College life 17


College life 17Once Kris and I were cleaned up and decent, the two of us headed out tograb something to eat. It was rare for us to go alone and was unexpectedwhen he suggested that we do so. We went to Wendy’s, Kris’s favorite fastfood. We ordered and found a table.”Matt, I’ll just say this. Don’t mess with Corey. Either get back withhim totally or forget about it,” Kris said, despite telling me that twicealready in the car.”We kissed last night and I told him I did still love him,” I stated. “Asfar as messing with him, I do deserve a little leeway here. None of thiswould have ever happened…””I know but don’t get back with him to fuck with him. That would beruthless. Matt though, I can’t see you doing that,” Kris said and took abig bite. “So what brought all this sudden change about or were you tryingto prove a point?””First, don’t talk with your mouth full,” I said. “Even before Reilly, itwas in the back of my head but I couldn’t do it. I still had feelings forhim, right or wrong, despite being so hurt. I couldn’t get him out of mysystem. Corey is really hot, which shouldn’t matter one way or the other.His excuse was lousy as they come…””It was,” Kris laughed.I shrugged, “It was me. I couldn’t move on. Oh I said and tried to actlike I had but really Corey was the love of my life, Kris.””I could see that every time you were with him,” Kris said and took adrink.I finished chewing. “Why bust someone’s balls when it was me who I wasdepriving the joy and happiness from? How stupid is it to let something goon when you know you still care and love that person?””Matt, you proved your point. Now, it’s time to put in the past. I thinkCorey has learned his lesson,” Kris said.”I hope he has. Kris, I’ll still worry that he’s messing around on methough,” I said.”If you worried about that, then forget it,” Kris said. “He fucked up andadmitted he did. The only thing he hasn’t done is got down on his knees andbegged you. I don’t know what more he can do. Either let by-gones beby-gones or forget all about trying again. You’ll be just as miserablewondering if he’s out fooling around on you. There’s no sense in gettingback with him if you’re worrying what he’s doing every minute of the day.””Wouldn’t you worry a little?””I don’t know, Matt,” Kris replied.”Now, I’m really confused. Here I thought I was ready to jump back in,” Isaid.”You’ll figure something out,” Kris said. “So are you ready for part two?””Man, I don’t know about that. My head is killing me…””Mine is too but I’m ready to do that shit all over again,” Kris said.We finished up and headed back to the dorm. Kris left the room and wentexploring the halls. I called Mom to see what she thought. She laughed alittle at first but knew I was struggling with this. She said my dad haddone it to her one time and she took him back. The next time he did waswhen she kicked him out. I thanked her and decided to go with that. Itook a nap right after hanging up with her. I got in a good one beforeKris came back in the room with the same idea.Awake and feeling better, I headed down the hall to see if Corey wasaround. I knocked on the door and was told it was open by Michael’s voice.I entered the room with Michael in front of his laptop.”Where’s Corey?” I asked.”Working,” Michael replied after turning around and shutting down hislaptop.”Oh thanks,” I said at the doorway. “See ya, Michael.””Could you hang here just a second?””I guess I could do that,” I replied and shut the door. I grabbed a seatwhile looking around. “What’s up?””Corey said something about he stayed in your room. Are you two gettingback together?””Maybe,” I replied. “Michael, between us, is Corey serious?””Matt, every day and night he tries to think of a way or scheme to get youback. I’ve never seen anyone so obsessed with trying to get back somethingthey’ve lost but then again my experience is limited,” Michaelchuckled. “He’s still crazy about you.””That’s good to know,” I said and smiled.”Now between us, I guess you know or have heard I’ve been seeing someone.How do you know it’s the right time to take it up a level… youknow… get naked and do it?” Michael smiled.”Everyone is different. Some do it without being involved like you…””Boy, I can see that. College has really opened my eyes. I guess I livedin a cave and didn’t know guys were this… horny,” Michael said.”My advice if that’s what you’re after is don’t pressure her. She’ll senseit and run away. I’ve seen it before and done that myself. I take ityou’ve never been with a girl before…””Yeah, türbanlı balıkesir escort it’s embarrassing,” Michael said.”No, it’s not. One day, you may look back and be glad you waited insteadof doing something you regret like I did. My first time I didn’t know theguy and really wish I’d waited…””Why’d you do it then?””I was horny and to prove I was gay. I did find out I was gay butregretted afterwards it wasn’t with someone I cared for,” I stated.”Any advice on how to get her clothes off?” Michael asked with a big smile.”If you really are serious, try your best to get her to initiate it or evenbetter talk to her. You never know she may want it too but be afraid tosay something…””Oh how embarrassing!”I rubbed my chin in thought, “Just say I really do like you and waswondering if someday you and I could… kick it up a notch. I would lovebeing intimate with you one day.””What if she says she wants to wait or worse wait until she’s married?””If you enjoy being with her, then you don’t have much choice. It canstill be fun kissing and touching.”Michael smiled, “That has been fun. I do enjoy being with her but it’llsuck having to wait.””Michael, one day you’ll look back and laugh. Sometimes sex is out of thisworld. Other times it’s a four or five minute experience and leaves youwondering why you got so worked over it,” I said, laughing.”Yeah, it would suck ass to finally do it and end it after say a minute.All that worry and trouble for a minute…”I laughed, “It happens and has happened to most of us around here. Mostguys first time is a minute experience then wham! It’s over.”Michael was laughing, “Thanks Matt, I appreciate you hearing me out.” Istood to leave. “I’ll tell him you stopped by. Good luck with him!””I’ll need it,” I said and left.Walking back, Colt popped out of his room. “Dude, you okay?” he asked me.”I am,” I replied.”I heard you got sick and was throwing up everywhere,” Colt said.”It happens and teaches me not to try a greasy burger before going out,” Ilaughed.”That sucks ass. You are going back with us tonight, right?””I’ll see.””No seeing to it. It’s Halloween. Last night was starters. Tonight it’llbe that much crazier,” Colt said.I entered my room with Kris sleeping and breathing as heavy as ever. Underour door was a slip where Rick had written both of us up for last night. Ilaughed about it yet hoped he’d take care of it. I opened my computer andplayed a game to try to let him sleep. He didn’t get to sleep much longerwith Colt, Alex and Jess coming to our room. They had a good time teasingme about throwing up and getting sick. I did get to listen to them recountstories.I handed Kris his slip. “Oh well, I told him to do it,” Kris laughed.”I got one too,” Jess said. “For his sake, he better take care of it. Wehave an agreement.””What’s that?” Alex asked.”Oh, his girl stays here some nights with him…” Jess said.”I see,” Alex laughed. “I’ve been written up twice by my RA but nothing hascome of it. I think they use it in case something major happens so theyhave grounds to kick our ass out.””Hell, I got two last night. One for the obvious being drunk and the otherfor having Monica in my room after hours,” Colt said.”How did all of you get back last night?” I asked.”Stephan and Juan drove some of them while Liz brought Colt, Monica and Iback. I think we all made it safely,” Kris stated. “Now who’s sacrificingtonight?” Kris looked straight at me.”We’ll see how things go,” I replied.”Dude, please!” Colt said. “I think Liz and Monica want to join in on thefun as well.””Matt, was it me or are you and Corey getting back together?” Jess asked.”We might be,” I said but knew I was going to try.”Oh he’s worried Corey will be out fucking around on him again,” Kriscommented.”Just beat his ass if he does,” Colt laughed.”I could see Matt trying to beat Corey’s ass. That dude is getting fuckingbig,” Jess said.”Hey what about me?” Kris asked. “Look at this shit.” Kris flexed hisbicep which was impressive.”Yeah, who cares,” Alex said.”Bitch, don’t fucking ask me to come work out again,” Kris said to Alex.”I think you’re the one who asked me.”We laughed and continued to talk about things here and there. I did catchthat our team was off again but had a game here next weekend andThanksgiving weekend here.As we continued talking, it was nice to hear everyone’s story and fun tohear how they grew up. It was interesting to me how we got to the placeand gelled like we had. They all left türbanlı balıkesir escort bayan and headed out to go shopping. I canjust imagine those four in a store shopping for snacks and drinks.Right after six with Kris gone with Alex to his dorm, the door opened. Ismiled seeing Corey’s cute face.”Michael said you came looking for me…””I did,” I said.”How are you feeling?” he asked.”I’m alright now but it was rough this morning,” I said. “Corey… I’mwilling to give it one more shot. I warn you…” He came over and kissedme so hard.”Oh yes Matt… thank you… thank you… I’ve learned my lesson,” Coreysaid.”I warn you that I won’t take any shit,” I said.”You don’t have to worry. I’ll be the best boyfriend ever,” Corey said andkissed me again. “Matt, I love you so much.””Corey, I love you too,” I said. We moved to my bed and made out likecrazy. It felt so right to have him kissing me and touching me. The dooropened with us holding each other.”Hot damn!” Kris shouted. “The war is fucking over!””It is,” I said.”I’m so thankful, it was the worst month of my life,” Corey stated.”Finally to see Matt with a real genuine smile,” Kris said. “Tonight willbe a fucking blast. Everything is set. Hayden and Tashaun havevolunteered to drive.””What time is everyone leaving tonight?” Corey asked.”Say around eight again,” Kris said. “So you two are with us?”I looked at Corey. “Maybe. We still have lots to talk about before I can< 2000 br /> say yes.””Lots to do as well,” Kris laughed. “Hey, I’m heading back and really cameto tell ya that there’s a fucking ton of beer in Jess’s room if you wantsome.””Kris, you know I don’t care for beer that much but we might be downlater,” I stated.”Yeah, when you get ready just come on down. If Liz shows up, send herthat way,” Kris said and left the room.With Kris gone, Corey and I talked. He knew he would be watched carefullybut didn’t mind at all since he was so happy to be back with me. I toldhim straight up if he or even I fucked up then it was over. I told himabout Scott along with the blow job with Reilly and the k** in the libraryso there wouldn’t be anything hanging over us as we moved forward. He saidhe just knew there was no hope when I was seeing Reilly. I did tell him itdid drive home the point that he was the one for me despite what he haddone. He asked if getting wasted was to summon up the courage for us toreunite. At the time, I said it was just my plan but to have a good timeafter a stressful week of tests but I was glad to see him there in my timeof need. It just came out and we were both glad it did.Liz and Monica did interrupt us. We took them down the hall to Jess’s roombut there was little doubt which room it was before they got there. Thebiggest surprise was to see Rick in there and enjoying it as well. All Icould do was laugh while Corey grabbed a beer.”Hey bitch, we hear the civil war is over. Congrats!” Scott said loudly tome.I smiled, “It is.””We’ll double date now and show all these straight boys a thing or two,right?” Scott stated.”Hell yeah, we will,” Corey said and kissed me.Rick walked over and reeked of beer, “Glad you two are back together. Iknew something was up and kept hearing things. Good luck!””Thanks,” I said with guys coming and going.”Matt, you coming with us tonight?” Kris shouted across the room at me.”I don’t know still. We might hang here and find you later,” I replied.”I know what you are going to do,” Jess laughed. “Fuck your asses off sinceCorey misses that big dick.”Throwing up my hands, everyone laughed. The room was packed and hadfiltered to the next room which was Wyatt’s and his roommate Lance, who wasrarely there. I did leave for a second to grab my camera. They loved theidea and eagerly posed.”We’ll show those fuckers on Facebook,” Kris said with beer cans all aroundhim.”We will,” I said, taking pictures for Kris.”Don’t you dare get one of me,” Rick said to me. “My ass will be busted forsure. I’m letting all y’all do this once as my way of saying I’m sorry forwriting everyone up.””Bitch, you’re doing this shit to get drunk with us,” Colt said,loudly. “You fucking love us, man.””I do,” Rick laughed.It was nice to see everyone having a good time. I was taking pictures leftand right. Scott grabbed my camera from me and snapped of few of me andCorey. I now wondered what the purpose was of leaving and going to theparties since the real party seemed to be right there in our hall. EvenKris and my neighbors, türbanlı escort balıkesir Sammy and David, were there in the mix as wasStephan. David and Sammy seemed nice to me with Sammy being thin and partAsian where David was bigger with a buzz cut. By my count of the twentyrooms that lined our hall, only about eight or nine were missing. One wasLee and his roommate but they didn’t count. Another two rooms wereoccupied by foreign students who none of us knew or rarely saw. That leftsix rooms unaccounted for by my count.Kris, Liz, Colt, Monica, Scott and Hayden left to head to this party.Hayden didn’t seem too excited about going but had opened his mouth aboutdriving for them. Corey and I stayed with Corey having a couple of beersand being a big part of the mix. With the six gone, there was breathingroom. We sat around talking for another hour before I grabbed Corey tomake sure he didn’t drink too much. We headed to my room and passedMichael heading down to see what the buzz was all about.Once in my room, Corey and I moved to my bed to be comfortable and laytogether.”Matt, it’s going to work,” Corey said. “I can just feel it.””I think it is,” I said.”Thanks for letting me have a little fun down there. That was fuckingtight. Rick was being so cool,” he said.”It was pretty tight.””I can’t wait to see all the picture you took.””Well…” I said and grabbed my laptop and camera. We downloaded all thepictures I had taken over the weekend. We lay together while we lookedthem over. Some were so good especially all the group pictures. Therewere some funny ones as well especially from tonight with everyone beingloose. Finished with the pictures, Corey was kissing all over my neck withhis arm d****d over my body.”Matt, nothing makes me any happier than where we are right now. I couldactually enjoy tonight and have fun knowing we were back together. It’slike the biggest burden was lifted from my shoulders,” he said.”I could too,” I said. I turned and kissed him on the lips. My hands wentcrazy as I became reacquainted with his body. We lost our shirts andcontinued to kiss and pet. Corey seemed to be much better and was lovingand passionate. I could see where this was going but wasn’t exactlyprepared.”Corey, I need to take a break for just a minute,” I said. “I’m about topee all over myself and you.” I left to head to the bathroom and couldhear things were still going strong down the hall. I did what was neededand returned. I locked our door and went back to be in Corey’s arms.”Matt, are you ready for us to really make up?” he asked.”Yes I am, that’s why I left,” I replied with a smile.”Damn, I love you so much,” Corey said and smothered me. Our jeans hit thefloor shortly thereafter. Maybe it was too soon to be physical with himbut I was ready to be back where we were and put everything behind us.We took our slow easy time exploring, kissing and licking each otherbodies. We exchanged hot slow blow jobs that had us both on edge. We werekissing and hugging before Corey threw my legs in the air. He moved downand started lick and fingering my ass. It felt so good to feel his wettongue and finger invading my hole.Corey found the condoms and lube. My legs were high in the air and readyto feel him back inside me. The moment he was in me, electricity shotthroughout my body and had me tingling all over.I looked into his big blues with love and joy, “Corey, I love you.””Matt, I love you, too,” he said. He moved his head to my neck whilethrusting in me. I was moaning and groaning with grabbing his head. Mylegs wrapped around him.”OOO Corey fuck me!” I screamed with so much pleasure that he was givingme.”Matt, I’m making love to you. I want you to feel how much I really do andhave always loved b82 you,” Corey stated.Our tongue raged a little battle. Corey was going at a nice pace as ourbodies became one once again. He leaned up and grabbed my cock to strokeit in rhythm with his hard deep thrust. It was a feeling so great and hadme seeing stars.Corey pulled out quickly after fucking me about five minutes and nutted anice hot load all over my abs. I saw the pool of cum in my belly buttonand kissed him. He stroked my long eight inch cock. I groaned and shookbefore shooting my load up to my chest. It was such a powerful release andfelt so great.We kissed in our bliss. We broke our kiss. I grabbed a used towel toclean up. I saw tears streaming down Corey’s face. He grabbed me andkissed me hard. “Matt, these… are tears… of sheer joy andhappiness… I’m back with you… I’ll never ever fuck up again.””Stop crying, Corey. You’re about to make me cry,” I said and was holdingback. We held each other crying tears of joy. With Corey holding me,nothing else around us mattered. We continued to hold each other tightbefore we were both asleep together.It truly was a treat here in college on Halloween.******************TO BE CONTINUED…*******************

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