Consent is Not Required: Olivia Holt and Two Guys at a Bar


Sometimes the life of a celebrity is exhausting. I know what you’re thinking, what right does Olivia Holt have to complain? By the time I was fourteen I was starring on the Disney Channel, and by the time I turned twenty I was already worth two million dollars. I’m sure the work I do is easier than most people, that part isn’t the draining part, really. It’s the fact that no matter where I go, I’m hounded for who I am.

From the day I turned fifteen I didn’t know a moment’s peace. Both paparazzi and my own keepers would follow me around everywhere, every single thing I did made it into gossip magazines for several years and ensuring I didn’t have a lasting moment’s privacy. I couldn’t handle the exposure anymore and one night I just sort of snapped and stupidly snuck away from my hotel room in Los Angeles to have myself some -me- time without letting anyone know where I was going.

That’s how I ended up losing my virginity by getting raped by two guys at once in a bathroom.

I was feeling like a rebellious teen and worst, I was feeling like a successfully rebellious teen. I wore the most expensive, the most slinkiest, and the tiniest black dress I had with no bra or panties. I managed to slip into a bar near the hotel without anyone seeing me, and I lost myself in the crowd of anonymity. For the first time in years I didn’t have my bodyguards with me and I wasn’t being hounded for photographs. I was just dancing and loving the attention of the guys grinding against me – and me against them – as I got free drink after free drink for flirting with them, since I wasn’t technically old enough to get them myself. I’d drunk liquor before, of course, but I was on my way to being the most shit-faced drunk I’d ever been in my teenage life.

I’m Ankara escort still to this day not really sure how it escalated. I think I ended up having to use the ladies room, but somehow I ended up inside the men’s room with two of the guys I had been teasing the most that night. My tits were never really the biggest, but they started groping me as soon as they shoved me into the handicapped stall, locking it behind us all.

There were hands all over my body. My tits were getting assaulted as one of them shoved his fingers into my mouth, causing me to gag and water my eyes. Still I felt a hand squeeze at my neck and fingers probe between my legs, where they started rubbing but quickly ended up fingerfucking me. My mind swam from the booze and the never-before felt sensations in my body. 

“Slut is so fucking tight, I think she’s a virgin.”

My slurred mind cursed that they figured it out. I had managed to sneak a few kisses, some light groping, and a handjob with one of my teen co-stars, but I’d never been able to go all the way yet. Well, that changed in that dirty bathroom of a bar after I ran away to try to prove my stupid independence to myself. Before I knew it, I was bent over getting fucked over the toilet lid, taking his burning hot cock in my formally virgin cunt as hard as he could – all the while pulling my famously golden blonde locks of hair.

Everything still is a little fuzzy from that night, but that moment is one of the things that is still crystal-clear to me. I remember being so shocked that I was getting fucked, but I was still dripping wet and – I’m still ashamed to say it – moaning out my arousal. I fucking came getting raped over that toilet.

The first guy to fuck me didn’t last much longer than Ankara escort bayan I did; he pulled out of my tight cunt and came all over my plump ass. I thought I had a bit of a reprieve from that guy, I vaguely recalled learning in sex-ed that men couldn’t do this multiple times in a row, but holy shit was I wrong. He went to the other side of me and started to brutally face-fuck me, the mouth that made me rich from singing to the world wrapped around a rapist’s cock solely for his pleasure.

I wonder if they knew they were raping the famous teen celebrity Olivia Holt, if they knew or even cared who I was. I was drunkenly drooling around the cock in my mouth when I felt the other guy slap my jiggling cheeks and without much work, started to rape my teen ass. 

Getting my ass raped hurt so fucking much that I got my mouth off his cock and started to scream, but the guy in front of me started to slap me again and again, and then suddenly it felt like a light switch was turned on – I started moaning again and I almost squirted from the pleasure of getting my ass raped.

If I thought getting raped in turns would be the worst part of the night, I was oh so sorely wrong. They hoisted me up off the toilet and held me to both of their bodies. I wasn’t sure what was going on until I felt the first guy slide into my soaking pussy and my mouth dropped loose. I was getting double penetrated by both of my rapists at the same time, their rhythmic thrusts into my teen ass and cunt driving me wild.

I still hate how much I loved it. I hate how much they could tell I did. I came from the gangbang, and this time I actually did squirt just like you’d see in a porno. I came the hardest I had ever, or have ever since, done in my entire life. That’s Escort Ankara when the booze caught up to me, and I passed out.

I don’t know exactly what else happened to me that night, and I probably never well – unless some of the photos leak online. The only memory I do have is bright flashes of light from camera phones, and I woke up with my photo Id resting between my tits. The photo ID was  proudly proclaiming who I was, telling the world my address and all my details, if you could read it clearly. It, and the rest of my little tits, were covered in cum. Once my rapists had enough they left me, unconscious covered in cum, on the floor of the dirty bathroom.

Apparently one of the bartenders heard I was in there, and helped me to their staff room where she washed my whole body down and got me to sleep on the couch. My expensive dress was totally gone, I did find out where that ended up. She got me into some spare clothes she kept for after-shift, then stayed with me the rest of the night until I awoke at dawn, feeding me plenty of water to help with the hangover.

She didn’t call the cops then because my ID – which she thankfully washed the cum off before I woke up – clearly said I was underaged, and she didn’t want to get the bar into trouble. I didn’t go to the cops either, because of the horrible mixed feelings for what happened. By dumb luck I even managed to keep what happened from my bodyguards, who when they saw me try to get back into the hotel the next morning, bought the lie that I told them that I had just gone for a morning run in some old clothes. 

To this day I still rub myself and get off to my first time getting raped even though I know I’m still traumatized from it. It’s part of my history now, who I am. I can’t take it back…and I don’t think I would want to. I just wonder if those photos of me are still circling around the darkest places on the internet. I think I would love to see them.

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