College life 8


College life 8*********With Corey gone to his room, I looked at Kris, “Have you even opened a bookthis weekend?””Well… no,” Kris said.”I think I’m living up to my end of the bargain so you need too as well,” Istated.”Fine, Matt!” Kris shouted and stared at his roommate.”You don’t have to but…””Alright I know the lecture is coming next,” Kris said. “Matt, see beingoutgoing ain’t all bad.” He grabbed his books and sat down at his desk. Iwanted there to be no distractions and read in advance in one of mine,history.”You know who came to buddy around with us in Scott’s room?” Kris said,barely after he started.”Let me guess…ummm… Stephan,” I said and knew who was talking about.”Yeah, he did…” Kris said.I quickly interrupted and knew he would never study if I didn’t, “We’lltalk about before we go to sleep. Sorry Kris but I know you too well now.”Kris laughed for a second and surprisingly remained silent after that. Hedid spend over an hour going over his things. He slammed his books closedwith emphasis and announced, “Study hall is over!” He threw off his shirtand shorts and jumped on top of his bed in his colorful A&E boxers.”Alright, how was Stephan?” I asked.Kris turned on the television, which was normal but muted the sound. Ourtelevision was on almost all the time out of habit on Kris’ part. “Itstarted rough and honestly we were rather rude to him.””Kris, I’m a little shocked at you. Everyone made fun of… Ethan becausehe was slow but you befriended him like he was a normal person.””Ethan’s a totally different case than Stephan. Ethan couldn’t help hiscondition but let me finish. After a while, Stephan was laughing athimself for all the stupid shit he had done and openly apologized to us forbeing obnoxious and rude but not in his appearance. He is really trying tomend some fences here. Sure, he’s still very gay but he was able to takethe ribbing we gave him. I don’t think I’ve laughed that much since I’vebeen here. He was a good sport and was rolling in the end.””So he’s trying?””Oh yeah and we are too. Not that he will be a big part of the crew butnow we can live with him with a little change in his attitude. Reallythat’s what bothered me more than anything with him.””That’s great to hear. Stephan still needs to be original but thatattitude.””Matt, you are still my favorite gay friend. We even had some good hardylaughs about my little incident. I guess I really freaked out. Iseriously had no idea and don’t remember a thing I did or said. It’s likea total void in my head.””I’m just thankful you knew me. I asked you where we were and you told usat your house. I knew then something was bad wrong.””When I woke up, I really thought you were making a move on my ass. Truthis you did the only thing you knew and that was to make sure I was safe theentire night.””Kris, it was nice and probably the only chance I’ll ever get to do that inmy life. I still owe you tons more.””No problem. Hey, have you even thought about going home for a weekend?”Kris asked.”I have but don’t know when. You?””I love here so much I don’t know when either,” Kris said. “We all talkedabout leaving on the same weekend not to miss anything. We just need todecide when. I thought by now I would have a yearning to go home but Ireally don’t right now and don’t miss home or my old friends. Just aboutall of our friends are at college like us, so we won’t get to see everyoneif and when we did. I haven’t missed much other than the occasional homecooked meal.””I haven’t either other than I feel sort of bad about not going. I knowMom dearly misses me.””I bet she does. You and Corey should just go and surprise her oneweekend.””I might just do that like she surprised me last weekend.””I take it Corey’s home life isn’t the greatest.””We don’t talk about it much but I’m thinking the same thing. I think hisparents were happy to see him go the way he talks. I think this has been agood experience for him.””Yeah and he’s getting good experience thanks to your horny ass.””I just can’t help it,” I smiled. “Sorry but he’s just so damn hot. Now weneed to find you someone if you think Liz is not the one.””Speaking of, she was the only who didn’t put out or say they say. I’mpissed to get stuck with the only good girl who won’t spread her damn legs.Just my luck!””She may be like Corey. Once she starts, she may not be able to getenough,” I laughed.”You think so?””You can hope so,” I smiled. “See ya in the morning. Again it was one hellof a weekend.””It sure was,” Kris said. I turned out the light on another adventuresomeweekend that again was lots of fun excluding Corey’s mishap.Monday morning came way too early when my phone alarm went off in my ear.Classes were uneventful other than the fact I was getting a sense of thework needed to succeed here. After we came back, I started with theprotein like Corey suggested and hit the weight room with türbanlı bayburt escort our crew. Coreyand I hung with the rest of them and enjoyed the fun times we all shared.I could see it would be a delicate act to balance my study time, time withall my friends and alone time with Corey. Corey and I weren’t alone muchthat night.Tuesday was the same routine including history class with Kris. If not forme, I don’t think Kris would make it and relied on me for all the notes. Iwondered how he would ever make it in his other classes. After wereturned, Corey and I buckled down to study together. It was alone timebut not quality time. Corey too desired to do well in his studies and knewI would be a great study partner for him even though our classes weren’tthe same. We pretty much remained quiet since Kris was gone out to whoknows where.After eating, a large pain hit my gut. I walked briskly to the bathroomand heard the shower running. I found a stall and had a seat to do mybusiness.I was about ready to exit when I heard, “You were so hot.””OOOO you were the best,” said the second voice, high and squeaky. My eyesgrew wide and knew it was Jess and Stephan who had enjoyed some shower timetogether without knowing I had stepped into a stall.”You leave first,” I heard Jess say. “I’ll leave in a minute or so in caseso no one expects a thing.” I heard lips smack and lifted my feet in caseJess desired to look under a stall. I heard the large wooden bathroom doorslam and waited a few minutes in an uncomfortable position until I heard itslam again. I slowly opened the stall door to see if the bathroom wasvacant. I washed my hands and explored the showers but nothing was there.Maybe I was wrong in the two but doubted it.”Did your ass fall in?” Kris asked when I returned and got a good laugh outof Corey, Kendall and Scott.”No, my stomach was killing me,” I said and tried to keep my cool aboutthings. “Two flusher.””I told you not to eat those nachos with peppers,” Corey laughed.We played some video games for a while and then sat around talking andcutting up as normal. The worst part was I had the best gossip so far butdidn’t feel it was right to let all them know what I had heard or found.Scott and Kendall left before ten. Kris announced it was his turn in thebathroom.I sat with Corey’s arm around me after some great lip time, “Corey, I heardsomething I really shouldn’t be telling.””What is it?” Corey asked.”I think… no… I’m pretty sure I heard Jess and Stephan leaving theshower together,” I said.”Pretty sure?””I heard them say how hot it was and after they were gone. I heard kissingtoo,” I said.”I had no idea Jess liked some gay action. Maybe they’ve got some flinggoing or they were both horned up and jacked each other off in the shower,”Corey said. “Jess may have been experimenting as well to see what it waslike.””I don’t know what to do.””My advice is to keep it to yourself. I wouldn’t tell Kris, if I wereyou…” Corey was interrupted with Kris entering the room, rubbing his sixpack. “Well, I better get back to my room.””You don’t have to go unless you want to,” Kris said.”Thanks but I have a few things to do there,” Corey said. As normal weenjoyed a long passionate kiss before Corey left my room.Kris was shaking his head after we finished at the very open display. “Youknow one month ago I might have freaked seeing that shit but now I don’tsee anything wrong with it. I’m rather envious of you, Matt, to havesomeone you really do love, I think.””I do love him, Kris, and thanks for being so understanding,” I said andthen insisted he study some before we turned out the lights. I wanted Krisas a roommate as long as possible. He did crack a book while I studied alittle and went over some notes. We talked very little before Kris fellasleep.Wednesday and Thursday were pretty normal and routine. Kris and I did getan unpleasant surprise with a pop-quiz at the end of history. It wasfairly easy for me since I was keeping up. Kris smiled at me and knew hehad at some idea what to do. After the quiz, Kris thanked me for makinghim study and thought he did well.Friday after we worked out, we meet in Scott’s room. The main discussionwas about the night that lies ahead. I saw no reason for being there sinceCorey and I had plans. I think Scott’s intention was to all date as a groupwith Juan finding someone as well. It was quick and to the pointthankfully for my sake only to be asked to join along in the end.”You seriously want Corey and me with all of you?” I asked in disbelief.”Sure, why not? Both of you do everything else with us,” Scott stated.”I appreciate you asking but we had plans just the two of us,” I said.”Oh come on, it’ll be fun and can see how straight couples date,” Juansaid.”I’ll check with Corey and see what he says,” I stated since Corey had leftto do türbanlı bayburt escort bayan something I needed to do, get a haircut.We headed back to our respective rooms after the short discussion.”Hey, it wasn’t my idea,” Kris said.”I know but we really don’t get to be alone that much. With you gone…””I think I know what my horny ass roommate is talking about,” Kris laughed.”That’s not it, Kris. We want to be alone sometimes, just the two of us.We love being with all of you but cherish the time it’s just me and Corey,”I said.”Okay be that way,” Kris smiled. “I totally understand and see what youmean. Hell you two do need your special alone time without all of usaround to do your own thing and not worry what we think. Seriously Matt, weall think of you two as much a part of the group as anyone else.”I did appreciate the gesture but we are with them so much now. I wasshocked they even wanted us to be included in their dates. I waited in theroom until Corey called my cell phone. I walked swiftly to his room to seehis haircut. I lightly opened the door and loved what I saw. He had itshort as normal with the tips highlighted. It really made his pierced earsshine.”I love it,” I said.”I thought you would, but Michael thinks it makes me really look gay,”Corey said.”No, a lot of guys have it that exact way,” I said.”Yeah, I guess you’re right Matt. A lot around here do have that way,”Michael retracted. “So do you two have planned?”I looked at Corey, “I really don’t know.””You care if I went along to get out of here for a while?” Michael asked.”Sure, we won’t be doing a lot,” Corey said.Great! If I’d known this, I would have went with the group instead we werestuck with Corey’s roommate. He was okay and all. There went our alonetime together.We settled on a time and place to go eat with Michael wanting to check outthe mall with money burning a hole in his pockets. I returned to my roomand prepared. I told Kris what had occurred to have him laugh it up at mydespair.We three went to eat and headed to the mall while Michael shopped for a fewshirts to dress like the others. I guess he put a guilt trip on hisparents and got them to fork over some cash. The worst part was he askedour opinion on everything he picked out.When we got back to the dorm, we went to their room. After a few minutes,I spoke, “Corey, let’s go to my room to chill for a while.””Why?” Michael asked. “You can do whatever here. I’m just going to watchtelevision.””Thanks. I kind of want to be alone with Corey while we have the chance,”I said.”Have I ever interfered?” Michael asked.”Michael, look. We need some time alone,” Corey stated.”Fine, go ahead and leave me here alone!” Michael said.Without another word, we headed out.”He’s so damn jealous of all of us hanging together. He asks me everydetail of what we did when I return to the room at night. He’s a prettynice guy but damn he gets on my nerves. At least he’s better than Dick andkeeps his stuff neat,” Corey said while we walked down the hall.Corey and I walked down the hall to enjoy some private time in our room. Iknocked politely and waited. Kris showed up in his boxers with a hugesmile. I knew then he had claimed the room.”What now?” I asked.”Let’s drive around and find somewhere to be alone. Surely there’s someplace where we can be alone,” Corey said. “It is a pretty nice night out.”Corey and I headed out in my car. We drove around and found a park thatstayed open until midnight. We got out and found a nice spot under theclear sky. We sat down together on the grassy area. I felt Corey’s arm goaround my waist. We started kissing and hugging with a little chattingsprinkled in. It was perfect for us except we weren’t brave enough to havesex with fear of being caught.Before the park closed, we headed back to the dorm. We went our separateway once on our second floor. I knocked and didn’t hear anything. I openedthe door and saw Kris naked on top of his bed with one big smile.”Hey what’s up?” Kris smiled. “Guess what I did?””Got naked and jacked off,” I laughed. “I’m not ignorant over here. I cansee by the smile on your face you got laid.””Damn right I did. Liz loved every moment I was hitting that shit too,”Kris said. “You should hear that bitch moan.””Good, now you’re on the board,” I said and started undressing to head tobed even though it was barely midnight.”How was Michael tonight? Did he join you and have a threesome?””Hell no, I’m not like that,” I shot back quickly. “We left and went to apark after we returned for some great lip lock.””So I got laid and you didn’t?” Kris laughed.”Yeah, there’s a change,” I laughed. “So I take it Liz is now a keepersince she put out.””I think so. It was fun all of us dating together,” Kris stated and nowwas oblivious to his nakedness. “You and Corey should join us.””We will later,” I türbanlı escort bayburt said and turned on the television. It wasn’t long untilI looked over and saw Kris sound asleep on his side, showing me one hotnaked ass. After a few more minutes, I too called it a night with my eyesgetting heavy.The next morning in late September I woke and saw Kris getting dressed, Irubbed my eyes and stretched, “Where you going?””To play golf with Scott, Kendall and Jess,” Kris replied and headed to thedoor. “See ya!”I don’t guess Corey was going with them this time and didn’t even get theopportunity to ask for it seemed Kris was in a hurry. I grabbed my phoneand texted Corey quickly to see if he was awake and wanted to come down tomy room for a little alone time this morning, now after 10. Corey quicklyreplied to my text and was in my room in a matter of minutes. He found mewaiting.”Where’s Kris?” Corey asked.”He went to play golf with some of the guys,” I smiled.”Hell yeah!” Corey smiled and walked over to me. “No wonder you wanted meto come down.””We do have some making up to do,” I smiled and was smothered by hiskisses. He yanked down my boxers briefs and played with my cock. I layback and enjoyed it. Corey lifted up and slung his boxers and shorts tothe floor.”This is more like some alone time,” Corey said softly and sexy.”Yeah it is,” I quickly said and messed with his new haircut.Corey dropped down on me in a heartbeat. His wet mouth felt so good andhad chills running all over my body. I moaned a little and was becoming sohorny by the second. Corey kissed me quickly and returned his wetslobbering mouth to my hard 8 inches. I pushed him down further.”Fuck!” Corey coughed. “I took too much if there is such a thing.””I’m sorry. It was my fault,” I said with a kiss.With him off me, I worshipped his body and made my way down his body. Ilicked his cock before taking it in my mouth. I loved his cock and him somuch now. I sucked and sucked his cock until he pulled me up by the arms.”Corey, I want fucked!” I said in his face.”I can damn sure handle that,” Corey said.After getting the condom and lube, I was on my back to take my boyfriendand feel him in me. Corey slid his hard cock in my hole and felt out ofthis world. I threw back my head and moaned. Corey threw my thin legs onhis shoulders and started fucking me.”OOOO yes! OOOO Corey!” I moaned and was audibly breathing hard.Corey was groaning as well and slapped my skinny ass. The pop echoed offthe walls. He leaned over for a kiss while I pulled him deeper inme. “Your damn ass is on fire this morning!” Corey said to me while gazinginto my eyes.”Your fucking cock feels so good in me, babe,” I moaned and ran my handsover his sides.Corey continued fucking me at a nice steady pace. We got into a rhythm aslovers and had my bed humming. I was overcome with elation and lovedfeeling him in me. I shut my eyes for a moment to enjoy this hot moment. Icould f ff8 eel Corey kissing my chest while constantly sliding in and out myhole.We stopped to calm down for a second. Corey lay on his back while Istraddled his cock. I slid my ass back down on his slippery cock.”OOOO fuck yeah!” I moaned and starting riding his cock. I squeezed my asstight as possible to hear Corey moan along with me. I continue to ride hiscock for all it was worth with my cock flopping all around. It was greatgazing into his eyes and seeing he was being pleasured and satisfied asmuch as I was. I found my cock and jacked it while Corey hammered my asspretty hard. We were both breathing hard yet loving each second of this.I could feel I was about to bust and felt Corey slip out as well. I felthis warm cum shot up my back, causing me to erupt on his smooth chest.I smeared my load with my cock into his smooth skin. I collapsed on top ofhim and kissed him passionately.”Matt, I do love you so much,” Corey said, holding me on top of him.”I love you too, Corey,” I said. We kissed some more before lying next toeach other with his strong arm wrapped around my shoulders. I loved thistime after sex to touch his body more.We did something then we had never done. We headed to the shower and foundthem empty. We jumped into one together to enjoy the time. We showeredand scrubbed off each other’s body. We kissed passionately with the warmwater flowing over our bodies. We stepped out and saw Corey’s old roommatestaring a hole through us.”Fucking fags!” Lee said.”Don’t start shit again!” Corey said.Lee left quickly with his nose up in the air so to speak. I had to laughseeing Lee naked and Corey did as well after seeing Lee’s gut and hairybush plus small uncut cock. We dried and said hello to Stephan going out.”Plans today?” Stephan asked dressed in jeans and a tee.”Yeah we do,” Corey said. “Thanks for asking.”We headed down the hall and into my room. “What plans?” I asked.”Plans not to be around his ass,” Corey laughed.”He has gotten better,” I commented.”He has,” Corey stated. “Seen any more with him and Jess?””No I haven’t,” I said. I dressed quickly and followed Corey to his roomto dress. Michael was there and watched Corey dress quickly. We didn’tsay a word to him and left the room to go grab something to eat for lunch.******************TO BE CONTINUED…*******************

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