Confessions #4: Blond beauty hot Helena

Cheating Wife

Confessions #4: Blond beauty hot HelenaUnlike the first three tasty cunning confessions in my series, this is one from my own privacyWith blushes at my cheeks I tell the tasty tale of me and my sexy younger sibling, still so shyWe are back then young teens – hardly know anything about love lust tease or any sexy seductionTelling my true sweet sexy story emerged from an unexpected challenge by a sexy slim fresh friendWonderful woman wonders why I get wet hot and horny by watching tasty teens at the toiletA fresh female fine friend reacts indirectly to my comments at her recent uploads of videosAt my wall she posts a curious question, begging for a public proper honest and horny answerLikewise I decide to respond only indirectly: to publish a very fond memory of my first loveWe were both still teens as young as innocent and unexperienced – together on a hot holiday!”Pete please tell me what are your fantasies when you stroke your cock to my peeing teen girls?””Well my friend I have many answers to your sexy question, which begs the questions too much!Firstly I need to disappoint you: I do not stroke my mighty member while I watch tasty teens”Questions from fresh friends inspire my imagination – or some bring back sweet sexy memories!Sexy sixties: we were young and knew nothing whatever about sex yet, only our hormones ruledSummer 1967: in June “Sgt. Pepper …” of The Beatles was released – in July exam partiesShe danced all evening only with me, not even once with the glamourous dikmen escort bass player who wantedShe felt like she would be my first ever steady girlfriend – and she is only one year youngerFate decided differently – she left next day with her parents on holiday for four weeks or moreJust before she would be back, my folks would leave with all of us for our boring Summer holidayHot as I got from longing for her, I developed a fresh interest in my prettiest Princess at homeHere my real sexy story starts: how I got fond, sexually completely curious: hot for holy HelenaHelena has budding buds bringing promises to so many more future cute tasty teen beauties Helena is the hottest and prettiest of my two younger sexy siblings: our looks and likes like DadI always tease and bully her a bit more, I feel she likes life a lot like me, we get confidentallyHelena likes when I watch her taking a bath and chat her up a bit – sudden rise of my curiousity!I notice with great interest that her nips start budding: I can see the difference every few daysHelena enjoys my attention and interest for the changes which happen to her – mom didn’t tell herI enjoy the budding of her breasts – eagerly await for the first pubic hairs to pop up her pussy!Helena proudlt shows me next week the first few fluffs in blond above her hot beautiful sexy twatI hardly can hide my hard-on from this sexy sight of the tight teen tasty twat – still untouched!Helena soon hears from our mom eryaman escort that a teen with titties needs to lock the door of the bathroom :(I am effectively locked out from further peeks at my pretty Princess forever, it seems in SpringHelena and I get another chance in Summer – we are with many at our auntie: Starnberger SeeI decide one day as a stubborn almost sixteen years yearning youngster to stay at my aunt’s placeHelena also does not feel like a trip to some famous crazy castle hours driving with this weatherI am amazed my mother allows us two to stay at home while all the others are gone most of the dayHelena and I play a lot together – we take a long dip in the lake at only a hundred feet from usI take her out only a bit from the shore where we stand with water up to her nipples and my navelHelena feels how I fondle her buds secretly under her teen top, how I feel her up her slit a bitI get a hard-on in the warm water – I am sure Helena notices my mighty member – she keeps silentHelena feels shy with my fumbling, afraid people can see us from the shore only at short distanceI try to get more of her but after a while, while I try to play with her butt she wants to be backHelena gets wet and hot from drying herself – she confesses with a blush she needs to peeHelena is still fascinated by my sweet shy approaches to show me her uninformed innocent sexualityI ask her to change from her bikinis into something a bit warmer in the tent etimesgut escort on the lawn at auntieHelena feels fascinated by my invite into my privacy, my promise to her she can change in securityI let her undress in the part where my bed is, while I will wait – and watch – in the tent’s porchHelena loves to see my eyes glued to her as she takes off the wet red top and the tiny sexy slipI propose her some sweet kisses through the small gazing gate through which I watch her undressHelena meets my lips with hers in our first ever mouth to mouth kiss seperated by a mosquito netI have a horny hard-on beyond her sight of me, while I watch with deep desire how she gets nakedHelena is also aroused, altough we both can not read yet the signs of her hot erect nice nipplesI notice her lovely legs seems to squeeze a bit at evey little shy kiss of us through the curtainHelena needs to pee she feels – unexperienced yet to the feel of sexy excitement as she still isI invite her to pee out of sight of anyone: in the grass in the part where I stand in that tent!Helena hardly has any choice this time – we do not have the key to the house of our AuntieI am very happy everyone is out still so hot Helena can not use the bathroom there with meHelena accepts my invitation – I invite her to the part where I stand waiting for her hotlyI squat down as she does – I try to hide from the unexperienced teen my enormous erection!Helena has blushes at het cheeks, she smiles happily at me for letting her do this discretelyI want to look at her like that for ever – she is smarter: dresses up and is ready to run nowHelena is right: soon we hear our Dad’s car driving up in the little lane leading to our auntI am happy with what we got and our mom did not get any clue of what we did together secretly!

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