Cold War Between Wife , Mom Ch. 02


“You’ve got one hell of a nerve seducing your own son to get back at me!” Gail shouted angrily as soon as Ethel said hello into the phone.

“Calm your ass down! The kids or Dan will hear you.” Ethel replied. “Dan sure as hell didn’t tell you, so it must’ve been the smell of the bed cover.”

Gail had to admit that her mother-in-law knew her well too much. She was expecting Ethel to be surprised, maybe even to deny it or show remorse, but her nemesis was going on the offense.

Ethel was still talking. “If you gave that boy a little more pussy, you wouldn’t have to worry about him getting a little on the side. He told me he’s complains to you about not getting enough.”

“They’re at the mall. You know damn well he wouldn’t fool around on me!” Gail replied, with a little less volume. “You spread your legs and took advantage of him. Telling him of your motherly love! You are a fuckin’ whore!”

“Must I remind you that whores fuck for money!” Ethel retorted. “I will admit he was a bit reluctant but only for a very brief moment.”

“He said your pussy was loose and ugly!” Gail shot back.

“That’s damn funny, Gail!” Ethel replied sarcastically. “That’s why his tongue was probing my fuck hole – looking for the pretty part! I know my pussy is not as cute as yours, bitch, but I bet he fucked me with more passion than he’s ever fucked you! I let him know he was appreciated.”

“You’re the bitch!” Gail shouted. “You have no respect for yourself, your son or his family. You fucked him to get back at me! That is the only reason!”

“Apparently I achieved my goal!” Ethel said, turning the screw. “Let me tell you how good he fucked………………………..”

Gail slammed the phone down not hearing the rest of Ethel’s rant. Oddly, within minutes both women would be laying in their respective beds, naked, their legs spread wide, fingering their pussies. Ethel’s fantasy was one of Gail watching Dan fuck her, his mother. While Gail’s fantasy had Dan fucking her while Ethel watched.

With their stress released, Gail returned to her daily chores. Ethel lay on her bed for long minutes pondering her incestuous misdeeds until she finally drifted off to sleep.


“Damn it’s good, Dan!” Gail moaned. “Stick it in me deep!”

Dan was in seventh heaven with his hands clutching his wife’s ass as he pounded into her. She was not even complaining about the weight on her chest as she usually did in such a position.

“Is it good, baby?” He breathed in her ear.

“Yes! God yes! Your cock is wonderful!” She exclaimed.

At times like this Gail wished that she felt like sexual intercourse more often. Having made a commitment to give her husband more sex, she had not felt particularly interested until Dan had stuck his cock into her the second time. An attentive lover he always began by kissing and stroking her all over, which had done little to arouse her. Then, she had reluctantly guided his cock into her and he had fucked her slowly for long minutes. Pulling out of her, Dan ate her pussy a bit before mounting her again. It was during his giving of oral sex that the visions of Dan fucking his mother materialized and acted as an aphrodisiac.

The couple screwed with abandonment. Gail’s ass met her husband’s thrusts as best she could, being locked in as she was, him gripping her ass tight.

“Don’t stop! Please, don’t stop!” She cried. “You’re not close are you? Don’t come!”

“I’m going to fuck your ass off!” He assured her.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck my ass off!” She begged.

Long minutes passed. Young as she was she was beginning to lose energy. She wrestled with visions of different positions Dan was fucking his mother, trying desperately to find one exciting enough to bring her to orgasm. The one that worked had Dan fucking his mother up against the wall at the foot of the bed. The orgasm gripped her like she had never been gripped by an orgasm before! She actually yelled loud enough for anyone in the small house to hear. The kids slept through it though she listened carefully as Dan lost himself inside her. She was soon confident all was well.

“Yeah! Do it! That was so good!” She whispered breathlessly. “Give it to me! Come in my pussy! Fuck your mother!”

The words had surprised her and she wondered if Dan had heard them. Dare she repeat them? Involuntarily, she did.

“Give it to me, baby! FUCK MAMA! Give Mama your cum!”

She felt his cock stab her deep, pulsating as it shot his load into her. She pulled his head into her chest to stifle the moan that began loudly. Finally, standing it as long as she could, she pushed his weight from her. He rolled to his back to lie next to her breathing heavily.

“Damn, Gail, what’s gotten into you?” He queried.

“Just wanted to see how much influence she has over you.” She lied, then accused. “Hearing her name got you off quick enough?”

“I told you it would not happen again!” He argued. “It’s not fair to use it against me. You have to admit what you said is erotic as hell.”

“If she desires casino oyna to spread her legs for you again, you’ll crumble like a sandcastle. There’s not a damn thing I can do about it. It’s all right, Dan. It’s all right! I’m going to sleep now.

Knowing the bedding needed rewashing, without softener, she did not give second thoughts to the semen that might leak from her.


The weeks became months.

For Ethel, her non-working hours were spent plotting, feeling guilty and sinful, talking out loud to herself and masturbating almost nightly. The 5″ dildo did little to satisfy her. The visions of Gail watching mother and son fuck often brought her to orgasm only to have it evaporate quickly, leaving her frustrated.

Gail wanted desperately to plot against her mother-in-law — to keep Dan loyal – and he was lying beside her every night — all she had to do was spread her legs more often. She had come to terms with being bested by Ethel – rationalized the “keeping it in the family” concept – rationalized her lack of desire to fuck her husband more often, she had told him, more than once, “it’s ok” for his mother to pick up the slack — but thankful her mother-in-law lived a thousand miles away.

“Fuck your mama’s pussy!” She pleaded seductively, knowing it would bring Dan to orgasm quickly. “Yes! Come in mama. I can feel it!”

And it did!

“Was it good?” She asked.

“Your tight pussy is always good. I never get enough of it.” Dan answered, as he continued to pump slowly into her. “Are you going to come?”

“No. I’m find.”

Dan pulled his cock out of her and they returned to their respective sides of the bed. Gail replaced her panties to contain any seepage.

“Why do you always get around to using “mama” in our love-making?” Dan queried in a low voice.

“It gets you hot, rock hard and you come quick. And you like it, don’t you? I don’t always do it! But I understand how erotic it was fucking her. I told you it’s ok.”

“And I told you it wouldn’t happen again!”

“Tell me you haven’t thought about her visit in three weeks? Gail quizzed. “She’s never visited for Thanksgiving. I can’t be around you two continuously! The first time ya’ll are alone she’s spread her thighs for you and you’ll stick your cock in her loose-as-a-goose snatch. Stop lying to yourself — and to me!

Gail turned on her side and reached for his crotch.

“SEE! You’re thinking about her hairy twat right now — holding her beefy thighs back — popping her fuck hole — her sagging tits flopping against her fat belly. Turn over and mound me!! NOW!!”

With her left hand she guided Dan’s cock and with her right she pulled the crotch of her soiled panties to the side. His cock slipped easily into her cum lubricated pussy.

There was no mention of “mama” as Gail fucked like a mink. Dan hammered into her with the visions given him. Interestingly, Gail was concentrating on the same visions – bringing her to a timely orgasm — not acknowledging her vision had more to do with Ethel’s body than son fucking mother.

“You fuck me good, Dan!” She said as she turned to her side, her back to him. With a double load in her, she now felt clammy between her legs but pushed the feeling aside for sleep.


Three weeks later Gail returned home from taking the kids to school. She had not bathed yet and had about two hours before she had to pick up Dan’s mother from the airport. The usual dread that accompanied such knowledge seemed to have disappeared. She supposed, accepting that Dan and his mother would be sexually intimate during her visit had taken a lot out of her determination of being the dominant woman in the house.

Before bathing she sat on the toilet, one leg propped on the bathtub, and waxed her pussy as she did once a month. It always made her horny and she spent the next 20 minutes fingering herself and stroking her clit to orgasm. She promised herself; If mother and son fucked, she was going to be present.

“So, how was the flight?”

“You know I hate flying!” Ethel answered. “But compared to 10 or 12 hours on the road it’s a no-brainer.”

“I have made a decision! You can fuck Dan anytime you want. In fact, I’ll even sleep on the couch and let you two share the bed during your visit.”

The revelation caused Ethel razor eyebrows and she looked at her daughter-in-law suspiciously.

“And what does Dan have to say about that?” Ethel queried.

“He has promised not to fuck you again, but we both know that is bull-shit. If you spread your legs, he will melt like butter, but I don’t suppose this cock will.” The last comment made Gail chuckle.

“You’re taking all of the fun out of it, you know!” Ethel retorted. “I’ve been looking forward to seducing him. I agree he would never mess around on you with another woman. But he loves his mama — and her pussy! I’m glad we finally see eye to eye on at least one thing.”

They arrived home and Gail asked if Ethel wanted some coffee.

“No. If you don’t mind, I think I’ll take a nap.” slot oyna She replied. “Should I use your bed or the couch?”

“I feel like a nap too! Do you mind sharing the bed with me? I told Dan you and him will share the bed while you’re here.”

“That’s very gracious of you, Gail! Not at all!”

Ethel headed towards the bedroom with Gail moments behind her. When Gail entered the room she watched her mother-in-law undressing. Ethel undressed down to her panties and bra and entered the bed. Gail followed suit and entered the bed from the foot, to Ethel’s left.

“You don’t need a cover?” Gail asked.

“No. For me the temperature is perfect. How about you?”

“I’m fine!” Gail answered, turned her back to her mother-in-law and closed her eyes.

Ethel studied Gail’s body and had to admit, while not overly endowed in any particular area, she was a stunning girl. She pondered, if they both were naked and on their backs with their legs spread wide, which one would lure Dan first.

“I suppose, if he gave it any thought, Dan would feel like he was very fortunate.” Ethel said. “The best of both worlds so to speak. A nice slim young girl like you, and a heavier and more endowed woman like me.”

“You’re overweight and you know it!” Gail replied with no malice in her tone. “But yes, I see your point. He said you have a forest between your legs. I wax mine. I wonder which one he prefers. I’ve never asked.”

“You can’t be serious!” Ethel said with awe. “I don’t see how you can do that. I know it hurts like hell.”

“Not so much if you do it often enough.”

“Can I see?” Ethel asked girlishly.

Gail turned on her back and lifted her ass, pushing her panties down, lifting her feet to remove her panties.

“You’ve got nothing more than a crack between your legs like a little girl!” Ethel exclaimed.

“I know women are — different – more or less labia – but it is the hole that matters and mine is tight – not loose-a-goose like a gal I know. Now! I’ve shown you mine, it’s your turn!” Gail challenged.

With a bit more effort than Gail, Ethel lifted her broad ass off the bed and pushed her matronly panties down, lifting her feet, with a bit of effort, she removed them.

“Damn that’s a lot of hair!” Gail exclaimed. “I can’t see your twat! How about spreading for me?”

Gail was moving and Ethel involuntarily spread her legs and bent her knees, feet placed flat on the bed.

“Have you lost your senses, girl?” Ethel exclaimed.

“I’m curious! You’re not going to tell me you’re embarrassed?”

Gail was mesmerized by her first, close-up-and-personal viewing of another woman’s vagina. She found her labia to be meaty, culminating outward into two large flaps, their color, cocoa brown.

“Pull your legs back!” Gail directed forcefully.

“Don’t be bossy!”

“I’m going to spread your pussy lips.”

“The hell you arrrr……….!!” Ethel protested but allowed it.

Gail was not expecting the drastic color change from cocoa brown to light pink to an angry red. Ethel’s clit was ample, rosy red and glisteningly moist. Mesmerized, she delicately touched it with the index finger of her right hand.

“You are one crazy lady!” Ethel said and exhaled though slightly open lips. “I’ll give you 30 minutes to stop that!”

Gail was happily willing to carry on, and receiving no rebuke for her forwardness or a command to halt, she did so. Neither, did she give a second thought to her fall into bi-ism. Ethel, with little concern, followed Gail’s decent, knowing it would only cement her incestuous relationship with her son. It seemed that she had spent months plotting and letting her anxiety fester. She had done without too long, and now, could gladly add Gail to the mix. And surely, if required, eating pussy was easier than sucking cock.

Gail was soon listening to her mother-in-law’s moans.

“Open your eyes.” Gail directed.

Ethel did as directed and lifted her head to look down at her daughter-in-law’s finger stroking her clit.

“You sure as hell know what you’re doing!” She said with labored breath. “You apparently have done this before.”

“You’d like to think that wouldn’t you?” Gail retorted. “But I’m just as surprise as you are. I don’t know why, but I can understand Dan’s fascination with your cunt.”

“Cunt, is such – a – crude word!” Ethel replied, having to breathe her words by sucking in air.”

“Have you never looked at your pussy?” Gail said. “Crude is the only word that comes to mind. I’m going to stick my finger in you. I hope your CUNT doesn’t gobble me up!”

Gail maneuvered to her knees between Ethel’s widened stance and true to her word slid her index finger into Ethel’s pussy. Ethel’s knees lowered, placing her feet again flat on the bed. Gail placed her left hand on her mother-in-law’s abundantly forested mound and stroked her clit with her thumb. Soon her finger was stabbing into Ethel’s pussy. Gail saw her eyes were closed again and she seemed to be lost in sexual ecstasy. Gail added canlı casino siteleri her middle finger and stabbed relentlessly at her mother-in-law’s pussy.

Ethel was indeed delirious. There was pain and pleasure. First one, then, the other, fighting to remain in the forefront. Her ass was all over the place! Gail’s thumb failed to maintain its position on Ethel’s clit, leaving Ethel in limbo. It seemed that Ethel was trying to voice a desire but could only cry lustfully and moan, visibly fighting for breath. Her body seemed to be trying to escape but Gail followed refusing to cease the assault, staying close between her legs. To the casual observer, she seemed to have a desire to stab her mother-in-law to death.

In truth, Gail was mesmerized and intoxicated with the display before her. She was giving Ethel the finger-fuck of her life. She had her mother-in-law’s head up against the headboard for long moments she had nowhere to go to escape. Finally, Ethel forced her body to the left and soon her head was hanging off of the bed. She was give-out and could not get any relief. She would have hated her daughter-in-law had she stopped. She hated her for continuing!

Now, with half of her body off the bed she was in peril of falling off the bed. Bent, seemingly on self-destruction, she did not resist her daughter-in-law’s intertwining of their arms, hands clutching each other’s upper arm, to prevent her leaving the bed entirely. Moments later, they both tumbled off the bed, Gail’s fingers slipping out of Ethel.

Without design, the two women were inverted with Gail on top. Instantly, Gail’s head went between her mother-in-law’s legs. Not so easily, she forced her tongue between her thick, flap-protected labia and located Ethel’s clit. She heard her mother-in-law give out a cry and then a sigh of relief with the direct stimulation of Gail’s tongue. With a little lapse of thought, Ethel’s hands found her daughter-in-law’s young, small buttocks and gripped them in much the same way as her own buttocks were gripped. She began to suck on her daughter-in-law’s hairless crack.

“God damn, woman!!” Gail took a second to command. “You’re not sucking a dick. Find my clit with the tip of your tongue!”

Ethel did, and the two women thus engaged, and within a few short minutes, brought each other to orgasm. Almost instantly together, who followed who would be an argument worth having! Gail rolled off of her mother-in-law and they both lay breathless on the shaggy bedroom rug for long minutes.

“I don’t know whether to praise you for give you a good ass whipping!” Ethel said, after catching her breath. “If you’re new to satisfying a woman, you’re a natural! I don’t think I can get up off the floor!” She laughed.


The two women eventually regained the bed and drifted off to sleep. The alarm clock rang at the appropriate time and Gail left her mother-in-law sleeping. Ethel was up to greet the kids from school and spent the afternoon playing games with them. She then helped Gail prepare supper. When Dan arrived home he was greeted warmly by both women and was somewhat surprised by the lack of stress between them. After dinner, Ethel and Gail cleaned up the kitchen while Dan entertained the kids.

Without the tenseness in the air between the two women, 9 o’clock came around surprisingly fast for Dan. Gail put the kids to bed. The three of them continued watching TV until 10:30. Ethel was the first to announce her retirement to bed.

“You two seem to be getting along rather well?” Dan queried to his wife.

“I think we have a mutual agreement – an arrangement, so to speak. ” Gail replied. “I think you will be please! I think I’m ready to retire also.”

Dan followed his wife’s visit to the bathroom. The bedroom was always illuminated well by the neighbor’s security lights or the full moon filtering through the thin material of the curtain that covered the rather large picture window looking into the backyard. This diet the moon was full.

Either by lack of sufficient light, or, probably his inattention, Dan did not notice his wife was on the sofa, her head at the far end of the couch rather than close to the bed, where his mother’s head usually was. For whatever reason, the size of his mother’s form on the left side of the bed, his usual position, raised no thought.

Dan’s surprise registered when he placed his left hand on what he thought was his wife’s ass to kiss her good night.

“Mom! What the hell!” He exclaimed in a whisper.

“It’s the arrangement I told you about, Daniel.” Gail spoke in a low volume. “While your mother is here you two will share our bed. Ethel, this couch is quite comfortable!”

Dan glanced back over his shoulder to look at his wife.

“Calm yourself down, my dear!” Gail comforted. “If you two are going to fuck, you’ll have to accept my presence – at least at night.”

Ethel was not expecting her son to jump her bones on this, the initial, night. She rolled over on her back displacing her son a bit.

“You probably were not expecting any pussy tonight – from either of us. ” Ethel said. “I’m a bit tired because of my travels and All (the emphasis on the word was meant for Gail) but I bet by now your cock is itching to get wet. Yep! Just as I thought! Full your briefs off.”

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