Confession of an Unfaithful Man Pt. 04


The following story is part of a series based on true stories however some names or details may have been changed to protect people’s identities.

While this story could be read as a stand alone story you should read the others in order to get the best from them.

Let me give you a bit of background info.

31/12/18 was our 20th wedding anniversary and although some of these stories are from the earlier days once I confessed everything and discussed at length the situation my wife and I have had a great open relationship for the last 15 years.

First let me introduce a few people my name is Christopher and I’m 23 years old. My girlfriend Maria is 22 years old, her younger sister Natasha (every one calls her Tarsh or Tasha who is 19 years old but looks almost like Maria’s twin), her mother Linda and her father Drew who are 47 and 48, her older brother Barry who is 25 and her younger brother Simon who is 13.

Third of January 1997.

I climbed out of Michelle’s bed and followed the smell of food cooking, there she was in the kitchen, again wearing only her apron while cooking pancakes. I sat at the table admiring her beautiful arse and stroking my morning erection.

Michelle turned to carry the pancakes to the table and jumped when she saw me. “Shit I didn’t even hear you come in” she said and then she noticed what I was doing “WOW I bet that thing has some special sauce for my pancakes.”

Michelle walked over to me, placed the stack of pancakes on the table and grabbed the top one off the stack and dropped to her knees. She wrapped the pancake around my cock and started to jack me off. It was an interesting feeling, warm and soft not like a pussy but enjoyable.

After about five minutes of Michelle pancake jacking me and playing with my balls she got what she was after, my big load all over her pancake. She smiled at me as she rolled it up and shoved it in her mouth.

We ate our pancakes as we talked then enjoyed a nice shower together. My cock starting to rise again as we finished our shower.

Michelle and I went out into her back garden. She wanted to show it off as she spends as much time as possible in it. It looked wonderful there were several secluded spaces as well as some magnificent trees and some amazing flower beds.

I lay Michelle on the grass in one secluded spot and started playing with her breasts through her shirt. Within minutes her shirt and bra were both on the ground and I was sucking on her now erect nipples. I reached down and lifted her skirt up. Finding no nickers I put my fingers straight to work rubbing her pussy. Once she was soaking wet I used some of that moisture to lube up her clit and my fingers danced over her clit.

I alternated between strumming it and running circles around it. Michelle loved it and in no time flat her body started to shake as she has her first orgasm. I continued to finger her only now I had 2 fingers pumping her pussy. Michelle came hard screaming out in extasy.

I lifted Michelle to her feet and walked her over to a big oak tree. I instructed her to bend over and put her hands on the tree. I spread her legs apart and flipped her skirt up revealing her beautiful arse to the world. I quickly dropped my pants and stood right behind Michelle.

Michelle and I both knew what was about to happen. I pushed my cock into her tight wet pussy. She squealed, I moaned we both hit cloud nine. I started to slowly pump my cock in and out of her tight wet pussy. I could only go slowly as she was so tight from her earlier orgasm. This just heightened the feeling for both of us, her because her pussy was still extra sensitive and me because her velvet pussy was gripping me so tight. I was enjoying every minute of it and by the moaning Michelle was making so was she.

Her already tight pussy started to get tighter I was struggling to keep a good rhythm then Michelle shook and squealed and I felt istanbul escort her pussy spasm as another orgasm ripped through her. The pulsing feeling of her pussy on my cock felt amazing and as it relaxed some of the tension I was able to pick up the pace a bit.

Michelle was using the tree to keep herself upright. Her legs were shaking, her pussy still pulsating as I drove my cock in and out. Then just as I was about to blow my load Michelle screamed “OH MY FUCKEN GOD” her pussy clamped down on my cock and then it released and a massive amount of liquid squirted out everywhere.

Michelle collapsed to the ground panting and shaking, mumbling something about the best orgasm she has ever had. She looked up at my cock swinging in the breeze and told me to lay down. Michelle crawled over to me and started sucking on my cock. Her tongue swirling round the head then she would bob up and down a couple of times. I knew I wouldn’t last as I was almost there when she had her orgasm. Sure enough I blew my load down her throat in less than a minute.

We lay in the grass for a while relaxing Michelle thanked me several times for what ever it was I did to cause that mind blowing orgasm and asked if I could do it again. All I could say was “I’d love to try.”

We got up off the ground got dressed and headed inside, I needed to get going it was late morning already and I was supposed to be meeting Maria and her family to join them for the rest of their holiday.

I rang Maria and told her I slept in and was aiming to meet them mid afternoon. She sounded happy that I was finally heading her way.

I left Michelle’s place just after 11 starting my 3 hour drive to the small seaside town where I was to meet Maria.

About half an hour into my drive I stopped for gas. As I stood pumping the gas into my tank I looked across the car park and saw the very McDonald’s restaurant Michelle and I had visited the day before. I was hungry it was nearly lunch time so I thought why not. I topped off the tank paid for my gas and drove across the car park to McDonald’s. I decided to walk in and order rather than risk the drive thru. As I got to the counter to place my order I froze in my tracks there at the register was the same girl that served me yesterday. “Can I take your order” she said then she suddenly turned bright red. BUSTED I thought to myself but I charged on trying to pretend I was just another customer and ordered anyway. She never said anything as I placed my order but I knew she wanted to.

I took my food and walked to a table in the furthest corner to try and hide as I ate it. I was half way through my meal when she walked up to me “you forgot your receipt” she said with a nervous tone in her voice.

“I don’t need it” I told her

This time she said it with more authority “you forgot your receipt” and she placed it on the tray and walked off.

I was about to screw it up and throw it at the bin when I noticed some writing on the back.

That was so hot last night I had to go to the bathroom to clean my uniform and I fingered myself thinking about you while I was in there. If you are interested maybe you could call me. Then it had her name Samantha and her number.

WOW I thought maybe I do want my receipt after all. I finished my meal and left making sure I got Samantha’s attention so she could see me putting the receipt in my pocket.

I drove the rest of the way to the beach to meet Maria and her family. She was happy to see me. We hugged and kissed like we had been apart for months. She showed me around where they were staying. The house was small maybe 60 square meters at the most. There was a main room for cooking and eating, a small door on the far side lead you down to the rest of the building where there were two small bedrooms on the left. A bathroom with toilet and shower on the right with a small garage at kadıköy escort the end.

Maria then took me outside and as we walked around the back of the house I saw 3 tents and a caravan. “This is where most people sleep or if the weather gets bad we just stick mattress on the floor in the dining room.”

I set up my tent as part of the group but spaced it just a little bit away from them as well. Maria and Tasha both came over to me as I was setting up and told me they were going down to the beach and I was welcome to join them.

I finished setting up got myself changed and headed off. The walk to the beach consisted of crossing their front lawn, crossing the road and then about 10 metres more grass and boom you were standing on top of the set of six steps that lead to the sand. I spotted Maria and Tasha out in the water. I dropped my towel beside theirs and waded out to join them. The water was great, a little cooler than the hot summer day but not shrink your balls to nothing cold. We all splashed about with a fair amount of hidden groping going on. I would move around behind one or the other of the girls if they were having a water fight and I would grab them from behind wrapping my arm around and either squeezing a breast or placing my hand on their swimsuit covered pussy as I did. The girls would also get their hands on me as we would wrestle for a few seconds.

At one point Maria pulled my cock out of my swimming trunks and stroked it as I was wrestling with her. When we stopped thrashing about she turned around and kissed me passionately wrapping her arms and legs around me. My half hard cock was fully hard in seconds and Maria felt it pressing into her. She lowered one hand and mover her swimsuit to the side and lined up my cock slowly sliding it into her pussy. We kept our movement very innocent so Tasha wouldn’t notice but just enough that we were both enjoying it. Tasha got bored of us cuddling and talking and swam away towards the other end of the beach. I watched as she swam away the girl could really swim. Maria informed me Tasha regularly swims up and down the beach she loves it and is a very good swimmer.

Maria bounced a little more on my cock but at the same time trying to not make it obvious for anyone on the beach or in the house as to what we were doing. It felt good while I had gotten a fair bit of Michelle’s pussy recently Maria’s just felt better. Maybe it was where we were maybe it was her pussy but what ever it was I loved it. Maria has two small orgasms before Tasha got back to us. We broke apart and continued to talk and splash each other. Tasha brushed against my exposed cock a few times which lead to her giving me a cheeky grin. Maria said she had been in the water enough and was going to get some sun.

Tasha and I played a bit longer mostly we played with each other, the second Maria had turned her back to us heading back to shore Tasha pulled her bikini bottoms off and stuffed them in her top allowing my fingers some great access to her wonderful pussy. “You were fucking her weren’t you?” Tasha questioned me, I just smiled she knew the answer. “I am going to have this big cock in me soon” Tasha told me “just you wait.”

The rest of the afternoon was spent either relaxing in the sun or the water. There was a big family dinner that night where I was introduced to several other uncles, aunties and cousins. Later that night we had a bonfire on the beach and all sat around talking and drinking. Some time around midnight people started retiring to their tents/beds. By 1am there was only Maria, Tasha myself and a few of their cousins left so we threw some sand and water in the fire pit and all headed back to our respective accommodation.

Working at an outdoor store had its advantages one of which being I owned 4 tents from a tiny lite weight single person tramping version through to a big family sized (12 person) kağıthane escort monster. I had opted for my 3 person person tent for this trip as it gave me a nice amount of room and had a big canopy on the front almost making another room big enough to sleep in.

I had no idea what the time was when I felt my air bed moving but there was a female body now pressed up against me and it was naked. I felt a hand on my chest it gently played with my nipples before starting to move lower down my body. The hand rubbed my body stopping briefly at my abs then continued heading down, any second now it would hit my ahhh fuck it veered left and down my leg with a hint of a giggle. It came back up the inside of my leg and I expected it to jump to the other leg but luckily when it reached the top it started playing with my rock hard cock and my balls.

Despite the full moon outside it was almost pitch black in my tent (dam these top quality materials doing their job so well) and very hard to see who was with me. Just then the naked body moved and a mouth replaced the hand that was on my cock.

JACKPOT I thought to myself I know the difference between the way Maria and Tasha blow me I’ll figure this out easy now but I couldn’t work this one out it was different again. Could it be they are trying to not let me work it out. I was now rock hard and my mystery woman was sucking and slobbering all over my cock. She then moved again but this time she move so she could sit on my cock. I felt her hand guiding my cock to her pussy but something felt very different, then as she sat down on my cock I realised she was facing away from me. I reached out and grabbed her arse as it bounced in front of me but still I could not work it out. I tried to sit up but she would not stop bouncing which made it very hard to do, eventually I got myself in a position where I could grab her better and as I pulled her torso toward me I got a good handful of breast. These were definitely different breasts they were smaller than both the sisters so who the fuck was this. The shock of grabbing the smaller breast made me let go and fall back onto my mattress. The mystery woman repositioned her feet up onto my chest to try keep me lying down as she picked up the pace on my cock. Seconds later I moaned, shook and bucked my hips up hard as I unloaded my balls deep inside her. The second I finished my mystery woman got off my cock and bolted out the tent into the night.

I lay there for a few minutes trying to process what happened and with whom. I had no idea but I knew that the breast I grabbed was not Maria or Tasha, I eventually fell asleep again.

The next morning I woke early and went for a run followed by a dip in the ocean afterwards. I met Maria inside when I went for breakfast. We spent most of the day together either exploring the coastline or relaxing on the sand. At the far end of the next beach we found a small cave in one of the cliffs. We went in about a dozen feet before we couldn’t see anything and decided to turn around. I was definitely coming back with a light of some sort next time. We hung out and talked a lot went swimming a couple of times but nothing sexual happened.

That night there was another small gathering around a bonfire on the beach, Maria and I sat cuddled together as people drank beer and told stories. I was one of the first to leave this time and Maria followed me back to the tents. There were a few more now and apparently there would be even more soon as there was a BIG party planned for the sixth around 150 people were expected.

Maria and I cuddled, kissed and touched each other for a few minutes before she pulled my cock out and gave me the most amazing blow job. Maria was good and knew how to please me, but tonight I was wound up and ready to go so I knew I wouldn’t even last 30 seconds and sure enough seconds later I felt my release building. I bucked my hips a few times as I unloaded straight down her throat. Maria pulled her mouth off my cock with a loud pop and a huge grin “glad I could be of service” she said as she turned and left.

I fell asleep soon after Maria left that night. There were no late night visitors that night either. I awoke very early the next morning with one thing on my mind THE CAVE.

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