Coming Back Home Pt. 04


Getting out of bed Friday morning wasn’t as easy as it was on the previous days. My legs hurt. The hike from the day before showed it’s aftermath. So moving around all day long, doable, in theory, but practically speaking, it was off the table. So I was looking forward to a glorious stay at home day. While hoping that boredom wouldn’t kill me.

On my way downstairs to grab some breakfast I ran into my parents. They were on their way out, towards the car, they were heading to work. And they told me — yes, my parents always tell you stuff on short notice — that they would be out of town for the weekend. They were visiting some friends. They were going there straight after work. I nodded. I was home alone for the weekend. And home alone is my favorite thing to be.

Luckily they left me a full fridge. Not so luckily, it was all stuff that had to be cooked or at least prepared to be eatable. So I had at some sort of cooking ahead of me. At least in theory.

Soon after my parents had left the house, I moved into the living room: The most comfy sofa in the house and the biggest TV. I decided to close the curtains and have some movie time. And yes, some porn was on the watch list too. You have to take care of your urges. You have to cure horny.

So I spent the biggest part of my Friday hanging out in the living room. Eating sandwiches, enjoying some ice cold sparkling water and watching stuff. I even turned my phone off, and the landline — yes, my parents still had that sort of thing — was quiet too.

In the late afternoon I got hungry. Not hungry for sandwiches, I needed some real food. I was thinking about what I should cook for about a minute or two. In the end I was to lazy to place myself in the kitchen for some time: It was takeout time. Time to order something to eat. I turned on my phone and searched for a place in town that delivers food.

Luckily I found one, and one only, the only Italian restaurant güvenilir bahis in town: Pepe’s Pizza. No menu was available online, just a picture of the place and a phone number. So I made a call. An older woman answered: “Pepe’s Pizza, how can we help you?”

I ordered a meat lover’s pizza. The biggest size they had. She told me that my food will be with me in about 45 minutes. It arrived three hours later. Around 10 o’clock in the evening. I tried to call the restaurant to complain, but no one picked up over there. I was thinking about going on a walk to the place, to complain in person, but lazy me won against hungry angry me. I kept on watching TV. While getting hungrier with every minute.

Then, hours after I placed my order, someone knocked at the door. A female voice announced herself as pizza delivery girl. I let her in, a little bit angry, as you can imagine: “That took you some time.”

The good looking, around 25 year old, woman excused herself: “I am so sorry. I somehow forgot about your order. As an excuse, I brought you two pizzas. And they both are for free. Where should I put them?”

Before she had finished the last sentence she was already in the house, on her way towards the living room. She was shaking her hot ass while she was walking towards the destination. Needless to say, her ass caught my eye. And yes, she already knew the way. She clearly wasn’t in the house for the first time.

After placing the pizza and the drinks on the coffee table in front of the sofa she turned herself towards the TV: “I love that movie. It is one of my favorites. Can I join in?”

I shrugged my shoulders, let out a deep sigh and told her why not. She was a really good looking one. And she brought pizza. A little bit later than originally promised, but well, her ass was really hot.

So we two, the delivery girl and I, sat in my parent’s living room, ate some delicious pizza — surprisingly they know güvenilir bahis siteleri how to cook in my small town — and watched a movie. And yes, it was a horror movie. And yes, she came closer to me with every jump scare. Until she was more or less sitting on my lap.

When she close to me, she got touchy. Really touchy. I loved what she was doing. I got touchy too. The classic arm around her shoulder stunt. My doing put a huge smile on her face. She came even closer to me. Tension built up. A few minutes later we were kissing each other. Passionate kissing. But all off a sudden, she stopped: “I am really sorry for bringing your food a few hours too late.”

While saying that, she got rid of her clothes. With a huge smile on her face. She even got rid of her underwear. Her body, her curves, nothing but an eye catcher. My already hard dick got even harder. He tried to destroy my comfy stay at home pants. So I set him free. We began to kiss again. Two naked people were wrestling on the sofa.

Our hands were everywhere. She jerked me off, two of my fingers where sliding in and out of her pussy. Then she kissed her way down, towards my rock hard dick. Then her mouth wrapped itself around my dick. While her hands were on my balls. She squeezed them hard. I had to let out a few loud moans.

She took my dick balls deep. I was fucking her down her throat. I felt nothing but awesome. Despite the fact that I had jerked off a lot on that day, I came close to an orgasm more than just fast. She kept on going.

My cum dripping dick went in and out of her mouth. Just a few more thrusts. And boom. I nutted a huge load down her throat. She swallowed every last drop of it. Then she came back up. She began to kiss me again. Then she whispered in my ear: “We are not done for the night.”

Then she cuddled herself next to me. Kissing me from time to time. Constantly showing off her hot body. Playing with my limb iddaa siteleri dick. To make me hard again. Hard and ready for round two.

To my own surprise, I was hard again pretty fast. Rock hard. My boner put a smile on her face. And on mine too. She jerked me off again. While we were kissing. Then she asked me to slide a finger, or maybe two up her ass. She lubed them with her own spit before they went in.

She let out a big moan the moment my fingers slid inside her dirty hole. She clearly was into anal. Something that I had — and have — no problem with. After finger fucking her ass for some time she wanted more. She wanted to fuck me up her ass. She pulled some lube out of her purse and poured it over my dick. Yes, she had planned it all in advance.

Then she placed herself on the sofa, ass high up in the air and she spreed her ass cheeks for me. He asshole looked tasty, a hole made to fuck, put I choose her dripping wet pussy. I slid my dick inside her pussy. She let out a moan. She complained: “Wrong hole. Wrong hole.”

I ignored her complains. I kept on going. Slow and gentle. She eventually stopped complaining. Her complains turned into moans. Her pussy wrapped herself around my cock. What an awesome feeling.

My gentle thrusts tuned into slow hard and deep. I fucked her balls deep. I worked myself towards an orgasm. More and more tension built up. I came closer and closer. Her moaning got more intense. One more thrust. Boom. My balls emptied themselves inside her pussy.

She came with me. Her body trembled. Two sweaty bodies collapsed onto each other. Two people were regaining themselves. I was careful while pulling out, to not to mess up the sofa. Because we forgot to put something onto it. But luckily, no cum stains on it.

When the pizza delivery girl was herself again, she got mad at me. Sort off: “Then next time you fuck me up the ass. Not in my unprotected pussy.”

I shrugged my shoulders. I excused myself and gave her a kiss. She still was pissed when we cuddled in front of the TV again. We finished the movie, then we went to bed. Yes, she staid with me that night. And believe me, she got it up her ass in the morning.

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