Coconut Delight Ch. 02

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July 4 this year was apparently my independence from boring sex with my beautiful girlfriend Marie.

July 5, however, shit got real.

Marie & I got up around 8, both still sore from the marathon of sex the night before. We’d fucked for hours, anally & vaginally, and fell asleep in a cum glazed stupor.

We struggled to the bathroom after stripping the bed of the now nasty sheets. Single guy or not, I got plenty if sheets, and I don’t skimp on thread count. One thing I learned in this life is make your woman feel special and she’ll return the favor (unless she’s my exwife).

Before I could turn on the water, Marie hugged me tightly, and whispered huskily in my ear “Lay down in the tub, babe. I want to try something with you.”

I lay down, having a fair idea of what was coming. Marie squatted over me, and for a moment, I thought she was going to ride me. Nope. Option two – aka number one.

Her hot golden piss squirted out of her shaved honeypot, and she must have been full, as it splattered me with some force. I found it strangely erotic, enough so that I ventured a taste.

Uck. I spit that out in a hurry, and ran for the mouthwash. It still left an acrid, bitter taste in my mouth.

Marie leaned against the shower enclosure wall, laughing. “I always wanted to try that,”. She said. “But tasting, we can leave out.”

I walked to the shower, and before she could turn on the water, I opened fire with my piss cannon. I squirted her between the lips of her snatch, and her eyes opened wide. “Oh baby – hold off! I want to lie down!”

I throttled bank the flow, groaning with the effort. She lay where I had a few minutes earlier, and looked up at me with a salacious grin. “Pee on me baby, right on my clit.”

I unclenched with a small grunt of effort and directed my stream at her clit. She began to writhe like a snake, pinching her nipples & moaning. I kept it up as long as I could, but a combination of empty tank & full libido cut off the flow.

Marie looked up at me pleadingly “No….don’t stop! I’m almost there!” In a flash of inspiration I quickly turned the shower massager to high pressure, flipped it on, and directed the flow at her little man in the coat.

She began screaming like a she devil, “God yes…squirt all over me…I can feel your cum all over me like a firehouse!” Clearly she was well into fantasy land.

She finally looked up at me with a look of exhaustion, and said “Please babe, turn it off. I appreciate the idea, but no more! I feel like Godzilla douched me!”

I snapped off the water, and we both laughed. I rehung the massager, turned back on the water, and held her, and kissed her in the shower, as she lay against me, eyes closed. I the grabbed the shampoo, and began to massage it into her platinum bob.

She looked up at me in surprise, and said innocently “No one has ever washed my hair in the shower with me.” I looked into her honey colored eyes “It’s about time somebody took care of you like you deserve.”

I washed her hair, and gave her a full scalp massage. She looked at me and said “That was fabulous! I wish it don’t have to end.”

I smiled at her, and said “It doesn’t have to yet,” as I reached for the bottle of conditioner. Needless to say, we were in there till we ran out of hot water.

We dried each other off with fluffy towels, and went to bursa escort the bedroom to dress. Marie had brought a large bag, as we planned to spend all four days together.

We went out to a peaceful breakfast. She demurely ordered an egg white omelet and wheat toast. I asked the waiter to come back in 2 minutes. Marie looked at me quizzically, “Not sure what you want?” She queried.

“I know exactly what I want,” I responded, “But do you seriously want egg whites and wheat toast? You can be yourself. I like you for who you are; you don’t need to eat like a lady with me.”

She smiled, and waved the waiter back over. “Throw out the egg whites, my good man. Three eggs scrambled well with cheese, double bacon – chewy, not crispy & a bagel. And the biggest, strongest cup of coffee you have. If it threatens to dissolve the cup with its shear coffeeness, that would be excellent’!”

I grinned happily. I’m starting to love this gal!

After a pleasant breakfast we returned to my home. I plopped on the couch, and said “What do you want to do?”

“Everything!” Was her salacious reply. She gently took my hand and led me back to the bathroom. “Get undressed, I’ll be right back.” I stripped down, thinking it was too early for another shower. She came in the bathroom, and closed the toilet lid, and sat me down.

“Shaving your balls is a good start, but I want to suck some serious dick today!” She quickly shaved my whole pubic are and shaved my stubbly nutsack. I looked down after and looking at my lone tree with no forest, I decided I’m keeping the look – it looked huge! We hopped in the shower for a rinse off, and she freshened her beautiful baldness.

She then came back and handed me 2 clear bottles with long orange tips. She then said, “Good sex starts with good prep. We’re playing anal today. Squeeze the first one up your ass. You’ll probably run to the toilet right away. After, squeeze in the second, and come get me.”

She stepped out and mostly closed the door. I followed her directions. It wasn’t pleasant. Neither was doing a potty dance while she did her rinse.

After potty games were done, she led me back to the bedroom. We lay down, and I started my foreplay routine. I lightly bit one nipple, while gently squeezing the other. She began to purr. I switched to kissing her neck, while gently twirling her clit. She began humping my leg, so I slid down, and began to lovingly eat her delicious pussy. Once again she wound up pushing me away in exhaustion.

We rolled over, and in the doggie position, I thrust my raging boner into her swamplike pussy, and gave her a dozen slow strokes, while lubing her ass, and stretching her tight balloon knot.

She began to grunt and thrust back onto my dick. While she surged forward, I quickly pulled back a bit, and readjusted. She pushed back, expecting another pussy thrust, and got my eight inches balls deep in her clutching ass.

She basically screamed like a banshee and came to a dead stop. “You asshole! You never do that to someone! But shit, that was fantastic!” I grinned, and began to gently pump her rump.

After a few more strokes, she bade me to pull out. She rolled over, and we got into missionary position, ankles on my shoulders, and a pillow under her hind end.

I entered slowly this time, and gently brought my bald groin all the way into hers. “Fuuuuuuck,” she groaned. “So fucking deep! I love it like this!”

I kept stroking slowly, but began to bursa escort bayan speed up. She began to scream in her familiar orgasmic shriek, and I unloaded my charged balls in her ass. She pulled off, & rolled over quickly, and spread her cheeks. “Eat my ass! Drink that cum out! You put it there, you get it out!”

I was in their before I could think about it. I felched my own man batter from her ass, and then rose up & snowballed her. We eagerly swapped my bitter brew, and both swallowed.

“God damn, you’re taking to anal like a duck to water!” She said shaking her head. “Lets rest a bit before we go another round.” She rested her sweaty head on my pecs, and we took a fast powernap.

It turned out to be fast, as my neighbors with the adjoining walls were being loud. After stretching, Marie turned to me and said with an evil grin “Wanna fuck with them?”

I looked at her in complete innocence and said “Not really. She’s very unattractive.” This earned me a slap on the ass for my intentional cheekiness.

She said “I’m going to get done accessories. Stack up 2 or 3 pillows, and lie over them. And plan to be loud!” I did as she requested, and she returned wearing what appeared to be King Kong’s penis. I gulped and said “”Marie, honey, that’s enormous! I’m almost a virgin here!”

Marie scoffed, “Baby it’s the same size as your cock. You took something pretty big your first time without a hitch. Now try to relax.” She spread my cheeks, and applying her tongue to my asshole.

All my concerns disappeared as she worked her dexterous oral digit in my funky darkness. It was like there was an electric wire from my asshole to my cock head, and I was electrified!

She pulled out her tongue, and she began to gently smear lube on my anus. I tightened up in fear. She began to stroke the small of my back. “Relax, baby. I know you’ll enjoy this. If it hurts I’ll stop. Just relax, and when I push in, push out, like your going to the bathroom. You’re nice and clean so nothing will happen.”

As she rubbed my back and my ass, I began to relax, and I welcomed her gloved finger. She reached down with the other hand, and gently massaged my taint & my balls.

I closed my eyes, and relaxed. I felt the finger withdraw, and then more stretching as I assume 2 fingers went in. I continued enjoying it as the fingers on my taint & the fingers in my ass seemed to concentrating on a spot that felt very good.

“You’re doing very well, Sweetie,” said Marie. “Your cock is drooling precum everywhere!” She stroked some off my dormant, yet dripping friend, and tasted it, and pronounced it yummy. She then stroked up some more and fed it to me.

Much tastier than semen, with almost a sweet quality. I felt very strange then. I had a woman’s fingers in my ass, and was tasting my own fluids. Was I gay? I thought a moment, and realized if I was, it wouldn’t be Marie behind me, but a proverbial Mario.

Another finger joined the party. I began to rock back and forth, trying to take the fingers as deep as I could. As I reared back to pump, all of a sudden my ass was very full. I heard Marie cackle “Pay back is a bitch!”

I realized that she was fully buried in my ass. I didn’t hurt, but I felt very full. I wasn’t quite sure I liked it. Marie began to stroke my lower back again. “I’m sorry baby. You’re more of a virgin then I am so I probably shouldn’t have done it, but you were swallowing all four of my fingers.”

“Four?” I questioned. escort bursa “I though you had three in there. “No sir. You’re such an ass slut you swallowed up four!” She said with erotic glee. She then began to slowly pump my ass with her ebony toy. If I thought the internal/external massage was good, it was nothing compared to this. My while body felt on fire, but in a joyful way. I felt stuffed, but alive.

I humped back at her, relishing her strap-on going rubber balls deep. I felt my ass loosen a touch, so I increased my speed. I heard Marie crying out in extacy. And she disappointingly pulled out of my ass and collapsed backward. “Help me outta this thing!” she fervently requested.

I unstrapped the dildo, and discovered it had a smaller plug buried in her sodden pussy. I withdrew the strap-on and went to clean up her copious juices with my tongue.

She gently stopped me by saying “If you ate my pussy now, I’d die in shuddering bliss. But we’re not quite done yet, as you haven’t come.” I tried to tell her I’d be fine, but she wouldn’t hear of it. She grabbed the biggest double dildo I’d ever seen. It was about eighteen inches long, and at least two inches thick. I cringed in fear.

Marie said “Its OK, Sweetie. I haven’t gone that big before either, but you took my cock like a champ. We’ll try it out, and stop if we can’t handle it.” She then pulled out what appeared to be a giant power tool.

I shrunk back in fear, and exclaimed “No way that fuckers going in my ass!” Marie had a good laugh. She then explained. “This is my hitachi. It’s a vibrator. External use only.”

She lay back, and had me grease the double headed leviathan, while she flicked on the hitachi. It buzzed like an angry hornet. She applied it to her clit, and sighed happily. She then got in all fours, and freshly greased & fingered her ass while she vibed her clitoris.

I then began to slowly penetrate her hindquarters with the beast. She moaned, and muttered “So big…so good.” After I got in about six inches I began to fuck her in and out with it.

After a few minutes, she grabbed the dildo from me, and rolled onto her back, the beast hanging out like a tail. She put down the hitachi, and held up the foot of dildo. “Baby, straddle me facing my feet. I’m gonna fill you, and then your going be my cowboy, and ride me.”

I assumed the requested position and as I licked her oddly appealing toes, I felt the dildo knock knock knocking on heavens door, as it were. It slowly slipped in, and felt uncomfortably large. I heard the hitachi pop on, and Marie ordered me to “Back that ass up.”

I began to slowly ride the beast, and from its shifting I knew it was sliding in an out of both of our well greased holes. I started to enjoy when my ass loosened, and pumped harder. Marie was grunting uncontrollably and bucking into me.

I heard screaming, and realized it was me. I was in utter bliss. “Fuck my hairy bitch ass,”. I yelled. “Go deep!” Suddenly Marie let out a sound that sounded like someone was strangling a cat, and my cock started to spurt without me touching it. Despite my earlier load, and the workout the night before, it squirted all over my belly, and Marie’s legs. I pulled off the dildo, and removed it from Mares ass with a bit of difficulty, as she apparently clamped down and blissed out. At least she had put down the hitachi.

I lay my head on her sweaty tummy, and said, “My God! That was the hottest thing I’ve ever done!” Marie chuckled lightly, and wearily replied “We’re done for now, but not for good. We’ve got a way to go yet.” As I pondered what she meant, she spoke again.

“Fuck my hairy bitch ass? I wanted to torture the neighbors, not traumatize them!”

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