Color of the Bedsheets


Lenn had never realized how pale his boyfriend was until he saw how well his naked skin blended in with their bed sheets. His typical clothing included dark colors and his hair was also naturally dark, but it had all just seemed like the contrast against his skin that made it seem so pale in comparison. Now with morning sunlight streaming through the blinds and his skin pressed up against the white sheets, there was little to no contrast. It matched the color stunningly. It was a bizarrely beautiful sight.

He reached past the bundle of sheets and comforter separating their bodies and caressed the tips of his fingers across the white hip, feeling the smooth, ivory flesh. His eyes darted from the soft hip to Terran’s sleeping face. He had come home after Lenn had fallen asleep, most likely late, late into the night and he knew he must have been tired. He did not want to wake him with his curious prodding. Luckily today was Lenn’s day off and Terran didn’t have to go back to work until late in the evening. They would both have time to laze around in bed. His fingers lazily traveled up his side, always watching his face to be sure he didn’t disturb his tired lover.

After having spent a few moments admiring Terran’s skin tone, he took his fingers off of him and rolled away. He came to stand on the side of the bed, adjusting his flannel sleepwear to stop it from sliding down his legs as he walked. It was time for him to wake up. Even if he didn’t have work, there were things he needed to do before Terran woke up, if only so they could have time to spend together once his chores were finished. But even as he went about his morning routine, he could not get that image out of his head.

First on the agenda was a wash. Lenn’s day didn’t even start until he felt clean and awake. Without a refreshing beginning to his day, it made it difficult for him to focus on much of anything but his state of cleanliness. He prepared his clothes, moving silently as a mouse around his room as if the slightest noise would cause an explosion like a minefield, gathering underwear and casual daywear to be able to move freely and comfortably on his day off. He closed the door softly behind him, never once seeing any sign of waking from his lover. He sighed in relief when he made it to the bathroom without any repercussions and he wasted no more time in jumping into the shower.

He washed himself carefully and thoroughly. Everything Lenn did was careful and methodical. istanbul escort Lenn was a perfectionist and he was proud to admit it. There was nothing wrong with being an overachiever! But in the middle of that particular shower, he found himself feeling totally distracted by the image in his head; that ivory skin against white, silken sheets. He spaced out, simply imagining it in his mind’s eye. He imagined his lover rolling onto his back, revealing more of his taut and toned body. Terran would most likely have been experiencing erotic dreams through the night and in Lenn’s imagination, his boyfriend woke up with morning wood, his erection pink against his white skin and standing straight up in the air as he lay back against the mattress.

Lenn bit his lip, remembering more details about his boyfriend’s cock than he cared to admit. Or perhaps he just had a convincing enough imagination that he was certain he knew it well. He knew the shape of the head, the length, the girth, the way it had been cut. Sure, he could not give an exact number, but he was familiar with it nonetheless. His body tensed and shivered as he remembered what it felt like inside him, filling him, pounding against his prostate. Terran knew how to control it well and knew every spot inside and on Lenn’s skin that would make him squeal and cry out with pleasure. He could even recall the taste of it, though it was harder to remember. Terran was the one who liked to perform oral deeds. Lenn always backed out of the opportunity, afraid that he could not please Terran the same way Terran was able to so flawlessly please him.

But for some reason, he could remember how Terran liked it then… He knew Terran loved it when he teased him. He would joke about it and laugh, but he could recall how his body shivered when he kissed his boyfriend’s cock lovingly. He remembered how he reacted when he played his tongue around the head and he loved the squeaks of pleasure he knew he could draw from his lover when his tongue worked his testicles and taint, then upwards again, up the length of his hard cock, touching every vein and nerve along the stalk. Lenn had never been so adventurous as to try and swallow it into his throat, but the thought now brought a sort of thrill into the pit of his stomach. How would it feel in his throat? He knew Terran loved to do it to him and that it was amazing to be down his talented lover’s throat, to feel that impossibly long tongue pushing against rus escort the underside or wrapping around the stalk.

And then he remembered the taste of his semen… He had never been fond of the idea of allowing Terran to release in his mouth, but he had tasted his precum in their oral play, so he knew the taste vaguely. It wasn’t… a bad taste, exactly. It was salty and bitter and the consistency was not at all pleasing to his senses. At that moment, however, he almost craved to experience it, to take it in his mouth and suckle at it until his lover was spent…

Where were all these dirty thoughts coming from?!

He only then realized to what horrible places his brain was going, simply because of that match of white skin against white! Lenn didn’t even realize he had been stroking his own cock vigorously until that moment. If he weren’t so close to the end, he might have even stopped his salacious behavior right at that moment! “Just a while longer,” he breathed, his brain still fuzzy and confused from the pleasure clouding it. He moaned softly, feeling his nether regions tense and contract with the need for release. Lenn leaned back against the wall, forgetting his reservations once more to imagine the beauty of the man in the other room. His pumping became more feverish and he felt like he needed to cum more than anything in the world at that moment. In moments, the end came and he cried out as he burst. His semen hit the tub at his feet and was quickly washed away down the drain with the shower water.

He left the shower feeling light-headed and distracted, unable to stop thinking about what he had wanted to do so badly in the shower. Even as he toweled himself dry, he could feel his cock beginning to react and stand erect once more. He looked down at the member, flushed and embarrassed with his own lack of control. Shouldn’t he be better at keeping himself in check? It was Terran who should have his mind in the gutter!

After a second of reflection, Lenn came to a decision. If he wanted those thoughts out of his mind, he would have to do something to satisfy them! He wrapped his towel around his waist to cover his shameful half-erection before he left the bathroom behind. In the next room, he found Terran sleeping just as he had imagined. During his time in the shower, his boyfriend had rolled onto his back, displaying his body lewdly to him without his own knowledge. The skin was swollen and pink, şişli escort going purplish near the head from the rush of blood through the hard cock. A small bead of precum dribbled from the head, barely visible.

Lenn bucked up his courage and climbed carefully onto the bed. He licked his lips, looked to his lover’s sleeping face, so content and soft in his current state. He took a deep breath and then, before he thought better of it, he plunged down on top of the swollen cock. His lips wrapped around the head and he stretched his jaw to accommodate it without allowing his teeth to get in the way. He heard a soft groan escape his lover’s lips, but he didn’t dare look at his face at that point. The darker man took the cock deeper into his mouth, wincing when he felt the head touch his throat and threatening to make him gag. He had known this was a hard feat to accomplish, but he did not think it would be that hard. But finally, after he was able to relax his tongue, he was able to force the head down his throat, his nose touching against Terran’s leg as he took the entire member into his mouth. It was almost a proud moment! It didn’t even feel that terrible once he got past his need to gag!

“Jesus fucking Christ, Lenn!”

He froze, hearing his lover’s exclamation. Once he had dawned up a little courage, he lifted his head to pull the member from his throat and he glanced over briefly at his stunned lover’s face. He smiled sheepishly around the girth of his cock before he plunged it into his mouth once more and down his throat like Terran had done to him many times before. He worked his tongue and his lips and he continued to bob his head up and down. His eyes returned to Terran’s face and the expression was so perfectly rewarding. He was certain the pale man would never have expected such impulsive and spontaneous behavior from him before. But he kept it up, wanting to fulfill his entire fantasy with him.

Terran only got harder and harder and his hips bucked up against his mouth, eager to feel the throat around his cock. Lenn gladly obliged, his lust taking him over. Finally the payoff came. As usual, Terran reached down to push him off, but Lenn resisted, refusing to move from the member in his mouth. Sure enough, the tip exploded in his mouth, coating his tongue with the creamy substance. He winced at the taste but dutifully took every drop.

When he felt Terran soften in his mouth, his lust all but spent, Lenn removed his mouth and sat back on his haunches, smiling guiltily at his lover.

“What the hell was that?” Terran gasped, clearly lost in the aftermath of his orgasm.

“We need to change the color of the sheets,” was all Lenn offered in explanation.

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