Contractors and the Kitchen Sink


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Renovations aren’t just for houses. Sometimes you must renovate your life, including the kitchen sink.

It wasn’t a big hit of a hammer on his thumb, but his shanking hand told Lisa it hurt the poor man doing her renovations.

She quickly grabbed some ice from her drink wrapped it in the hem of her tank top and laid it on the throbbing digit.

“This will keep the swelling down,” she said looking into Lucky’s eyes. His real name was Luke, but the crew called him lucky. Accident prone and in the field of construction created a hard living for Luke.

“Thanks, Lisa. May I call you Lisa?”

“I prefer it and you are welcome. Let me get an ice pack for that.”

“No need. Almost quitting time. I’ll be fine, till I get home.”

The crew gathered their tools and sweeping up for the day. Most had walked by and said good-bye for the weekend. Dave stopped and asked if he should stick around, looking at Lucky then Lisa. They both said no at the same time. He exited out the garage service door near where Lisa stood her shirt hem holding the dripping ice on Lucky’s thumb.

“How’s the Knee from Wednesday’s incident?” she asked.

“Small bruise. Nothing. Sorry, I’m so clumsy,” he said. Lisa just nodded and looked at his roughed face and bed tossed hair his muscles that company shirt could not hide and then quickly back to his green eyes. They had been staring each other down for weeks now and each day she had healed something he had damaged. The heat between them was noticeable. “If you don’t mind me asking, you are renovating a pretty big house for someone alone. I don’t see many single women in my line of work doing this sort of thing.”

Lisa knew what he was implying. She got ‘that look’ a lot from bankers to architects to contractors, what’s a pretty thing like you doing in the construction business? Where’s your husband? Those were the implications.

“I know. My dad was a contractor. Taught me a lot about the trade. I flip homes for a living. I’ll be here a year or two and then onto another house in need of TLC. She reached into the back pocket of her tight yoga pants and pulled out a business card. TLC Homes. Tender Lisa Construction for homes that need a little love.

“Cute,” he smiled. casino siteleri

“Corny, but it gets the point across,” she replied. “I hire some brawn for the big stuff and I do a lot of things myself. Mainly it is a matter of picking the right house and getting the right price and timing. Been at it since high school graduation. So as far as the where’s hubby, this kept me busy and I just never found that guy. Then suddenly I turned Twenty-eight. But I’m fine.”

“Yes, you are. I mean seems to me you have a good life. Me, I started this trade after high school and like I said you don’t meet many single women. Plus, I’m kinda accident prone so most nights I’m healing something or other, so the bar scene is out. But I get that look around and you’re suddenly fa acing-thirty thing. Have my thirtieth tomorrow.”

“Well, Happy Birthday. I hope this doesn’t stop you from celebrating,” she said looking at the shirt hem and ice-covered thumb, and him checking out her bare abs and waistline.

“Looks like this ice is done,” she said removing the wet hem of the shirt from his thumb.

“Aching cold, now,” he complained.

“Here,” she grinned and put the cold appendage into her mouth warming it.

“Thank you,” he said. “That is warmer, but I wonder.”

Sucking the thumb, she slid her lips away.

“Wonder what?” she asked.

“If those lips have healing powers?” he said running his thumb across her cheekbone and down her jaw line lifting her face toward his and kissing her. She didn’t resist.


“Not nearly enough, but it is working,” he said continuing to kiss her moving soft kisses to her neck. “I’m wondering if that wet shirt is bothering you. Perhaps…” She pulled the top off exposing her breast tightly held in a front zip jogging bra.

“Not annoying any longer,” she smiled. She tugged at the zipper lowering it an inch or two, then walked away to the kitchen.

“Ha, Okay,” she heard him mumble. As she busied herself with the dishwasher. He walked up behind her put his hands on her waist then wrapped her into him.

“You’re beautiful,” he whispered in her ear. He gathered her long hair into his one hand while the other inched higher he kissed the nape of her neck. She moaned and bit her güvenilir casino lip. He pulled her hair forcing her head back and whispered, “moan again,” as his hand squeezed her breast hard.

Caught between needing to be loved, and the chemistry she felt, and knowing he was just a player – she decided to play too. For once she would be used and use back too. It needn’t be forever, or anything but sex. The thought freed her mind.

She reached a hand behind her and across her tight ass and rubbed against her hand along the hard cock his jeans were barely holding back. He moaned and bit the top of her shoulder.

“Bad little girl I see.” He tugged her hair and moved both hands to her breast thumbing her hard nipples through the bra. She moved both hands behind her to feel the hardness pushing against her ass. He wasted no time and with both hands grabbed hers. Taking a step back he then put a foot between her stance and pushed against one foot.

“Spread them, now,” he growled. The luxury of his need for her made her smile. He kicked up the dishwasher door locking it in place and holding both wrists with his right hand his left slid up her back and pressed her head onto the counter. “Stay, bitch.”

His hand roamed her tits pulling them out till they spilled over the top of the bra the nipples just exposed. He pulled and twisted and pinched until she whimpered and moaned to his satisfaction. His hand felt its way across her abs to her hips and slipped onto her hard ass. He moved to the side near the sink. With one swift move, she heard the slap and felt the vibration deep within. The gasp pleased him, and he repeated his punishment, this time harder, watching as the exposed nipples bounced into the hard-counter edge.

Her gasp turned to a groaned as he slid his hand between her thighs feeling her swollen mound and the wetness that needed freeing. He lifted her restrained arms and she moved up. Guiding her to the sink he pulled the sprayer hose out. Placing her elbows on the counter in front of the sink he used the sprayer hose to tie her wrist. Flat backed, her tits hung, her legs wide, he found himself under her—sucking her.

The zipper was a quick pull and all her breast fell into waiting hands and mouth. Just at her navel, he left canlı casino a love bit on either side. His butterfly mark for her to remember.

Stepping behind her he took her ass into both hands slapping and exploring. He put his hands under her yoga pants’ waistband and pulled them to her ankles before she had a thought as to what was happening.

The sound of his zipper was agonizingly slow.

A small stream of her nectar ran down her inner thighs as his cock nestled next to her clit. His hand reached around, his fingers teased her clit until it trembled then they would pull away. After teasing her clit for the third time, his hard cock pushed inside her thrusting hard over and over until she cried out in ecstasy.

Still hard, he untied her and forced her to her knees before him. She was breathing hard but seeing him there she knew what he needed. Stroking his balls with her hands and pulling on his shaft wasn’t enough as his hands gripped her hair she sucked him inside tightening until he moaned. Her lips held back his foreskin as her tongue swirled around inside keeping the rhythm of her hand’s slippery grasp. His moan was delicious, and she took him deep into throat tasting her and him together as her hand grasped his ass and a pinky finger found a dark cave to enter. He pulled out and released his cum unto her tits. Breathing and moaning and watching as the wet of him dripped off her nipples unto the floor.

She reached for a towel, but he stopped her. “Allow me,” he said helping her stand he pulled her pants up kissing her cunt goodbye for now. He turned on the water to warm and had her lean over the sink. Using the sprayer that once held her he washed her breasts then zipped them back into that bra. He dressed and pulled her toward him. Kissed her on the forehead. “I was gonna leave and not be back on Monday. Ask for a different job. But that was way too hot. And there is something about you I’m not done with yet. How about I pick you up tomorrow and we go celebrate my thirtieth?”

“No,” she said. “That won’t do it. I’m starved. It’s been a while. You go grab us a pizza than pull your truck into my garage. I’ll get some blankets and pillows and find a movie. You can spend the night and we’ll find time to celebrate your birthday a few times tomorrow.”

“You’re trouble,” he said as he pulled his keys out of his pocket and headed toward the garage.

“I haven’t even tried, yet,” she smirked leaning against the sink to watch his ass sway. When he looked back they both knew, trouble was gonna be fun.

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