College Sissy Pt. 06

Cock Headtease

All parties involved are over 18 years of age, all acts described are between adults. Sex under the influence of alcohol and an unfair power dynamic is expressed in this story.

Heyyy guys! It’s Lacey. This story is MUCH longer than usual, with less sex, but I realllly loved writing it. I hope you do toooo!!! Really loving all the feedback, and I am sorry about the erratic nature of the updates, but I promise the story will be finished. Not soon, but I won’t abandon it! Mwah!!

The bar was crowded. I didn’t think a lot of it, and it wasn’t like I had spent much time in bars up to that point. I was a serious introvert, (a feature that would help me later on in life), so I didn’t get out much. But, I do remember thinking that the bar seemed like it had too many people in it. I was sitting in a boothe, drinking a rum and coke, and trying to pretend like I actually enjoyed it. This place was notorious for not carding, but I had a fake just in case. Buck made sure I did. I was sitting with one of my professors, who was having an amaretto sour.

“You like this place? Come here often? I know it’s popular with the students.”

“It’s fine, I have been a few times, sir.” That was a lie.

“Oh, no need for that. This is more social than anything else. Call me Eric.”

“Right…ummm… I don’t go out too much, but I have been here, ya know once or twice.”

“Right, no worries. That’s pretty common for our field. Let’s get you another round?”

He was my department head. Older than me, by over 15 years, but still young to manage a department in my eyes. I had gone my whole time in the same major, but never having taken one of his classes. Not because I was trying or anything, but it had just shaken out that way.

“Yeah, totally.” (I hadn’t really got the taste for alcohol yet, but I kept pretending.”

“As I said in class, we don’t get a lot of students here, go wombats…”

“Go wombats.”

“…That actually major in our department. Other schools, sure, and even here, for their electives, yes plenty come through but not many major. So, when I saw you were one of the few, I wanted to get to know you.”

“Uh heh, yeah. It can seem kinda niche…”

After the first day in class, he asked me to stay behind. Eric said that he wanted to get a drink with me, strictly for school purposes, because I said my major in the obligatory first day ice breaker session. Originally I envisioned coffee, but he wanted to go to a bar. She said something about how it’s pretty normal between him and his graduate students, who he maybe would want me to be one day. Normally this wasn’t my thing, but he seemed friendly and was going to be really important to my schooling, so I accepted.

“So, I already know where you are from, from the ice breaker. And your interesting fact…you won a year’s worth of blow pops as a kid, right?”

“Right, heh, yeah. I guessed the number in the jar.”

“Learn any special skills from that?”

“Uhhh…like what?”

“With gum.”

“Oh, just blowing bubbles and snapping gum…I guess.”

“Right. But, where you grew up. I’ve never been. Like it there? Close to your family?

“Honestly, si-, Eric, no. Heh, I kinda came here to escape. I’m not close with anyone back home. Small place, boring.”

“I see. Well, you’re in a much more open place now. But, with those out of the way, what do you like so much about our little field? What do you want to do after university?”

“Uhh…I mean it can be kinda boring, but there is excitement here and there. It’s needed, and I like to think I am good at it. Seemed like a good way to make a living. And I don’t really know…I thought maybe analysis? Probably government stuff before going private, you know for like…experience and connections. Maybe more certifications.”

“All of that. That’s why I went in, haha! Yeah, it’s good work. More exciting that it seems, I promise. That’s a close enough path to my own, I just realized I wanted more control. As in over how people see our work, how it is taught and conducted, so that led me to find out I was good at teaching. Lead me here.”

“Oh you did it kinda like me? Or uhh how I want to?”

“Right. I still have plenty of those connections. Plenty of strings to pull. That’s something open to all of us, not just those in our department, if they are good enough to get a shot. Just a little help getting noticed.”

“That might be really helpful one day.”

“We’ll see. Another round?”


“Hang on, you don’t want another rum and coke. Right, let’s get you…”

He waved over the bartender that had been taking care of us all night. The guy was skinny and looked as alt rock as he did gay. Torn up, skinny, black kaçak iddaa jeans above skater shoes, a blue tank top, two full sleeves of tats, piercings galore, and a green strip in his hair. But he was skinny, like just above the you should be concerned level. He looked at Eric and Eric only, save for a few dismissive glances my way when he took the order.

“Hey, I’ll take a cider, and a Slutty Temple for my friend.”

“Coming right up.”

The bartender winked at my professor and took my two glasses and his one.

“Why the drink change?”

“Oh I could tell you didn’t like the R&Cs. Your face is easy to read. R&Cs are often the “I don’t like alcohol but I guess I’ll try something sweet” go-to.”

I blushed.

“Heh, yeah. But what was it… a Shirley-“

“Right. Slutty Temple. It’s sweet, you’ll love it. But just be honest with me. It’s the best for a relationship. Working together. I always want to work with students who work for me, you understand.”

“Uhhh Right. Sorry.”

“Don’t be, it’s no big deal, and I learned something about you. And you’ll expand your palette. Win-win, right.”

“Yeah, I guess.”

When the drinks arrived, I got a medium sized glass with red liquid, sparkling, and a couple of green cherries at the bottom, held in place by an umbrella. I wanted to try it, but I hesitated.

“Don’t worry. I promise you, no one cares.”

“What do you mean?”

“You are worried about being seen drinking a girly drink. No one cares. And even if they do, let them. I mean look at me, I am certainly not this bar’s type.”

He wasn’t wrong. He looked like he had just come from class, save for his leather messenger bag he took everywhere on campus. He had a cream colored collared shirt, the thinnest corduroy blazer I had even seen, and slim fitting grey trousers. I, on the other hand, looked more like the scene I guess. I had jeans and black Converse, with a black hoodie and video game tshirt.

I took a sip of my drink. It was actually really good.


“See? I told you. Lot of things I can teach you.”

“Yeah, heh, that’s really good. I can’t taste…whatever is in this. The alcohol I mean…”

“Right, they can be dangerous. Probably enough for you tonight if you are not much of a drinker. Hey, you play?”


“You’re shirt. You play?”

This was the first time someone had spoken to me about my interests outside of school and sex since what felt like forever, but definitely since I started here. We proceeded to talk about video games mostly, with other nerdy things too, for the next hour.He was really into a lot of the things I was, and told me about stuff that made me excited to look them up later. He was a deep fan and I got much more comfortable talking to him. We probably would have continued, but we were interrupted.

The bar quieted down after a voice on the speakers announced a show was about to begin.

“Come on, let’s go watch!”

“Uhh, okay.”

We moved into the crowd and got a decent view of the stage. I began to understand why there were so many people there that night. After a couple of minutes, fog started coming from behind the curtains, and we were introduced to ‘Glaxia’. The curtains opened up and a woman in a green dress, faux antennae, a play jet pack like Buzz Lightyear, and a CCCP style plastic space helmet starts lip synching ET by Katy Perry. The lights were going off on the stage like a laser show, with mostly greens. I was not prepared for this, at all.

After her first song, moving onto Intergalactic by the Beastie Boys, Eric leaned in.

“Enjoying yourself?”

“Uhhh…yeah, she has a great voice… I just didn’t know this was…what was going to happen…”

Galaxia started to hump a series of planet themed beach balls and throw them into the crowd.

“Yeah, once a month is a drag show. We don’t have a big population of possible performers, so it’s only one, once a month. This month is the ‘Delta Quadrant Diva'”

“Oh, that’s a ma-“

I was bumped into by a big guy taking a couple beers towards the front. Eric put his arm around me. He was skinny, not as skinny as me, but close to a half a foot taller than me, so he could look out for me in a crowd easily.

“Hey sorry for getting in close, just didn’t want you to fall over, and I couldn’t hear you.

I was pulled into his chest and felt awkward, but not upset. I hadn’t been held in a while.

“Uhh…it’s cool. I uhhh…right, that’s a man?”

“Yeah, he’s probably the best one. I love these shows.”

After about half an hour later, the show ended, and we moved to the bar, as our booth was taken by folks. After asking if I was good, he ordered me another Slutty Temple, kaçak bahis and a water for him. Truth is I was still feeling the drinks from before, but I really did want another.

“…Right, that’s actually pretty long for a show. It’s pretty exhausting, especially for someone who doesn’t do it for a living. Not like a musician or singer that goes on tour.”

“Really? Wow. I had no idea.”

“Just something I have always enjoyed. Alright, I’ll close out our tab.”

“Oh you don’t have to do that, I can get mine.”

“No, I insist. I am the professor, I asked you to come.”

“Uhh, thank you.”

“You can properly thank me, though.”


“Haha, nothing weird. Just tell me, are you seeing anyone?”

I hesitated.

“I’m sorry, what?”

He chuckled again.

“Like I said, nothing weird. I mean do you have a girlfriend or anything like that. I like to know what’s going on with my students. Like if you were all of a sudden not in class I can ask if you had a breakup or something.”

“Oh, uh no. No girlfriend. Not since high school. And no one here…for a while.”

He raised an eyebrow as he finished paying.

“Why do you say it like that? No…hookups in a while? Don’t tell me someone cute like you isn’t getting lucky here.”

“What? No…I mean…yeah, I guess. I just haven’t been trying in a while.”

“Hmmm…so, what happened?

“What do you mean?”

“Come on. You looked like ‘Fortunate Son’ started playing when I asked. Something put you in this dry spell.”

“No…I mean. There was this…(I hadn’t spoken out loud about it before, but like I said, I wasn’t a drinker)…guy.”

“I see. College experiment?”

“Kinda? He…we weren’t romantic. Just…good, you know.”


I blushed.

“Yeah…he was a massive jerk, but it felt really good for a while. I got way more comfortable with a lot of stuff…I can’t believe I’m telling you this I barely know you…”

“It’s okay. I want to be a mentor. I don’t judge.”


“No problem. What caused you two to split? Him being a jerk?”

“Kinda. He was a jerk, but like I said it felt good. I didn’t mind all that much because it wasn’t romantic…and I got I guess what I wanted. I balanced things well enough.”


“But one day, even after I did pretty CRAZY stuff with him… I look over, my head was literally resting on his knee and I have a coll-….I err…I just see that is camera, his web cam, is on.”

“Oh no”

“And I confronted him about it and it turned out he had us on live stream!!! And I was so furious, and I was yelling and pissed and I had debased myself so many ways before…but this…I just…my identity, my face…and he just comes back with that it’s not a big deal and after other things I did it’s not like…he wanted us…me…to do porn eventually.”

“Oh, that’s super toxic. Who is this guy?”

“No I don’t…it’s not that I am not angry. I just don’t want more attention on it.”

“Because I can absolutely destroy this guy. At least academically. If you want.”

“Maybe, he’s an athlete. But no. I don’t want to get dragged into it because I would have to be.”

“I respect that. But still…exposing you like that…without your knowledge…that’s pretty awful. I’m sorry.”

“Yeah…I was done with him after that. It’s been like…a year.”

“Right. You said you did some crazy stuff…did he ever…have you in…like the ‘Gailer’?”

I almost spit out my drink.

“…the what? I…don’t know that that is…”

“It’s okay. Hey, I won’t tell anyone.”

I started looking for the exit.

“Hang on there bunny. I promise, it’s okay. I am not telling anyone.”

“No, you can’t…I mean I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Hey. Ask yourself. How would I know what that is and if you were there.”

I paused.

“Did you use…wait…did I…”


“Oh….oh no…no I didn’t mean to…please don’t”

He took my arm, gently.

“It’s okay, haha. I am not holding anything against you. I just waited in my car afterwards to see who came out or if someone else went in. I was curious. Just so happened I saw you. I didn’t do anything, and didn’t influence you coming to my class. I just wanted to get to know you when you DID come to my class.”

“Oh my god I can’t believe I-“

“Shhh. Yes, I use it every so often. I’m one of the reasons it’s still there, haha. I saw that someone, well, you, were there on the forum for it, and I went. I saw you leave. Your ad was intriguing.”

“What did it…nevermind.”

“I’ll tell you later if you want, but…”

“I need to go.”

“I’ll drive you.”

“No…I need to walk.”

I illegal bahis stumbled my first step. I could not believe what I was hearing. I was so afraid my whole college career was over.

“Oh no. I’m driving you. You should not be walking, especially…less mature.”

He gently took my arm and we walked to his car. As we walked outside I heard his keys jingle on his belt loop and I cringed. He sat me down inside the passenger’s seat and got in himself. He asked me my dorm number and I told him. Other than that, we rode in silence for the 5 minute journey. It felt like an eternity.

“This doesn’t change anything. I promise. You are welcome in my class and I won’t treat you any differently, if you prefer that. We don’t have to talk about any of it at all, and we can pretend like nothing happened.”

I leaned up against the door.

“You were….pretty good, though.”

I thought I was about to washed over with a wave of disgust by that statement but I felt..pleasure. Not sexual exactly, but pride. I looked over and I could see the red in his short beard glinting when the streep lamps illuminated the car.

He parked in front of my building and I started to get out. But I stopped. I got back in.

“Did you mean that?”


He didn’t ask which part. He knew exactly what I was referring to.


“Yes, I have had a number of blow jobs as you can imagine.”

He put his foot on the break and shifted to drive.

“Like…how good?”

“Do you want to give me another demonstration?”


He started driving. I saw my dorm disappear from the mirror. I was not as nervous as I thought I should be. We drove across campus. I was not sure where we were going. Only of what I had signed up to do. He drove to the parking lot next to where we had first met. Where he saw me for the first time.

“Are we…going inside?”

“No. In here is fine.”


“Come here.”

I went across the console and unzipped his pants, and reached in, finding his cock. He was already hard, I had to be gentle not to bend him much pulling him out from his boxers. When he sprang out, he was slightly smaller than what I was used to, that being Buck…but still, he was long, and a little girthy. I had him in my hand, stroking softly…

“You…this isn’t me trying to get better grades…or this isn’t me thinking you want me to try to get better grades-“


He gently placed his hands on my back and my head, softly lowering my mouth to his cock. I opened wide and took him in my mouth.

Oh god I missed this…

I started bobbing up and down on his shaft, with vigor. I stroked his cock with my right hand, and squeezed his chest through his shirt. I moaned with him, as he did and sighed as well. My hand stroked him easier from my drool and I was able stroke faster. He rubbed my head and back, not pushing, but encouraging me with his firm but reserved touches.

“Oh yeah….that’s a good girl…”

I thought nothing of his praises at the time. I was just so focused on his warmth, and the tingly feeling of his fingers on me. I alternated between moving on his shaft with my mouth and hand going up and down together, and them meeting in the middle.

“Just like that… damn…oh baby”

I bobbed my whole chest as I went, and took my hand away to just use my mouth. My nose went into a bush I couldn’t see in the dark, something I didn’t see in the ‘Gailer’ either.

“Oooohhh!!!” He exclaimed as I went all the way down.

I was almost in a trance sucking. The taste, the feel…I have no idea why I never felt the desire before being pushed into it. I kept at it for a while, long enough to feel how hot the car was getting.

He started to tense up some. I kept the same speed, which was pretty fast for someone so rusty. I wanted all of it. He gripped my hair, but and slowed me until I just had his head in my mouth. I started to stroke his cock again.

“Yes, stroke it into your mouth, doll.”

I jerked him until I felt him shake and my mouth filled up with cum. No facial this time.

I swallowed, and licked his sensitive head gently after, getting every drop.

He was breathing heavy as I got up. He recovered, and started the car. I sat there, awkwardly thinking about it all. He had to run the defogger setting and roll down the widows for a minute before we could drive. He never put himself back away. We pulled up again in front of my building.

“Ummm….Okay…thanks?…yeah. Thanks for the ride. And the drinks! Yeah…” I said as I opened the door.

“Of course.”

He rolled down the window as I walked towards the entrance.



“Better. I’ll see you in class.”

“Yes, Eric.”

“Good. You won’t be calling me Eric anymore.”

He drove away.

I started smiling.

Holy shit…I just sucked off my professor! For the second time!!!

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