Subject: Construction Worked (encounters, interracial) I’ve been enjoying Nifty stories for a few years now and have spilled a lot of loads to it, so I thought it was time to contribute my own. This is a true story as I remember it from 2007 or so. Enjoy! Would love hearing any feedback you wanna share. Oh, and don’t be that freeloading guy: donate to Nifty! Overnight Construction Worked I was living in Silverlake, in LA, just above Sunset by the old Conquistador restaurant if you know it. The neighborhood was still pretty mixed in ’07: working class Latino families, hipsters, gay folk, but you could see the changes coming. I was in my early 30s and had developed a solid gym routine; I was 5’11 and 155, lean and cut, short dark blond military haircut in those years and I kept my chest and balls shaved. I have a 7.5 uncut cock but I’m definitely a grower – soft I’m not that impressive. I’m a huge exhibitionist and love to show my cock any chance I’d get — laundromats, driving on the 101 or the 5 or Santa Monica Blvd, to the meter guy (that story later) at the bar (fuck I miss Le Barcito) — and on hot summer nights I’d put on a pair of mesh basketball shorts with the liner cut out and tennis shoes and go for a run around my neighborhood. it was a weeknight in late May and hotter than hell and my 2nd floor walk-up only had a small window AC that couldn’t keep up. I was lying in bed, sweating, horny as fuck. Tossing and turning and finally at about 2:00 AM I thought “Fuck it!” and got up and got dressed to cruise: light, white drawstring cotton briefs (speedo style – Rips brand if you’re an underwear perv like me) so I had someplace to stuff my cock but that I could pull down under my sack later, light grey shorts with no liner, and black tank that would get tucked into the waistband. I went out to my front stoop to put my shoes on, and though it was a little cooler outside than my heat-sink of a flat, it was still in the upper 80s. On a serious run I’d go uphill to Effie and Micheltorena, but fitness was a distant 2nd to horniness tonight — I wanted to suck or at least show — and I knew i’d have better luck on a busier street so I went downhill, took a left at Sunset and headed towards Echo Park. After about 10 minutes of a moderate jog without seeing anyone I passed a taqueria in a small strip mall on the south side of the boulevard that had just closed a couple of weeks before. I’d noticed previously that there had been some work done off and on for a couple of weeks — it had been gutted and it looked like they were ready to start building out whatever was going in there — and tonight it was crazy bright with all of the lights on, like someone had either left them on or they were doing overnight work but I didn’t see anyone inside. I continued down to the Brite Spot, figuring a 24-hour Diner might have people coming and going after bar time, but there was no one so I headed back up the Blvd, very sweaty and horned, feeling my cock rub against the damp underwear with each step. I slowed down as I approached the former taqueria to see what they were putting in, and as I passed I noticed a man working inside. And what a fuckin’ man! He was shirtless and looked a little shorter than me, probably 5’9″, Latino, short black hair – and dude was fuckin’ yoked! This stud had huge pecs, thick thighs showing below his shorts, and big arms that were over his head as he held something (a light fixture?) on the ceiling from the 2nd-to-top step of an 8-foot ladder. I took in all of this in the three seconds it took to run by, but my dick instantly started getting hard. Without thinking I broke my stride to a walk, feeling – almost hearing – that light-headed buzz I always get when I show off. On auto-pilot I reached in my shorts to yank my underwear down off my ass and below my sack to give a clear cock print in my mesh shorts, and I walked back in front of patch of light coming through the huge windows facing the Boulevard. He still had those massive arms above his head from his perch on the ladder, though, and wasn’t looking. I quickly took in that there was a heavy chain on the front doors and and there were storefronts that shared a wall on either side, so there was no quick way for him to come outside. I figured I could give him a show and if he wasn’t interested I’d go home and jackoff thinking about it, and if he wanted to kick my ass I’d be long gone before he could get outside. There was a parking meter tuzla eve gelen escort right in front so I put a hand on it, faced the storefront and pulled my right ankle to my ass — stretching, yeah, but also pushing my cock print out more and giving me the chance to stare at the flare of his lats and the taper of his chest, and again those thick-ass thighs below shorts. Fuck! My dick started to drool. He finished (or gave up? He looked annoyed), dropped his arms and started climbing down the ladder, and that motion snapped my eyes back to his face. He saw me, made eye contact, and didn’t look away. I didn’t either. He had a sexy face with dark brown eyes, light stubble and a great smile which he flashed at me, all annoyance leaving his expression. For a few seconds we eyed each other up and down – me pausing on his small brown nipples and smooth chest, him looking down my abs to my dickprint which was clearly visible. I dropped my right leg, smiled at him, and pulled my left ankle to my ass, one hand on the meter again, facing him. I flexed my cock and he def noticed; his hands dropped to his sagging shorts and he groped a big dickprint — down and to the left. Fuck! He was so hot and I was so goddamn horny, but… he was inside a brightly lit box of a storefront with a huge chain around the front door. Hmm. I up-nodded and smiled and turned around to face the street and touched my toes to show him my tight ass. I held the stretch for a 20-count and when I stood up and turned around he’d moved a little back in the shop so he was less visible from the street and kept staring at me and massaging that huge bulge in his shorts. I looked around. There was no place I could show from that side of Sunset – no parked cars to get between – but almost directly across the street there was a storefront with a deep alcove. Bingo. I looked back at him, gave him another up-nod and smile, then turned to jog across the street. Once on the sidewalk I turn around and thankfully he’s still watching, so I take a step back into the storefront so I’m out of the line of sight of anyone coming down the street, and I drop the front of my shorts and take my dick out and start stroking. He’s definitely watching me. I’m doing one of my favorite things – jackin in public – for a crazy hot Latino stud contractor on Sunset in the middle of a hot SoCal night. I was fully hard in about 3 strokes. He adjusted his package and gave a big upward nod of his head, so I knew he liked what he was watching, and I was so horny I decided to go for it. I took my shorts and underwear all the way down and off and threw them over my shoulder; I pulled the tank I had out of the waistband of my underwear and rolled it up, put it on the sidewalk, and knelt down on it. There was enough ambient light he could see me, and he was definitely watching. He adjusted his dick again but didn’t take it out — the storefront was really bright so I get it, and honestly as much as I wanted to see and taste that meat I was happy for the moment just to be stroking for him. He walked to the wall and leaned against it, and made an obvious show of reaching into his shorts and adjusting his dick. He put his left hand on his head and flexed his bicep, and grabbed his dick through his shorts with his right. I nodded and made the universal signal for blow job — I was on my knees already — and then bingo: he pointed to his left, my right, and made a motion like, “come around back.” I didn’t need to be told twice – I couldn’t wait to taste this fucker! I stood up and stepped into my shorts and started to pull them up, and he flashed me an evil grin and shook his head “no”. Fuck! I was nervous but I was also loving it and down to do what the stud wanted, so I pulled up just my sweat-damp white underwear (which showed everything), pulled my cock to the right so it was barely covered with head inside the fabric but bulging out and above the drawstring, grabbed my t-shirt and shorts and jogged back across Sunset in my speedo briefs. At the end of the building there was a narrow driveway to a parking lot in back, and I jogged down it and turned back towards his store. When I rounded the corner I saw him leaning against a red Toyota pickup. I was no longer feeling anything but lust and the closer I got to him the hornier I got, so when I was about 10 feet away from him and he motioned me to drop my underwear, I stopped and immediately slid them down tuzla otele gelen escort and off, not thinking how compromised I was, how fucked in a bad way I’d be if there was a security camera in the lot, how vulnerable I was to this stud who coulda beat my ass easily — I stood in front of him naked and hard, looking like what I was: a cockwhore desperate for a dick to suck. He knew it too. He smirked and motioned me closer, and as I walked towards him, shaking from the air on my near naked, sweaty body and the thrill of the scene, he finally started undoing his shorts, popping the top button and then lowering the zipper and pushing them down those massive thighs. He wasn’t wearing underwear and I saw the top of the uncut shaft pointing up, first, and then finally as he pushed his shorts down I saw it all. It was beautiful — uncut, about the same length as mine (7.5″) but about an inch thicker around, and in the low light it looked like there was a patch of pubes above it and a smooth shaft and sack. When I was close enough to touch him I stopped, knowing he was in charge and waiting for permission and instruction. He nodded again so I reached out a slightly trembling hand and started feeling up his impossibly hot pecs and then moved my hands to his lats (a huge turn on for me) while I leaned down to lick his nipple, but I only got one flick of the tongue before he pushed me to my knees. I knew what he wanted — and he knew what I wanted. I put my rolled up t-shirt down on the dirty parking lot pavement, knelt on it and looked up at him. His fat Latino cock brushed my forehead. I stared at it, and then up into his eyes, begging for permission, and he smirked again and nodded and put his hands on the back of my head. Keeping my eyes locked on his I pulled back his foreskin and took him into my mouth. He leaned back, closed his eyes and let me get to work. I tugged on his shaved, smooth sack with one hand and felt those massive thighs with the other, keeping up a steady suck on his cock. He smelled like clean sweat and Mexican laundry soap, if you know that smell, and I was in heaven as I closed my eyes and worked my mouth lower and lower on his piece, trying to take him all in. He kept one hand on the back of my head but seemed content to let me set the pace, not pulling me onto his perfect cock, but then I felt him lean forward over me and place his palm flat on my back, moving down toward my ass. I didn’t stop working his amazing cock with my tongue, loving the feel and taste of his silky foreskin and the weight and heat of him as he filled my mouth, even as he moved his hand to my hip and pulled up — gently, encouraging me to (or exploring to see if he could get me to ) stand up. Decision time. As much as I’d hoped for cock and cum tonight, I’d only planned on giving head. This was way before PrEP and I had no supplies — and as much as I wanted this stud’s load since I first saw him, I’d planned on swallowing it. I looked up at him and he did that sexy upward head nod and looked a little pleading (and a lot gorgeous) — and I gave in. With one final deep bob on his cock I got up off my knees, stood and looked at him. He looked right into my eyes and smiled and nodded slowly, stroking his still-wet dick with his right hand while he started kneading my ass with his left. I wondered how I was gonna take that much dick, but he reached into his truck and after digging around the glove box for a second he pulled out a bottle of poppers and one of those free packets of lube from the bars. He handed me the poppers, opened the lube with his teeth and dribbled some on his leaking cock and put what was left on his index finger and started to probe my hole with it. I was tight – I sucked a lot of dick then but didn’t get fucked much, and I was nervous how this was gonna go but now that I’d decided I wanted that gorgeous cock inside me. Bad. I hit the poppers and was putting the lid back on when he let go of his cock and with the back of his hand pushed the poppers back towards me. I took another deep hit, both nostrils, and again started to lower the bottle and again he nudged it back towards me. So, I hit it again — two more deep hits, both sides — and by then it had hit and I was almost whimpering for that dick. He had kept fingering my hole with his left hand and we both could feel me open up with each hit. After the last one he gave me that devilish smirk, spun me around tuzla sınırsız escort and lined up that fat uncut brown cock with my hole. I was flying — that was the most poppers I’d ever done, and I could almost see my ass ring twitching and opening for him. With his big left arm across my bare chest holding me in place, he put his raw cockhead against my ass and pushed. My hole resisted a little but then he was in, first his head and then more of his perfect hard raw cock sliding into me. A few strokes in he bottomed out, paused, said the first word either of us had spoken: “Good?” he asked. I nodded. He wrapped both arms around my torso, and started the fuck. It was almost an out of body experience for me — the taboo and risk of it all, how fuckin hot I found him, the poppers, the visualizing of how hot his cock must have looked sliding raw into my guts, the FEELING of his thick raw hot cock sliding raw into my guts, I was blissed out. His pace was steady, strong and deep, and he paused just enough to push my right foot out a little so he could get a better angle and then he went at it again, faster, steady, stretching my hole with a steady rhythm with the occasional thrust at an angle to open me further. We both knew who was in charge and we were both great with it. I had my eyes closed and hands behind me, grasping whatever part of his hot body I could reach. I could feel his muscles under the sheen of sweet on his torso, a sheen that I wiped with my palm and licked. The friction and tension on my hole while he stretched me had me quietly moaning and disembodied with pleasure — I’d never had a fuck like this. I had enough presence of mind to push back and meet his thrusts and I could tell from his grunts that that he liked it — that and the occasional tighter grasp of his arms around my torso. He started to pick up his pace, more frequently punching his cock to the side, and after a few minutes — or 30? I had no idea — he leaned close into my ear and between clenched teeth said: “Want it?” It was half a question and half a statement; for half a second I had half an answer, but despite the rational part of my brain saying, “tell him no – tell him to pull out!”, I was too far gone and too into this stud. I just nodded. That was all he needed. He slid both hands down to my hips, his fingers tightened, and a few more pumps into my hole and he began to cum. A lot. He wasn’t loud but he gripped my hips more tightly (so tightly that I had small bruises later); he hissed through his tightly clenched teeth but didn’t yell or moan, and he sank that perfect uncut cock into my ass to the root and let the force of his orgasm wash over him, and into me. He emptied his balls, shooting deep in my guts, shooting hard, and we both shuddered and clawed at each other, grabbing at whatever we could like drowning men, while his dick pulsed inside me. Finally it was over, and we slowly came down from the high of the fuck, back to the small parking lot, to the red Toyota, to the alley, to the slowly lightening SoCal sky. He gently kissed the back of my sweaty neck for a bit while his breath modulated towards normal and his cock grew slightly less huge inside me. We both giggled as he pulled his dick out with a sloppy, sucking sound. My hole hurt and we were a sweaty mess – and me more than sweaty as I felt cum and lube leaking down my leg as I bent down to pick up my underwear and shorts. He stopped me and grabbed my dick and I said my first words: “It’s okay, stud, I’m good.” I hadn’t cum but it really was okay — it always takes me a while and we’d pushed our luck far enough and I was more than satisfied. I pulled up my dirty, sweaty underwear and tied the drawstring, pulled up my shorts, and slapped my shirt against my hand a few times to get the gravel and dust off of it. He had reached back into the truck and was wiping his softening dick off on what I guessed was his shirt — it was the first time I’d seen it. I found the poppers bottle and handed it to him, and he chucked it in the truck bed. “I gotta get back to work,” he said. “I gotta run home — I work in a few hours.” “Oh shit, for real? Want a ride?” he asked. And like a dumbass I didn’t say: “Yeah, that’d be great, that way you’ll know where I live and you can come by anytime!” I said: “Nah, thanks, I’m good man. Appreciate it.” We kissed, deeply, for the first time. We thanked each other, told each other we were negative, and kissed again, for the last time. I never saw him again — not on that job site, not around the neighborhood, not his truck anywhere. I don’t have many regrets but that’s one. I’d’ve loved to have swallowed his load sometime. As I said, this is a true story as I remember it. Get at me with feedback if you want — hope you enjoyed. brad.

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