Confident, Older , Powerful Men Ch. 09


This section reveals the commanding power of wealthy, older men extremely endowed and very powerful, and the confident teens they attract.

STORY OF teens Grandfather.

The parents knew that the girls were staying after the party to help re-arrange things. Mr. Sterling had told the parents that the girls would be his guests for the weekend and that he would entertain them as a bonus for their help at the party. The parents agreed thinking it would be a good opportunity for their daughters, because of what Mr. Sterling could do for their future.

What the girl’s parents didn’t know was that he would be driving his 14 inch cock into them as soon as the guests left. What their parents didn’t realize was that their daughters were their knowing that they were going to fuck the wealthy, distinguished businessman all weekend, and that they couldn’t wait for the party to over so that they could start their fuck.

Both girls, although 18 were already skilled at fucking. They were both friends and co-captains of the cheerleading team. Kelsey was blond and stood 5’6″ tall. She weighed 105 pounds and measured 32A-21-33. She was very fair-skinned with perky, little tits and had freckles on her arms and face.

As cheerleading co-captain she was very popular in school and had a lot of boyfriends, all of which were on sports teams. Lindsay was also blond and stood 5’5″ and weighed 104 pounds. She measured an eye-catching 36D-21-31. Her 36D tits seemed to defy her tiny, 104 pound frame. Kelsey’s recent sexual experience was her hottest. It was with her wealthy grandfather.

Kelsey’s grandfather was a very successful and powerful attorney that owned a practice in LA who represented a very wealthy clientele. He was 78, but looked decades younger with a chiseled face and distinguished looks. He stood 5’11” and weighed 165 pounds, and didn’t have an ounce of fat on his body. He was in amazing shape from constant exercise with personal trainers, and being very active. Divorced at 25 he enjoyed an active bachelor’s lifestyle that including dating females that could easily be his granddaughter’s age.

He was very generous to his son, who unfortunately did not achieve the prominent status of his father, and worked as a county clerk at a job his father had secured for him through his various contacts. Her grandfather providing luxuries her father could never afford.

He paid for his granddaughter’s private school tuition and took her shopping for trendy cloths every month, and even gave her an allowance of $500 dollars a week to keep in-line with all her friends at school. He saved a fund for her college tuition and had her in his living will for a sum of money that would make her want for nothing.

For Spring Break he flew her and 8 of her friends, all who were cheerleaders on the team, to his multi-million dollar resort home in Palm Springs in his private jet, and gave them each $5000 to spend for the week. The girls were all captivated by his charismatic charm and his undoubted wealth along with the most distinguished looks. All of the girls, imagined being alone with him sexually, including Kelsey who couldn’t stop thinking about him in that way.

Two weeks after they came back one of her cheerleading friends Clare called her in an urgent voice saying she had to come over and tell her a story she had just heard. She said it was urgent and that she was going to die when she heard it. Clare was a cheerleader on the team. She was a Junior in High school who had just turned 18 two days before. She had jet-black hair that was cut short and she stood 5’4″ tall. Her measurements were an eye catching 34DD-20-31. Her big tits on her tiny frame caught the eye of everyone she walked past.

When she got to the house she ran to Kelsey’s room and said,

“You are not gonna believe the story I just heard from Kate.”

Kate was one of the cheerleaders that went on Spring Break with the girls. “What?” Kelsey said, wanting to hear the ‘dirt.’

“OMG Kelse, you are not gonna believe the story I just heard.”

“Aright already, what happened?”

“Kelse, Kate just told me a story that had me in shock and also had my pussy dripping wet.”

Now really eager to hear the details she said in an anxious voice, “Come on Clare enough drama. I’m dying here.”

“Ok I just found out why Heather and Crystal have been out of school for 3 days.”

“Really. Why?”

“Well it had to do with your grandfather.”

“My grandfather. What are you talking about?”

“Kelse. Heather and Crystal fucked your grandfather this past weekend.”

With a look of stunned silence on her face she finally broke her silence and said,” What the fuck are you talking about?”

“Kelse. Heather and Crystal had called your grandfather to ask if they could go to his house and bring him a gift for what he had done for them.

“I don’t believe it,” she said in a harsh tone.”

“God, come on Kelse, we all knew how sexy he is and we all were thinking the same thing, casino siteleri but they acted on it.”

“Those bitches,” she said in a rage.

“Come on Kelse. You and I know that we were all talking about your grandfather and how sexy he is. Shit even you agreed, and when we asked you if he wasn’t your grandfather if you would fuck him you said you absolutely would.”

“Ok. Ok, I did say it.” She told Clare as she suddenly thought about how sexy and very distinguished her grandfather was.

Kelse, what they said about him is gonna blow your mind.”

“What?” she asked, now dying to find out the full details. “What did they tell you?”

“They said they went to his house dressed in real sexy mini dresses with stockings, garter belts and high heel pumps on, and when they went inside he took them to his bar area and as they were drinking and talking about the trip they made him close his eyes so that they could give him a surprise gift. When his eyes were closed they stripped their dresses, and as soon as he saw them he started kissing both of them, telling them how sexy they both looked. “

“Fuck, I don’t believe it,” Kelsey said, really pissed at her so-called friends.

“Fuck Kelse, Heather told Kate that your grandfather ate their pussy’s and finger-fucked them for two hours and drove them insane, making them cum over and over.

“Oh fuck,” she groaned at the thought of her grandfather kissing and eating her two friends.

“Yeah, hot right,” Clare said seeing her best friend getting turned-on to the story about her grandfather.

“Heather said your grandfather gave the best head and that he really controlled the situation. He had each of them making out while he went eating one to the other, and he even had them eating each other while he was in a deep kiss with one of them.”

“Fuck,” Kelsey said as her nipples were rock-hard and throbbing.

“Oh yeah, and there’s a lot more you have to know,” “Heather told us something that made me cum. She said that your grandfather has a huge cock.”


“Yeah. She said that that when he took off his pants, they both nearly passed out when they saw his cock. She said that it was the biggest thing they ever saw, and you know that they both have seen their share of dicks. Heather told Kate that your grandfather’s cock was as long as their arms and at least four times as think.”

“No way,” Kelsey groaned at the thought of her grandfather’s cock.

“Fuck way. She said it had to be at least a foot long. She also said that your grandfather fucked them harder than they ever fucked before and said he was like a machine that didn’t have an off-switch.”

“Oh fuck. I don’t believe this,” Kelsey said, trying to picture the scene in her mind.”

“Kelse, she said your grandfather came harder and more times than any of the jock- guys we know too.”

“Are you kidding?”

“No. She said that he would cum hard like a faucet for like a minute and stay rock hard.”

“Oh fuck, Kelsey said in a stunned voice.

“She said that your grandfather was real aggressive too, and fucked so hard that they each thought they would pass out from the pounding he gave them. Heather said that she and Crystal could only take half his dick because of how huge he was and that he stretched them out so far their pussy’s squirted a flood every time they came.”

“Oh fuck,” Kelsey said out loud, unaware that she said it as she imagined her distinguished and sexy grandfather pounding into her two friend’s cunts like a wild-man with such a massive cock.

“Kelse, she also said that your grandfather wore them out, fucking them non-stop and all night long. She said they stayed in the bar area for most of the time, with your grandfather fucking them from behind, as they stood leaning over the bar. She said he went from one to the other, making them cum over and over. When one would cum he pulled out and started fucking the other.”

“Oh God,” Kelsy groaned at the thought of her handsome grandfather taking her two friends.

“She said he pounded into them as he told them to kiss, and at times he would have one bend over and spread the others pussy wide-open as he fucked into it like a wild-man.”

“Oh God,” Kelsey groaned at the thought of her powerful grandfather and how skilled he was at fucking.

Kelsey had a good idea that her grandfather was experienced at fucking, because he always had a young, sexy female on his arm. He only dated young girls, not much more than her age. She also knew that he had a take-no-prisoners attitude in work. But what she didn’t know was that he fucked like this, with an angered, aggressive side that seemed to be all about pleasing himself, and his huge cock, using a girl’s pussy for his sole pleasure.

The thought of this type of man excited her beyond words and drove her insane with lust. Insane with jealously, she wished it was her, using her pussy to please her grandfather’s huge cock.

“Kelse. Heather said that he had them going so crazy slot oyna and cumming so much that they were literally fighting to fuck his huge cock when the other was fucking him to long.”

“Shit. You want it too just like them and me,” Clare said as she leaned in and started kissing her friend.

“Oh fuck yeah,” Kelsey blurted out as her tongue snaked wildly against her best friends.

After a few minutes of kissing, Clare went onto finish the story.

“Kelse. Heather told Kate that your grandfather must have cum 10 times that night.”

“No way!”

“WAY,” Clare added in a surprised voice.

“She said that he would even be fucking them real hard and exploded in their pussy’s and keep on pounding them without losing his huge hard-on.”

“Fuck. No way!” Kelsey said in a voice that had disbelief in it.

“Fuck yeah. I said the same thing, especially with our boyfriends who cum in 5 minutes and then their done!”

“He came inside them?”

“Yeah. She said while they were both sucking him your grandfather told them that he had a vasectomy years ago.”

“Kelse. Heather said that after fucking in the bar they went to his bedroom and she talked about how lavish it was and that it looked over his pool and that they kissed for an hour and then he spent two more hours fucking them all over his amazing bedroom.”

“Oh fuck, Kelsey said picturing herself in her grandfather’s lavish bedroom, sucking him, kissing him and fucking his huge cock.

” Yeah Heather told Kate that originally her and Crystal went together as kind of a way to drive your grandfather crazy with them being 18 and him being in his seventies, but that changed as soon as he took over. She said that during their fuck she wished she came by herself and was the only one with him.”

“She said that the next day she got up before Crystal and found your grandfather in the shower and went right in with him. She said that they started kissing and playing with each other and that she told him she wanted to fuck him alone and that he said they definitely would.”

“She’s such a slut-bitch,” Kelsey said of her devious friend.

“Yeah she sure fucking is,” Clare agreed, but deviously, and unknown to her best and closest friend was that she herself had called the distinguished grandfather as soon as she heard the stories of his massive cock and how incredible a fuck he was, and arranged to bring him a ‘special’ gift of her own that night just like her two friends did.

“That was a very special gift they both brought,” he said to her in a deep, resonant voice, making it know that they came to fuck him.

“Trust me; my special gift will be even better. I totally promise,” Clare responded in a sly, throaty voice that he found enticing, and could not resist.

“Umm, I like that kind of confidence in a young sexy female such as you Clare,” he said to her which made her groan.

Excited to be with her best friends grandfather that night, especially after meeting him and hearing the incredible fuck stories, she had already bought a very sheer black micro mini dress that had a plunging back which showed the tops of her incredible ass cheeks and the sexy string- like thong along that went between them.

She bought nude stockings and a white garter belt to highlight her tapped legs. Her bra was transparent white which would showed through the sheer material of her sheer micro mini dress and clearly reveled her 34DD tits and her one inch pink nipples to perfection.

Within seconds of being in his house they started kissing as if they were long-lost lovers. After half an hour of the hottest kissing she ever experience he skillfully stripped her to her stockings, garter and high heels, then walked her to the bar area where he had her lean forward as he dropped to his knees and thoroughly ate and finger fucked her pussy and ass for almost two hours, making her cum in ways no boy ever had. After she had thoroughly cum they kissed for almost an hour, and through the hot kiss she came twice which stunned her. Finally, he made her unzip his pants.

At that point she was treated to the same freakish sight her two friends had seen and fucked. Carrying her to the bedroom they kissed all the way up the marble stairs. He carried her up the long marble staircase as if she was a feather as the sound of his huge cock bouncing off his knees filled the air with lusty sex.

Once in his bedroom he filled her tight, 18 year old pussy with the biggest cock she would ever have. It was a cock that made her cum a hundred times, in orgasmic explosions she never experienced before. Thorough their all- night fuck, her cries of, ‘you’re so huge, filled the air with a backdrop of the hottest sex she ever experienced.

The next morning she woke to the sounds of splashing in the pool outside. When she got out of bed she looked down and saw the 76 year old doing laps in the pool. Part of his daily routine was swimming the equivalent of 5 miles in the pool. As she stood at the balcony overlooking canlı casino siteleri the pool she marveled his tight, toned body as he effortlessly glided through the water, his arms pulling in a synchronized rhythm as his strong legs kicked hard.

When he got out of the pool he went to the outside shower and stripped his suit. Making a low groan, she was instantly drawn to his amazing physique and his enormous cock that hung down to his knee. Seeing the 76 year old with such a perfect physique and such a huge cock immediately ignited her 18 year old pussy.

Putting on her thigh high stockings and high heel pumps she went down to the pool. She felt so naughty and so sexy walking out by a pool dressed in stockings and high heels. It just seemed to make the scene even more sexy.

The sight of her walking towards him with her big 34DD tits sitting on her chest, defying her tiny frame as her nipples stood excited and throbbing off the tops instantly caught his eye. The clicking of her high heel pumps on the patio and the sight of her wearing the nude thigh high stockings made his 12 inch cock as hard as a rock.

Seeing his cock harden before her eyes at the sight of her body instantly ignited her pussy and made her so horny to fuck him again. As soon as she reached him they started kissing and running their hands all over each other. Standing in her high heels while they kissed and she pumped his huge, towering cock turned her on like wild.

“Let me dry you off baby,” she said with a sly grin as she squatted on her pumps and licked all over his huge 12 inch cock in a lust-crazed state.

Taking in the sight of the sexy 18 year old pumping and kissing his huge cock he said in a deep, resonant voice, “That’s wonderful Clare. Absolutely wonderful.”

“Umm, so huge,” she groaned over and over as she licked up and down his massive shaft.

“I’ll bet you have a number of boyfriends,” he groaned as she worked all over his huge shaft.

“Boy’s, but what I want is you to be my boyfriend,” she said with a sly grin as she held his huge cock in her outstretched hands, eager to fuck it again.

This was something he had heard a million times from hundreds of young girls, but this sexy teen had all the qualities he liked. Even though she was only a Junior in High School, her confidence at expressing herself in knowing what’s and the ways she fucked made her mature beyond her years.

“I could be on your arm at all your private events. Then I could be your teenage whore, just like I am now, sucking your huge cock, then letting you use my pussy all the different ways you want,” she said in a convincing voice.

As he looked down at her, he thought to himself how she did stand out among the hundreds of young teens he fucked, and her offer to be his sexy whore was appealing, but at the upcoming event he had to speak at, it was his granddaughter Kelsey that he envisioned by his side, and then ending the night in his bed.

The thought of his granddaughter made his huge cock pulse and flow a large amount of pre-cum. It was something he had wanted for a long time and this past year waiting for her to turn 18 was torture for him. The Spring Break trip was planned as a way to turn her on to him.

He had little doubt that some of the young girls like Clare would be drawn to him, just like countless other 18 year olds were. He also knew that young girls loved to talk and as soon as they learned about his huge cock and the way he fucked, it would instantly circulate among the other girls and ultimately get back to his granddaughter, and hopefully make her curious even desperate to fuck him just like every teenage girl that met him.

The next week was his granddaughters 18th birthday, and he had made plans for her and her parents to stay with him for the weekend. He wanted to make this the most ‘special’ birthday she would have. For Kelsey, the thought of being alone with her grandfather for the weekend was what she had wanted for a long time.

While she was on Spring Break her grandfather told her that as part of her 18th birthday girt had made arrangements with her parents to take her for the weekend to go shopping and then to his country club for dinner and then to a show. Knowing she was going to spend the weekend with her sexy grandfather turned her on like crazy. When she told her boyfriend that she was going to be with her grandfather for her birthday weekend he was very upset. The argument ended with her breaking-up with him, which was no loss to her.

“For an 18 year old girl you seem to know just what you want Clare,” he said taking in the sight of her, as she masterfully worked all over his massive cock.

“Just give me the chance baby,” she groaned, looking up with lust on her face as she pumped his 12 inch shaft.

“You are quite tempting Clare. Such a sexy body,” he said as he took in the looked down at her big tits and wide nipples. Her stockings and high heels adding excitement to her being 18.

“If variety wasn’t such a big part of my lifestyle I would absolutely consider your offer Clare. What I promise is that you will be back here very soon. Very, very soon baby,” he said as his huge cock began to expand in her hands.

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