CONTROLCONTROL ——–2012 :Written by Jo AND Lyn, and we’re still BESTIES, five years on. This is more than can be said for Nick and I, you will not be surprised to discover.cockSO, TO SET THE SCENE- all this is most important, and without you understanding the relationships, gentle reader,the story would have no impact whatsoever.So: I was married to Nick, with three c***dren. I was taking numerous other lovers, often in the company of my best friend, Lyn,and very much INCLUDING Lyn.Lyn and I had a girls’ night out together each Friday. Our habit was to one week pick up a guy to share, or 2 (or more) guys, and the the other week Lyn and I would go to bed together.I was Lyn’s second female lover. I don’t even know in my case – if you include school, 25th perhaps !!Nick was fine with what he knew of our nights out, which was too much to drink and the odd flirtation perhaps. Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive!It must have been easier in the days when we where you just had to get caught – in person – redhanded. Nowadays we leave a traila mile wide, perhaps hidden just by a few easily remembered password characters or a PIN. All that happened this fateful day was that I left my iPhone behind, charging on the bedside table when I went off to work. The k**s were acting up and I got distracted.I realised halfway to the school but I didn’t have time to go back for it. Nick was off to a meeting in Bristol, and had left before meanyway, and therefore it was no issue, and even if he DID look at it, which he wouldn’t, then it was PIN protected. I put it out of my mind and when I got home, about five, I was most “surprised” shall we say to see thatthe k**s were absent and Nick’s car was on the drive. I opened the door with a cheery “HI”The silence was quite deafening.Nick had my phone in his hand as he sat in his leather recliner.He said merely “Sit down”I sat down on a footstool”what?” I said quietly, and I heard my voice shake”Lyn….” he began “there is a message on your phone from Lyn. She sent you a video clip, of her …masturbating. WHY would she do that?””Wrong number!” I countered “I expect she meant to send it to STEVE” (Lyn’s boyfriend) Then he showed me the text with it :”Hi honey. Me thinking about your lovely big tits!!” If I had been standing I would have collapsed, but as it was I just sank further into the leather footstool.”Wh..where are the k**s??” I blabbered “I sent my mum for them. It remains to be seen if YOU will ever see them again” he said flatly”WHAT?” I sobbed “They’re my LIFE!!””But….there’s a lot more to your life than meets the EYE isn’t there? I want you to get HER – Lyn – on the phone and GET HER ROUND HERE, NOW!”He chucked me the iPhone.My PIN I realised, same as the burglar alarm, my year of birth. He’d known it.My fingers shook as I dialled her speed-dial.She answered in three rings “Hi babe””Hi, where are you?” I said as lightly as possible “Home, just got in from Batley. What’s ..up? ” She knew something was “Can you … come round, right away?” “Sure, hon” ( I heard her car keys rattle ) “you want me to stop over? Bring wine, yeah?” “Yeah, yeah” I said quickly “see you in a few minutes”We sat in awkward silence almost until Lyn’s Lexus drew up on the drive. “I LOVE you, you know” I said”I love you too, but I’m obviously not enough” said Nick, and he smiled, sadly, but very genuinely.Lyn opened the unlocked front door and stepped straight into the middle of the tangible atmosphere. “What’s .. up?” she asked tentatively”Your little …display on my WIFE’s PHONE!! That’s whats UP!” spat Nick, angrilyNow, I know Nick better than anyone, and I fancied he wasn’t entirely SERIOUS! Weird in the circumstances, I will grant you, but I clearly felt it. More SCENE SETTING HERE ….Lyn’s (then) employer has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy on inter-staff relationships. You did NOT sh*g the help. Not openly, and not clandestinely. If the management found out, you were BOTH sacked. Gone, no severance pay,you hit the street. Lyn was in a relationship with Steve, who reported directly to her. (They’re married now)Nick knew all about this ruling at Lyn’s company, so he had two ways to control Lyn: firstly by telling Steve about Lyn and my s*xual relationship, and secondly by telling Roy – a senior manager there who he knew from golf – about Lyn and Steve.Nick was therefore holding all the aces.Suddenly he was up out of his chair, he moved to the sofa and impatiently signalled that I was to join him. Rather shakily, I stood and moved to sit next to him. Lyn, usually ever confident, stood in the middle of the room wondering what the hell was going on, blushing, and shaking and hyperventilating.She was in full business wear: a pinstriped black/blue suit, with a knee length skirt, big split up the side,stocking top in view, a crisp white blouse, dangerously high heels in black. She looked utterly stunning and at the same time she looked quite, quite terrified. Her normally massive grey eyes were like the proverbial deer in headlights. I’d never seen her more than mildly nervous in all the years I’d known her, and we’ve been in some SC****S together !Sitting next to me, Nick simply told her “Strip” “What?” she gulped “Get your clothes off, everything. I might let you keep the stockings on” he told her, after reminding her he had the numbers of both Steve and Roy on speed dial, and that a couple of texts could finish her career, and herrelationship. Lyn was on about £100,000 GBP a year with on target earnings. Lyn took the jacket off and dropped it behind her. With shaking fingers she began to unbutton the shirt. My Nick, with far more CONFIDENT fingers, opened his own trousers. Within thirty seconds he was naked. He threw his clothes on top of Lyn’s jacket. “Suck my cock while I watch your ‘friend’ undress!” he hissed.I leant over and took Nick’s cockhead between my lipsI could taste come, he’d obviously masturbated earlier. He was SO hard, and I’d never ever seen it get bigger than it was then. Lyn had her blouse off now. As I licked up the underside of my husband’s cock, Lyn was down to her black bra, hold up black stockings, and a tiny matching g string which barely covered her perfectly waxed little m*und. She looked fucking GORGEOUS”GO ON” said Nick commandingly Lyn hesitated at her bra.”DO AS YOU’RE fuckNG TOLD!” shouted NickLyn immediately undid her bra, and dropped it. Her little breasts looked petite and vulnerable. Her nipples were unbelievably hard. A flush was spreading down her chestfrom her burning face. There is nothing that turns Lyn on more than being ordered about: being made to do things she ostensiblywouldn’t want to do. It’s light the blue touchpaper time : It sets her on fire.”And those” barked Nick nodding at her tiny g stringWith a little groan Lyn stooped forward and hooked her thumbs into the kn*ckers. She pulled them down, and off, keeping the stockings and high heels on. “fuckING H*LL” said Nick “what a fuckING GORGEOUS little pussy!! Your shitty iPhone camera doesn’t do it JUSTICE!” Lyn’s neat slot was in full view. She didn’t attempt to cover, and Nick wouldn’t have let her anyway.A perfectly waxed and smooth little cunt, visibly glistening with her arousal. Her l*bia were usually all tucked inside, very neat, except when she was enormously aroused, as she was right then. They were the very epitome of ‘pouting’.I stopped my blow job for a moment.”I thought you might have come” I said to Nick, looking deep into his eyes. “I had a wank earlier” he explained “while I was watching your girlfriend here’s little MOVIE DEBUT, I put it up on the big screen,I didn’t HALF empty my bollocks to it”Nick did not normally talk to me as frankly as this, and he never EVER admitted looking at other women, or at p*rn. This was a real sea change in our relationship, and I had brought it about by my cheating. No one else to blame. I was trembling now too, ever nerve end was tingling. My eyes watering. “You now” he told meHe took his cock out of my mouth and held it himself.He cradled his balls in his other hand, rather lovingly, I thought, lol.”Jo: stand there. Lyn, you undress her” he instructedI stood, shakily and Lyn came and unbuttoned my blouse, my big tits spilled out, still contained in my bra, though.The nipples were painfully hard against the lace.She unzipped my skirt and pulled my tights down. escort bayan istanbul Between us we unclipped my bra, so my (36 DD usuallY) tits were now n*ked.Lastly Lyn knelt by my knees and gently pulled my thong down. Finally we stood alongside each other, facing my husband who was wanking. My Brazilian, Lyn’s Hollywood. My tousled brunette hair and Lyn’s straightened platinum Blonde. “RIGHT” said Nick, decisively He’d been planning what to do all afternoon.Lyn had her arm protectively round my waist and her hand on my a*se.”Babe go and sit in my chair” said Nick I noticed that he still called me “babe” though I feared he had, in an instant, lost all love for me that day.Perhaps just habit?I went and sat. “Get your legs over the arms” he saidI spread my legs over the arms of the leather recliner.I was open and dribbling juice onto it.My heart was going like a triphammer.He stood and grabbed Lyn’s hair”Kneel” he told her He pushed her down so she was kneeling in front of the recliner.”Now SHOW me what you lke to do to my lady wife” he hissedLyn looked at him, her eyes hooded. She then looked me directly in the eyes, locking them. SO intense. She leant forward and came down to my open crotch. She leaned in and gently kissed my little patch of pubic hair.She smelt me and l*cked her way down. My l*gs moved of their own accord, up and wider. Ushering her in.A deft little lap at my engrged clitoris, and then she sucked each labia, subtly pulling on them with her mouth.”Oh fuck” I groaned “Is that NICE?” asked NickI took hold of both my big titties, gulped and nodded. He knelt down by my Lyn, to get the best possible close up view. Lyn moved lower to slip her little tongue inside my hole, devouring all the sticky juices gathering there. Nick was gently w*nking, taking his grip halfway down the sh*ft.I was now pulling at my own nipples, quite forcefully.I groaned and inhaled sharply. “I’m C*MING” I announced, well gasped “I didn’t think I’d be able to, I thought I’d be too tense but.. but JESUS! OH! OH! “It was superfluous to say I’d come, I have never expelled so much fluid in my life, Lyn was swallowing and swallowing !”Lordy” she giggled at last “someone ENJOYED THAT” “Wow” said Nick quietly He’d stopped pumping his cock”How was it for YOU?” he asked Lyn “kiss me” said Lyn to NickAnd he did, I sat and watched as firstly he licked all my come from round her mouth, then he snogged her face off.His hands came round to cup her arse, and to dip his fingers into her wet little cunt from behind. She moved her groin to grind against his erect cock. Playing hard to get. “Enough” he said suddenly “get your tongue back up there, see if you can make the slut come again” Lyn shruggedNick came round the back of the recliner so his cock was in my face”Push your tits together” he told meI pushedHe positioned himself over me so that his cock was in my cleavage and his big balls dangling in my mouth.He was grunting and sweatingLyn was back on me, lapping at my cl*toris. I closed my eyes and tried to relax, as they both wanted me to c*me again. Suddenly Nick was gone, and rooting in my handbag. What was he after? My little tin of petroleum jelly that I use on my lips when they might get chapped. He grinned wickedly at me, and positioned himself right behind the utterly gorgeous Lyn’s wonderful bottom. She was on all fours licking me for all she was worth and in no position to defend herself. Nick thoroughly smeared the jelly all over his cock and without any preamble, OR permission from the owner, promptly shoved it right up her arse. “OOOF” she said into my hole ! Then she gasped, rather sexily I thought, as he pumped his cock into her, probably right up to his big balls. I looked down at Lyn’s beautiful face up against my cunt, and then down the elegant curve of her back to where my husband was holding her peach open and thrusting his immensely hard cock into her bum. “Mmmmf” moaned Lyn as she continued to make love to my clitoris. Her fingers were inside me, creating havocaround my g spot. A thumb was idly twanging my ring. I was manhandling my tits “I’m COMING” I groaned, as I was. I was even wetter than the first one, Lyn was frantically licking up, but I spurted all over the leather recliner. Suddenly Nick was backing out of my girlfiend’s luscious arse. I thought he’d come up there, but no, he was still hard, and ready to issue his next set of instructions.”Swap round” he said “Lyn, you get in the chair, Jo’s going to eat you, and I’m going to fuck her while I watch”Lyn grinned and took my place, though she looked a bit concerned at the mess in the chair, but hey, she’d caused it.She hooked her stockinged legs over the arms of the chair, and very coyly (not) reached down with both hands and openedher pussy up for me.She was intensely pink and glistening inside, and outside there was foam forming between her labia. “Come on, baby” she whispered I came onI slipped my tongue inside her tight little hole.”Your HUSBAND fucked me up my bottom” she teased “I know” I murmured from down belowI was on all fours pleasuring her, and presently I felt my husband parting my buttocks as he had Lyn’s. I felt him lean on my ringpiece and his bare cock, all still well greased up, slipped into MY arse with practice,pumping, thrusting. Groaning.I moaned (with pleasure) as I lapped at my girl’s diamond-hard but elusively tiny little clit.She was playing with her little tits and watching closely my plating of her pussy, and idly observing, there at the back,my gorgeous husband fucking me up the a*se. He was really manhandling my buttocks, squeezing …and a bit of spanking. “Go on lick her, make her come, you fucking dirty sluts” he chuckledI was still incredibly nervous I have to say, at the thought of Nick taking the k**s off me, citing me as unfit or whatever,I had a huge ball of darkness inside, a feeling of trepidation, and it seemed to amplify how aroused I was, which was Guinness Book Of Records stuff, quite frankly. H*rniest woman in Europe, right now: Joanne P*******d !!I ended up with a finger up Lyn, what an amazingly tight little hole that is! I know some of you who will be reading thishave actually fucked her. You are very lucky!! WE ARE VERY LUCKY LOL !!! My other hand was pleasuring my OWN pussy, and the general area, I didn’t want to come too quickly myself. But I failed.uI just breathed in the musky scent of Lyn’s j*ices, all luscious and creamy on my tongue, and Nick was REALLY going at my arse, and I just CAME and CAME, I nearly collapsed in the process. “OH OH OH ! ” I groaned “You came?” my husband asked me I turned and nodded, flushed and moist eyed..”What about you, Lyn?” he enquired”In a sec in a SEC” she whispered and began to masturbate under my tongueing, so she’d got her fingers, my fingers and my tongue going at her. She succeeded moments later, bumping her smooth little mound against my mouth in her throes.Her beautiful face was burning, the flush spreading down to her cute little tits. Her eyes were almost closed in her aftermath. “Oooh” she giggled, stroking herself”WOW” enthused Nick from between my peachy buttocks, and, unspent I suspected, he gently withdrew with a pop.”Girls I need to go clean up”, he announced, “back in five”He disappeared upstairs and I heard the shower come on. “Sit in here” said Lyn to me”You want to go down on me again? Give me a BREAK!!” “No” she said “not for a bit, though I DO!” she grinnedShe sat me in the recliner… which was going to need some Leather Ultra – Clean from the Furniture village (£17.95)and jumped onto my lap for kisses and cuddles. She was playing with my tits as well, mind, but it was all very cute and cosy, and lovely LOVELY kisses.The door opened and my husband, still naked, STILL very ERECT was back with us.”That’s a sight for sore eyes, ladies!” she smiled “now pucker up because HERE COMES NICKY”He marched up to us holding his ultra-hard cock out for our joint attentions. He was in Lyn’s m*uth first then swapping to me, then back to Lyn. My f*nger were up Lyn’s cunt from beneath, just to add grist to the mill.I could feel her muscles gripping them as she fellated my husband.”Nicholas! Your WIFE is wanking me off while I suck your cock! Don’t you think that’s a bit RUDE?””OH fuck YES!” he agreed and I watched as my g*rlfriend swallowed and swallowed, taking all he had to offer, his compactbut istanbul escort muscly b*ttocks clenching and unclenching as he breathlessly pumped his load into her waiting mouthFinally her head stopped bobbing, as he gently stilled her with his hand, his head thrown back and his eyes closed in exctasy.”Mmmmmm” he said “fucking gorgeous..thankyou!” I felt a bit left out as Lyn was the cat that had got the cream. Which of course she had.A big pang of jealousy gripped me.HUGE Amygdala, insula, and anterior cingulate cortex shoved into high gearResult something between a panic attack and a hissy fit”Do you fancy a DRINK?” Nick asked us”I’ve just had one” giggled Lyn, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand “Some WINE I was thinking” Nick grabbed some glasses and divided Lyn’s bottle of Chardonnay between the three – so BIG measures.Within five minutes we had all drained our glasses. DONG! It hit our all-empty stomachs. None of us had eaten sincelunchtime. Nick was standing there in the middle of our lounge, LORD of all he surveyed, and by the time he’d drained his glass,he’d got a full h*rd on again ! Very impressive for a 35 year old. “Let’s get a cold bottle of bubbly, and all go to bed??” suggested Nick “Are you TIRED?” teased Lyn”No I am NOT” he laughed “I’m going to fuck both of you at least one more time before I get some rest, then we’ll go again” “Blimey” said Lyn, quietly At Nick’s bidding, Lyn led the way up the stairs, her n*ked b*m leading the way, Nick following her, clinkingwith bubbly and glasses, and keeping a close eye on her a*se. I brought up the rear, as it were. We arrived in the master bedroom, and it was in a mess. I suspected Nick had had his wank in our bed, whilst watching Lyn’s mpg file, thrown onto our bedroom TV. There was a soaked tissue in the bin.”Go and have a shower.. together” he said and opened the door to the en suite.I had a feeling we would not be left in privacy. I turned the water on and got into the walk-in shower. Lyn stripped her hold ups off and followed. Nick had poured three glasses of Cava, and was idly sipping his, standing in the doorway as he watched us.Lyn poured showergel into her hand and began soaping up my breasts. The nipples were quite erect before she started,but once she started manhandling them they were painfully hard. She was holding and massaging them more than actuallywashing. I absolutely forgot Nick was watchingI pushed her back against the wall of the cubicle.”Dirty little slut” I told her “someone needs their cunt cleaning” I grabbed some shower gel and thrust my hand between her legs. She almost resisted actually. {LYN: It was going to make me come, and I am not good at coming standing up. My legs go too weak!}She kissed me hungrily as my fingers slipped inside her hole – jesus so TIGHT!She started to b*te as she held on for dear life to the top of the cubicle, grunting :”OH fuck YEAH!”Once she’d recovered a bit, I turned my attention to her bum. A beautiful shapely heart shaped b*ttom she has We both have magnificent bottoms, but mine is bigger and curvier. I got her to bend over and I noticed she was locking eyes with my husband, as I thoroughly soaped her b*ttocks, then between them, then inside her bum. She flinched and groaned as my two soapy fingers cleaned her most thoroughly. “Need to clean your BOTTOM because MY husband came his fucking LOAD up there!” I whispered[Nit pickers – yes I KNOW he didn’t – I was freely fantasising – O-KAY?]Lyn knew I was freely fantastising so she didn’t rain on my parade.I gave her a little spank.”You’re done” I said She was washing her face”I have his sperm on my cheeks as well” she grinned Not sure if there was some, but as I have already made it clear DON’T interfere ! She pushed me then, placing an alabaster thigh against my crotch, now my bum was up against the cold glassgiving me shivers upon shivers. She kissed me forcefully and slipped her soapy fingers into my waiting cunt. Was my husband really still watching ? He was. And wanking, and drinking cava, but as soon as he finished his drink, he put the glass down and crammedinto the shower stall with us. We had to allow him some room because he’d got SUCH a fucking hard on! Lol”Girls, do as you’re told now. Jo – w*nk her right off, make her come, then I want to suck your fingers, THEN,I want you to take her in your dressing room and do all her make up, I want her looking like a porn star/whore. Do her hair, put your underwear on her, keep the minge out though, I want to be able to see that cute littlecunthole” Soo…. we did as we were told, Lyn was collapsing against the glass as my probing fingers frigged her off. My shiny fingers were offered to Nick’s thirsty mouth where he licked them clean. I took my Lyn into my dressing room and dried her off, and she towelled me. We kissed some more, in privacy this time. I sat her at my dressing table and made her up, using all my best Clinique products, and indeed she did look – astoundinglybeautiful though I say so myself – like a pornstar/whore. Like a thousand dollar call girl. Lots of heavy eye shadow,accentuating her big grey eyes, lots of blusher, her lips were a masterpiece , the brightest shiniest red. I don’t knowhow I managed so well, because my hands were hardly steady! I spent some minutes with hair volumizing products and her hair looked huge, real vintage p*rno. Like Traci Lords ! Finally I put her in a blue basque of mine, I had to put in on hooks #1 not #5 as when I wear it, and finally my st*ckngs clipped onto the basque. Her sh*ved pussy was left bare, as per Nick’s instructions. I did my own makeup then, I just made myself as beautiful as I can be, a bit over the top I suppose, but I had stiff competition that night, in my own bedroom, as stiff as my husband’s cock – for her! I remained naked. Just perfume. I held her hand with great affection and led her into our room. My room. Nick had a second glass of bubbly in the one hand, and his er*ct cock in the other, just stroking, not really pumping it. “Jesus” he said “you look amazing, Lyn” I gulped”You too, you’re the most beautiful woman in the world, Jo. You always will be. NOW…. help your friend get up on here, because she needs to s*t on my cock” Lyn gasped. “Firstly I want both of you on here, I want you to suck and lick my cock, together, I want you to get it as bigand as h*rd as it will possibly go. And then a bit more” he grinnedWe set to our task. Lyn was licking and sucking his big balls (that she said still felt alarmingly full) while I was at the head,gently licking around the crown. Nick has about eight inches when he’s at full stretch, and girth probably seven inches at the widest point at the base. All fully hairy, no male waxing, not on my watch anyway. Lyn grabbed her glass of bubbly and quickly necked it, before I helped her get astride my husband. “What about a condom, Nick?” Lyn asked He shook his head”I want to FEEL you properly. I’m going to come inside you as well. I don’t know if you’re on the pill or ..whatever,and I don’t care. You will just have to take it.”Lyn looked at me “You might give me babies, you’re very fertile” she warned himHe just shurugged He pointed at himself “GET ON THE cock”I had to help her get it in, he was so hard and she was so tight it was a struggle. She was incredibly wet which helped,as she sat right down onto my husband’s cock.”Oh my GOD that’s tight” he grunted “Am I like throwing sausages up an ALLEY, then?” I protested “No, no, you’re in great ..shape, but she.. Lyn’s just different, I mean I’ve not had sex with ..anyone else for..”[ I can’t remember the amount of years he said, but assuming he’d not fucked anyone else since we’d been togetherit was the wrong figure]”Do you want me to move?” asked Lyn, changing the subject rapidlyNick nodded, he grabbed her bum and moved her up and down on his thick shaft. He undid the top of her basque(MY basque actually) and got her little tits out, and fastened his mouth on them.”I’m VERY impressed with your cock, Nick!” she complimented him “you’re nice and big, and you’re SO fuckING HARD!”.Her arse was starting to pick up speed Moving up and downI had to stroke his meaty cock as it slipped in and out of her tight little cunt, slick with my friend’s juices, he shivered as I moved down to his balls and held them feeling their weight in my fingers.I leant forward and istanbul escort unhurriedly kissed Lyn’s bare shoulder as she fucked my husband, and I stroked her bum.”That’s REALLY good, Lyn. I love it. You’re a good fuck!” he complimented her “Have you ever got pregnant?”She didn’t say anything, she just shook her head. “Would you keep it if you did?” “I wouldn’t get rid of it..he or she”. She said “I’d get a nanny or au pair or something, but I’d have them, yes, and keep them”{Lyn: Why we started having this conversation I don’t know, by my responses were real and genuine. I don’t know if the thought tickled his fancy, but I felt him get bigger in me, and I thought ‘He’s going to shoot his l*ad in a minute’}Nick wouldn’t let Lyn get off him, or stop moving. He’d got her round the waist and pushing her down and liftingher up again. She started to collapse onto him, breathing harder and deeper. Nick’s hips pushed and pushed his cock right into her, his face set and teeth gritted. “OH OH OH” he moaned as he pulled Lyn into him for frantic kisses.She lay on top of him and crushed her scarlet mouth onto his “OOooooohhhh” said Lyn as she felt Nick pump all his hot come deep inside her pink, wet and unprotected insides. {Lyn: Oh god I didn’t HALF come!!}I came in and moved Lyn’s hair to get to kiss Nick, she was kissing his cheek while I had his mouth. I disappeared downstairs into the garage to grab another bottle of sparkling wine, and I hurried back to them, having opened it. She was lying on the bed next to him, still in the borrowed underwear, with her legs slightly apart.I could see traces of his come in the opening of her pussy.We all had another drink each. “How MANY women have you been with, babe?” Ha asked me (still addressing me as babe) “Well, you know about boarding school ?” I said, tentatively “How many were there, how many were there that you had s*x with?” he probed”Everyone” I said, “virtually everyone, sorry.” I looked down”Hey you were young and h*rny” said Lyn “And now you’re OLD and h*rny” teased Nick “How MANY since?””Lyn.. Nicole, Two” I said (this was at the time true) “NicOLE?” spluttered Nick, amazed “Lyn’s little mate with the BIG titS?” Lyn and I nodded “She’s a carpet muncher?” he blurted “No” I said emphatically “NONE of us are. We are b*sexual, IF that. For myself, I only fancy certain women. A very few.Nicole k** of cornered me in a hot tub, if you must know. It was VERY er*tic, You’d have loved it” I teased “I’ll BET I would” he smiled “Can you…get her round here?” “Ask Lyn” I said”Lyn, can you get her round here?” asked Nick”Now?” She was amazed “No, not now…. I’m too…. tired. Two weeks tonight?” He suggested “You ARE tired!” chuckled Lyn”This is the way it’s going to go down” Nick began “You two will continue to see each other on Fridays. Week one – as in this week – you willbe here, with me, and you will do what I want you to do. Week two, you stop at Lyn’s, do what you like. The weeks when you’rehere, then if I want to get somebody else along I will, and if I tell you to, then you get them here. How you do it is yourproblem. Clear?””CLEAR” we both said , together “And….” stressed Nick, “you know what I will do if you don’t comply. One text and Lyn’s house of cards falls down,and you , MRS, you think about what YOU have to lose. Every little thing” I nodded, my eyes were misted up. So Lyn chipped in there {Lyn: I had always wanted to watch them fuck. I’d seen video of Jo and her first fiance. He was fucking herup the a*se in the kitchen. A still from it is Jo’s profile pic on ES. I fancied Nick , as you could probably tell, and of course I fancy Jo like mad, and I do have a weakness for watching people have sex, watching up close and personal,and if they’re married or in a long term, I love it even more. It’s surprising how difficult it is to get this! Peopleget offended !!}”Are you back up and running, Nicholas? Could you get it up?” ventured Lyn”You want me?” asked Nick “Well…….” started Lyn, loooking down and blushing rather “I wondered if you’d like to MAKE LOVE to your INCREDIBLYSEXY ladywife here, with me here …watching… from about six inches away? Any chance? I can provide TIPS, you know, like coaching?””I LIKe the idea of that” said Nick, enthusiastically “and fine with us” (not that I had been consulted) “..providingyou get Nicole round here two weeks tonight” “Well, I will do my best, next time she’s in the UK on a Friday, for sure. I accept” agreed Lyn “Okay, what do you want us to do ?” enquired Nick “I want you to MAKE LOVE, Jo on her back. Face to face. Looking into each other’s eyes, all that. And I want Jo’s legshoisted over your shoulders, nice DEEP penetration.” So, closely following Lyn’s instructions he got me on my back, head on pillow. She lifted my legs up and over Nick’s muscularshoulders. Lyn got hold of Nick’s cock and sucked and wanked it to full rock hardness. She led him, and pushed it deep intomy cunt, all the way in, right up to his balls. “Oh GOD yes” I mooaned, staring deep into his eyes. He withdrew about half the length, and swiftly slammed it back into me really hard. “mMMM” I moaned “does that feel GOOD?” I gripped him as tight as I could. Lyn was stroking his gorgeous little arse and kissng his back”That’s it, that how she likes it. Talk to her, tell her how much you love her” she encouragedShe was fingering his balls, seeing how pulled into his body they were. “your husband isn’t there yet” she whispered in my ear, then she snuggled in to kiss me , and suck my tits. It was HEAVEN, at the very least. With lots of encouraging kisses and strokes from our ‘tutor’ who had was at one point str*king Nick’s gleaming sh*ft as it rocked in and out of me.{Lyn: Guilty}As Nick leaned down to engage me in incredibly s*xy kisses, a luridly lipsticked mouth fastened itself round my near nipplewhich was SO sensitive, so hugely – h*rd and she s*cked me up to heaven.”Jo……. I LOVE you” he groaned”I love you TOO!” I panted Nick and I c*me together, as soon as she sh*t his l*ad really deep inside me, I was c*ming, again and again, the multipleof multiples I was virtually screaming the place down.Lyn had to get her hand over my mouth! Nick was covered in a sheen of sweat as was I, and he left his cock in me to soak for a moment before he gently withdrew.He told me later he was going to make Lyn s*ck it, but he didn’t.{Lyn: I WOULD have! Lol }Lyn said she was SO h*rny now, would someone PLEASE help her c*me. At Nick’s suggestion I got the largest rabbit I own down off the top of the wardrobe and Lyn got herself arranged, st*ckinged legs as wide as they would go. I had a little l*ck first, recovering a few dribbles of my husband’s sperm as I went, and then I introduced the vibe into hercunt hole. She flinched as it was bigger than she was used to, I cooed that she needed to relax her muscles. Eventually I managed to cram the first six inches or so into her, as I’ve mentioned before she’s very VERY tight.I got the rabbit ears lined up on her clit and revved it up, she got Nick to come and s*ck her nipples as she quickly c*me for England. There was so much juice on the duvet we had to get all the bedding in the wash and put new on.At sometime during the night we slept arranged left to right Lyn, me , Nick. He was asleep and snuggled up to me, his spent cock nestling between my b*ttocks. I awoke at some point and felt he was h*rd again. I gently woke my partner in crime and told her. I rolled him onto his back and we pulled the duvet off him, and moved in together to give him a double bl*w job.I took his balls and Lyn got her subtle little tongue working on the head. He awoke slowly, and directed us. He wanted my finger up his bum, so I crammed it up there for him, he was driven on pushing further into Lyn’s mouth than she likes, but a quick bite soon deterred him.We continued to pleasure him for some forty five minutes until he told us he was about to come, so I wanted it this time,Lyn moved off and she wnked him very gently and slowly onto my extended, waiting tongue. There was still sperm to be had, which was remarkable,really.This was the end of the encounter, and it took four weeks rather than two to get Nicole along to join in. That night Nick was really on top of his game, let me tell you. Worth a part 2, again if this gets 10’s we’re on, if YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE chips in with his 7’s and 5’s thenforget it. Nick and I are divorced now, but this happy arrangement did go on for some two years, with many GUEST STARS!!Lyn and I still have our nights out together on Fridays and every other week we keep it just she and I. Jo xxxxxx

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