Committed to mistress. Part 1. The beginning.


Committed to mistress. Part 1. The beginning.Committed to mistress. Part 1. The beginning.The summer after I reached legal age was unforgettable for me.I have had ended my classes and I had a long time to enjoy the summer. After one year studying quite hard and with hot weather I needed real sex crazily.In the seventh floor there was living a 36 years old woman who had given birth his second c***d five years ago. She was a beautiful woman: nice blond colored hair, pretty nice body shape. She was used to go upstairs up to his apartment and after two and a half years lactation of his youngest c***dren she got really nice tits she liked to show with her necklines. Definitively, she was THE MILF a young compulsive wanker like me imagined during me and my hand nights.One day she came to our building with two big boxes stacked one upside the other and I opened and hold the entrance door. She asked me to help her and carry one of her boxes. I did it and I rose the seven floors up to her türbanlı bitlis escort apartment following her. I came breathless and she invited me to come in and rest a little after leaving the boxes in the kitchen. She unzipped a little her gray tracksuit. “It’s hot” she said and continued asking me how old I was. “I’m eighteen years old” I answered while I was heavy breathing due to the climb.-“Then, you are and adult. You are a handsome boy, nice enough to pleasure a woman like me”.-“Please stop, I only came here to help you I don’t pretend to have sex” I said while looking at her brown eyes.Well, I know you are a nice boy. And a compulsive wanker as I have seen in your hanged out briefs.I got ashamed and made me blush. She malicious smiled and asked-“Have you ever wanked thinking about me?”-“Yes, constantly” I said with little voice.-“Damn bastard!, you masturbate but you don’t want to have sex with me. You are a wasted boy, türbanlı bitlis escort bayan you need strict sex education”I couldn’t say nothing, but my dick started to grow under my pants. She realized of my erection and said:-“I’m going to be one month alone because my c***dren are with their grandparent and grandmother . I bet you are a virgin and a lonely wanker. I offer you a month of strict sex education with me. I don’t promise sex to you but you will learn a lot. Take it as a once in the life opportunity. Take of leave it ”.-“Yes” I answered with confidence. I have been fallen in her elegance and conviction she was talking to me.-“Really?, you have answered quickly”, she was not sure about my answer. “Inexperienced boy, Do you know about bdsm or femdom?”-“Yes, I have read some lines in one book”-“Hahaha, you read from a book. You know nothing. I’m a dominant women, a mistress. Do you know what it means?”I felt intimidated türbanlı escort bitlis because I read about whipping and other weird things but I was curious about it.-“No, I don’t know. I’m a little frightened but I want to try it. Would you give me the opportunity to try it and, if I dislike it, leave and forgot everything?”-“I consider it fair. I warn about it, you may be addicted to me.”-“OK, no problem” I answered unconsciusly-“I remind you I will be in charge of everything. I’m going to train you and make mine subtly. I will apply on you firm hand.”-“Yes, Marta. I want to start now”-“Wait until tomorrow.” She got close to me and whispered to me. “Come tomorrow at nine o’clock in the morning, dont’ apply yourself deodorant and bring two clean briefs or boxers. And now, go home and empty your balls” .She hold my balls and put little pressure on them. Later she took my chin and faced me to the door and pointed out to it. I understood and I went out. An instant after I started walking she slapped my left buttock and said “Goodbye.”… To be continued.[Imagined story][Please comment. It encourages me to improve my skills and write more parts of this story][You are not allowed to exploit it with commercial or lucrative purposes.][You are allowed to play the roles ( it includes uploading a video to x h a m s t e r and share it)]

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