Subject: Part 2: “College Story” Though there is some basis in reality, this is a fictional story. Any resemblance to individuals or places is purely coincidental. Copyright ail. Comments welcomed. We authors contribute to your reading pleasure. Why don’t you contribute to keeping Nifty available to provide these wonderful stories? A donation of whatever size is appreciated. Many ways to contribute at the link fty/donate.html A College Story–Part 2 It had been about a month after I had met Danny at the bar across from campus and given him his first BJ from a guy. And, as I had been requested, I hadn’t mentioned anything to anyone about our evening together–though I had jerked off to the memory more than once! In the days when I went to college, life was much simpler, though communication was more difficult. There wasn’t email. No one had cell phones–only land lines. That didn’t really matter, as Danny and I hadn’t exchanged any information. In fact, seeing someone at the bar was often the main way that social contact was maintained. Yeah, grabbing a beer and playing some pool was on the agenda, but it was also about staying in touch with friends. It was a Friday night, and I was still enjoying having the house to myself. I decided to go out to the bar and see who was around, as well as grab a beer and shoot some pool. When I got there, I was surprised at the size of the crowd. Though it was summer, the place was buzzing! I saw a number of acquaintances sitting around the bar, and after I got my first beer from the bartender, I made the rounds, saying hello, catching up with what was going on, and basically staying in touch. One of my buds encouraged me to shoot some pool, so we walked to the back room where the tables were located. Every table was in use! So we put our name on the chalkboard list, nursed our beers, and continued to chat. I casually looked around the room, and I swear I saw Danny! I didn’t want to go up to him right away, as I wasn’t sure who he was playing pool with and if my saying hello might be an issue. As it turns out, that was the table that was next up, so as they finished their game, the poolmaster told us to go over and be ready to play. As I got closer to the table, I realized that it wasn’t Danny. However, the guy was the spitting image of Danny as I remembered. When we got to the table, the two who were playing said hello, and asked if just the two of us were taking the table. I replied affirmatively. So they made a simple ask: “want to play a set as teams? We’ll split the cost with you. We just aren’t ready to quit!” My bud and I were more than willing to play doubles, so it was decided. The guy who looked like Danny asked if we wanted more beers, and we all said yes. “I’m not 21 yet,” he said. “Would someone else get them? I’ll pay.” His friend took the ten spot that was offered and walked off to the bar. While he was gone, we introduced ourselves. “I’m Rob,” said my bud. “I’m Tom,” I said. “Hey, I’m Billy and my bud who is getting the beers is Spencer.” We were racking up the balls and chalking our cues when Spencer came back with four beers. “I hope you don’t mind, but I got the brand that was on sale since cheap Billy was paying,” he said with a laugh. We all joined in. None of us really cared about the brand when it came to free beer! “I’m Spencer,” he said. “I’m Rob.” “I’m Tom.” We settled in and started playing. While none of us could be considered `expert,’ we all know how to play, and the game was certainly interesting and close. We chattered with each other in between our individual shots as we sipped on the beer. One of those times I was standing next to Billy. “You sure do look familiar to me,” I said to him. “Have we ever met before?” “I don’t think so,” he said. “I just started classes here this summer, so haven’t been around that long.” “Well, I could have sworn I’ve seen you before.” “Maybe you’ve met my brother. I know he likes to shoot pool and who doesn’t like a cold beer?” “What’s your brother’s name?” I asked. “He’s Danny,” Billy replied. “He’s a senior. I’m just getting started.” I was quiet for just a moment. Danny and Billy looked a lot like each other! I wondered silently if they were both equipped the same! “Yeah, I think I’ve played pool with him here before,” I said. “You two look like brothers!” “Yeah, that’s what lots of people say, said Billy. “Where is Danny tonight?” “He went to the movies with some of his friends. There’s some science fiction movie playing and they wanted to go. I wasn’t interested, so decided to come out here and play some pool. He might come here after the movie, but I don’t know.” “That’s cool,” I said. It was my turn, and I accomplished a shot that I truly didn’t think was possible. The other three applauded. For the most part, it was an uneventful set. We finished up our games, and no one else had signed up for a table, so we all agreed to do another set. “I’ll get the beers this time,” Rob said. Spencer piped up, “I’ll go with you and help you carry them. Let’s get draft instead of bottles this time.” So they walked off. As Billy and I stood by the table I asked him what he was going to major in. “Not sure yet,” he said, “but I think psychology.” “Hey, that’s my major,” I stated. “If that’s what you decide, I’ll tell you who the best professors are.” “Deal!” said Billy. Then he added, “do you think it’s a good major?” “We’ll have to discuss that,” I said. “This school is well known for experimental stuff, so if that’s your thing, it’s a good choice.” “Maybe we can chat about it over the summer. I’m just taking a couple of basic studies courses right now.” “Glad to do that,” I said. About this time, Rob and Spencer returned, each carrying two drafts. We started the next set of games, and started feeling the buzz that a couple gaziantep travesti of beers will bring. There was nothing spectacular about our play, but it was fun. As we came to the end of our second set of games, both Rob and Spencer said they needed to leave. “I’m hoping my brother shows up,” said Billy. “Tom, do you want to play one more game?” We looked over at the wall, and there was one name on the list, but no one seemed to be waiting. “Yeah, let’s start one last game before the people on the list get back.” Rob and Spencer said their good-byes, and Billy and I started our final game. Again, nothing spectacular. When we finished, we put our cues back on the wall and walked back out toward the bar. “I don’t see Danny anywhere,” said Billy. “He was gonna be my ride home, but I think walking across campus might do me some good to manage this beer buzz,” he said with a laugh. “Hey, I’ll give you a ride,” I said. “I’m not too buzzed to drive.” “Sure,” said Billy. We walked outside, and the fresh air was invigorating. My car was in the very back of the parking lot. As we got in the car, I asked, “is Danny expecting you back right away?” “Hell, no,” said Billy. “I’ll get back when I get back!” He chuckled. “Then why don’t we run by my place and polish off a joint?” I asked. “YES!” Billy exclaimed. “I can’t think of any better way to start the weekend!” We both laughed, and I turned toward my apartment, actually not far from where Billy roomed with Danny. When we got to my place, I pulled into the parking lot and we walked over to the door. When we went inside, Billy had the same reaction his brother had. “Wow, this is a really nice place.” “I share it with a roommate who is away for the summer. I didn’t want to lose the place, so I agreed to keep paying rent until he gets back.” “Nice,” Billy said. We both sat on the couch as I pulled my pot box out from the end table and started to roll a joint. “I haven’t had a chance to get high since I got here,” said Billy. “I don’t know anyone except my brother who has weed, and he doesn’t have any right now. In fact, he only said he’s met one guy recently who had any, but it was the best he ever had!” (I wondered if Danny told his brother the whole story!) I lit the J and took a hit, then handed it off to Billy. I got up and put on some mellow music. First toke, and Billy said “this tastes really good.” “I agree.” We took another couple of tokes, and for some reason it made us both chatty! “What’s your favorite kind of music?” Billy asked. “Rock, no question about it,” I replied. “Yeah, I think I’m the same,” said Billy. “And rock really seems to go well with copping a buzz from weed!” “It sure does,” I agreed. “How long have you been in this place?” “For the last year.” “Are you going to live with your brother when the fall semester starts?” No, I’m moving into the dorm. He doesn’t want his little brother in the way. Hahaha.” The album side ended, and I got up to switch it over. When I sat back down, I pulled out the tray and started to roll another one. “Up for more?” I asked. “If you are willing,” said Billy with a laugh. “Oh, I’m willing,” I said, sure that he didn’t get my double entendre. The soft rock on the second side of the album seemed to go nicely with the collective chill mood we both seemed to have. I lit the joint and passed it to Billy after a toke. We continued our banter. “What’s your favorite thing to do when you get stoned?” I asked. He paused for a few seconds as he took another deep puff and held his breath. As he let it out a cloud of lush smoke dissipated in front of him. “Do you really want to know?” asked Billy. “Yeah, it’s just a question,” I said in reply as I took another toke. I passed the J back to Billy, and he took another hit. After he exhaled, he replied. “It’s kind of embarrassing,” he said. “But I’m young.” “What is it?” I asked again. “I like to beat off,” Billy replied matter-of-factly. I took a deep hit on the J and handed it back to him. When I exhaled, I said, “one can never go wrong with beating off while stoned.” We both chuckled. The album ended about that time, so I got up and put on another album that continued the chill mood. I sat back down and accepted the J Billy proffered after taking a hit. I drew a long and deep inward breath, feeling the weed make itself known. Couple with the beers, I was really buzzing now. I handed the J back to Billy. “Where is your favorite place to beat off while stoned?” I asked with a grin while Billy inhaled. He let his breath out and said “wherever I happen to be!” Then he laughed raucously. I joined in the laugh. “That is definitely the right answer,” I said as I finished my hit. There were a couple of tokes left on this J, so I handed it back to Billy who took another deep one. He handed it back to me and I finished it up, placing the remains in the ash tray. We both leaned back on the couch, totally toasted. I looked over at Billy, and his eyes were half closed as if he was in another dimension. “Is it time to beat off?” I asked. “We are certainly both stoned.” Billy opened his eyes, almost with a look of shock on his face. He looked over at me. “Here? Now?” he asked. “Why not?” I replied. “I don’t know about you, but I’m totally stoned.” “Yeah, me, too,” he said, “but…” It was an awkward delay. “Okay,” I said after a few seconds of silence. “Sorry to be so forward. I thought you wanted to and so I was letting you know it was okay. I must have misinterpreted, though. I apologize.” Billy didn’t say anything right away. “I guess I ought to drive you home, or you can walk if you want to…it isn’t that far,” I said. That broke Billy’s silence. “Um, you want me to leave?” he asked. “Not at all,” I said. “I just thought you were weirded out by my suggestion gaziantep masaj salonları that we do what you like to do when you are stoned.” Billy looked at me. “I’m not weirded out,” he said with apparent honesty. He reached down and groped himself. “I really don’t have much control over my cock when I get stoned. I really do want–and need–to beat it. I just didn’t think you’d be so open to the idea.” “Well, I’m pretty stoned as well,” I said. “I actually thought it was a great idea.” I looked directly at Billy and also groped myself. “Because you said you liked to do it wherever you were, I thought you were suggesting we do it here. If you’d rather go home and do it, I’m okay with that. But I’m not asking you to leave.” Billy looked down at me while I groped my cock. His gaze caused my cock to throb visibly in my jeans. “I’ve never been in this situation before,” he said as he continued to squeeze his now-obviously-hard cock through his jeans. “You mean you’ve never beat off when you were stoned before? I thought you said you liked to do that…” “No, I mean with another guy,” Billy said. “All guys beat their meat,” I said matter-of-factly. “Doing it while buzzed just adds an extra dimension of pleasure.” I squeezed myself again, Billy’s eyes still glued to my crotch. “I tell you what,” I said. “I’m going to do it. You can join in, or if you’d prefer, I’ll leave the room to finish, then I’ll take you home.” Hearing no immediate objection, I reached down and unbuckled my belt. Billy kept watching. I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. In my peripheral vision I saw Billy continue to grope himself. I lifted my hips off the couch and slid my jeans down. My white briefs were filled with a throbbing bulge that became even more obvious as I did so. “Is this okay?” I asked, looking directly at Billy. “Yeah,” he said, his eyes glazed over as he saw my hard cock encased in tight briefs. “Why don’t you join me?” I asked. Billy immediately unbuckled and unbuttoned his jeans as well, pulling down the zipper in almost the same motion. I paused while he was doing this. He also lifted his hips off the couch and slid his jeans down to his ankles. The crotch of his white briefs was also filled with hard throbbing teen cock. He looked over at me. “Let’s pull our briefs down together,” I suggested. “Okay,” he replied. Again, I lifted my hips off the couch and pulled my briefs all the way down, my pulsing cock now fully uncovered. Simultaneously, Billy did the same. We were now sitting next to each other on the couch, fully stoned, fully boned, and ready for the next step. “That’s a really nice piece you have,” I said. “Thanks,” Billy replied. “Yours is too.” Just that statement indicated he was looking and apparently turned on by the situation. I took my hand and lifted my cock off my stomach, pointing it straight up in the air. Billy watched. “Your turn,” I said, and Billy followed suit. “Nice,” I said. “You are really hard.” “Yeah,” Billy replied. “Do you mind if I feel it?” I asked. “I want to feel how hard it is.” Before Billy could respond, I simply reached over and grabbed his cock, squeezing it and jerking it up and down a couple of times. Billy inhaled deeply, his stomach tensing as he watched my motion. “Oh, man, you are like a rock,” I said, as I slowly continued to jerk him. Billy’s cock was a lot like mine. It was a good size, I’d say about six and a half inches or so (17cm). It was thick and, like mine, cut. Billy continued to stare at my manipulations as his body took in the intense feelings of being stoned, being horny, being hard, and having someone else jerk him. A bead of precum formed at the tip of his meat, and I squeezed and jiggled him to allow it to fully surface. He moaned audibly and his head dropped to the back of the couch as he closed his eyes. “Does that feel good?” I asked, already knowing the answer. “Yesssss,” Billy breathed out. “It feels SO good.” I continued to slowly stroke him, looking at his fat cock as it reacted to my hand, and then looking at his face to gauge his pleasure. Billy’s hands were on either side of him, pushing in to the couch as I fondled him. I reached down and grabbed the arm closest to me, lifting it up and moving his hand to my crotch. “Feel mine,” I said. “Being stoned has me so hard too.” As if compelled, Billy’s hand opened and grasped my cock, squeezing as he did so. He involuntarily began jerking it up and down just as I was doing to him. “Yeah,” I said in a whisper. That whisper caused Billy to moan again. As he continued to squeeze and slowly jerk my cock I increased the tempo of my jerking on his. His body reacted with squirming and his stomach tightened. “Ohhhhhh,” Billy moaned. “This is why we like to beat off when we are stoned,” I said to him. “Yesssss,” Billy replied. I continued to stroke Billy’s hard cock, and it seemed to get even harder as I did so. Though he was squeezing my cock at the same time, he wasn’t as actively jerking mine, focusing on the intense feelings he had in his own. His head was still resting on the back of the couch, his eyes mostly closed. I took my free hand and rubbed his stomach near his crotch, running my fingers down into his lush pubes. I continued to stroke with my other hand. He squirmed and moaned some more. I could feel the tension building up in his stomach and his cock. I ran my other hand down below and hefted his balls up, gently feeling them as I rubbed his leaking penis. His moans grew audibly louder and his hand went slack on my still-throbbing cock. “Oh, man,” Billy gasped. “You need to slow down or I’m gonna bust.” “That’s the whole purpose of beating off while you are stoned,” I said in reply. He groaned when I said that. He began more actively squirming as I gaziantep escort bayan continued to stroke his cock. For the fleetest of moments, I considered leaning over and taking him in my mouth as I had done to his brother Danny, knowing how good it would feel. But Danny and I had been talking about blow jobs. Billy had hesitated when I first suggested that we follow through with his idea simply to beat off. I thought it might really freak him out if I sucked him. So I continued to run my hand up and down as he squirmed, trying my best to take in all that I could see and enjoying what I was feeling. “Ohhhh,” he said more loudly. His stomach was tighter than before. His cock was rock rock rock hard. Billy lifted his head off the back of the couch and looked directly at my hand stroking his cock. “Cum,” he said, as if summoning the final ecstasy. “Cum,” he repeated. It was hard to believe, but his cock got even harder and his stomach tightened even more. His hips lifted up off the couch and he belted out a guttural cry. “CUM,” he said loudly, and his cock responded. The first squirt went completely over his head, hitting the wall behind the couch. The next squirt went his on his chest, almost reaching his chin. The third and fourth squirts covered his chest and stomach as I continued to pump his cock. I slowed down as the final orgasmic squirts oozed out onto his lower stomach, his crotch and my hand. His body collapsed back into the couch. I continued to gently squeeze his cock as the lengthy and strong orgasm began to subside. Billy’s head was back on the couch again, his eyes closed once more as he savored the feelings running through his freshly-cummed body. “Wow,” he whispered. “Let me borrow some of this,” I said. Billy opened his eyes and looked at me. I scooped up some of his still steaming cum from his stomach and slathered it on my own cock. I knew better than to ask him to jerk mine as he basked in the post-orgasmic glow. Maybe another time, but I needed release now. I started to beat my own meat as Billy watched. It only took a few jerks. Almost following his lead, my hips raised up off the couch as that ultimate feeling approached. “Here’s to beating your meat while you are stoned,” I said out loud, but directed at Billy. My cock erupted. My first shot went over my shoulder and hit the back of the couch. The next shots covered my chest and stomach before the final pulses oozed that hot viscous liquid out the end of my cock. “Wow,” Billy said again. Fortunately, one of the last times I had beat off was on the couch, and I had left a roll of paper towels under the end table. I reached over and tore off several sheets, handing them to Billy. He started wiping off his torso as I tore off several more and wiped myself down. We cleaned off in relative silence, wiping up the pleasure mess as best we could. “Where should I put these?” Billy asked, nodding at the paper towels soaked with his cum. “Just drop them on the floor right there. I’ll get them later.” That’s what he did. I finished up and dropped mine by my feet. We were now both sitting there with our jeans and briefs still pulled down, out recently-beat cocks still puffed up but moving back to normal after a couple of awesome stoned orgasms. I reached down first and pulled mine up. Billy followed immediately. As we finished up and buckled our belts, Billy said “now THAT was a good cum!” He grinned a shit-eating grin, relaxing into the feeling, all awkwardness seemingly dissipated. “Yeah,” I said. “Nothing feels better than beating off while stoned.” I simply left the statement like that, rather than mentioning that I was the one who had just beat his meat. “Want to smoke a bowl before calling it a night?” I asked. “Sure,” he replied, still grinning. I filled a bowl and torched it, we both took a couple of hits, renewing that sweet feeling that comes from good weed. “Why don’t I give you a ride home,” I suggested. “No, I think I want to walk,” Billy replied. “It’s only about three blocks and it’s still early.” I looked up at the clock on the wall and noticed that it was still before midnight. A productive evening, and it was still Friday! “Well, you know where I live,” I said to him. “Stop by again and we can share a J.” I left off the masturbation part, but perhaps that was inferred because of what had just happened. “Really?” Billy said. “You wouldn’t mind?” “No, I’d enjoy it,” I said. “Getting stoned is better with a bud.” (So is beating your meat when stoned, I thought at the same time. I’m sure he did as well.) “You got plans this weekend?” Billy asked. “No, just hanging out,” I answered. “Maybe I’ll come by,” he said. “Do that.” We both walked to my door, and I opened it as he walked out into the summer air. “Thanks again, Tom,” Billy said. “That was awesome. Thanks for the weed. And…” His voice trailed off. “Any time,” I said, hopefully, with a smile. Billy walked off, and I closed the door. I decided I’d take one more hit off the pipe, so sat back on the couch and lit the remainder of the bowl, taking a deep puff. I sat back on the couch to revel in the feelings that remained from this unique experience. I looked over and saw the paper towels that Billy had used to clean himself off from his copious cum shots. I picked them up and couldn’t help myself. I held them to my nose and took a sniff. Fresh teen cum! The paper towels were still damp. (It had only been ten minutes or so since he shot his wad.) It caused my stoned cock to react. Without hesitation, I unbuckled and unbuttoned and unzipped and pulled my jeans and briefs down. My cock was already hard again. I sniffed the paper towels fresh with Billy’s cum, as I jerked myself. Yes, beating your meat while stoned is the best! As my second orgasm approached, I took Billy’s paper towels and wrapped them around the end of my cock. The feeling of his cum on my cock sent me over the edge, and I had another major orgasm, squirting into the just-used paper towels and commingling the results of our masturbatory pleasure. Two brothers. Two unique experiences. And apparently more to cum! I stripped down, got into bed and slept like a baby.

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