Confession of a housewife

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Confession of a housewifeThis is a true story of my. Let me introduce myself I am Geetika from New Delhi. I am staying with my husband (Sishir) and two k**s in four rooms flat somewhere in South Delhi. I am 31 year old when I got married then I was 23 year old. And first of all my English is not so good, if any mistake in any sentence please forgive mebecause I am here to describe my feelings in past and present and get some encouragement through comments. Before marriage I was leaving in Jaipur and this is my love marriage. My husband’s business in both the states. He never stays in home more then fifteen day. One year ago I suggested him to take a servant because of work load, and he agreed.But first he agreed for a maid and after he changed for a male servant, but not a permanent servant. I insist him to give me a small boy to handle some work in home but permanent. We found a boy who was around 20 years old and he is from UP his name is Ramu. My husband and me watch some porn movies and tell stories to each other.And we used so many things like sex toys to enhance the sexual pleasure. After some time we I found him (Ramu) very interesting because he use to talk me as long as I wanted because we were the only person (when k**s go to thier school), who was in home and sometime I touched him on his laps and he also touched me whenever he wants.After his touches I had different feeling about him but I never go beyond my limits. One day my husband at home and we were planning to have sex he told me to tell a story about someone is fucking me. As I was telling him a story to keep Ramu in my mind suddenly Sishir asked me, “Have you ever think about Ramu is fucking you”. I said him, “no’.He asked me “why if you want to have sex with Ramu, you can because I want to know what is your feeling having sex with another guy”. I refused him because in real life I was not like a women who is so opened because I am from very conservative family and I know what difficulties I faced in my love marriage.So we talk about him and we had a great sex and he cum into me two times in one night first time. As we talked about this last night my perception was changed because I never thought about Ramu is having sex with me. I was looking in him in different way. I want to know what is he doing after went inside in the bathroom. As you can understand I wanted to see him.Finally I got the chance to see him nude, we have a bathroom which is common for two rooms. I was in my room and I heard some faint voice from my bathroom usually he used a different bathroom as we got two bathrooms in our flat. I seen through the keyhole of the door. He was jerking his hand and rubbing his pennies very brutally.And he was masturbating him and speaking slowly that please don’t go any where bhabhiji and want to fuck you. After this I want to see his cock and it was not like my hubby this was around 8 or 9″ long and I never seen a cock like this in real. Because my hubby has only about 5″ cock. So I decide to get this opportunity.But I not entered in the bathroom and I was waiting to let him out and I like to see his reaction after this. As he came out from bathroom he was little shy and I asked him furiously what you was doing in my bath room. He was stunned and standing there he was and he had no words to describe what he was doing there.After that I loughed on him and told him that if you have a separate bathroom for you self then why are you using my bathroom, in future you want to do these kind of activity then you can use my bathroom otheerwise use your’s” I winked him. As the time passing by I was looking him and he was little scared. Sishir reached the home at 7:30.I took him to my bedroom and told averything about him. He was loughing and told me that He will manage rest of the things. He went to the market and bring two bottles of strong beer, one lager beer for me and one bottle of whiskey for himself. I drink beer when he is in good mood to have sex wildly with me.I asked him “why you bring two strong beer do you have some plan” and replied, “yes I have a plan. You go to your room and drink your beer. I will come after some time”. I scared what is he going to do, is he going to beat him. I watching them what are they doing in drawing room. They are drinking thier whiskey and beer, I start drinking mine.But after some time both of them entered in my room and my husband asked me, “Geet could you please defrianciate that which pennis is longer”. I stunned and looking furiously to my hubby what a foolish question is asking to me. Both of them drunk too much and he asked me once more, “please hold in your hand and feel which is bigger.And He was not showing his pennis. He indicate me to hold his cock into my hand and I obey his command. I hold his cock in my hand and my heartbeat was racing. It was very tight and strong like a steel rode, once I hold that I don’t want to loose him. And Ramu was looking at me and asked, “tell babhiji which is longer”.I seen him in anger and I told him, “both of you gate out”. They both went out and I was in thrill, what is he done. After sometime when he came back to bedroom he asked me,”what you feeling when you was holding his cock”. I was little shy and said, “It was amazing holding his cock and It is heavier then yours”. Once again we had a great sex in that night.In the next morning when k**s gone to thier school and Sishir to his work, we were alone in the home and I was looking to him while he was doing his work. And he was looking to me when I was passing him. After passing some time we were not talking to each other. I was thinking about last night and him.Suddenly he asked me, “bhabhiji you haven’t replied me last night who has a longer pennis, as I never seen bhaiyas pennis and he not shown me last night as well, and you was the reffree in that game.” I told him,” Your bhaiya has a same kind of pennis as you are having”. I replied him because I don’t want to insult my husband is having a less size pennis.I asked him,”could you please show me once again as I have not seen properly last night.” He wears lungi in home and he dosen’t wear any underwear underneath. He present in front of me his semi erected cock as I was in exitment to catch the monster and I grabed in my hand. I told him “is this the size or this will increase”.He was little upset and told me, ” Bhabhi Ji what are you talking about this is not erected once this will erected you will love this”. I was little confused what will I do if his cock will erect. It was half past twelve and I have only one and half hour to coming back the c***drens home. I decided to get his cock in my mouth.His cock was still in semi erection then I told him this will not erected untill this will not go into mouth. I told him and he untide his lungi and stand like Eiffel Tower. He was very good lover of mine, because he was not waiting for any command and chance. But the size of his cock is too huge for me.I am very habitual to take my hubbies cock and which was half the size of Ramu’s cock. But I despratly want to have that monster in my moouth. So I was trying my level best. It was was thicker and longer and the result is not getting in. I was turning on and I don’t want to waste the time. Finnally I won and it was giving me a diffrent pleasuree in my mouth.I was not able to licking from inside but I was sucking that very best of mine. I was sucking and jerking his cock to cum out because time was running fast. He had to go to bring the k**s from the bus stand. He was asking me Bhabhiji you want to do like this only or you want this in your pussy,” I replied him “some another time because k**s will come and we will not have that much joy”.He uderstand and he told me that he is about to cum and I was waiting so eagerly to taste his cum. Finally he cummed into my mouth and it was too hot and cumming a lot. We separated each other and he worn his illegal bahis lungi and went to bring the c***drens.I went to the bathroom and I was watching myself in the mirror what I had begun.After that I took a bath and changed my dress from nightie to deep neck double st****d t-shirt with bra and capri this is my usual dress in my home. I don’t have any elder person who will have objection to dress me like this. c***drens reached the home we took lunch together and I was busy in their homework and study.Ramu went to kitchen and cleaning all utensils after that he went to sleep. 4.30 o’clock when k**s homework is finished and they also wanted to sleep. I also lay down with k**s and my minds was running to him what is he doing in the kitchen, is he sleeping. I stood up and went to the kitchen I seen him that he is sleeping. I decided to hold his cock once again.I reached to him and he was sleeping in straight position I aparted his lungi from middle as I mentioned he is not use to wear any underwear in his lungi. My taste is changed now I was touching his cock very gently. But I refused, I stood up and about to coming back.He awaked and asked me, “what happened Bhabhi Ji, you are here do you want something” I replied “yes I wanted a coffee If you’re not sleeping please make two cups of coffee”. He asked “is anybody came’. I again replied him “nobody, you will not drink”. He said ” Yes I will”. He was making coffee and I was looking on the lungi.He was talking with me about some usual and very first time in personal matters that, “I am a very beautiful and sexy lady he ever seen”. I am about 5.2′ long and my breast and figure size is good enough according to this height. He was 5.8 or 5.9 with good built. I went near him and pretending to do some work. He grabbed my hand and he kissed on my hand.I enjoyed this and he took my hand onto his cock under his lungi. His cock was semi erected and it was very good to hold the penis when it was in semi erection mode because cock is not able to hold weight on his own and become heavy. I enjoyed this with my husband as well. I was playing with the cock but the hair near his cock was big enough.They were also coming in my hand when I was rubbing his cock up and down. I adviced him to clean these hair because it was also coming in my mouth when I was sucking his cock. He agreed but he told me how to clean those because he don’t have any experience and he want me to hold his cock and assist him to clean them. I told him that I will help him in this.We finished our coffee and went to the bathroom and he bring his twin blade razor. I suggest him,” first to trim them with a sizzer and then use this razor”. I will hold your cock and you shave this. He took so much time to cut those hair but after cleaning his that part his cock is become very visible and sexy. I was amazing to see this size of cock.I want to lick his member and I did. I took my mouth near to his cock and kissed him and licking from down to up. His cock head is become red and I wanted to bite on that but I refused myself to do this. I leaved his cock and stood up to came back from bathroom. Thinking of this that I mentioned him that my husband has the same size of cock.I came back from bathroom he was upset to see this act from me. I went to the k**s room to see what are they doing I seen both the k**s are still sleeping. I went near to them and waking up. After this they waked up and after some time they wre playing with eachother. He also came back from bathroom and time is already 6.30 PM. I ordred him to make dinner.I also came in the kitchen to help him. He was looking at me with smile and I was also looking him in the same manner. As time past my husband is about to come and I don’t want to create any scene infront of my hubby I came back to my room and start the computer to read some erotic story. Sishir my husband rang the door bell and I went to the door to welcome him.We went to the k**s room and he talk for a while with k**s. Then we came to our room I described him all the details.He was very exited what will be next and he encourage me to do whatever I want. I told him I need complete night with him and he accept my words and he told me. I was planning to go tomorrow morning if you want to have this night with me that will be great “I will give you lots of pleasure in this night”. And we had a great sex in that night.We slept both in that night before we slept Sishir told me that “You can have sex and enjoy with him until I don’t here, once I reached home you will have to stop these activity with him and and you have to tell me each and every thing. I will phone you about this. After this he left from the Delhi.k**s went to their school and we breakfast together, while we were having BF he was looking me with smile. I gave him the same reply with smile. Ramu went to the kitchen to finish his work as I call him up in my room. As he was waiting for my call, he came in and stand in front of me. And asked me “what do you want Bhabhi Ji”.As we act in the last morning so I told him “you really don’t know what I want to have. I untied his lungii and took off my capri and underwear. I don’t want to waste the time to take his cock in my mouth because I seen that It is not comfortable for me. I showed him the way to lick my pussy, my hubby is not licked last night.So he was licking my pussy and again it was a different then my hubby. I was moaning and crying with joy, I hold his head onto pussy and he was inserting his tongue in my cunt. I was about to cum and told him to insert his complete tongue in pussy and do it fast. My first orgasm is came. I removed him from there. Now I want his cock straight in my pussy.I ordered him just insert this monster into my pussy and I was so much turned on. Because I hold his cock in my hand it was very tight and hotter then my husband. I lay down on the bed and he was middle of my legs and now he is holding his cock in his hand and putting on my pussy slowly inside. Because of size it was not so easy to get in.I suggested him to give his cock in my mouth and I will lubricate with my mouths water. He agreed and once again I grabbed his cock in my mouth and this time I was more enjoying than last time. This time I took his tool easily then earlier. But the fire of my pussy is burning higher.I lubricate his cock and he took on to the pussy and I told him that he should enter his cock slowly in the pussy. And he agreed but the size is double then my hubby it was going like my first fuck with Sishir before marriage. Now this is again I was feeling little bleeding from pussy but there was nothing like that.And I was showing him that I was not feeling lots of pain and I was moaning and crying in joy. He asked me “Bhabhi Ji your pussy is very tight like new, is Bhaiya Ji not fucking you daily”. I accepted that comment and I replied “yes he has very less time to spend with me just because of his work”.He agreed with my reply and telling me “now I am here to give you lots of time and give you nice fuck”, as he was talking with me he went back and come with lots of force and entered his complete cock in my cunt. I was about to die with pain but this pain was giving me pleasure as well.I was in seventh sky girls you can imagine what I got first time in my life before this I was having a less size penis which was playing with my cunt. But now this is the real player is playing with me. I was enjoying his tool in my pussy and the time in passed my pain is completely gone now than I told him to play like a real player.He started with slow jerks and slowly accelerating the jerks my second orgasm is about to come and I told him “please boost your speed” and he obeyed. I was doing up and down on bed to reach my second orgasm with him. Finally I reached to my climax and he was still jerking.Now I was not feeling any pain because of wetnes of my orgasm, his cock was going illegal bahis siteleri very easly. I was feeling this pleasure first time than I told him please slow down your speed but he was not in the mood of slow down as he was faster than before my next orgasm is coming so soon as I never feel like this ever before. I was enjoying his jerks.His speed was like dog is fucking a bitch with a great speed He is about to cum I told him “please wait for a while I will bring the condom from cupboard”. But he reached on his climax into me and he was leaving his sperm like flooding. His member was still rocking inside me. And he was on me and he was breathing like a dog, after a while he took out his cock.As he took out his sperm is coming out like a flood of thick white water. I came to the corner of the bed to come out all the sperm of him. And that is coming a lot after that he was laying next to me. I told him “before you go to rest or bath clean this floor”. He obeyed and he is about to stand up, I asked him “where are you going”.He told me “I am going to clean the floor and I need some rest then I will take bath”. I suggest him “if k**s and your Bhaiya Ji is not in the home then you can sleep with me or I am alone in my room. He agreed and he asked me to remove my clothes as we not removed our clothes.He said” Bhabhi Ji can you please remove your clothes because I want to touch and feel your body”. I was thinking for a while and then replied him “what we are going to do in the bathroom, you can see, touch and feel there”. He agreed, we took some rest and he stood up to clean the floor.We went to the bathroom, and he was dyeing to see my body. When we reached in, he was loosing his control.He start fondling my breast and he wanted to remove my clothes from my body. I told him “why are you exited so much, when I am going to show my body myself”. He agreed and he leaved me, I start removing my t-shirt and then bra. He told me “Bhabhi Ji I never seen this kind of body and colour, you are very fair”.He hold and griped my left breast in his hand and start sucking my right nipple. While he was sucking he was also biting on the nipple that is making me crazy. Because I never felt this ever before. I was wanted to lay down on the floor but he pushed me on the washbasin to take some support because he was taller than me and he was not comfortable to bend on me.He was touching and moving his hand all around my body and now sucking my both nipples one by one. My body is attractive my hubby said “any one can lose their Patience after seeing me for a while”. This I know but I was handling this first time. He was out of control, he was pumping me hard and sucking very fast.While he was sucking and fondling his member was touching on my lap. I was wondered that he just ejaculated and getting hardness once again. He was like dominating me he hold me and sit me on the corner of washbasin and set down on his knees and start sucking my cunt once again.I was getting exited too because this is the first time I was about to fuck in this short time. I was getting on and he stood up and aiming his cock on to my pussy. He was teasing me to touch and rubbed his cock on pussy and removed. I was getting upset with his this move. I ordered him to enter his entire cock in my cunt.He did and I was moaning and enjoying this second time in this short period. I was on the corner of washbasin and he spread my both legs and he was jerking into my pussy. I was little uncomfortable because I was on the corner of washbasin I told him to make me comfortable and I want to lay down on the floor of bathroom.He agreed and he took me in his arms and banging me in the air. I was having this much pleasure and adventure first time. My both legs was tied him from his back and my arms holding his neck to balance my self. He was doing me up and down to hold me from my hips. He was doing this so perfectly but I was little scared about to fell down.I request him to put me down on the floor or take me to the bed. But he was thinking little further than me. He put me on the floor (under the shower) and started the shower. Water was directly coming on my face, it was difficult to open my eyes and I closed my eye. He thought that I was having joy and he start building his speed.I was cumming, so I was enjoying his speed but little scared, what happened if he discharged so early. I ordered him to calm down there is no hurry to go somewhere as we are alone in the flat. He agreed and he stop ed himself and he was on me. He was playing with my tits and asked “Bhabhi Ji you are so beautiful and sexy so how do you stop your self to not have sex”.This question was difficult to answer by me, I replied him “now you are here to cover this empty space in my life to have such this lovely fucking game”. He was happy to hear this answer from me and start his storks into me. Now I want him to leave me because time is already reached to 12:30 and he had to go to bring c***dren’s from school.I ordered him to finish this act as early as possible because you know where to go. But this his second time and it was not so easy to ejaculate so early. I was having joy a lot and my second orgasm is about to cum. He was stroking me in full speed. I was moaning and crying with joy I beg him to not stop himself. Please carry on with all your best.The voice of jerk is coming so loud like pat pat pat pat. My complete flat was surrounding with this voice and I realised that this was so loud. But he was still jerking stroking fondling and kissing me all the way. He was taking so much time to discharge and sometimes he stopped himself and some time he accelerate the speed. He took more than an hour to discharge.At last he was cumming into me because his very hot sperm is feeling inside me and he was gradually stopping himself. And the shower is still felling down and we were hugged each other and resting for a while because his sperm is still leaking into me. He was done with his ejaculation, he moved to my left side now his sperm is oozing out and oozing a lot.I was lying on the floor of bathroom I ordered him “you please bath soon and bring the k**s from bus stop of school bus”. But he was not in the mood to leave me. As once again he came near to me and fondling my tits and kissing me. I gave him an assurance to act this in the whenever we got the time. after that night we were not looking for the chances to get closer. Because whenever we were going, we were going together. In kitchen, bathroom and bedroom as well. Next morning when k**s went to their school we started the game again.In the middle of the game while he was sucking my cunt, my mobile phone ranges. I seen whose calling,it’s my hubby. He started to ask me what happened in the last night. I don’t want to reply him on that time and in front of him because I was busy in very important work as you can understand. I replied him in English, because Ramu doesn’t know English.I replied him “I will call you when he will go to bring the c***dren”. He asked me “where is he right now”. I replied him “in the middle of my legs and sucking my cunt”. He asked “Is he know who is calling” I replied “no”. He told me take care nobody will know about this. I assured him nobody will know about this. I disconnect the phone and remain in the game.We enjoyed almost in every corner of the four rooms flat, two bathrooms and one kitchen. We were together, while we were eating bathing and sleeping. I told my hubby about everything, he was very exited to come back from Jaipur, but I denied his discussion. Because I wanted to have more fun with him, he agreed. We had day night sex together.My husband came and then again I told him all the story once again and he banged me for the whole night like twice in a night. After four five days When Sishir ( my hubby) was not in the home. He was begging me for a quick fuck as this was becoming canlı bahis siteleri difficult for him. I accept his request and I arrange one shot for him as I also want to fuck with him.I assured him that I will come to the kitchen in this night to fuck with you, when your Bhaiya Ji will sleep. I called him ( my hubby) to bring some bottles of beer and whisky for him. As I am becoming horny today. He accepted my request as he understood all the mind game of mine. As night is coming we sent k**s for sleeping and we start our work like drinking beer me and Sishir.We offered beer to Ramu, but he was hesitating to take. I gave him a wink and he accepted. While we were drinking my hubby was looking at him, is he ( Ramu) looking at me or not. First he was not looking at me but after two or three mugs of beer he was starring at me. As he will eat me or fuck me in front of my hubby.I stood up from there because I don’t want to create any scene there, and I came to my room but they both were drinking in the drawing room. My hubby had two three pags extra in and smoke the cigarette very much and sleep ed on the sofa. I was waiting for him in our bedroom but he not came. I came out to see the situation, he was sleeping and Ramu was drinking beer alone.I went there and make a mug of beer for me and we ( Ramu and me) came to my bedroom. My husband always said I am very horny after drunk and not able to hold by a man. I finished my mug of beer and I removed his lungi completely and removed his shirt as well. I was searching his cock to hold in my hand. I pulled him on my bed and I was removing my clothes as early as possible.I pushed him on the bed and took his entire cock in my mouth and sucking very badly because of drinks I became very horny. I climbed on him and scratching his chest with my sharp nails. And he was almost crying with pain. I went to the middle of his legs and once again sucking his cock very powerfully. He was unable to understand what happened with me but he was quite.I went more down to his legs and took his balls in my mouth. This is first time I was took his balls in my mouth, his ball was, obviously bigger than my hubby and easily to take in the mouth. I took one by one his both the balls.And he was shivering with joy but this time I was out of control and he was not able to control me.And I think I was not able to control by two or three mans as well. I never tried this because I don’t have the another cock other than my hubby. I was thinking that I should call to my hubby. But after a thought I denied my decision and I was enjoying myself with him. Because this time I like to see the power of Ramu.I took his cock into my hands and I was knocking on to the my tits and and I was touching all around on my breast, and again of the size giving me the pleasure and voice of….phat…. phat…. phat of my breast. I was enjoying so much and then I thought to took his cock in the middle of my breasts and giving him a boob job.He was just lied on the bed and unable to understand what will be the next. I order him to lick my pussy in 69 position and he did. Because I was having burning sensation there and I want to extinguish the fire with his saliva. I was on the top of him as I mentioned earlier he was taller than me.He pulled me on the corner of the bed and he stood up and directing his cock to my mouth and he was bend on me to lick my cunt. This action is not giving him any difficulty and I was the one who had cock in this style very first time. I was wrong that this fire will come down with his licking. It was raising higher and finally I knew that how to end this fire.But I was having fun in this because I had his cock in my mouth and I was unable to move my head up and down, as he was giving me mouth fucking. These all experience I was getting it first time. I was becoming more hornier to have these kind of act. I don’t want to waste the time because my hubby is sleeping outside in the drawing.So I want to finished this act in very passionate style. I said him to leave me and ordered him to lay down on the bed as he did, I climbed once again on him. He asked me very slowly “Bhabhi ji what is next”. I said him “just shut up and see”. I climbed on him and spread my legs and took his cock into my pussy and I was just up and down on him.I was pressing my boobs my self but it was not enough for me but I was doing to tease him, he was watching me. He grabbed my both complete breasts in his big palms and squeezing very smoothly, but I was not in the mood to having sex in delicately, I want to play this game very wildly. So I ordered him to squeeze these badly and powerfully.And I was getting support from his knees because my total weight on his penis and I was drunk ed there was some chances to loose the balance. I was very badly going up and down to have pleasure of his big cock. He was madly pressing my boobs those are becoming red as I can see in the dim light of night lamp.Then I was completely enjoyed myself on top I wanted to come down in under to have some powerful jerks. I told him “If you want to fuck me next time, so you have to jerk me powerfully and very fast”. He told me “you already banged me and suck my all the power but lets see what can I do for you”. He started slowly as I know he was a good lover of my body and fucker as well.He was gradually generating the speed and my fire is on peak and I was about to cum. I told him “don’t stop until I tell you”. He agreed and he was fucking like bullet. I was moaning and crying with joy. I don’t want to talk that time because I wanted to feel the pleasure of great fucking.My orgasm was came and his cock got some lubrication and now his cock is coming and going so fast and noises are coming so loudly of…phuch phuch and phuch. I told him “show me your power how much and how long you can fuck me, come on do it very fast”. He was pushing, pushing and pushing very passionately.He was real good fucker, my hubby was also a good fucker but, he has a good size of cock to fuck and more powerful and passion. After about thirty minute of this session his speed is become slow.and he was breathing very fast and asked me a mug of beer. Because he was right when we drunked we were more powerful and now we were loosing our power the satisfy of each other.I told him just leave me as I will go and get the beer for us. As I came in the drawing room my hubby was about to awaking. I thought that what he will think about me if I will go nude in front of him. I took my nightgown from there and I reached to the centre table of drawing room. I picked one mug first and pour the beer in that and gave to the Ramu.And then come back to checked him whether he was sleeping or not. I checked him and than I came to the bedroom he was drinking the beer, and he finished almost half the glass, I took the glass from him and I drunked rest of the beer. Than I told him just finish the game with power. He took me on the corner of the bed and first he spread my legs wider and fucked harder.And after a while he put my legs reverse on my breast near my shoulder, this was really a pain full act as we never did in our life. I was feeling more pain so I stopped him. And I completely came back to bed and he start once again from top and I was doing the same from bottom. He was pushing me down and I was pushing him up.This was really amazing for him and he loosed his concentration. And he was about to cum and I know that my hubby is also sleeping outside. I order him that you should give your all load on my stomach. He was pushing me madly and very badly. I know that he is about to cum.So I pushed him back and his cock came out with the voice of slurp, and his first drop of load is gone over my head and then in my hair and then on my breast and then on my navel. He dropped a lot on my stomach his load was coming a lot, it was going here and there. Like left and right of my stomach because my stomach is very flat but still because of quantity.I gave him a order to bring some tissue paper from toilet and go back to your kitchen. He obeyed and then I cleaned myself and then I went to the drawing room to fuck with my hubby.

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