Come for the Fag


Come for the FagIt had been way too long since I had some nice hot come in my faggot mouth and I was determined to get some yesterday.Headed out to the Happy Time Book store. I have sucked dozens of cocks at this place and been fucked in my tight asshole so many times I lost track. When I got there, the parking lot had about six cars. Not bad for a midweek afternoon. I went in, handed the clerk a 20 and got a 5 dollar script.After checking out the videos on the wall entrance I headed to the booths to check out the action. As I walked down the right side of the room to the back booths, I peered inside one of them and there was a guy sitting with his dick out stroking to a straight video. Now to the beginner at this store that would be a sign that the guy stroking is straight and doesn’t want to be bothered. But, to an experienced faggot like me, I knew all I had to do was stand and grab my cock threw my sweats to get him interested. He had a nice, fat 6 incher and it was hard as stone. I reached in and started stroking his meat for a few minutes when he stood up and put his arms around me and held me oh so tight. I noticed he had on a wedding ring and that got me really going. This guy was in his mid forties and well put together. He asked if I was married and I said no, just living with my fiance. While he was hugging me, I put one arm around his shoulders and continued stroking his cock with the other hand. Now I like to stroke a nice cock as much the next guy, but like I said I was jonesin’ for some cock. I told him I wanted to suck his cock and he said I was doing ok with my hand. I told him if he liked my hand, he is going to love my cocksucking mouth. He kept looking out the opening to the booth when I told him not to worry as I have sucked a lot of cock at this place. He pulled me even closer rubbing his unshaven cheek against my face. This got me moaning, as I love being held tight by a big strong man. While he was holding me and I jerking him, another guy came up behind me and helped push my sweats to the floor. I told my hunk that I really özvatan escort needed his cock in my mouth and got down on my knees and put his hot throbbing cock in my faggot mouth. Oh my did that feel good! Since his cock was only about 6 inches in length, I was able to swallow him balls deep. When I did that, he let out a moan and asked do I swallow? I took his cock out of my mouth and said “oh, yeah”. I got comfortable down on my knees and really went to town on his dick, sucking and licking, hungry for my first load of come for the day. He put his hand on my head and started rocking my head back and forth on his warm hard cock. He started moaning louder and louder and then I got my first taste of his cum. No warning just a nice creamy load of hot creamy come sliding down my cocksucking throat. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and I leaned forward to lick the last few drops dripping from his cockhead. As I was getting to my feet I said “bet your wife can’t suck a cock like that?” He replied, not even close. That first taste of come had me thirsting for more. Pulling up my sweats I started cruising the booth area. There were several hot looking guys, but one really stood out. This was a black guy (my favorite) about 6’3″ and what appeared to be a nice bulge teasing a cock hungry faggot like me. Unfortunetly, he was getting serviced by just about everyone but me. Fuck, that sucked. Eventually he did catch me oggling his package with lust-filled fag eyes. Man, did I want to see what he had in his jeans. I went into the booth across the hall from whre I blew my first cock of the day and put some money into the machine…and waited. After about 5 minutes my black god stood at the opening to my booth.At first, he just stood there rubbing his cock thru his jeans. I said take it out. He pulled his zipper down and fished his big black cock out for me to see. Oh my god, what a great cock. He moved close enough to me that all I had to do was lean forward to take his black meat into my cocksucking mouth. Without taking him out of my mouth, I slid to my knees. Looking up at him, I slid that cock as far into my mouth as possible. Or so I thought. When I dropped my eyes to the cock in my faggot mouth, I realized I only had half his dick in. That got me sooo hot. I started sliding my mouth back and forth over his shaft. After getting his cock good and wet, I began to take more and more in my mouth and into my throat. By now his cock had to be a full nine inches and nice and thick. Now I was going to show him how a true white cocksucking faggot can suck cock.While still on my knees, I opened my mouth as wide as possible and grabbed his ass to pull his big, black cock into my hungry mouth. When it hit the back of my throat, I relaxed my throat muscles and it pushed in until it was all the way down my throat. He let out a moan to let me know that I was really giving him a blowjob to remember. I kept that beuatifull piece of black meat in my faggot throat as long as I could before coming up for air. Then, back down I went. I couldn’t get enough of his cock. I don’t know who was moaning more, him or me. With my mouth wide open, I began fucking his cock in and out of my throat gagging myself. Gawd, I was in cocksucker heaven. Back and forth I went, sucking and swirling my tongue around his big, black dick. After a few minutes of this I took his cock out of my mouth and told him homw much I loved sucking his big black cock. I stuck my tongue out and beat myself in the face and mouth with his gorgeous cock. I lifted his dick up and licked all the way down to his cum-filled balls. Pushing his underwear further down, I began licking his balls while shoving my face into his crotch. Then I licked my way back up his ebony shaft til I got to its head. I grabbed it tight and slid the tip of my tongue into his pee slit letting him know just how much this little cocksucking faggot loved his black meat in my hot white mouth. I started licking from his balls to his cockhead over and over, slurping and sucking, hungry for his hot spunk to shoot into my mouth and down my throat. It was then that I noticed we had company. There was this real flamer standing behind my black adonis, who started sucking my man’s nipple. This seemed to really get my guy going, because now he began rocking back and forth, gently fucking my mouth. I just LOVE to be face fucked. I wanted this big black cock to come in my hot, white, queer mouth so bad, I was beside myself with lust. With Mr. Flamer sucking his nipple, I began using my hand to help my man along. I looked up at him with my tongue out and lust in my eyes and told him I really need your come in my mouth. He put his hand behind my head to hold me in place (really not necessary, because I sure as hell wasn’t going anywhere)and began thrusting in and out of my gay mouth. The faster he would thrust, the harder I would suck and the louder I would moan. I wanted come in my mouth, and I wanted it now! I grabbed both his ass cheeks with my hands and began pulling him harder and faster into my mouth. And then it happened. Unbelievablly, his cock got even bigger as it began to swell with semen running from his balls up through his shaft and then exploding in my cum humgry throat. The first two or three blasts went straight down my throat. Swallowing his great tasting jizz, I pulled back just enough so that the next three or four shots went into my mouth allowing me to really get a taste of his cum. I milked him as long as he could stand it keeping all his cum in my mouth. When he pulled his dick from my faggot lips some of his come dripped out of mouth onto my shirt. I kept the rest in my mouth opening it up and showing him how much he fed his little cocksucking queer.I was soooo turned on, I almost went out into the arcade with my pants down and come in my mouth so everyone in the place could **** my mouth and ass. As hot as that thought was, I don’t need to go to jail, so I stayed in my booth savoring the jizz in my mouth. I let a little drip from my mouth into my hand and then pushed the cum into my asshole. Nothing like a little jizz to make your ass easier to finger fuck. After swishing his load around in my mouth, I swallowed all of it like a good little faggot, pulled my sweats up and headed home.

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