College life 24


College life 24″Kris and Colt did what?” I asked Scott who was there with Hayden while Iwas with Corey in his room.”I’m telling you Matt they fucking threw down about two hours ago. It wasa good thing Rick wasn’t around or else they’d be in big trouble,” Scottreplied.c”You should see Kris’s lip but you should really see Colt’s eye. Krisdotted that sucker really well,” Hayden said right after Scott finished.”Jess is the one who broke them up.””Any word on what started it?” Corey asked.”Colt was accusing Kris of flirting with Monica all night…” Scott said.”Wasn’t Liz with him?” I asked.”Yeah, she was,” Hayden replied. “Kris did flirt but it was so innocent…””Hayden, I wouldn’t go as far as calling it flirting. It was Kris beingKris from what I saw…” Scott said.”Guys, I’m going down to get to the bottom of this,” I stated.”Yeah, let’s go…” Scott started to say.I cut him off, “I’m going alone. I’m sorry but Kris hopefully will bestraightforward with me.””He’s right about that. Let us know how things turn out,” Corey said.”Of course I will just as soon as I get to the bottom of this,” I said. Iheaded down the hall in a hurry. I wondered really what was behind thisand entered my room. Rick was in the room with Kris. Kris had the biggestpissed off look on his face along with a fat lip.”Kris, we have rules here,” Rick stated after seeing me enter. “One is nophysical v******e here, which means no fighting. You and Colt are lucky Ididn’t see it or else you’d be in it deep right now plus this is not yourfirst fight.””Dammit Rick, I’ve told three times already. I didn’t start shit! I’m notletting Colt or anyone around here push me around and accuse of somefucking shit he thought I was doing!” Kris stated forcefully while I stoodin the room.”I’m going to hear Colt’s side of this. I’m sure it will somethingcompletely different,” Rick said. “See ya!”Rick exited our room. I followed behind and locked our door. I came backover and saw Kris’s swollen bottom lip close up.”What the fuck do you want?” Kris asked me rudely.”What a stupid ass question is that,” I replied. “I came down after Scotttold me you and Colt got into a fight.””Fuck yeah we did. I don’t care if that motherfucker shows his face againaround this room. Here I got him a girl, been nothing but nice to him andmade him part of our little group here. Then the bitch accuses me offlirting with Monica. Matt, I’m not the brightest guy here but no way am Idoing that shit with Liz there with me,” Kris stated with conviction andtook a breath. “It started last night with a simple little argument. Itwas nothing big until his fucking ass came storming into this room justawhile ago. He started pushing on me and saying how he was going to fuckme up if I kept trying to move in on Monica. I took it as long as I couldand laid into him.””Kris, I think I know the answer to this but I’ll ask it anyway. Did youeven flirt with Monica?””In my book, it wasn’t flirting. All I remember saying was she looked veryhot in her low cut sweater when we started the night out. Maybe I did sayshe had a nice ass in her skin tight jeans too but damn I said that toJess’s girl too. Then at the movie theater, Monica did sit next to me. Wedid fight over the arm rest but in my mind it was just playful. Colt gotpissed then. I thought it was over until he came down and said Monicathought I was flirting. How fucking stupid are they?””Kris, you know I’m on your side of this but Colt really doesn’t know howyou are.””Last night, I said I was just being nice once he sort of blew up on me.He said his thing and I thought that was that,” Kris stated. “Matt, I needto run. I promised Liz I’d be there five minutes ago. She was upset onceshe heard about Colt and me throwing down. Matt, I did catch him in theeye with a good left hook.””I heard you did. You better head off and do some damage control.””See ya,” Kris said. “Are you with Corey again tonight?””Yes, I am” I smiled.”Atta boy, you stud!” Kris laughed and headed out the door.I called Corey and told him I had Kris’s side of the event. Now I wonderedwho would be stubborn like I was with Corey and let this drag out and maybedivide us. The sad part was I was really starting to like Colt as a friendand saw he was very accepting of me after a shaky beginning.Just about when I expected to see Corey, I heard something out in the hall.I opened the door to see Corey and Jess around someone with Scott talkingto Hayden. As I was racing down the hall, Rick’s door flew open. Now Icould see Corey and Jess had Colt pinned against the wall.”What the fuck is going on here?” Rick screamed.”Fucking Colt took a cheap shot at Hayden,” Jess said.”Colt, I warned you!” Rick screamed. He grabbed Colt by the arm and tookhim with force to his room. Rick was not a happy person by this point.”What was that all about?” I asked.”Fucking Colt hit Hayden in the gut for no reason…” Scott said.”We were heading down to see you and saw him walking down the hall comingat us. He called us a bunch of fucking fags and punched Hayden in thestomach,” Corey said. “He’s lucky I didn’t beat his ass.””He is,” Jess said. “Corey, I don’t who is stronger now, you or Kris butI’d be damned if I pick a fight with either one of you.”We headed to Scott’s room since it was the closest. “What has gotten intoColt?” Scott asked. “I know him çankaya escort and Kris just fought but damn!””My best guess is he’s embarrassed Kris beat his ass,” Jess said. “Lastnight, I thought the two were going to throw down but Kris did say he wassorry for nothing.””Kris told me that and then Colt marched into his room today. He startedpushing Kris and accusing him again of hitting on Monica…” I said.”It’s really weird,” Scott stated.”I’ll be right back,” I said. “I left me door wide open and need to tellKris what just happened.” I headed down and found my door wide open. Myphone was on my desk. I called Kris. He answered and said him and Lizwould be right there after I told him what had went down.I returned to Scott’s room to tell them Kris was on his way over.Thankfully, Hayden wasn’t hurt by the punch to the gut but stated it didn’tfeel so great since Colt caught him off-guard. We sat around talking untilKris and Liz popped into the room.”I think Liz knows exactly what happened,” Kris said. “Tell em, Liz.””Well… Monica is a drama queen to the nth degree. She’s not happy unlessthere is drama all around her. The way I see it was she likes to see guysfight over her to make her feel like she’s the best thing out there.Monica and I are friends but I’ve seen how she works. She gets a thrillout of causing trouble like last week she started some rumors about thisone girl in our sorority just to piss off her best friend,” Liz stated.”Here’s my guess. Monica wasn’t happy that Colt said his thing last nightand it was over. She may have filled Colt with a ton of bullshit so shecould cause trouble between us…” Kris said.”Maybe she wanted Colt to put up a fight for her and told him to man up,”Scott said. “Just my guess.””You’re both probably right,” Liz said. “If it is true, she has lost me asa friend. She’ll deny it everything but I’m starting to see she’s aconniving little bitch who hates to see everyone getting along like all ofyou have. She has been saying a lot of stuff about how weird all of youare. Also, I’m not sure but I think she’s been filling Colt full of crapsaying how he should be ashamed to be associated with gay people,” Lizsaid. “She did say something about how she thought it was weird how Krisand Matt are such good friends when one is a total faggot.””You better have set her ass straight,” Kris said.”I tried but she said she was joking but I really don’t think she was,” Lizsaid.”Now what do we do?” Jess asked.”I don’t have a clue,” Kris said.”I’ll try and talk to him after Rick deals with him,” Jess said. “The wayit sounds the rest of you can’t do it if Liz is right. Somehow we have toshow him that this is Monica’s fault and dump the stupid bitch no matterhow great she is in bed like Colt says she is.””If he only knew,” Liz stated.”Monica’s bi,” Kris said. “She’s been hitting on Liz here.””Kris, I’m not one hundred percent sure of this but something tells meColt’s not the only one she’s having sex with,” Liz said. “Not only girlsbut another guy from this frat.””Wow, this is getting deep,” Scott stated.”I bet Monica’s eating this shit up right now, too,” Corey said.”You know all about that fooling around, huh?” Kris joked with Corey.”My ass sure learned a hard lesson,” Corey laughed.”You know what sucks about all of this? We were going to fucking partytonight,” Kris said.”We can still party, Kris,” Scott stated. “Nothing says we can’t gethammered and forget all this shit.””Scott’s right there,” Jess said. “We can drown our troubles with a fewnice bottles.””The main question is where we getting the shit?” Kris asked.”Ummm… I think Kendall mentioned something last night he had connection,”Jess replied just as someone was knocking on the door.”It’s open!” Scott hollered with Alex and a girl walking in.”Wassup, bitches?” Alex asked.”A fucking ass load of shit is up…” Kris replied.”Dude, what happened to your lip?” Alex asked after evidentially justnoticing it.Together we filled him and had to go through the same thing with Juanwalking in the door. Jess in the meantime was on his phone and callingKendall to see what he could provide for everyone. Jess finished and gaveus a big thumbs up that things were set. Instead of heading out, weordered a few pizzas to eat.Kendall and Noel along with a friend of theirs, Mark, came to Scott’s roombringing two sizable bottles of liquor along with some liter drinks to mixthem with.”We getting fucked up or just a buzz going?” Jess asked.”Right now, I don’t really care what we do,” Kris said.They poured the drinks, which I might add were strong and handed out thepizzas. Corey and I weren’t that hungry after eating just before wearrived. We were sitting around and enjoying the food when Rick came tothe door.”All I will say is there better not be one drop of alcohol in those cups,”Rick said.”Goddamn!” Jess hollered. “I don’t even have to ask what’s up your ass.””No you don’t,” Rick stated. “Kris, I need to see you for a minute.”Kris climbed out and headed out the door. We all hoped it wasn’t seriousbut knew something might happen. Kris returned and sat right back where hewas.”Spill it,” Scott said.”By the sound of it, Colt’s in some deep shit,” Kris said. “I tried my bestto plead with him to wait before doing anything drastic. He really wasn’tin the mood balgat escort to listen.””I wasn’t going to say a word but Matt and I might be able to pull somestrings and see if we can’t get Rick to calm his ass down a little,” Coreysaid. “Don’t anybody ask what it is though.””Matt?” Kris said to me.”My lips are sealed,” I said.”He’ll tell me.””Tell us, Matt,” Kendall said.”No way,” I said. “We promised.””Alright then, Kendall and I have a secret as well,” Noel said.”You’re boyfriends,” Jess laughed.”Fuck you, bitch!” Kendall said. “Now see if we ask anyone here to goskiing with us right after semester ends at my parent’s place in Colorado.””Yeah, we’ll ask our other friends to go with us,” Noel said.”What other friends?” Kris laughed.Kendall laughed, “We have them but no way in hell would ask a one of themto go. So is anyone up for a ski trip?””Before I say yes, how much and where?” Kris asked.”The cost is nothing except your ski rental and stuff like that. The cabinis Breckenridge, which is about eight hours from here,” Kendall replied.”So give us a rough estimate how much that would cost? Kendall, none of ushere are rolling like you are,” Jess stated.”I’d say four or five hundred,” Kendall replied. “So who’s up for it?””Count my ass in,” Kris said. “My mom asked me the other day what I wantedfor Christmas, so I can tell her now. Can we bring along our girls?””If they want to,” Kendall replied.Jess, Scott and Alex were all in. Corey and I said we’d love to go butwe’d have to see if we could manage it. Kendall did say we’d be finishedin time to make it home for Christmas. Now with the news, everyone wasexcited. Kendall had pictures on his phone to show us. To me, it didn’tlook like a cabin but a nice big house who’d think of being in the middleof ski country.”Oh by the way, everyone is welcome to my parent’s beach house over springbreak at Padre, too,” Noel said.”Damn, you dudes are worth having around,” Jess stated. “So which one ofyour parents has a house in France or the Caribbean for us this summer?”We all laughed at Jess’s humor but surprisingly neither one had a housewhere he mentioned but Kendall did have a lake house. Man, it must reallybe nice not to have to worry about money but they never did throw it in ourfaces like some people did in high school.We continued to drink a little and did our best not to make a ton of noise.By the end of the night, I didn’t drink all that much whereas Corey hadmore than I did but wasn’t drunk. About midnight, the party began breakingup. Corey and I left to head to his room.Once in his room, Corey stated, “You do know I have to be at the rec centerby eight in the morning.””No I didn’t,” I said. “That sucks.””I know but I’ll make it no matter how late we stay up. I can live on afew hours of sleep and can nap when I get off work,” Corey said. “So whatdo you think of the ski trip?””Corey, it did sound like a lot of fun but there’s no way I’d go withoutyou…””Matt, whether I can go or not, you should go if you want to. Just becausemy ass is poor shouldn’t hold you back,” Corey said.”True but where would you go during the time I was skiing?””Wow, I haven’t even thought of that,” Corey replied. “I suppose I bettersave every penny I can between now and then.””We both better do it,” I said.”At least you have your mom and even your dad now to ask.””My Dad would be a last resort for me.”We got undressed down to our underwear and climbed into Corey’s little bed.”Matt, do you believe what Liz said about Monica?” Corey asked me.”You know I can actually see that. I’ve known a few girls and guys that dothat to stir things up but it is mostly girls.””For me, it is hard to believe Colt would listen to that shit…””My gut feeling is he listens to that because he likes fucking her. Ithink she knows he is pussy whipped,” I said and snickered.”I have seen those guys that are pussy whipped. It’s like the girl usingthat slit to control his every move. I had a friend in high school thathis girlfriend told him who he could hang out with and who he couldn’t. Hetook it because he said he was getting some and liked it,” Corey said andstarted laughing. “Hell, I’m the same way though now with you, Matt.””Corey, I do love you but don’t let me control you that way…” I said andlooked at him.”I know what way you mean,” Corey said and kissed me. “I’ll never ever putmyself in that position again as long as we are together and like we arenow. Matt, I do feel sometimes like I’m controlling things you do such aslast night and last weekend when everyone went to get a tattoo.””Corey, you are not controlling me. As I’ve said, I enjoy being aroundeveryone here but I miss just seeing you when you’re not here. I’m makingvery minor sacrifices while you make a big sacrifice…””It’s a sacrifice I wish I didn’t have to make but I’m left without achoice. So far, it has worked out okay, huh? We haven’t gotten tired ofeach other and cherish our time together. Mostly, I’m thankful you don’tcling all over me and let me have some time to be with and enjoy theothers.”I said, “I’ve seen clingy boyfriends… well clingy girlfriends that justsmother the other one.””Right now, I won’t mind clinging to those fucking hot lips of yours andletting you have your way with me,” Corey stated.I smiled at Corey and started elvankent escort clinging to his lips. The romance begansince we had the opportunity to do so plus we were two horny eighteen yearolds that enjoyed greatly having hot sex with each other as boyfriends.For me, we had the main ingredient to make the sex hot and meaningful; weloved each other dearly.Waking in Michael’s bed under his warm comforter was odd. Seeing it wasjust before ten I knew I had at least an hour to kill before I couldventure down to my room. I watched some TV and did text Kris to ask when Icould come back to the room. He texted me back and said give them abouttwenty minutes.I headed back to my room just as Kris and Liz were leaving. They asked ifI was hungry. I said I wasn’t and didn’t want to interfere with them.Instead I showered and went off on my own to grab something to eat and shopfor a few things such as more condoms since I think Kris was using minedespite them being Magnums. Normally, I hated buying condoms but now Ididn’t have a problem doing so since it is a part of life. I’m sure theclerk laughed to himself seeing two boxes of Magnums.Returning to my room, Kris and Liz were in his bed and watching TV. Ibegan unloading my things such as a few snacks and drinks for our mini frigthat rarely was filled.”Here stud,” I said and tossed him a box of condoms. “You can stop usingmine.””Thanks,” Kris laughed. “You were about out. These should fit better, huhLiz?””Ummm…” Liz replied and seemed a little embarrassed.”Honey, they will,” Kris said to her.”You guys are amazing,” Liz stated.”What?” Kris said.”I swear I’ve never seen two guys like you before in my life,” Lizsaid. “You share condoms.””Better than getting you pregnant,” Kris stated.”Kris, you know I’m on the pill,” Liz said.”You can never be too safe in my book.””Damn right, Matt. The last thing either one of us needs is for you to getpregnant,” Kris stated. “Matt’s damn lucky from that point.””It would be hilarious if I did get Corey pregnant.””Imagine that dude caring a baby and not having those abs…” Kris said.”Kris, your abs are so freaking hot,” Liz said and rubbed his stomach.”I do it for you, babe,” Kris said and kissed her.”Stop lying to her, Kris. Liz, you should see him posing in the mirrorafter he showers. Even for me, it’s about to make me sick at my stomach,”I joked.”Yeah right, Matt. You should see his eyes when I flex,” Kris laughed. “Hegets a hard-on just seeing all these muscles pop.” Kris flexed for Liz.Liz was laughing, “That’s what I was talking about earlier.””Well we are best friends,” Kris said. “I just thought we were before wecame here but now there’s not shit I wouldn’t do for that dude and he knowsit.””Same here, Kris. Liz, he’s like the brother I never had but better. Werarely fight.””Now I want to see you two kiss,” Liz joked.”Now that shit ain’t happening, Liz,” Kris said. “So I guess there is shitI wouldn’t do for Matt and he knows the boundaries around that.””I know and would dare do it either,” I said. I started gathering up mylaundry. Kris threw his sheets and towels in since I was volunteered to dothem as well. Laundry is boring but has to be done. Again it was boringbut did get in some nice studying along with some chit-chat with a guy fromthe third floor.After laundry was done, Kris was napping but woke when I came back.”Thanks Matt,” he said. “Liz and I were talking about the ski trip. Shethinks it would be best if it was just guys…””Corey and I have decided yet since our money is a little tight you know.I can hardly go without him…””Why not?””Ummm… he has no place to go otherwise.””Damn, I forgot all about that,” Kris said. “So what do you think of all ofus guys going and leaving the girls out?””It would cause fewer problems. There would be some really jealous guysthough if Corey and I went and were the only ones having sex.””Damn, you’re right. You and Corey would be fucking like rabbits while therest of us would be jacking off… mind you, alone and not watching,” Krislaughed.”Oh, you could watch but I don’t think you’d enjoy it… hey, are Scott andHayden going?””I know Scott said he was but Hayden never said,” Kris replied.”I think Hayden’s parents are so down with him… you know sleeping with aguy. The way he puts it is they don’t mind him having a boyfriend justdon’t expect to bring him home and sleep with him.””Just like mine wouldn’t be down for me bringing Liz home and fucking herbrains out,” Kris laughed.”Kris, I didn’t think my Mom would be either but I think she understands weare basically adults now.””Hmmmm…” Kris said and rubbed the hair that was now occupying hischin. “I might just see if Walt and Jenny are up for me bringing Liz homeor having her stay during the holidays a few nights. Matt, I’m in lovewith her and can feel it.””It’s a good feeling, ain’t it?””Damn right it is and she sure as hell felt it this weekend. I couldseriously see myself living with her.””I could definitely see me living with Corey down the road but let’s justget through this first year and then worry about that when the time comes.””Okay but it is fun to dream,” Kris said.”I hate to ask but any word on Colt?””Not that I have heard. I’m sure Monica was filling his ass full andtelling him how great he is while she runs around on him,” Kris said. “Ourbiggest problem is getting him to see that she’s no good.””That could be a big obstacle. Jess said he would do it since he didn’thave a dog in this fight. So are you cool with it if he comes to hissenses?””Oh hell yeah I am,” Kris replied. “If he doesn’t, it’s his loss and I’mnot going to worry about it.”

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