College Girl


Janie went to one party in her college career, and for that Richard was extremely grateful. She graduated in two years, thanks to AP credits and summer courses, but those two years grated on every single one of Richard’s nerves. Those college guys were all over her, and since she was graduating two years early, her “class” was two years older than her.

The first time he heard one of those little shits calling her “baby,” he thought he might pop an artery. He was trying to be a laid-back thirty-four-year-old boyfriend to a college girl, but it didn’t come naturally to allow his sweet girl to hang out with slobbering douchebags who definitely wanted to fuck her.

Despite this, he wanted to prove a point. So in the middle of Janie’s second (and final) year of school, when he heard that she’d been invited to her friend’s 21st birthday party, he enthusiastically encouraged her to go. She didn’t want to because she was, at her core, a homebody, and she’d certainly made herself quite at home in the two-bedroom apartment they shared.

“Are you serious?” she asked, giggling and resting her cheek on her palm as she watched him put away their groceries.

“Very,” he assured her, swallowing his hesitation. “I don’t want you to think I’m overbearing, and besides, I trust you. You shouldn’t graduate without a real college experience like this. You haven’t partied at all. It’ll be good for you, really.”

When he glanced over his shoulder at her, she was eyeing him consideringly, one dark eyebrow raised.

“Richard, I know you’re overbearing, and it’s hot. You and I both know that you’ll be here pacing tracks into the carpet all night if I go to some bar all by myself. I don’t want to go, anyway, you know I don’t like that sort of thing,” she assured him.

He did know that. She was a buzzkill if he’d ever met one. She was genuinely unhappy around drunk people, and she hated being out past dinnertime. But maybe she would actually enjoy letting loose just this once. And he didn’t want her to regret wasting her college experience with him, especially since he intended to keep her with him forever. There was no room for her to wish things had been different.

“I know, baby, but I just think you should try it. I will be worried, but it’s not like you never go anywhere alone. And obviously you can call me to pick you up whenever. As long as your phone is charged, I will be fine. And you will, too.”


It was hard to hold onto that stance when he saw what she was wearing. It was the following weekend, the night of the party, and Janie came tottering out of their bedroom at 8 p.m., sporting two-inch heels and smothering a yawn in her fist.

God, she was beautiful. The dress she wore was short, and the hem was flirty and loose. She’d worn it on his birthday last year, when she made him dinner and let him fuck her in front of a mirror like he’d always wanted. It skimmed the curves of her delectable body, accentuating her breasts and hips, and he knew from experience how easy it was to flip that little skirt up over her hips.

He wanted to take her back into their room and fuck her, or maybe shove her onto her knees right there in the living room and fuck her face until her makeup was ruined. Instead, he curled a finger in a “come here” gesture and watched the deep flush spread up her neck to rest in her pretty cheeks. She walked over to him and allowed herself to be pulled between his legs. Sitting on the couch put him a little above eye level with her, even with the heels. He pressed a kiss to her forehead and slid his hands over her hips to rest on her ass. She shivered in his grip, and he felt her breathing become shallow. He fought back a grin at the thought that, after two years together, she was still so fucking sensitive. He once made her come just by teasing her nipples. She was perfect.

He eased her dress up over her hips so that her black cotton panties were visible. There was a little black bow in the front. He smiled and pressed a kiss to it, which earned him a clawing hand in his hair and a sharp gasp. He pulled the panties to the side and slid two fingers inside her, releasing a grunt of satisfaction when he felt how wet she was. God, she really was made for him.

He curled his fingers until he felt her knees buckle, and he lifted one of her limp hands onto his shoulder for stability. Her mouth was open, and she was breathing heavily, eyelids hooded with desire.

“Who does this little cunt belong to, Janie?” he whispered in her ear, twisting the fingers inside her. She moaned and leaned into him, and he repeated the question.

“You, you, only you,” she promised, head lolling to the side. He grinned at her, although she was too out of it to return the gesture.

“I’ll let you go out and cosplay as a college slut tonight, honey, but the second you get home, I want you on your knees with my cock in your mouth, is that clear?” he growled, pumping his fingers in and out of her pussy and thumbing her clit at the same time.

“Y-yes,” güvenilir bahis she said, nodding rapidly and reaching for the waistband of his sweatpants. “Should I just st-stay home? Please, I need–“

“Cock? I know, slut, but you’ll just have to wait, won’t you?” he said teasingly, pulling his fingers out of her and slapping her pussy. She gasped and lifted a leg, attempting to straddle him, but he squeezed her thighs together, kneading the soft, firm flesh in his hands. “Do you really want me to make you come right now, baby?”

She blushed and shook her head. She was a notorious squirter, and she would have to change her panties and dress if he made her come right then. She heaved a frustrated sigh and stepped away from him, smoothing her dress back down.

“You’re a dick, you know,” she said, but her smile was fond and warm, and she allowed him to grab her hand and press a kiss to her rosy knuckles before she stomped out of the apartment.


Richard managed not to wear the carpet down too much while Janie was gone. He was worried, though, and the thought of other men brushing up against her in some shitty bar made him want to kill someone.

“I shouldn’t have let her go out in that little fucking dress,” he muttered to himself, rubbing a hand over his scruffy jaw and scowling at his reflection in the fridge. “My slut.”

He was out of things to occupy himself with. He’d cleaned up dinner, unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher, and changed their cat Marissa’s litter box. He dropped onto the couch and grimaced when it squeaked. They really needed a newer one that was sturdier, especially since he fucked Janie on it at least twice a week, but Janie was insistent on savings. It was also why they were living in a shitty apartment below their means–she was set on saving money so that they could buy a house when they got married, even if it meant permanently gray baseboards for the time being.

She didn’t bring up marriage very often, but each time she did, he had to fight off the urge to propose immediately. He’d had a ring since their first anniversary because he was fucking obsessed with her, and either she would be his wife and the mother of his children, or he would be a lonely bachelor for the rest of his miserable life.

When his phone rang at 11 p.m., he answered without even looking at the caller ID.


“Hi,” Janie said quietly into the receiver. Richard straightened up and ran a hand through his hair. “Okay, don’t freak out.”

“I’m coming to get you,” he said firmly, standing and scrambling around the living room for his shoes. He couldn’t find them. Shit.

“Okay, that sounds good, but do you want to know what’s happening?”


“Okay, so really don’t freak out,” she was saying. The background noises were awful quiet for a club. “Um, so Lindsay apparently told this guy that she would have a threesome with him, and she thought that he meant a threesome consisting of her and him and one of his friends.”

“Right,” Richard said, finally locating his sneakers and shoving his feet into them. He grabbed his keys and put Janie on speaker so that he could look at her location and type it into his GPS as he jogged down the stairs.

“Well, um, he thought that she meant she would be bringing a friend for the threesome, and well, Lindsay really likes this guy, so I didn’t want to make a fuss and I figured it would be fine because we were in public and obviously I wouldn’t go home with them or anything, and Lindsay said that she would get me coffee tomorrow if I pretended to be on board until she could convince him to just go home with her, but um, he got a little handsy with me–“

Richard barely heard the rest. Janie started talking faster about how she’d left the bar and walked to a different restaurant and had been sitting inside drinking cherry Coke in a booth by herself for the past thirty minutes, but that didn’t make him feel better. He was going to kill every single person in that bar. That fucker who’d touched her would be first to go, and then Lindsay for trying to make her okay with it. The thought of her leaving a bar in the middle of the night in that tiny dress and walking to a fucking Chili’s didn’t exactly settle his nerves either. She was lucky nothing worse had happened. He was going to start throwing things–but first he needed to find her.

She was sitting outside waiting for him when he pulled up to the restaurant. A man in a nice suit was talking to her, smiling and running a hand through his gray hair. He looked old enough to be her dad. She seemed perfectly comfortable, and honestly, the guy didn’t seem like a pervert, but Richard was too on-edge to be okay with another man talking to his girl in that moment.

“Janie,” he barked, climbing out of the car and making her jump. She had a hand over her heart, clutching her metaphorical pearls and everything, but her gaze softened when she saw him. The old guy took a step closer to her though, putting a hand güvenilir bahis siteleri on her arm in a protective gesture that Richard might have appreciated it if it were a different night. “Step the fuck away from her.”

“Can I help you, young man?” the guy said, taking a step forward and scowling.

“He’s my boyfriend,” Janie said dismissively to him, flashing an apologetic smile and practically skipping over to Richard. One of the angry parts of him softened at this. Even when he was shaking with rage, she practically threw herself into his arms. It made him feel more human, brought him down from the peak of his anger.

When she reached him, he snagged her around the waist and pulled her close, until every inch of her was pressed up tight against him. She looked so fucking good, his perfect sweet girl wrapped in that little fucking dress, her huge tits flattened against his side. It was almost enough to get rid of all his anger. Not quite, though.

“Let’s go, baby,” he ground out, jaw clenched. He was so pissed, still. And this guy was looking at her, so concerned, like she was his to worry about, when she was in fact Richard’s concern alone.

Janie squeezed his arm and moved around him to climb into the passenger seat of Richard’s Jeep. She waved reassuringly at the man, and he finally went inside. Richard exhaled heavily and got into the car, trying to relax now that all of his belongings were locked safely inside his car.

Janie let him drive in silence for about one minute, and then she crossed her legs and turned her body to face him. He flexed his hands on the wheel.


“You know what, Richard. You’re being an asshole,” she said, and when he glanced at her out of the corner of his eye, her lips were pursed. He felt like one of the preschoolers she taught.

“Sure, I’m an asshole, but I bet you’re fucking drenched right now,” he said, gut tightening at the thought.

It was always like this with her. He would feel like he went too far sometimes with the caveman shit, and then her panties would be soaking wet as a result, and he would say the most absurd, gnarliest things in the world to see just how turned on his words could get her.

“Um, well, shut up,” she retorted, folding her arms over her chest. That shoved her tits up in the dress, giving her even more cleavage, and he clenched his jaw. With a sigh of relief, he pulled into their apartment complex and turned off the car.

“I’m sorry for what I said to that man because he was harmless, but I’m not sorry for anything else. You’re mine, baby,” he said firmly as he opened her door and unbuckled her. She slapped his hands away like she always did, but he ignored her and scooped her out of the car and into his arms. He slid his hand between her legs under her dress, earning a sharp gasp as she darted a frantic glance around, and confirmed that her panties were soaked. “This is for me, right, slut? Or did you have a little too much fun tonight?”

She shoved him away and shook her head. “Not funny, Richard. You know I would never.”

He did know that, but he was pissed that she’d called him to pick her up after allowing another man to believe that he would be sleeping with her, and now she had the audacity to act like he shouldn’t be upset about that. He knew she would never cheat on him–it just wasn’t in her nature. But he was a little too irritated to be rational.

They walked in stony silence up to their apartment. Richard walked behind her, enjoying the flashes of her black panties when she walked, and continued to regret letting her leave the house in that scrap of a dress. The thought of Lindsay’s idiot friend looking at this ass, these sweet hips, and imagining himself getting to enjoy them–Richard gritted his teeth and jogged to close the distance between the two of them on the stairwell, grabbing Janie and holding her body close.

“Janie. You do not get to be mad at me tonight. You allowed another man to believe that he was going to fuck you. How in the hell am I supposed to be cool about that? I know you would’ve never followed through, but you let him look at you in that dress and think about fucking you. He is lucky to be alive. And you are lucky that I didn’t take you into that Chili’s bathroom and fuck your throat within earshot of that grandpa outside.”

Janie was silent for a moment, and her cheeks were red. He didn’t want her to be embarrassed. He just didn’t want her to be mad at him. And he wanted to fuck her. Desperately.

“He wasn’t even cute,” Janie said quietly, turning in his arms and pressing her cheek to his chest. Richard closed his hands around her waist and squeezed.

“He could’ve been a bridge troll. I’m going to kill him.” His words were confident, but he tried to keep his voice soft for her. None of this was her fault. If he were a better man, he would’ve just picked her up from the restaurant and brought her home, with none of this frustration on either of their sides. But he was a bad man, iddaa siteleri and she was his woman, and he couldn’t bring himself to feel bad about any of it.

“Do you still want me on my knees with your cock in my mouth when we get home?” Janie murmured into his shirt before tipping her head back and grinning wickedly up at him.

“You are such a fucking whore,” he breathed, reaching around and squeezing her round ass.

“Your whore,” she amended, beaming and rolling her hips into his. His erection pressed against her belly, and she reached down to touch it. He sucked in a breath and grabbed her wrist, then turned her around and began marching her up the final flight of stairs. He was cradling both wrists in his hands, and she wasn’t walking carefully anymore, so her dress slid up her hips, exposing the curve of her ass and the edge of her panties as she moved. He slapped her ass, and she squealed and giggled, walking faster.

“My fucking whore,” he said as they reached their door at last. Janie unlocked the door, and he crowded her into their apartment and into the kitchen, yanking her dress up over her hips and promptly bending her over the counter.

He spanked her three times, watching her writhe and grin over her shoulder at him. She wiggled her ass at him, and he pressed the front of his tented sweatpants against her damp pussy. Her ass was bright red, and it moved under his hand each time he spanked her. God, she was absolutely made for this.

“Please fuck me,” she breathed, arching her back and pressing against him. His cock twitched against her, and she bit her lip, rolling her hips backwards.

“I distinctly recall telling you that you would be on your knees with my cock in your mouth, baby,” he said thoughtfully, palming her hips and reaching around to grope her tits. The straps of her dress had already slid off her pretty shoulders, so he just tugged the bodice down to expose her perfect tits. She shivered because she was still bent over the counter, and the granite must have been cold against her sensitive nipples. He curled a hand around her throat and drew her up, arching her back more and thrusting her tits out.

He used his free hand to grope her, fondling her full tits. She was so fucking hot with her dress only covering her belly, leaving her round ass and tits bare for him. And she was entirely his.

He nudged her to her knees, and she shot him a pleased look, licking her lips. He wanted to eat her. Instead, he wrapped her hair around his hand and nudged her mouth open with his cock. She had to sit up on her knees on the uncomfortable kitchen floor because of their height difference, but she looked so extremely delighted to have him in her mouth.

He held her head in his hands and began a steady rhythm, fucking in and out of her pretty little mouth. She was much better at sucking cock now, two years into their relationship, and she was much more comfortable with it.

He fucked her face until tears were streaming down her flushed cheeks, and then he tugged her up to her feet and, clasping her wrists into his hands, bent her over the kitchen table. He gripped her hips and used this leverage to adjust her until his cock was brushing against her damp entrance. Her feet were off the floor, and her hands were curled around the opposite edge of the table, gripping for dear life. He loved her like this, so helpless and warm.

She wriggled her ass back against him insistently, and he chuckled, smoothing a hand over her hip.

“Condom?” he asked fondly, enjoying the view. She glanced over her shoulder at him. She wasn’t on birth control, and she was very much a Catholic natural-family-planning girl, so he just chose to trust that she knew when she was ovulating and wouldn’t let him fuck her without a condom if she was fertile. The risk of getting her pregnant, filling her with his babies, didn’t exactly turn him off anyway.

“No, you’re good,” she said happily, arching her back in an invitation that he was happy to accept. “Please–“

He cut her off by filling her with his cock. She gasped and then groaned, breathing hard against the table. He was impossibly hard, and she was so tight and wet around his cock that he wasn’t sure how he would last. Luckily, he’d been fucking her incredible pussy for years now, and he was a little bit better at not completely losing his shit every time he finally got inside her. She was still just so fucking tight and hot, though, and he couldn’t seem to understand why she would allow him this close to her.

She was just so pretty and lovely, and he couldn’t quite get over her. She was beautiful and kind and generous and her lips looked so good wrapped around his cock. He put his hands on her back to keep her still because she was wiggling around and grinding into him in a way that was making it even harder to last and make this good for her. The good news was that she was so fucking sensitive that she typically took about five seconds to come.

When she finished, releasing a high-pitched moan that sounded somewhat like his name, Richard picked up the pace, eager to reach his climax. When he did, he came deep inside her, filling her cunt with his seed, and watched the pleased smile stretch across her pretty face.

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