College life 14


College life 14RECAP OF THE CHARACTERS:Matt (18), the author; Kris, Matt’s roommate and best friend.Friends: Scott and Juan, roommates; Jess and Robert, roommates; Michaeland Corey (the ex BF) roommates; Stephan. All live on the same floor andare 18 and freshmen except Juan, 19. Rick, RA.Liz, Kris’ girlfriend; Kendall and Noel, friends on the first floor of thedorm. Hayden, Scott’s BF and friend, 18Others will be added as they are introduced and play a part in the story.***********************After waking here alone and the weekend before Halloween, I headed outearly with one thing on my mind since it was about to drive me crazy. No,it wasn’t Corey but my hair. Even this morning in the shower, I cussed itsince it was now long and hanging down to my shoulders and all in my face.After finding a place, the girl did a great job and cut it exactly how Iwanted it, just above my shoulders and out of my face. While there gettingmy hair cut, I noticed they did piercing in the same center. It was in myhead that I wanted one. Sitting in my car, there was a big debate raging,either my ears or something really crazy, my brow. Then, the thought of aneedle sticking my brow made me tighten up all over.Leaving, my car wanted to pull back over and back to the piercing salon.It just wasn’t in me to have it done but it would happen and soon. Drivingback, it was distracting with me trying to look at my hair but I made it.I headed down to check on Scott and see how his night turned out. Ilightly knocked on his door. He opened it in his boxers after a fewminutes.”Can’t a guy have some quiet time without someone showing up?” Scott askedand laughed loudly. I could see Hayden still there beyond Scott.”Come on in, Matt,” Hayden yelled.”Yeah, like you couldn’t guess what we did,” Scott laughed.There were a big box of condoms and lube sitting on the night stand withtwo or three condom wrappers in the floor. “Ummm… you came back here andwent right to sleep,” I commented with a laugh.”Oh hell no, b*o,” Hayden said. “Scott gave me what I wanted and needed…””Hell yeah, I did. Fucked his brains out would be more like it,” Scottlaughed.Hayden kissed him on the mouth, “Not like I didn’t love every minute youwere fucking me either. Matt, thanks again. This is fucking college tome, getting nailed by a really hot guy!””No problem,” I said and laughed. “It’s all about experiences.””I like the haircut, by the way,” Hayden stated.”It was about time you got that shit cut,” Scott said.”I know that shit’s right. It was all in my face and couldn’t do one thingwith it either,” I stated.”You wanna go with us and grab something to eat?” Scott asked.”I could do that, definitely,” I replied.Hayden had no problem in me seeing his naked body. He borrowed some ofScott’s clothes while the two got dressed. We headed out and grabbedsomething to eat at the only cafeteria that was open on campus to give us alittle variety. We did laugh how we hated our high school cafeteria but wewere sitting there eating and thinking it was fit to eat.Once back at the dorm, I headed to my room with my original intention ofstudying. I was deep in my studies when my phone started ringing. Atfirst I didn’t recognize the number until realizing it was Reilly’s number.We talked a few minutes with him inviting me to his place for around fivefor a real date or he made it sound that way.I headed out before five and headed to his dorm. He again lookedincredible and gave me a quick look around at his suite he shared withthree others. It was nice but no bigger than mine with clothes s**tteredeverywhere I looked. I stood looking at it and tried to imagine all of uscrammed in there at one time. Now, I was glad to have saved a few bucksand went with the more traditional style dorm room.”Where’s everyone else?” I asked.”Jeff and Lane headed home,” Reilly replied. “I guess my roommate Wills isstill over at his girlfriend. I don’t know why the dude even has aroom. He’s never here.””Do they know you are gay?” I asked.”They know,” Reilly smiled. I wasn’t sure what to make of the weird smileand the way he said it. We headed out from his room to have a nice quickmeal then off to see a movie. It was in the same theater as the one Coreyand I went so the memories were there. He wanted to see `Amelia’ which wasfine by me. The movie was pretty good in all but it was packed so therewasn’t much fooling around.Back at his dorm, it was still rather early. We sat together on his couchin his tiny living area.”Matt, I had such a great time tonight. Did you?””Of course,” I replied.He leaned over and kissed me. We kissed for a minute. “Matt, you’rereally hot, you know that.””Reilly, you’re hot too,” I said.He kissed me again with his hand roaming down to my crotch. I didn’tflinch a bit with our tongues and lips going at it. He reached over andpulled off my shirt. I didn’t mind and was getting hot, both for him andphysically with sweat. He kissed my neck and shoulders before taking offhis shirt. He wasn’t built with a flat stomach and a tattoo on hishairless smooth chest. He continued to kiss and move down my body.”I just love these abs, Matt,” he commented.”Thank you very much,” I said with his tonguing them. He reached down andgrabbed my crotch.”Damn!” he exclaimed. He unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them off. I wasgetting hard and it was easy türbanlı bartın escort to see my cock outlined in my tight boxerbriefs. “Holy fuck, dude!” he screamed and licked my cock through my boxerbriefs. He reached up and pulled at the waistband to free my cock. Oncenaked, I pulled him up for a kiss. My hand found his crotch while he waslightly touching my hard cock.I moved and kissed down his torso until reaching his nice low riseexpensive jeans. He unbuttoned them and got down to his stylishfashionable briefs. I kissed his cock under his briefs until he rose up toremove them. He was thick and uncut. He looked to be around seven inches.He grabbed our cocks together where I could feel I was bigger.”Damn Reilly, you’re fucking hot as hell naked,” I stated.”Look who is talking,” he said back at me. “I am so ready to give you thebest blow job of your life.”I looked down, “Go for it. I have no problem with that.” He startedlicking all around my cock. He sucked my balls before moving back up totake my dripping cock in his mouth. He opened wide with his tongue flat.My cock slid between his lips and felt so good. I leaned back, watched andfelt a guy who really knew what he was doing.Reilly pulled off and found my lips. We kissed with my cock taste on hisbreath. He pulled off, “Now fuck my face with this big ass cock.”He moved back down. I wasn’t the forceful type but if that is what hewanted. My hips thrust hard into his mouth. He took each thrust and wasmoaning despite my long cock in his mouth. I did it until feeling close.I hated to bust and ruin the moment.I pulled him up, “I was close.””Let er fly all down my throat then,” he said.”I wanna go down on you first,” I said.”Hell yeah,” he said with a smile.I gave him the same treatment by licking all over his uncut meat. He grewback hard with me licking and sucking his tight nut sac. I opened my mouthand felt his thickness stretch my mouth. I looked up with Reilly smilingand showing me those nice white teeth.”Suck my dick!” he yelled.I did as he wanted and enjoyed every moment my mouth was on his hard cock.With my jaw aching, he pulled me up and went straight back down on me.While he was sucking me, he pulled, stood and plastered my nuts and cockwith his milky load. He didn’t miss a beat and went right back down on meto taste his load.”I’m really close,” I moaned after another minute of his expertise.He didn’t move a muscle. He was bobbing up and down to really get me close.”Oh shit!” I groaned deeply and blasted my load in his mouth. He did movea little and let the rest coat his cute face.With my load dripping down his chin, he moved to kiss and share my load. Ididn’t mind at all and accepted it. He continued to kiss with his handsall over me. We stopped with Reilly collapsing to my side.”Damn!” he said.”I know. You were great,” I said and petted his stomach.He grabbed my cock. “This is one hell of a dick. I could see me suckingthis thing every day.”I smiled, “That would be nice.””I’d do it anytime anywhere, Matt. Just say the word,” he said.We sat together with him holding me and being loving as well. I saw thetime was near eleven. I stood and dressed. He followed me to the door andkissed me goodbye.”Hope I can see you tomorrow. If not, then after class, Monday for sure,”Reilly said.”Okay,” I said.The next day, Sunday, I slept in but didn’t feel really bad about it. Itwas about eleven before I woke. I was sitting in my boxers and readingFacebook when Scott came to the door.”Hey, wassup?” Scott asked, dressed in his sagging athletic shorts andshowing off his nice body.”Not much, how about you?””Nothing either really or else my ass wouldn’t be here,” Scott said. “Wemissed you last night.””I went out with Reilly last night for a date,” I stated.”That’s what I figured,” Scott said. “How’s that going so far?””Great actually,” I replied.”So you got some ass then?” he said.”I’m not saying that, Scott,” I said. “I’m not a total whore.””I don’t give a fuck if I am a whore. I’ll admit it right here and now. Ifucking love sex with both and especially with Hayden’s hot fucking ass,”Scott said. “Do you wanna how many times we’ve fucked?””Nope and really don’t care. That’s your personal and private business,” Isaid.”I’ll put it this way. Hayden could barely walk this morning. I’ll saythis too, the dude can fuck some ass too,” Scott said. “Matt, I think I amgay.””Scott, some girl flashes her stuff and you’d be all over it in aheartbeat,” I stated with Scott sitting near me.”Ummm… maybe. It really depends on how hot she was,” Scott said with alittle smile. “Matt, I can sit here all day and deny it but I know I’m bibut damn I love me some gay sex now.”I laughed, “I do too.””Matt, give me and Hayden a shot. I want to prove everyone wrong here thatI can make it with one person without everyone going on and on about me.””I can do that but Scott, Hayden’s become a friend of mine. I don’t wannasee him get hurt…””Matt, I’d be devastated if he dropped me right now,” Scott said. “Weirdbut I would be.””Devasted because you’d miss the sex or because you’re starting to likehim?””Hmmm… Matt, I have this feeling right here,” Scott pointed to his chest.”Normally I can separate that feeling when I have sex. This time it’stotally different.””I can’t ever do that,” türbanlı bartın escort bayan I said. “One night with someone and my ass is inlove. I hate being that way but I can’t really help.””So are you in love with Reilly yet and complete done with Corey?””I’m done with Corey but not in love with Reilly,” I said. “That shouldanswer one of your questions then.””You didn’t fuck him, right?””Exactly,” I said. “Scott, do me a little favor and don’t mention aroundCorey that I’ve been dating again. He’ll think I’m doing it to make himjealous.””Matt, it’s too late for that shit. Sorry! He came to my room and waslooking for you last night…””Why?””He wanted you to know he took a job at the rec center. Seriously dude,you should have seen the look on his face when we said we thought you werewith this other dude. He was quiet the rest of the night.””He should have thought of that sooner,” I said.”He regrets it totally. The way he put it was you’d been with other guysand seen the difference in sex with different guys. He wanted to see thedifference and didn’t think one time you’d come knocking at his door. Hesaid he knew he should have waited but the guy was all over him that night.The way he put you were gone and he was horny.””Likely story but probably the truth,” I said. “He should have waited if hewanted to see the difference. I hope he enjoyed finding out. You didn’ttell him…””Nah, but I wanted to tell him about us. Hayden knows. Someday if we’restill together or not and you’re single, the three of us need to get iton…””Don’t count on that, Scott,” I said and shook my head.”You said college was about experiences. Just think how fucking hot thatwould be. If not Hayden, then Corey or even Stephan for that matter.”I laughed, “Scott, I swear you’re so crazy…””Crazy about sex,” Scott laughed. We kept talking and decided to throw onsome clothes and grab a bite to eat.Scott and I were about to head out when I heard a knock. I opened it tosee Corey standing there. He stepped inside.”Matt, I just wanted to tell you about me new job I got here,” Corey said.”Scott told me,” I said.”Oh well, I need the money. Can we talk later, maybe?” Corey asked.”Sure,” I said. “That is if I’m not at Reilly’s.”His expression changed immediately and turned around, “Oh okay then. Seeya!” Corey was out of my room as quickly as he entered it.”See what I mean,” Scott said. “The dude is still hung up on your ass.””It takes two to tango,” I said. “Right now, Reilly is my concern. I don’tcare what Corey thinks.”Scott and I went to eat some burgers from Mickey D’s. I thought he’d neverleave after we finished. The only way he left was with me gatheringclothes and books to head to the dungeon to wash. There was a few therebut it was as quiet as it could be with washers and dryers running.With my stuff clean including my sheets, I watched TV and talked with Momfor a few minutes to let her know I was doing great.At six or about, Kris came bouncing in the door. His hands were full withhis laundry done and some warmer clothes for the upcoming cooler weather.”What’d I miss?” he asked, throwing his stuff on his bed.”Not really one thing,” I said.”I know I missed something, Matt,” he said.”Well… I did see this guy.””See, I knew it!” Kris screamed. “I leave you go find a new guy and get hotunder the sheets.”I laughed, “Well… we’re just starting.””Hell, you can start and still get busy with the dude,” Kris said. “Will Ilike him?””I don’t know,” I said. “I do.””That’s all that matters then,” Kris said and started putting things away.”I saw a bunch of the old crew at the game Friday night.””How were they?””Let me say this, I’m glad I came here and they went elsewhere. They goton my fucking nerves by halftime bragging about all their frat shit and howdrunk they stayed every night.””That got on your nerves?” I asked.”Yeah, ragging my ass about not at least looking into a frat. I said Ididn’t need one to have fun. Ain’t that right, Matt?””It is,” I replied.”I also told them about all the cool guys here and about you. They laughedthat I was putting up with you for one. That really pissed me off. Theykept going on about how you and I were doing on the side. Fucking Kevinabout got his ass decked right there. I swear he’d said one more wordabout how big a faggot you are or we were doing it I’d punched his lightsout. Actually I should have before then.””I never did like him,” I said.”I straight up told em I wouldn’t have it any other way. I don’t care if Iever see those dudes again in my life. My friends here are ten timesbetter,” Kris said. He finished his things and was out the door like Iexpected he would be.Fifteen minutes later, Kris was back with a whole crew for us to go eat. Iwas a little hungry and headed off with Scott, Jess, Robert, Wyatt andthree guys I really didn’t know. One was Colt, who was rather country butseemed like a nice enough guy. The other two were Deshaun and Khalid,roommates and black. They were nice guys as well with a great sense ofhumor about them. I endured their discussions about their weekends. Scottremained quiet about his and I did as well. Kris did say some things abouthooking up with an old girlfriend back home while they were tellingstories. I had no idea what was true and what was pure bullshit türbanlı escort bartın by thetime we finished eating.Back in the room, I did call Reilly and told him I was hanging here for thenight with my roommate. He said he was disappointed but understood. Kris,Jess, Robert, Colt and I all sat around in our room.”You wanna hear some shit? My friends were on my ass this weekend about menot even trying to join a frat,” Kris stated to all of us.”Why would we need one?” Jess asked.”Yeah, why?” Robert asked.”We have just as much fun if not more than those stuck up bastards,” Krissaid with Juan walking in. We said hi with Juan jumping on my bed with me.”We’re practically brothers here, right?” Jess stated.We filled Juan in on what we going on about. “Damn right we are,” hesaid. “Plus it doesn’t cost us a dime.””We get drunk when we want to,” Jess said. “Maybe not as much as some of uswould like but hey there’s always a party going on around here with orwithout alcohol.””A little more alcohol sure would be nice though,” Colt spoke up.”It would be but just wait til this weekend, bitches. We’re partying ourasses off whether some like or not. Matt, your ass is with us. You gotthat?” Kris said.”I will,” I replied. “It is Halloween.””I know,” Colt said. “There will be some major parties here.”We talked about the upcoming weekend for a while with the Sunday night NFLgame playing in the background. About 8, three more came to join us,Tashaun, Khalid and Corey. Corey told everyone about his job at the reccenter. Juan said he needed a job as well since he said he was broke allthe time.”You guys do all know about Corey and Matt, right?” Jess stated. I hatedthat he would even mention it.”What about them?” Colt asked.”They were boyfriends at one time,” Jess said.”No shit. Corey, you’re gay?” Colt asked.”Yes, I am gay,” Corey said. He sounded proud of it.”I’m too,” I said.”I can see Matt a little bit but never Corey’s bowed up ass,” Tashaun said.”Let’s just get it out. Do any of you have a problem with that?” Krisasked.”Ummm… I don’t know about that,” Colt replied and wasn’t so sure aboutthis by the tone of his voice.”Colt, give them a chance. They’re really cool guys,” Jess said. “Yousounded surprised when I told you.””I know but…” Colt said and stopped. “I’ll try.””Dude, who really gives a fuck?” Kris said. “I mean they aren’t like somegay guys. Sure Matt shows it every now and then but he is my best friendever, especially now with all the shit we’ve been through.””You’re right there, Kris,” I said.”It’s no problem with me,” Khalid said.”I said I’d try. I’ve just never really had any gay friends…” Colt said.”None that you know are gay,” Corey stated, interrupting.”The dude is right,” Tashaun said.We kept talking until slowly everyone left. I looked at Kris, who wassitting on his bed. I didn’t have to say a word until he was up andstudying. I didn’t have much since I studied over the weekend.About one, we headed to bed.”Alright Matt, what’s this about your new guy?” Kris asked.”I did see him Friday and Saturday night,” I said.”I hope you are doing it for the right reason and not to mess with Corey.””Kris, I’m not like that. He was interested in me first. Corey is jealousthough of the fact I have someone new,” I stated. “I will say this betweenus. Scott is really bi.””Not shit,” Kris laughed. “I figured that out when Juan said he was over atsome guy’s dorm room tonight. What’s really up with that?””He says he’s bi but really likes Hayden…””Hayden’s too nice of a guy to get fucked up with Scott…””Scott seemed pretty serious but we’ll see,” I said. “I think he foundsomeone that likes sex as much as he does.””That explains that,” Kris said.”Now what was this about you and Alison this weekend?””Matt that was bullshit. I couldn’t let my boys down, you know. I did seeher and was nice but there is absolutely nothing left there. Brady andKevin were total dicks this weekend. It’s funny how things change in sucha short time. I used to love hanging with those guys…””Were they really calling me a fag?””Yes, they were Matt. I don’t if they were doing it to get at me or what.I left and went to sit elsewhere. I mean come on we were all friends.They didn’t do that shit in high school.””I guess that thought it’d be cool to bash me now and not to my face.You’re the reason they didn’t in high school and here too. Like tonight,you just told Colt, Tashaun and Khalid to either live with it or leave.””It’s simple if you wanna hang with us. If you’re cool about shit, you canhang. Hell, we’ve let Stephan hang with us once he cut out the attitudepart.””I haven’t seen much of him around. I guess he went home too this weekend,”I said.”Matt this weekend, I know two roomies that are going to party their assesoff with or without dates. You with me on that? We’re tearing up thisplace.””Kris, I don’t know about tearing it up but I’ll probably be right therewith you.””Bring Reilly along so he can as well even if Corey is jealous or not. Ihad a feeling he would be once you started dating someone again.””Yeah, he was very jealous. I did throw it in his face a little to see howhe reacted since Scott blurted it out Saturday night to him,” I said.”Corey will live. I want to see how you react seeing him with a new guy,”Kris said.”I’ll live too and be happy for him,” I said.”Matt, is there still that little bit in ya that wouldn’t mind giving Coreyanother chance now that the dust has settled?””Nope, I’m perfectly happy now and am excited to see what happens withReilly,” I replied.”Okay then, I was just checking,” Kris said. He turned out the light tosignal the end of our night and another weekend at college.******************To be continued

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