Coming Home: Davis Brothers Ch. 02


“Ugh. Be quiet,” Benji moaned as he slapped his hand on the buzzing alarm clock. He rolled over and snuggled up to the warmth of Ben’s side. He scratched his fingers through the thick auburn colored fur in the middle of Ben’s chest. “I wish I had the day off with you.”

Ben sniffed and cleared his voice, still gruff from sleep. “Well, you’re important now, Mr. Assistant Manager. That means Saturday meetings with the big-wigs every quarter.”

Ben was teasing him and Benji couldn’t help but roll his eyes. “I suppose. What are you going to do today while I’m slaving away in a meeting?”

“Well, the weather is supposed to be nice today. Now that it’s starting to warm up, I’ll probably work on the bike. It could use a tune up after sitting in the garage all winter. Probably go for a ride.”

Benji really pouted now, poking his bottom lip out. “Well, shoot! I haven’t ridden with you in forever. So not fair.”

“Don’t worry, baby. You’ll get lots of opportunities to ride my hog.”

Ben wiggled his eyebrows, but Benji wasn’t impressed with the innuendo. “Oh, is that what you’re calling it now? A ‘hog’?”

Ben grabbed Benji’s hand and pulled it below the blankets and wrapped the slender fingers around his semi-hard bone.

“You seemed to enjoy riding it last night,” Ben said with a grunt as he rolled and grabbed for Benji.

But Benji was too quick. With a short burst of laughter, he jumped out of bed and scurried into the bathroom. “Sorry, gotta go to work,” he tossed over his shoulder.

Ben chuckled as he got out of bed and stalked after his playful little man into the bathroom. While Benji heated the shower, Ben relieved himself at the toilet. While taking a piss, he picked at the flakes of jizz that had dried in the fur on his chest and stomach. Yes, his baby had definitely enjoyed himself last night. He had ridden Ben’s fat hog hard and fast until he screamed in pleasure and sprayed his load all over Ben’s body. He looked over at Benji, who was staring at the stream of piss blasting out of his cock. When he realized that he had been caught looking, his cheeks went pink and he jumped into the shower.

Ben flushed the toilet and Benji yelped at the sudden temperature change. “Ben!”

Ben laughed out loud and followed Benji into the shower. Ben turned them so that Ben’s back was to the shower head. Benji reached up and tugged at some of the dried semen in the middle of his chest.

“Ow!” Ben said with a jerk as Benji pulled at a hardened blob of spunk and ripped out a couple of chest hairs.

Ben reached down and gave Benji’s wispy pubes a sharp tug. Benji yelped and jumped back, covering the small patch of blond hair above his penis with both of his hands. “Bully!”

“You started it, little man,” he said with a snicker, not one bit sorry.

“Not on purpose,” he said as he snuggled up to Ben. Placing his hands on the bigger man’s hips, he leaned up on his tip-toes and pressed a kiss to Ben’s lips.

Ben’s arms surrounded Benji. “I love you, baby.”

“I love you, too.”

Ben leaned his head down and gave Benji a tender kiss. Benji sighed when Ben broke the kiss and he laid his head on the fur-covered muscles of Ben’s chest. Ben pressed his lips to the top of Benji’s head. The pair stood in the warm water, letting it cascade down their bodies, embracing each other in comfortable silence.

“Let’s get you cleaned up,” Benji finally said, patting Ben’s chest with his hand. “You’re kind of a mess and you smell. Other people might not appreciate it the way I do.”

After sniffing in a big whiff of Ben’s armpit and letting out a happy little moan, Benji grabbed the washcloth and loaded it up with shower gel.

Ben let out a sigh and closed his eyes. He relaxed as the warm water streamed over him and his little man washed and scrubbed every inch of his body with the washcloth and his soft, soapy hands. After he was clean, Benji used those glorious hands to rinse all of the soap away.

Ben opened his eyes when he finally felt Benji’s hands leave his body.

“You want me to shave you?” Benji asked, rubbing his fingers over Ben’s jaw. The coarse whiskers made a rasping noise.

“Mm, yeah. That’d be nice.”

Benji grabbed the wet/dry razor from the shelf and motioned for Ben to squat down. Ben gripped the sides of the tub as he moved onto his knees. Benji swallowed nervously. The sight of his big, manly boyfriend kneeling in front of him, looking up at him with those sexy green eyes was just too much. His dick was already holding at half-mast and now it surged to full bone and laid rigid against his belly, pointing towards the ceiling.

“Can’t help it,” Benji muttered.

Ben smiled and leaned forward and slid his tongue up the length of Benji’s dick. Benji gasped and shuddered, leaning a hand on Ben’s shoulder for support.

“Don’t do that while I’m trying to shave you,” he warned, squeezing Ben’s shoulder tight.

Ben kissed the tip of Benji’s cock, then leaned back. istanbul escort “I’m all yours,” he said with a grin, holding his hands up in surrender.

“Yep. All mine.” Benji smiled down at Ben, who shot him a wink.

Benji clicked on the razor and ran it slowly and carefully over each of Ben’s cheeks and down his neck. He popped open the trimmer and took special care around his mustache, carefully sculpting until it was just right.

“Oh, god, that’s hot,” Benji whispered. “You look like Senior from ‘American Chopper’ now.” Benji turned off the razor and set it back on the shelf.

Ben ran his hand over his smooth cheeks and smoothed his fingers down the thick horseshoe mustache Benji had carved. “Yeah? That’s good?”

“Yeah. But you’re way sexier than he is.”

“You think I’m sexy?”

“Yeah,” Benji said with a pant. “You’re a big stud.” Benji ran his hand over Ben’s short auburn hair. He traced a finger across an eyebrow, pausing at the scar that bisected it. The way Ben looked up at him made his heart soar. Benji felt like he was the only person that mattered in the whole world to Ben. He felt treasured and desired. He felt wanted. Ben’s hands slid up his thighs and his eyes took on a darker, more predatory gleam. Ben wanted him. The way his big man looked at him made him feel sexy and it made him horny. He was already down on his knees… Maybe…

Benji swallowed visibly and stepped closer to Ben. “Ben, please…”

“Please what, baby?” he smirked, knowing what Benji wanted.

Benji moved a little closer and rubbed his rock hard dick against Ben’s chin, back and forth across the thick whiskers of his ‘stache. “Please, Ben,” he whispered. Then so quiet, Ben barely registered his next words, “Suck it…”

Ben looked up at his younger lover with a raised eyebrow, a little surprised by his boldness. Well, the whispered plea was bold for Benji. Ben grabbed Benji’s hips and ran his tongue up the length of Benji’s dick, then took him in his mouth. His cheeks hollowed in as he applied tight suction, taking all of Benji’s length into his mouth.

Benji moaned and trembled as the warm moistness engulfed him. He grabbed onto Ben’s shoulders as Ben’s head bobbed up and down. He felt the urge to thrust in and out, but Ben’s hands held his hips firm, holding him in place, so that Ben and only Ben set the pace. Even on his knees, Ben was in control. Ben was always in control and Benji loved it. He loved when Ben took charge, told him what to do, made him do whatever the big man wanted.

It was such a fucking turn on to pleasure Benji. His body was so responsive to every touch of Ben’s hands and every flick of Ben’s tongue. Ben would have grinned if his mouth wasn’t already busy. He slid his right hand around the front of Benji’s thigh and slipped it up between his legs. Benji gasped and moaned, spreading his legs further. His little slut apparently wanted more. Ben slowed his assault on Benji’s cock as he slipped a finger between Benji’s cheeks, seeking out the hidden entrance. He circled around the tightly furled opening, then sunk a thick finger inside. His finger slid easily into the tight opening, still a little relaxed and wet from their middle of the night fuck.

Ben’s cock lurched and pre-come dribbled down the length as he thought of being buried inside his boy’s tight channel. Last night he had filled Benji to overflowing with one of his big loads, just like he did almost every night, and any other time he got the chance.

Ben wiggled his finger around and immediately found the target. As he rubbed the rough pad of his finger across the sensitive prostate gland, Benji’s cries became frantic and he tried to thrust forward and back into Ben’s mouth, just on the brink of shooting.

Ben couldn’t have that. He needed to be inside his boy when Benji came. His cock ached to be inside Benji’s tight little ass, all ten inches buried to the hilt. He pulled his mouth back and pulled his finger free.

“No,” Benji quivered, trying to grab onto Ben, to pull him back. “Don’t stop, please, Ben. I’m so close.”

“I wanna be inside your ass when you come.”

Benji drew in a shuddering breath. “Oh god, yes. Inside me. Fill me.”

Ben stood up and grabbed the bottle of silicone-based lube from the shelf, bought specially for fucking in the shower. He poured some onto his fingers, then all over his cock. He pushed Benji against the back wall of the shower and pressed his slick hand between his boy’s legs. He ran his hand over his cock, hissing as the slippery fingers caressed over his sensitive head. He got into position, squatted down and lined it up. With a firm push upwards, he was home.

Benji gasped as Ben’s thick cock slid inside him. There was a slight burn on first entry, but it quickly gave way to pleasure as Ben’s girth poked, then slid across his prostate. The heat of Ben’s girth was unbearable. Benji wrapped his arms around Ben’s neck, while one leg wrapped around Ben’s thigh. Ben’s hands cupped ataköy escort Benji’s ass as he lifted him and pinned him against the wall.

With a loud grunt, Ben pulled his hips back and thrust forward. He held his little man against the wall as he snapped his hips in and out. Benji’s cries of pleasure let him know that he was hitting his g-spot with every thrust. He kissed Benji’s chin, ears, neck… anywhere he could reach. He held Benji tight while he pounded him into the wall.

Benji’s whole body was like one raw nerve. Everywhere Ben touched and kissed made him ache with need, brought him closer and closer to coming. Ben leaned down and sucked hard on the side of Benji’s neck, the exact spot that drove him crazy. The friction of Ben’s hairy stomach muscles against his dick were heaven. Ben’s dick was so big, so thick. It never let up its relentless assault on his sensitive prostate. Ben was so damn good. Oh, god, he was the best ever. Just a little more and Benji would come undone.

Benji gasped and clawed at Ben’s back. His head tried to thrash back and forth, but it was locked in place by Ben’s mouth and teeth. “Ben, oh! Ben, you’re gonna mark– Oh, god!”

A triumphant feeling soared through Ben. He was about to make his baby come, and come hard. He bit down on Benji’s neck, and sucked hard. Right on target, Ben felt Benji’s body go rigid from his head down to his toes. He let out a shout that sounded vaguely like his name with the word ‘love’. When Ben felt the first burst of hot cream between their bodies, Benji’s sphincter clamped down hard around Ben’s shaft.

Ben continued to pound hard into the vise grip of a hole as Benji’s muscles continued to repeatedly contract around him as if it was trying to milk the sperm straight from his balls. It was just too much. His dick stiffened even harder and throbbed.

Ben pulled his mouth from Benji’s neck and drew in a deep breath. “I’m coming, baby! I’m fucking coming now!”

“Come inside me, Ben,” Benji begged, while gripping his fingers around Ben’s body, and squeezing his ass muscles as tight as he could.

“Oh, fuck,” Ben moaned. One last final thrust into the tight sheath and Ben erupted inside his little man, sending jets of hot spunk deep inside his bowels…

“Love you, Ben,” Benji whispered. “Love you so much.”

Ben blinked and his body shuddered one last time. He wasn’t even sure how long he had pinned Benji in place while he came down from a shockingly intense orgasm. He drew in a deep breath and let it out as Benji’s body pushed his softening cock out of his ass, followed by a flow of milky white jizz down the inside of his trembling leg. He let Benji down slowly, making sure to keep a tight hold on him so that he didn’t slip or fall. Benji let out a soft sigh as his arm loosened from around Ben’s neck. Ben leaned down and gave Benji a deep, soul-searing kiss.

After a quick wipe-down with the washcloth, Ben shut off the shower and helped Benji out.

Ben couldn’t help but smile as he rubbed the big fluffy towel over Benji’s body. Benji stood silently with his eyes closed, lips slightly parted, his arms and legs flopping as if he was boneless. As Ben rubbed the towel over Benji’s pretty blond hair one last time, he decided that he wouldn’t mention the over-sized, bright crimson bruise on the side of his neck. Hopefully no one would notice when Benji went to work. With one last kiss on the forehead, Ben gave Benji a pat on the rear and Benji padded out of the bathroom to get dressed for work.


Benji shifted in the conference room chair. He was still a little sore from the pounding he got from Ben in the shower and sitting in this chair for hours wasn’t going to help one bit. It was like he could still feel a phantom Ben inside him. Not that he was complaining. He’d give it up to Ben anytime he wanted.

Ace Sinclair, the owner of Ace’s Trucking and Storage Company, looked at Benji with a smirk. “You okay over there?” the older man asked.

“Yes, sir. I’m fine,” Benji replied as he slunk down just a bit in his chair. He couldn’t help the blush that crept up his cheeks. Good thing the lights were turned down. Maybe no one would see. Benji tugged up the collar of his polo shirt and buttoned another button. Maybe they wouldn’t notice the huge hickey at the base of his neck either.

Ace chuckled softly and Benji couldn’t help but feel that the boss-man knew exactly what Benji was thinking and feeling. He had wondered several times if his boss’s boss was gay. The older man was handsome and distinguished with that sprinkling of gray in his dark hair. He was successful and powerful, while at the same time, friendly and down-to-earth. Benji wasn’t attracted to him physically, but he could see how others would find him irresistible.

Ace turned back to the screen, pressed a button on his remote and flipped to the next slide of his PowerPoint presentation and continued discussing the quarterly figures.

Benji looked avcılar escort across the conference table. His direct boss, Cole, was watching the slides nodding his head in agreement. The assistant warehouse manager, Douglas, looked over at Benji. His eyes looked glazed over as if he was having trouble staying awake. Benji covered his mouth to hide his smile. He understood exactly how Douglas felt.

This was going to be a long meeting.


“Sorry,” Benji muttered as his cell phone started vibrating again. It was the fourth time in a row during the meeting. He pulled the phone off the table and slid it under the table into his lap, fumbling with his fingers to get it to be quiet.

“Maybe you should get that, Benji,” Cole said. “It must be important.”

Benji looked up at his boss, glad to see that he was smiling and didn’t seem to be annoyed. “Uh. Okay. I’ll be right back, sorry about that.”

Benji stood up and moved to the corner of the conference room. He looked at the screen, but whoever it was wasn’t in his contacts and the number wasn’t one he recognized. “Hello?” he answered quietly, as he turned towards the corner for a bit of privacy.

Ace had paused his presentation while Benji answered the phone. He set his remote down and sat down on the edge of the conference table. He turned to Cole and Douglas and the three started to talk about last week’s baseball game.

At Benji’s gasp, the three of them looked up in time to hear Benji cry out “Ben?!” as he dropped the phone and slumped to his hands and knees, drawing in hyperventilating gasps of breath.


Ben spent the morning giving his bike a tune up. It was nice to get the Harley-Davidson out of the garage after a cold winter. After he got the engine revving and rumbling timed exactly right, he hand washed and waxed the bike until it sparkled like it was brand new. He stepped back and looked over the big custom Harley-Davidson Softail. He leaned in and scraped off a bit of wax he missed. Fucking perfect.

He pulled on his sunglasses and helmet and took to the road.

Leaning back, feet forward, the bike roared and vibrated beneath him as Ben cruised the streets. Ben really wished that Benji was riding with him. He loved having Benji on the back of his bike. He loved the way Benji clung to him, holding tight.

And when Ben went all ‘biker stud’, as Benji called it, nothing made his boy hotter. Benji loved to see him dressed like this: sunglasses, half-helmet, boots, tight jeans, sleeveless shirt that showed off his USMC tat and his beefy arms. Multiple rounds of hot steamy sex with his boy was guaranteed.

A smug sneer spread across Ben’s face. As soon as his boy got home, he planned on having Benji on the back of his bike. After a long ride, he planned on bending him over the bike and going for another ride. He was gonna fuck him right there in the garage, Benji completely naked, while Ben was fully clothed.

The last time they rode, as soon as they got into the garage, Benji had pulled all of his clothes off and begged for Ben. He actually begged, saying “Please, fuck me, Ben. I need your dick inside me!”

Ben had unzipped his jeans, pulled his cock out, and bent Benji over the bike. He pounded his boy like a jackhammer until Benji shot his load, screaming, spurting jizz all over the bike and the garage floor. He didn’t stop until his own load was overflowing around his cock, dripping down Benji’s balls and his leg.

The memory had the crotch of Ben’s jeans feeling a little snug. Oh, yeah, Ben had it all planned out.

As he roared through the intersection, time suddenly stood still. The kid in the Honda was busy talking on his phone and clearly didn’t see him as he changed lanes without a blinker. Ben swerved, but the car clipped his bike.

The last thing he thought of before he slammed into the concrete was his Benji.


Saturday afternoon, Brandon got in his truck and headed over to the flip. Even though a delay in the permits was pushing the demo back another week, the damned kid and his ugly mutt were still supposed to be cleared out by today. Brandon hoped that he wouldn’t have to use force on the kid. He didn’t need that shit. He had enough to worry about.

He should have made Walker deal with this. But Brandon never told Walker about the kid. Lonnie wasn’t any of Walker’s business. Walker better keep his eyes and his hands away from Lonnie if he knew what was good for him.

Shit. Where the hell did that come from?

It was bad enough that the past few days he couldn’t stop thinking about him. He couldn’t even jack off without the kid’s ass and mouth appearing in his head and ruining things. ‘So what if it made him come harder than he had in years?’ he had thought while wiping a stray blob of spunk from the headboard last night. Damn, when was the last time he had distance like that? Or volume, he thought as he looked at the big wad of tissues in his hand.

As soon as he opened the back door, little ugly came running. He was yipping and barking his fool head off.

“God damn it,” Brandon muttered. “I knew it.”

Brandon shut the door hard in frustration and Ricky barked at him.

“Be quiet. You’re giving me a god damned headache.”

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