College Life – Part 3 – The Holiday

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College Life – Part 3 – The HolidayHi friends, this is Ruchi again with the 3rd part of my series – College Life. You can read the previous two parts from the above links . First of all I want to offer tight hugs and kisses to everybody who has given me all that support and appreciation via email or comments. I loved reading your mails. Please do keep sending them. Anyway, here’s the next part. This is a few days after the 6th floor incident.I rang the doorbell of Mukesh’s flat and waited for him to open the door. It was a holiday and my parents were out of town, so the boys had invited me over to stay the day with them, chill out, drink, party etc. Of course I knew some more interesting things were also in the cards, and that was the main attraction for them as well as for me. The flat was in this kickass posh complex just off E.M bypass, near Science city. His parents had bought the flat as an extra property some years back and now let Mukesh stay in it alone as he was studying here. It’s on the 11th floor and offers a very nice view from the balcony. The other flat on the floor was also unoccupied, so there was lot of privacy and no one to complain if we partied or played loud music.It was Sumit who opened the door. I was already stepping in the door but he put his palm exactly over my pussy area of the denim shorts I was wearing and stopped me. ‘Andar to ane de kamine, koi dekh lega toh?’ I said a bit annoyed.Meanwhile Mukesh also joined him at the door. He leaned in to give me a hug (unlike usual hugs, he always put both hands on my ass and squeezed). He then casually took my handbag from my shoulder and my phone from my hand, as if to carry them inside. I let him take them, of course.Once he took them however, instead of letting me in, he also joined Sumit and blocked the door. Together they just stood silently for a while, with naughty smiles on their faces as they slowly, very very slowly started looking at me from head to toe. Apart from cut out denim shorts, I was wearing a sheer black top, sleeveless, with a black spaghetti inside. The spaghetti was a little smaller than decent, and you could see about an inch of cleavage with just a peek of the top of my bra, and there was about a two inch gap between the spaghetti and the waist of my shorts. Although this was covered by the top, my waist could be clearly seen as the top was sheer.The boys were focusing their eyes on my body with so much lust in their eyes that it began to turn me on immensely. It was such a turn on that I shivered a little – Sumit was staring at my boobs, slowly moving his eyes from my left boob to right, spending more time looking at the spot where he knew my nipples were. It was almost like he was touching my bare skin with his hands or tongue. Mukesh was doing the same with my lower half. His eyes were focused on a very selective part of my shorts. You can guess which part. Very slowly he was moving his eyes and staring at my pussy area over the tight light blue denim shorts. Every few seconds they’d look up at my face to see my condition. When they saw I was blushing so hard that my entire face was red and my breathing had also become heavy, they stopped their X-ray.‘Andar ana hai Ruchi?’ Mukesh asked with a smirk. ‘Wapas bhi ja sakti hu’, I replied with atti. He just laughed and showed me my purse and phone in his hand. Shit, the bastard had tricked me again. I had no money and no way to book an Uber or Ola. So I gave in and said Ha ana hai andar.Sumit smiled at this and said, ’Top utar.’ I just glared at him and said Koi a gaya toh? They laughed and said Kaun ayega, this is the top floor, chal utar top. I figured I did have the spaghetti inside. So I took the sheer top off and gave it to Sumit, who was already waiting with his hand extended. I started walking in and stopped when I saw the look on mukesh. He just stood there with the usual naughty smile on his face, not saying anything.I understood what they wanted now, and even I broke into a smile. ‘Tumlog jaise tharki or chutiya pure Kolkata me aur nahi milenge.’ I said with mock anger as I started taking off the inner spaghetti as well. It was pretty tight and I was sweaty, so I was having to struggle a little to take it off. Mukesh came forward and grabbed my navel with illegal bahis his hand and said,’Tujh jaisi item bhi kaha milegi Ruchi…’ I pulled the spaghetti over my head and threw it in his face, laughing. I was standing there just in my purple bra and hot shorts and 4 inch heels in the corridor outside the flat, and my panty was getting wetter every second. ‘Ye bhi utaru kya?’ I said putting a hand on the bra strap.Sumit smiled and pointed towards my left. Fuck. What I had forgotten was the entrance of the flat was at the end of the corridor, and that part was glass from floor to ceiling instead of solid wall. It was made to offer a great view of the farms and greens outside, but it also meant I wasn’t exactly hidden from public view. Although yes, as we were high up on the 11th floor, nobody from the street could see much. I still got very shy and started covering the chest with my arms.They both laughed loudly at this. Mukesh grabbed the front waistband of my shorts (which put his fingers well inside my panties) and pulled me inside. Once we all got inside they locked the door and took turns to kiss me. One thing about Sumit, he was a damn good kisser, and I loved the way he could grab my tongue in his lips and play with it. Anyway, after kissing me for more than a minute each, Mukesh slapped my ass in a friendly way and said you want a shower or a beer first? Shower, I said.He took me to one of the bedrooms which had an attached bath. As soon as I got into the bathroom and just taken off all my clothes, there was a knock on the door. ‘Ab kya hai?’ I shouted from inside. ‘Darwaza khol thoda sa..’ It was Sumit. I got behind the door so that he couldn’t see me, and opened the door just a few inches. He put his hand through the gap and said ‘Bra’. I laughed loud and gave him my bra from the rack. His hand took it and vanished and came back again.Without being asked I gave him my shorts first, and then my panties on the next round. Surprisingly, his hand appeared again through the door. ‘Ab kya chahiye? Kuch bacha nhi hai dene ke lie, nangi hu mai’ I said a little puzzled. He laughed and said kuch free nahi hai teri kapdo ke sath? I thought for a second and had a naughty idea. I turned back towards the door, then took his hand and put it on my naked ass. He whistled as soon as he felt the soft curve. Slowly he rubbed my ass all over, briefly moved his finger up and down the crack and even poked my asshole once. I jumped a little as he did that and he laughed again. Finally he smacked each of bums really hard and said “chal naha le. Oh by the way, ye le.” Saying this he gave me a packet and said ye pehan ke nikalna….I kept the packet without opening on the rack and took a long shower. It really freshened me up after all the heat of the street. After toweling myself dry I opened the packet. At first glance it looked like a somewhat decent white one-piece swimsuit/monokini. It even had a round neck so absolutely no cleavage. I was a bit puzzled first then I noticed the material when I opened it fully. It was entirely net type, made of white threads from top to bottom with only elastics at the neck and thighs. Think of the kind of net people use for bird or rabbit cages, only made of white threads. It was a brilliant design.When I put it on, I got turned on looking at my own body at the full length mirror in the bathroom. I looked gorgeous in it. Most of my skin could be seen through the hundreds of holes in that costume, and yet, it still created the idea that I was dressed. It was like being completely exposed and yet being completely covered at the same time. The only concession to decency was that 4 of the square holes on each side of the upper half were covered in solid cloth, designed so that they were exactly over my nipples. And about 5-6 holes on two rows towards the bottom were similarly clothed, and they just barely covered my pussy. At the back there was no such thing and my entire ass was just covered in that big net type material. I checked out myself in the mirror for quite a while before I remembered the two obviously horny boys outside.As I got out of the bathroom I saw both of them sitting on the bed with a beer in hand, obviously waiting for me. Their eyes just opened wide as I came out. illegal bahis siteleri I was also very glad and horny that they had taken the care to choose and buy something so nice and hot for me, so without saying anything I just went forward and kissed both of them deeply one by one, and gave each of their cocks a squeeze. I noticed they had both changed dresses and were just in boxer shorts now, with huge tents in them of course.Mukesh pulled me on to his lap and said do you like the dress beautiful? ‘Yes guys, thank you both.’ I said. ‘Waise where’s abhisek?’ He’s busy with some work at home and has promised he will make up for what he is missing today, Sumit said with a wink. They kept chatting with me like that for a while, while sharing their chilled beer with me and obviously also looking me over from head to toe – both over my open legs and arms as well as the parts visible through the dress.As I finished the beer Sumit said come Ruchi, let’s have some fun. They took me to another room and stopped me at the doorway. Sumit then took an eye-mask from his pocket and put it over my eyes. I didn’t stop him of course. I was already dripping wet seeing how exposed I am and how they could see almost everything through that dress. Although they did see my pussy and boobs that day in the empty classroom, I still had some proper clothes on that day on my body and that felt less exposing. So anyway, after making sure I couldn’t see Sumit asked, ‘You trust us na Ruchi? You’re not afraid.’ I assured them it was fine. Mukesh then laughed and said good, we have bought some jewelry for you as well. Hold out your arms. As I held my arms out in front I could they put on something soft on them, like a bracelet.Then I felt them putting something similarly soft on both my ankles also. Then I felt them pull both my hands straight up over my head, there was a small metallic sound, and then I realized I could not pull my hands down, they were attached to something. Immediately I felt my legs being pulled away from each other, and then they were attached to something too. I was just wondering what the hell happened when I felt a hand gently cup my pussy, and two mouths take my nipples in them, all over my dress. I moaned and shivered and tried to move a bit, but couldn’t move at all.Then one of them pulled the eye mask off, and I could see the condition I was in. They had put very nice red leather handcuffs on wrists, and then tied them above my head with a chain from an exercise bar set up above the door frame. My wide open legs also had same rich leather ankle cuffs on them and they were tied to a table stand on one side and the foot of a cupboard on the other. I looked like an upside down Y.I felt scared for just a second as I realized how helpless and exposed I was, but almost instantly my own condition made me insanely horny as well. The boys had both taken their boxers off. Their juicy cocks were standing at 90 degrees and the tips were already wet from excitement. I was so aroused that I couldn’t speak, and I could feel my own pussy juices starting to flow down my thighs. Sumit noticed it also. He gently rubbed a finger up my thigh to scoop up the juice and licked it as if it was some delicious dip or something. Mukesh stared at me top to bottom for a while and then suddenly went to the next room. I was wondering what the hell when he returned, with an ice tray in his hand and a naughty grin on his face. I could not help smiling as I understood what was about to happen to me and started pleading with him, no no no mukesh, please please no. I’ll scream, pukka.Mukesh pretended like he couldn’t even hear me speak. First he took a pair of scissors and came very close. Very gently and slowly, he cut the threads around the two small cloth pieces which were covering my nipples. Once he cut the last thread on each side, those circular portions just fell off like caps of cold drink bottles. Very slowly, he took two ice-cubes from the tray, gave one to Sumit and came closer, and they both started rubbing them over my exposed nipples.I started moaning and shivering from the cold and excitement as I saw my nipples grow big and erect at the soft touch. Mukesh then inserted a finger between my pussy and the costume, right canlı bahis siteleri between my legs and pulled it down. With his other hand he slowly pushed a cube against my pussy. I squealed as the ice touched my already sensitive pussy lips, but he paid no attention. I was so wet from my pussy juices that he just pushed the cube smoothly inside. I cannot describe the sensation I was having in my pussy. It was both very cold and also very arousing. I squirmed against the chains trying to free my hands so that I could pull the cube out but I couldn’t free myself. He then gently put another cube right against my clit inside my costume and I exploded into an orgasm as soon as the super cold ice touched my clit.“Oooooh Ruchi, did you just cum?” Sumit asked with a smirk. “Correction,” Mukesh said lazily, “she just came for the first of many time today.” They kept rubbing my pussy and ass as I slowly recovered from the orgasm. Once I had stabilized a little bit, I realized that they had further plans for me. They each picked up a blade from a table nearby, Mukesh stayed at my front while Sumit went to my back. They hooked their fingers into the holes of the costume and pulled it away from my body about an inch, thus creating a gap. Then they both started running the blades vertically down the dress, from my neck to my thighs, very carefully so that the blades don’t touch my skin.As their blades cut through the nets up and down, within a few second I was just left with some torn and tattered threads running from my shoulder and neck to the elastic at my thighs. Since the connecting parts were cut, the vertical threads were inches apart, instead of just a cm before. This meant practically my whole body was now exposed to them except for those few hanging threads. The boys then grabbed the threads in their fists and started running the blades horizontally, and within a few seconds the entire thing fell off my body in bits and pieces. All I had on my body now was an elastic around my neck, and one elastic around each of my thighs.I was completely exposed to them, with my hands tied over my head and my legs spread apart and tied. I had shaved that very day so my pussy area was smooth and glistening. They threw away the blades and stood at a distance. Of course, they were eating every inch of my naked exposed body with their eyes. I was so aroused that I had lost the power to speak or react.I just kept looking at their cocks (which were also dripping with wetness now) and my own body, breathing heavily so that my breasts were moving up and down. The boys kept looking at me for a long time, stroking their cocks, and then came close. Mukesh kept biting my neck and Sumit started kissing me full on the mouth. I could once again feel my juices flowing down my inner thighs from my pussy. Shifting their positions a little bit, they each took one of my breasts in their mouth. Mukesh put two fingers against my clit and started rubbing it in a sensuous circular motion.Sumit put his hand towards my ass, slowly rubbed downward through my ass and inserted two fingers deep inside my pussy and started pumping. I was naked except for those elastics which made me look even sluttier, and tied up, no way to stop anything. I was having both nipples eaten, my clit being massaged, and my pussy being fucked hard with two fingers. Within maybe two minutes, I exploded again, wetting Sumit’s hand completely. Mukesh rubbed his hand against my pussy opening and inner thighs, then they both made a show of licking my juices from their own hands.Once they had finished, they released my hands and gently lowered me into a kneel-down position. I was just dying for this to happen. I grabbed their cocks and brought them closer. I touched both their tips to my lips and started pumping with both hands. They both grabbed my hair and started pumping their cocks through my hands into my mouth. Obviously they were also very close to bursting from all the things that had been happening till now, and within two minutes they came and poured their sticky thick white cum all over my face and tits. I collapsed on the floor as Mukesh untied my legs. Sumit got some tissues and three more beers for us. The boys lovingly wiped all the cum off my face but not from my tits. They said they wanted to wash it off me later. We just took our beers and collapsed against the wall.……To be continued, if people want me to…Phew, this was a long one. Thanks guys for reading so patiently. Please continue to send me feedback

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