Come and Get It

Arched Back

I sent my wife a text.

Sorry Babe, I have to go down to Boston to pick up some parts for work. I’ll be home in a couple hours.

Christina texted me.

Oh Babe! I had dinner cooking already. Just let me know when your close to home so I can reheat dinner.

Then another

Come and get it!!

Attached was a photo of her pink pussy spread wide with her fingers.

‘Oh fuck,’ I thought, ‘She never does things like this. She must be fucking horny as hell.’

I decided to surprise her and skip the trip to Boston and head straight home. My cock was harder than it had been in years. I got home in record time.

When I entered the house I was surprised all the lights were out but there were candles lit in a line towards the living room.

I stealthily moved in the direction indicated by the candles. When I stepped into the room, I was greeted by the most erotic sight I have ever seen. Christina was slumped over the end of the couch with her ass up in the air, legs spread and pussy staring mecidiyeköy escort me in the face.

“Come and get it,” she said again, and giggled like a little girl.

Without a word I unzipped and removed my pants and boxers in one swift move while almost falling over. I was so turned on that my adrenalin was pumping and I was shaking a bit. I lined up my cock with her sweet ass and snatch. I couldn’t even think, I just wanted my dick inside her NOW!

I slammed my cock in hard, slapping into her ass with a resulting ripple. Christina groaned loudly, “Ohhhhh YES, fuck me!”

I reached under her to grab her breasts while I started to pump in and out slowly. Christina pushed back against me physically begging for me to fuck her harder, deeper, and faster. I obliged her request and soon heard her panting hard and making little whimpering noises.

Somehow my mind was wandering to the smell of our dinner cooking. It smelled fantastic. Everything in the world şişli escort right now was perfect. Maybe today would be the day that I finally got her pregnant. We’ve been trying for a year now.

I could smell the scent of my beautiful wife’s sex. Things were getting hotter and sweatier. My hands were now on my wife’s sweet, tiny ass pulling her back into my cock so that we were slapping flesh together vigorously.

Christina’s moans were getting louder and my balls were getting tighter. If all went well, I thought we could cum together. Just when I felt like my orgasm was ready to explode, I heard footsteps behind me. I swung around to see Clay Chadburn, my childhood bully, standing there looking like a deer in the headlights.

“What the fuck are you doing in my house, you fuck?”

Christina’s head spun around so fast I thought she would hurt herself. “Roger!!!” she screamed, “Oh my God!” My unfulfilled cock was now swinging freely and my mind was spinning trying to comprehend what was happening.

Clay didn’t answer, he just stood for a second, then spun to leave. “Wait!! What the fuck!!!!!,” I yelled furiously. I looked at my wife and immediately it all came together.

I lunged towards him as Christina screamed “NOOO, STOP!!” But it was too late, I was pounding his head into the wall. Then I was pounding his face with my fists over and over. He never knew what hit him. When I was growing up I was skinny and scrawny but from college on I had grown and worked out. I was now built and taking it out on my bully slash wife’s lover.

Christina jumped on my back screaming, “Stop, don’t kill him, you’ll go to jail, PLEASE STOP!!!” Now she was bawling loudly. She stopped trying to get me off Clay as I continued to pound him mercilessly. The blood gushing from his face brought me back to consciousness. He was a bloody mess and beginning to swell up like a blowfish. I turned my attention to Christina. She was the reason I had just thrashed Clay within an inch of his life.

She was still sobbing and staring at the mess that used to be Clay. She wanted to look at me but immediately looked away.

She must have gone temporarily insane at this point, she only managed two words.

“I’m pregnant.”

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