Coming Home


From the beginning of the day all I could think about was getting home to see my lovely wife. A hot black haired, Philippine, skinny, tan, nicest ass you could ever find, 32b tits, long legs and all tan. Yeah, I made out well for myself. On the ride home all I could think about was how bad I wanted sex, worked all day and now it’s time to finally relieve some stress.

I pull up in the driveway and there is some Ford in the driveway, it looks like her friend’s car so I just blew it off and I get out and walk through the garage. I open the door and say “Hey sweetie, you home?” and I don’t hear anything at all. Kind of strange, but oh well. I walk all around the downstairs and I walk upstairs.

I am walking down the hallway where our room is and I hear the door open and I’m thinking, ‘there’s my beautiful wife.’ and I see this tall, tan, muscular, blond haired guy. My look was complete disbelief, and then when I looked down, it got worse. His cock hung about to his knee and he just stood there looking at me.

“Well it was about time you finally came home and found out what goes on every day.” He said with a cocky grin on his face. He moves closer into the light and his cock glistens in the light in the hallway, smelled like cum and most likely spit. “Man your wife is super hot, like you have no idea. And god damn she ataşehir escort is tight.” He laughs as my wife exits our room.

My wife looks directly at me and then back at his abs and monster dick and she starts to rub his abs and rub his huge cock, as if I didn’t exist. She lifted it up and his balls were fucking huge, hanging so low. I felt so bad because this guy had me beat by miles.

“I left quite a mess for you to clean up, but now that you know I think it’s about time we let you in and you can clean up and well, watch. You might learn something there shrimp.” He slaps my wife’s ass like he owns her and walks back into the bedroom. I walk behind them. The bed was soaked, like someone threw a bucket of water on it and there were condoms on the floor, and I picked one up and it was about the same size, length and width as my arm. He laughed as he threw one at me and it hit my face. Covering my face and hair in my wife’s juices.

He stands there as my wife is all over him, she gets on her knees and starts to suck him off as he stands above her. “Everyday for the past five years we’ve done this.” He says with a grin, he lets out a moan. My wife’s spit is dripping off of this guys huge cock.

He sits down as I clean up the mess on the floor and one of the avcılar escort condoms is filled with cum, as he sits there, legs spread with my wife inbetween them sucking him. He looked a good 15 inches hard, at least as I sat down in the seat and watched.

My wife gets on her back and he pulls her to the edge of the bed, he takes a look at me and smiles as he pushes into her. She screams so loud as his huge long fat coke bottle thick cock enters her pussy. “oh my god he is so huge, so much bigger then you Tyson.” she says to me as he laughs.

“Dude your girl is so wet.” he says, and right after he speeds up and starts to fuck her like a pro, going so hard and fast, she cums over and over as his huge balls slap up against her. She is still screaming how big he is and how good it feels.

“This is the closest to pussy you are ever gunna get, come here.” he says. I walk over there and he grabs me and forces me right next to her pussy, his balls hit my face as I gag because they were slimy. I got to see her cum hard up close as he says “There isn’t any better pussy then another man’s pussy.”

She gets on all fours and he starts to pound her so hard from behind and he tells me to lay on the bed, maybe get some sleep. And I do what I’m told because this guy could kick avrupa yakası escort my ass in a second. As I’m laying there he moves so that he is right above me, and my wife cums and it drips down onto me as I’m just being fucking humiliated in my own home. My wife cuming over and over and sucking this guy after they’ve fucked for literally hours on end.

He rolls over and my wife gets on top and starts to ride him, she is moaning and screaming as he lays there. “Oh my fucking god! He is so fucking huge!!!!” she says over and over as she cums hard. He stops her for a second and takes the condom off and flings it at my face, it was like a giant large wet towel just hit my face.

He picks my wife up and he stands up and holds her legs at his shoulders and fucks her while he holds her up. He makes me get down right below him, his balls swaying and hitting my face again. My wife came at least ten times as he was just standing there destroying her once tight pussy. Her ass jiggling as he goes in and out. He accidently pulled out way too much and his huge cock flopped out and hit me ontop of the head and it was so heavy that it almost knocked me on the ground, and he just picked it back up and continued to pound the fuck out of her.

He puts her down and she starts to suck him off and he finally cums all in her mouth and all over her tits and all over her body. Her mouth overflows with cum and dribbles down onto her tits even more. He goes and lays down on my bed with my wife and makes me sleep on the floor. He also made me clean up the mess. And about two hours later, I hear my wife slurping on his huge cock, and all I can think is.

‘Here we go again.’

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