Subject: Connor pt. 4/ college section Connor Pt 4 All the regular T and C’s apply Also if you not done so, please donate to this awesome site to keep stories like these and million others free. We just rode up after shopping and saw our parents talking to each other. We slowly got out of his car and walked over to where our parents were talking. All three of them looked over at us. “Hi,” we both said to them quietly waiting for the storm to hit. “Hey, son,” my dad said to me then looked over at Logan. “And hello to you as well Logan.” “Hello, Connor,” his parents said to me then looked over at their son. They didn’t say anything but just gave him the look. “So what’s up guys?” Logan asked the three of them. I felt all eyes go back to me. “Were we just talking to Connor’s dad, he was telling us that Connor was a swimmer back in his old high school. We told him that you’re a swimmer too and also the captain of the swim team at school,” Logan’s parents said to us. We both just looked at each other and nodded our heads. “We were thinking that since Connor is new here, you can help him get on the swim team and make some new friends. Show him the ropes and what to do in town,” my dad stepped in. “Also we have been talking about doing a couple of family outings together. We have not worked out the details but we will let you know when they come up. Now go run off and practice your swimming.” “You go help him out,” Logan’s parents told him. As we walked up to my house, I looked over at Logan and thought to myself, if they only knew what was really going on. We went into my house first to put down my bag of clothes. I was about to change when I felt Logan’s arms around my waist. He took me into a hug and pulled me down onto the bed. He just whispered into my ear, “Let’s stay like this for a moment.” I turned around and looked into his eyes. My smiled widen and I went in for a kiss. We kissed for a couple of seconds before we hear the door shut. We quickly got off the bed and headed down the hallway. I was wondering how lucky I must be to have met Logan. I was walking down the hall with a dumbfound grin on my face. Logan punched my arm to snap me out of the daydream. We walked into the living room where my dad was sitting. He was watching TV and we sat down with him. A couple of hours passed as we sat and talked about the old days on the ranch. Logan was just listening to every word he said. There was a knock on the door around nine. We opened it up and there was Mr. Bowers standing there. He turned his head and looked right at Logan. “It is time to come home,” was all he said. He turned around and walked away. Logan quickly got up and followed him out the door. Before Logan left, he said, “Thanks for a fun day, hope to hear more about your stories on the ranch.” We shut the door as he left and told me dad that I was going to head to bed. It was a long day. “Good night and I am glad that you and Logan have something in common,” he told me. “Good night, do not stay up to late,” I told my dad back. I gave him a hug and kiss on the cheek. I walked into my room when my phone went off. It told me to look outside my window. So I went to my window and looked across the way. I just realized that my window can see right into his room. He was standing at the window and I could not see everything since there was fence in the way but I saw what I needed to see. My phone lit up again and it said for me to have a good night and get some rest since tomorrow was the first round of try-outs. I wished him a good night too. I stripped down to his boxers that I still had on and just laid down in my bed. I was just so happy. I fell asleep and woke up the next morning to someone tapping on my bedroom door. “I’m up,” I said loudly through the door. The door creaked open and it was not my dad who stepped through. It was Logan; he was all dressed up in some of the new clothes we bought yesterday. “I can see that you’re up,” he said with a smile. I realized you could see the tent in the boxers since the cover was kicked off my body sometime at night. I was getting comfortable with Logan looking at my body and I noticed that the bugle in his jeans was starting to grow. Being a horny teenager, I crawled over to the edge of the bed where he was standing and started rubbing it. I heard a soft moan escape his mouth and then felt his hand run down my back. His hand stopped at the waist band of the boxers and then he lifted them up. I felt his hand go inside of them and started to rub my cute bubble butt. I moaned but then reality came back. “Oh shit was the first words to come out of my mouth,” I said and stopped all activity. “What’s wrong, you don’t like this,” Logan gaziantep travesti said to me with a confused look on his face. “I do love how you make me feel but my dad is home,” I said and started quickly looking for some clothes to throw on. Logan took a sit on my bed and just smiled at me. “You look funny. Relax and come have a sit, your dad just left and let me in,” Logan told me. “He told me to tell you to have a good day and he will see you later.” “Oh,” I said and let my pants drop to the floor. They were on one leg and my shirt was half way on. I look like a hot mess. Logan got up off the bed and just walked over to me. He leaned in a whispered into my ear, “You look so adorable like this. I so want to jump you bones right here and now. If we would not be late for school, I would continue this.” He reached up and fixed my shirt. Then he walked into my closet. I pulled my jeans and went to sit on the bed. I took a breath and started to relax. I finished packing my backpack and realized Logan was standing in the doorway with my Speedo hanging from his index finger. I started too blushed and quickly grabbed them and stuffed them into my pocket. He smacked my butt on and we headed out the door. We hopped into his car and took off towards the school. We got to the school parking lot just as the five minute warning bell to get to class. We quickly grabbed our stuff and booked it towards the classroom. We made to the classroom just as the tardy bell rang. We went through our first couple of classes. The bell for lunch rang and I started walking out towards out lunch spot underneath the tree in the middle of quad. Tyler and Gloria were already there. I was looking around for Logan. I spotted him and waved him down. He came walking over and sat down next to me. He was gleaming with energy. Gloria took the bait and asked, “Why are you so energetic today?” “Well, today is the swim team try-outs and I think we finally got a chance,” Logan said to them. “Not to burst your bubble but you say that every year you have been here and we always come in last place in the finals,” Tyler told us. “What do they mean, last place,” I said. “When I was back in Texas, we wo…” Logan’s hand covered my mouth. I wanted to talk more but I was muffled by his hand. So I did the next best thing. I licked the palm of his hand. He quickly un-covered my mouth and wiped the palm on his jeans. I gave him a confused look. Tyler and Gloria both looked at him really confused as well. “Are you hiding something from us?” Tyler said and lunged for Logan. “Come start telling or we are going to tickle you. ” I joined in and started tickling his sides. I raised his shirt and noticed what he was wearing underneath his jeans. Logan’s laughter brought me back to reality and his legs were flaying about. Gloria grabbed his legs and pinned them down. “Uncle, uncle, I give, I will tell you,” Logan squealed and was trying to catch his breath. We all stop tickling him and Tyler got off his body. Logan sat up and was about to saying something when the bell rang. He quickly grabbed my hand and took off towards his next class. As we were leaving he yelled back to them, “Come to the try-outs and you will see.” We made it into the hallway and both of us were out of breath. I was smiling that he was holding my hand. He looked over and asked, “What are you smiling about?” I just raised our hands then a smile came across his face. I lowered our hands and he slowly let go but he did brush it as we let go of each other’s hand. He started walking away when I whispered in his ear, “I love what you are wearing underneath. That Speedo is so turning me on right now.” I let his hand just hang right were my bugle was and push it out. I knew his hand felt my growing bugle and his face started to turn beet red. Soon the hallway was filled with teenagers going every which way. His hand was just about too groped me when a couple of kids just sweep me down the hallway. I just smiled as I watch my go down the hallway. He smiled back and we went through the next couple of classes like a breeze. We both were excited to be trying out for the swim team. P.E. went be real quick and started to change after class. Logan looked over and noticed I was also wearing the Speedo that was hanging off his hand this morning. He smiled and finished changing. I just pulled up my gym shorts when Tyler came by. He went behind Logan and quietly looked at me. He reached up and pulled down Logan’s gym shorts. Logan quickly pulled them back up. He turned around and just smiled at Tyler. “I knew it, our captain, always ready to go for a swim,” Tyler said. “Bet I am, hope you ready to get gaziantep masaj salonları drilled this season because we need to win ever meet we go to,” Logan said back. “I bet you just got on some baggy boxers.” Logan made a quick bee line for Tyler’s gym shorts. Logan grabbed them and pulled them down. Tyler did not cover up what he was wearing down below. He was also wearing a Speedo but it was a bright green. It was not covering his huge member that well. It must have been at least a good seven inches soft. I felt my member start to get hard in the gray Speedo that I was wearing. Logan noticed and walked over to me. His hand wrapped around his shoulders and smiled. “Tyler, I would like you to meet our newest swim team member,” he said. “No way, is he any good?” Tyler asked. “You tell me,” he said and quickly went from standing to pulling down my gym shorts that I was in. My gray Speedo’s were completely tented at the full length. It looked like they were going to bust at the seams. Both Logan and Tyler’s eyes were glue to my hard member. It was like they both were in a tracker beam. I quickly pulled my gym shorts up and their trance was broken. “I think he will do fine but that might cause some drag while he is swimming,” Tyler laughed. “Not like your monster down they does not slow you down,” Logan said back to retaliate. “Not you know how big it really gets,” Tyler said and started mock stroking it. “Boys, would you stop goofing around and get your asses to the pool already. We do not have all day and we cannot start without the captain of the team not being there,” the coach yelled. All three of us quickly ran out to the pool deck and there was a good group of people. Standing around in there swimming trunks and nothing else, I went over to the group and took off my gym shorts. Luckily my cock was now soft for the moment. I watched as Tyler and Logan took of their gym shorts. I smiled and waited for the coach to start talking. “Welcome, I am Coach Tim or you can call me coach. Today, we are here for the football try-outs. No wait, that is not right, we are for the swim team try-outs. I would to see someone in full football gear try and swim four laps in this pool,” he paused as we all laughed at that poor joke. “We are cutting it into to try-out days. Today we will have you swim with the other kids trying out and weed out the strong swimmers and the weak ones. We will pick the ones that we see fit. Tomorrow, if you make it past the first round of cuts, we will have to go against these two guys standing next to me. I will tell you more details tomorrow if you make it. Now let me introduce you to the captain of the swim team, Logan Bowers.” The coach stepped aside and let Logan take the small platform they were standing on. “Hey, my name is Logan and I have been captain for the last two years. I am hoping to find some good talent within the bunch so we came make it to the championships my final year as captain. Now let me introduce my co-captain and good friend, Tyler Beck,” Logan said and let Tyler walk on the platform. I was not really paying much attention to Tyler as he spoke. My eyes were watching Logan as he was walking over to the high diving board. He climbed up the ladder and walked out to end of the diving board. He perched himself on the end. I looked back over at Tyler who was no explaining today’s process. “Today, we will be just doing 50 meters we will be watching from different vantage points. As you can see our captain on the diving board, I will be underwater watching that side as our coach will be on the side lines. Our coach will be starting the races and the top ten will be moving on to tomorrow’s try-outs.,” Tyler told us and then counted the number of people. “We have 16 people so there will be 8 matches. The top six times will be automatically be in the running for tomorrow. The rest will have to race one more time. And will pick the top four out of that group. Do any of you guys have a question?” Tyler looked around and no one had any questions. “Ok when you hear you name called please line up at the starting block,” Tyler said and handed the clipboard to the coach. Tyler dived in and was just floating on the surface of the pool waiting for the first race. I awaited the first set of names from the coach’s lips. I grabbed my goggles from the pocket in my gym shorts and placed them on my head. The coach yelled out some name and he walked up to the starting block. Then I heard coach yell, “Connor Demattei.” I walked up to the starting block and got ready to dive in. That is when Tyler yelled to the group, “You can use any stroke you would like but choose wisely because some strokes gaziantep escort bayan are better than others.” I heard in the background some people giggling when Tyler said stroke. I ignored them and took quick glance up my boyfriend. He smiled and I smiled back. I quickly got ready and looked over at the coach. “Ready, set,” the coach yelled the fired flare gun up into the air. We were off, we both dived in. I was doing my best stroke, which was the freestyle. I was so focused on me I did not notice that I was a good body length ahead of the competition. I did my underwater turn and out of the corner of my eye noticed Tyler was underneath us looking up. It was only a split second and I pushed off the wall and spirited towards the finish line. I felt like I was rocket blasting off through the water. Most of the race was blur for me since I was so focused. The last thing I remember was my fingers touching the wall. I went up for air and looked at my competitor. He was at least half a length behind me. He finished and we swam over to shake hands. I looked up at the coached and he was recording our times. The coach then looked at me and had a big fat grin on his face. We both got out of the pool and waited for the rest of the people do their races. About a half hour later, everyone had completed their races. Logan came down from his perch and Tyler hopped out of the water. The both walked over to the coach and both looked up a couple of times. Finally they came walking up to the platform to announce who was the top six times. Logan and Tyler switched off naming five out of the six. “Our fastest time of the day and final spot for the top six goes to our very own Connor Demattei. With a time of 30 seconds which is great but not as fast as me,” Logan said and heard some happiness in his voice. “Yeah but he is pretty damn close,” Tyler teased him. I walked over to the group and then Logan invited me up onto the diving board with him to watch the last four races to see who will round up the last four of the try-outs. As we were perched up on the diving board, I asked, “Do you think that was the fastest time?” “Yep, you almost as good as me, I can do the 50m in about 27 seconds,” he told me while watching the swimmers below. My jaw dropped at how fast he could do it. “So I guess than me and you will be one of the fastest on the team. How fast can Tyler swim?” I asked. “He is just a little slower than you. I think he clocked in at 32 seconds last time we raced together,” he told me. I looked down and noticed a pair of eyes that were totally focused on Logan and me. They were coming from Tyler. If I knew any better, I would think he was jealous of us but I just shrugged it off. The last couple of races end and then I felt Logan push me off of the diving board and then he jumped off too. I did a belly flop since I did not have any time to fix the position I was in. I swam up to the surface of the water and everyone was laughing and I just smiled at everyone. Logan than came up from underneath me and put me on his shoulders. He tossed me into the air and I dove in a little better this time. He did the same thing to Tyler. We horsed around in the pool for a couple of minutes before the coach called Tyler and Logan to go over the results. I hopped out of the water and dried off. The last four names were announced and the coach said some final words, “I am glad to see so many people trying out for the swim team and I wish I could put all you guys on the team but I only have some many spots. Plus even some of these guys will be cut tomorrow since I only have about five spots open. Hopefully for the ones that did not make, you come back next year and keep training. I see a lot of potential out of each and everyone.” I went to grab my gym shorts and towel that I had brought out when Tyler came up to me. “Hey Tyler,” I said with a smile on my face. “Hey Connor, I just wanted to say you did great on the turn and maybe we can ever develop it a little further in the coming of weeks. Also do not get to close to Logan if you know what I mean,” Tyler told me and then just walked away. I was happy about the first part of that short conversation but a little confused about the second part. I did not know if that was threat or something dark secret in Logan’s past that with scare me away from him. I tried to put that part of my mind but when Logan walked up to me I had a confused look on my face. “Everything ok?” he asked me. “Yeah, I guess,” I told Logan and both of us started to walk towards the locker room to change. Right before we entered the Logan stopped me. “Let’s go back to your house and shower there, I not comfortable showering with the new guys around,” Logan told me. “Sure, my dad will not be home for a couple more hours,” I told him. Logan and I both changed lighting fast and ran to his car. We hopped in and took off towards our houses. Thank for all the response that we get and sorry for this chapter being a little late. As always you can hit us up at joshmisses@yahoo ail

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