and jerking us as they pressed their tents. Gordie stifled a laugh, “So. How many of you are a `before’ like me?” All nod. “So who wants to be an `after’ now like Mitchy?” Rapid nodding! No hesitation now as their teen horny hormones have flooded their teen bodies and they almost ripped their shorts off, tossed them, then smiled in relief as they anxiously stroked their boners, popping their knobbies. Nice bouquet of them too! Our clothes were on our bunks, and we sure wouldn’t towel off as we chuckled at the naked newbies helping each other to enjoy the beginning of a swinging day a the beach. They didn’t really hear us when we wished them a g’day as we headed down to the beach, swinging comfortably… for now that is… and I believe that they, like me, will be looking forward to tonight, which by the looks of it is gonna be a full `fun house’… Oh, and there’s Professor Howard! He’s about 35 and is quite fit, his familiar cock swinging. He knowingly smiles at me when I look at the university student with him. He’s a cute blond and by the looks of his shorts is in need of some `adjustment’ therapy. A therapy that the `Prof’ is very good at whenever I’ve seen him working it on one of his students. So, I’m really looking forward to some time on the the way to the beach, at the beach and of course on my return, and by the look of it so far, some great nightly entertainment in the `cocky cabin’… Tye Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did scribing it! Think I should do a follow-up on the beach and hoo P.S. Don’t forget some coin if you want the site to stay up so you can stay up too! LOL

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