Contortionist Cum Eater


I stopped by my local pub for a beer last week. This was the beginning of another experience that I thought would make a great story.

As I was drinking my beer, this sexy brunette gets up from one of the tables where she was sitting alone, and sits herself down right next to me at the bar. I smiled at her, said hi, and introduced myself; she did the same and we started talking.

One thing led to another and pretty soon we were talking about sex–likes, dislikes, and so on. All of a sudden she leans over and asks me if I’m able to suck my own cock.

This took me a little by surprise because our conversation hadn’t progressed to that level. She kind of jumped way ahead of me.

Well, as those of you know, who’ve read my stories before, I answered, yes-I can.

She suddenly got this look on her face that I really can’t explain other than to say it was almost scary.

Next, she asked me if I liked to eat my own cum.

Here again, I answered yes, which got that look again.

She asked me if I was interested in showing her how I did that. Well, I know that my girlfriend who loves that about me too, probably wouldn’t mind but I’d have to make sure it was ok. I explained this to her and she understood.

She told me that if it turned out to be ok with my girlfriend Lori, and we wanted to get together, I should give her at least a half a day notice. I said great and I’d most likely be giving her a call.

I figured that this girl was going to turn out to be some kind of wild one. Not that Lori and I needed any additional craziness to our already wanton sex life, but I thought this might be exciting. Also, just a little description of Julie:

Short brunette hair, big blue eyes, a mouth like Meg Ryan but with a little puffier lips. Around 5′ 7,” long legs and she was wearing strappy open toe heels which revealed really shapely, beautiful feet. Overall measurements, approximately, 34″-22″-34.”

Lori, as I suspected, had no problem with this. As a matter of fact she was quite excited about it. Not knowing exactly what Julie was really all about was a bit of a thrill in itself.

I gave Julie a call and set up a date and asked if she needed anything. She said with this sexy voice, “no, I’ll have everything I need with me.”…..The excitement was building.

Lori and I were waiting in anticipation of Julie’s arrival. We never would have guessed at what was in store, but we had a feeling that it would be different.

Finally, there was a knock at the door. It was Julie, dressed in this slinky plain black dress with what appeared to be nothing underneath. Nipples sticking right out and the material just draping her body so that everything was plainly visible. The shape of her hips, the crack of her ass, the arch of her back, her flat stomach. All this, and she was still–dressed. Also, great legs and another pair of sexy black open heels. She also, was wearing aydın escort this great red nail polish that was sexy as hell against the black dress and heels.

I introduced Lori to Julie and they hit it off immediately.

Before I knew it, the two of them were making out on the couch. Julie looks at me and says, “I know that once a guy cums it generally takes a bit for him to be able to get going again, but could you show me how you can suck your cock and cum in your own mouth. I promise you that it won’t take you long to get that feeling back after I show you what I can do.”

She went on to say, ” watching you suck your own cock and seeing your cum on your own tongue will get me so crazy that I’m going to do something that you probably wouldn’t believe unless you witnessed it yourself. Just the thought of being able to watch a guy actually suck his own cum out of his dick has already made me do something that I’ve never done, so believe me, you and Lori will both be driven to the brink considering what I’ve already learned about you two.

Well, with that type of set up, both Lori and I were starting to feel our hearts racing. My cock was already hard just listening to Julie’s requests, and the anticipation of what she had planned. Lori was getting soaked just listening to her.

As I was preparing to suck my cock, Julie stopped me and asked,” could you position yourself so that I can still have access to your mouth as the head of your cock is at your lips?”

Lori jumped in and said, ” Oh yeah! He can do that. I know, because I’ve asked him to do that myself, so I can get a good look at his mouth when it’s full of cum.”

Julie’s response was this sexy moan type growl that made Lori and I look at each other with increasing lust.

I had already done a bunch of stretching exercises before Julie arrived, and I was as limber as I could get. Normally, I don’t have a problem sucking my own cock but when I have to keep my mouth accessible like I do for Lori, I have to make sure that I’m extra loose and limber. I certainly didn’t want to miss out on anything Julie had in mind.

I laid down with my lower back against one wall in our bedroom. My legs were over my head and my ankles next to my ears. Little by little I scoot closer to the wall so that I can crunch myself just enough to get my cock near my mouth. Lori helps me by making sure that the pillow stays tucked under my head. If I need a little more lift she uses a different pillow or combination of a pillow and towels. Pretty soon with Lori’s help, I’m positioned just right. My arms are holding my legs down and are wrapped around my back.

Julie’s watching, as all this is going on, and all she can say is, “holy shit! Oh my god! Holy shit! Oh my god! ” Over and over again.

By the time I was ready, Julie was standing naked with her fingers inside her pussy. It was the first time that I actually got to aydınlıkevler escort see Julie’s body. A knockout! Firm all over and shaped just the way I like. She was competition for Lori, but Lori didn’t mind; she knew Julie was hers too.

All of a sudden, Julie says, “it’s time for the beginning of my surprise. On that note, she starts to pull something out of her pussy. Lori and I are watching intently. Julie pulls out a condom that’s full of what appears to be cum.

Then Julie says, ” the reason I needed some advance notice before coming here is, I had to stop by the adult book shop that you guys usually go to. I took a chance that you guys might like what I had planned. Hopefully, I didn’t do all that sucking in vain.”

“This condom is one of five. Each one has 10 loads of cum in it. I shoved all of them in my pussy so all 50 loads would stay warm. I sucked each cock through a glory hole until each came in my mouth. Then I transferred the cum to a condom. I jacked most of the guys until they were about to cum, then let their cocks shoot their cum into my mouth. That way when I transferred the cum, there would be a minimum of saliva mixed in. I wanted each batch to be as close to pure cum as possible.”

“Now, what I’d love to do and is a major fantasy of mine, is to have you (me)open your mouth real wide and let me pour the cum from this condom into your mouth until it’s about ¾ full. Then I want to coat your cock with whatever amount of cum is left in the condom. Then, I want to put your cock in my mouth so I can suck all that cum off and get you really hard. Next, I want to take your cock and put it into your mouth and stir the come around in your mouth with the head of your cock. During that time I’ll have the taste of all that strange cum in my mouth and I’ll be staring at all that strange cum that the head of your cock will be submerged into. Then little by little I’d like to see your cock go deeper and deeper into your mouth while I help you try to cum in your mouth. I’d also like Lori to be licking my pussy while I’m watching this.”

Lori said that she’d be glad to be licking her pussy, but when I started to cum she wanted to watch too. Of course, Julie had no problem with that.

Both Lori and I couldn’t believe what was going on here. We actually found someone who has exactly the same kind of fantasies that we have. Julie is a cum maniac just like we are.

Essentially, all three of us could hardly stand the degree of excitement that we were feeling. I wasn’t sure how long I would last but with Julie around I was sure that I’d be ready to go again pretty quick.

The fulfilling of Julie’s fantasies begins. I opened my mouth real wide and the tip of my cock was right at my lower lip. Julie asks Lori for a champagne glass so she can pour the contents of the first condom into it. She says that she wants to be able to control the amount ayrancı escort of cum she pours into my mouth.

Lori gives Julie the glass and Julie opens and pours the 10 loads of cum into the glass. Next she comes real close to my face and fixes her eyes right at my mouth as she starts to slowly fill my mouth with the cum.

Little by little I can feel the cum filling my mouth and I can see Julie staring into my mouth with this crazed look on her face. My mouth is now at least half full of cum.

Julie asks me to just hold the cum in my mouth for her. Now she takes my cock in her hand and coats my cock with a generous amount of cum.

Next she takes my cock into her mouth and starts to savor the taste of all that cum. When she takes my cock out of her mouth she helps get the head of my cock into my mouth. Then she starts to stir my cock around in my mouth as she intently watches my cock disappearing into the pool of cum in my mouth.

Lori gets real close in order to watch all this as well.

Julie says that there’s still some cum left in the glass and she wants to fill my mouth to the top, while the head of my cock is still in there.

Lori says, “yes Julie, yes, fill his mouth up, right to the top and then lets help him cum right into all that cum that’s already in his mouth.”

Julie says, “Lori, you must be reading my mind.”

Well, at that point Julie starts to jack me off using some of the cum to lube up my cock. Lori props my head up some more and Julie continues stroking my cock.

Suddenly, Julie says she can’t take it, she needs to get some cum in her mouth. She reaches down and pulls out another condom from her pussy, opens it and pours half the contents into her mouth and the other half into Lori’s mouth. Then she asks me to start to suck on my cock with all that cum in my mouth.

As I start sucking, cum starts to ooze out the sides of my mouth which Julie quickly scoops up and adds to her mouth. Now of course my mouth isn’t full of cum anymore so Julie asks me to open my mouth real wide again and positions her mouth right next to one side of my mouth and asks Lori to put her mouth right next to the other side of my mouth.

Now Julie starts to jack my cock nice and slow and as she’s doing that she starts to let the cum from her mouth start to flow into mine and Lori follows her lead. My mouth is filling up with cum and I’m starting to feel myself getting ready to shoot my load. Julie keeps stroking my cock and keeps it pointed right at the huge pool of cum in my mouth.

Finally, I shoot the first stream of cum into my own mouth and Julie is looking wild. She says, “yes, yes, keep shooting your load into your mouth and Lori is chiming in the same way. I started to swallow some of the cum in my mouth and continued to cum.

It’s possible to swallow with your mouth open, which I did so that Julie and Lori could see me swallowing cum and shooting cum into my mouth at the same time.

I was enjoying this immensely. Not only was I going nuts but so were Julie and Lori. Just seeing the looks on their faces was adding to how crazy I was getting as well.

To be continued if you’d like-with the rest of the story.

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