Convict Lake


Convict Lake

Convict lake is nestled in a moraine crotch of the Eastern Sierra. Formed millions of years ago, the valley slowly filled in by sediment from melting ice sheets known as glaciers. Over thousands of years, the shifting ice ground away granite and left it as the only evidence of their titanic forces. When the valley tail filled with moraine a lake basin formed capturing the runoff from the high mountains. Now a vacation spot for valley folks looking for quiet and a place to escape the valley heat.

The story of Convict Lake echoes of the past wild country, cattle, gold, and gambling. It was once known as Monte Diablo Lake. Something about the Mount of the Devil. One devilish story says several convicts escaped from Carson City Jail and hid out at this spot. There they held off the posse sent to bring them back. Two members of the posse were killed near the lake. From there the stories vary; some say all the convicts received frontier justice on the spot, some say two were hanged for killing the slain posse members, and some other mixed stories.

Now it is a vacation destination far from the busy cities of Southern California and the sin and gambling of Nevada’s old mining towns. Families come here every Summer to enjoy the spectacular views, vistas and quiet nature of the area. Local businesses have taken the stories of Convict Lake and created a themed village. One such business is the pack station. Horses for rent, ride or carrying gear and people into the back country for camping.

The horse, or greenhorn handlers all wear faded yellow jumpsuits just like convicts, with numbers on the front and the words “Convict Lake Jail” on the back. Many visitors have never ridden horses let alone seen one up close. So, the ‘convicts’ guide groups on horseback around large pens. They call out commands and keep an open eye on the city slickers. If the visitors have some experience they can ride on trails by the pack station.

Tilly and Jake are two of the handlers working the crowds of greenhorns. Yesterday, Saturday the crowds were thick and Jake was hovering around the more attractive girls while Tilly was having to keep an eye on the rest. When Sunday comes the crowds thin out for Church services held in the nearby town of Bishop. A small crowd of young kids and old ladies were lined up at the gate. Tilly looked at Jake and nodded. The sign for ‘Time to get the show going.’

Jake, Tilly and the other ‘convicts’ head towards the crowd. A family van pulls up and out steps a plain looking young woman in her Sunday best; a long sleeved button down shirt, a pleated dress almost to the knees, ankle socks and flats. She was thin with mousy brown hair pulled back in a tight pony tail. Something black covered her legs to just below her hemline. Maybe spandex pants like a bicycle rider would wear. As the family van headed away the young woman ducked out of sight.

The handlers started their introduction to the crowd asking how many have ridden before. Then they separated them into groups; those that could ride the trail on their own and those that could not. As they guided the group to the stables they heard the bathroom door slam. Jake spun around. There was the young woman Kelly, her black leggings were gone, her shirt pulled loose, sleeves rolled and her skirt was hitched up to her thin waist. The hemline now well above her knees.

Her long skinny legs appeared even longer like this. She went from Churchy to Trashy in just a few minutes. Wendy knew today she was the most attractive girl in the crowd. She stopped after a couple steps and squeezed her knees together, her face went flush and she cleared her throat. No one noticed except Jake and Tilly. Kelly walked forward cautiously at first then more deliberate until she rejoined the crowd.

Jake smelled blood in the water, or at least her scent on the wind and instinctively heading towards her. Tilly knew what he was thinking and put a firm hand on his chest. She looked him sternly in the eye and shook her head, No. The tension was palpable. The two stared at each other for a moment. They looked like two convicts deciding who gets the new kid, the fresh meat. Tilly remembered seeing Kelly with her family yesterday. A couple times she wondered if Kelly was enjoying the movement of the ride a bit more than the average rider. The fact that she was back again today stirred Tilly’s imagination. She wanted first dibs.

Yesterday Kelly wore loose faded jeans and a crumpled tee shirt. Today she looked completely different. Tilly suspected she must have been all set to go to Church this morning when she won the argument to skip it to ride the horses for some unknown reason. Tilly had an idea. Something else was going on. Kelly’s sudden change of dress and the way she was acting. Her walk seemed sensitive, almost labored. Her expression guarded but excited. Tilly had the idea that Kelly would be riding more than horses today. Time would tell. She smiled at Jake and turned to intercept her charge.

Tilly introduced herself to Kelly and brought her to a horse. “This is Marshall. He’s a very special horse. Very obedient and smart. He’s been trained for parade and show.” Kelly brushed the horse’s neck. “Hello, Marshall.” Kelly couldn’t help but notice Marshall’s muscular physique. Tilly helped Kelly place one foot in a stirrup to climb into the saddle. As Kelly lifted herself up over Tilly’s head Tilly noticed Kelly’s undercarriage. Bare skinned and pale, probably never seen the sun.

As Kelly swung one leg over Marshall’s wide saddle, Tilly couldn’t help but watch. Her skinny legs blended right up to her tiny red rump. Only a thin white line rode the crack between her cheeks. When Kelly landed on the saddle a short gasp escaped her lips. Tilly looked up at Kelly, “Everything OK?” Kelly nodded settling into the saddle, her eyes wide and a funny grin across her face. Tilly looked at her with a questioning look. Kelly took a deep breath and relaxed into the saddle with a smile, “I’m good.”

Then Tilly went to help Jake and the others. Kelly glanced from time to time at Jake. He and Tilly were getting everyone to their mounts. Once they were all saddled up, the groups were pointed to the trail or the arena. Each group filed out to their respective directions. Kelly was now watching Jake intently. Tilly came back to check on Kelly who looked impatient but focused. “Are you ready for the best ride you’ve ever had?” Kelly looked surprised, Ankara escort almost guilty. “What? What do you mean?” Tilly just smiled, “Marshall. Walk!”

Tilly grabbed Marshall’s lead as he walked by and led them around towards the crowd of other riders on their mounts. They entered the arena and formed a circle to start the ride. As they slowly walked around the fence line Tilly watched as Kelly wiggled a little in the saddle. The steady rocking of Marshall’s saddle kept Kelly smiling. She had been glancing around trying to catch Jake’s attention until now. Now she was vacant. Her mouth went dry and her upper lip curled exposing her teeth like a dog getting a deep itch scratched. Tilly thought to herself, ‘that didn’t take long.’ She wasn’t the only one to notice. Some of the older women who were regretting their youth, watched her and acted disgusted by her display. Something they miss or wish they had in their aging lives.

“Marshall. Here!” ordered Tilly. The older women turned away. Kelly felt suddenly embarrassed, guilty even. She looked around. Maybe this was a mistake she thought to herself. Her stomach dropped. She had planned to celebrate her Birthday by enjoying herself, not sit in church with her family. Her plan had taken shape yesterday when she was here with her family. The wonderful rocking of the horse’s saddle was intoxicating. She woke this morning with her hands between her legs after dreaming of Jake the handler, even tho he had ignored her completely. Kelly’s frustration over Jake paying all his attention to the cute flirty girls made her angry. She wanted to show him what he was missing.

Marshall turned out of the lineup on command. He stopped in front of Tilly, “You OK there?” she said looking up at Kelly. Kelly was flush. She licked her lips and shook slightly, “Um hum.” Her eyes were bright but unfocused. She was unconsciously shifting her hips in the saddle. Marshall may have stopped but she was still grinding. The excitement was building quicker than Kelly had anticipated. Tilly was intrigued. Kelly began to wonder if she had bitten off more than she could… chew. Tilly could see it in her eyes, “Let’s get you some water and take you to a quieter place.” Kelly blushed, her shyness took over and she could only nod her head. Tilly used hand signs to let Jake know they were going to the back arena. Jake grinned, ‘lucky.’

As they headed away from the crowd Tilly asked, “Are you going to tell me what’s going on here?” Kelly felt that wave of guilt again. She swallowed hard, “Its my Birthday. I… didn’t want to spend it in church.” Tilly gave her water, “Your Birthday?” Things started to make some sense. “So, you’re looking to have some fun? Maybe I can help you… Will you trust me?” Kelly felt something familiar in her words. The water helped settle her nerves and Kelly didn’t want to stop. She swallowed another gulp and meekly responded, “Ok.” Tilly made a clicking sound and Marshall headed towards the back of the property. Kelly groaned as the movement settled into the saddle again.

Tilly told Kelly that Marshall likes to hear his rider call out ‘Yee Haw!’ “It gets him excited. Try it.” The motion of the saddle under Kelly kept her breathless. She could only squeak out a lite ‘yee haw…’ while her hips shifted back and forth. She felt embarrassed again as she realized the movement was driving her focus away from the conversation. She was floating in her own little fantasy. Tilly told her try it again. Only louder. Kelly worked up her breath, “Yee Haw!”

With that Marshall kicked up his back legs causing Kelly to be lifted from the saddle and dropped back down. “Fuck!” she called out with wanton abandon. Tilly was certain now that Kelly was riding something more than just the horse. She watched Kelly groan and grind a little into the saddle. “Was that good? Marshall liked it.” Marshall turned his long muscular neck and looked back, his eyes wide and his nostrils flared. He snorted and shook his head. Kelly caught her breath, “Um hum…” Tilly liked it as well. She was going to enjoy giving Kelly a birthday surprise she wouldn’t soon forget.

In the back arena there was no one around. Tilly thought it was the best spot. No crowd, no horses. All they could hear was the nearby waterfall. Perfect white noise to drowned out screams of pleasure. Tilly led Marshall around the ring once before moving to the center and calling out commands. Marshall was good. He stayed along the perimeter walking, waiting for the next instructions. Occasionally he would look around and sniff the air. As Kelly rocked back and forth in the saddle her lip curled again. She was getting close, Tilly could feel it.

“Marshall. Trot!” Immediately Marshall began a powerful trot which caused Kelly to be lifted from the saddle. Her skirt flared up exposing her little ass with each step. His strong legs bounced Kelly in the saddle, “Fuck, fuck, fuck” came Kelly’s voice. Quiet at first, but as Marshall’s relentless strength kept pounding Kelly up and down her voice climbed until. “Oh Fuck, Yes!” Kelly’s face went red and she grabbed the saddle horn and held on. She didn’t want to fall off. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and her mouth fell open. Tilly felt a little tingling of her own.

“Marshall. Walk!” Again Marshall obeyed. He slowed to a walking pace that rocked Kelly gently in the saddle. Kelly was still climaxing with the gentle motion stretching out her pleasure. Tilly could see Kelly shake and spasm. Tilly was getting excited watching Kelly’s orgasm. She unzipped her jumpsuit and slid one hand down inside. Kelly was coming down from her high but the constant rocking was keeping her from resting. She was dazed from the powerful orgasm that just kept going.

“Marshall. Trot!” Kelly moaned and looked over at Tilly. She could see Tilly’s bra and bare skin through the open jumpsuit. Tilly was grinning with one hand down to her crotch. Kelly felt a yearning for flesh. Her mouth had been dry but now was suddenly filled with saliva. When Marshall obeyed Tilly’s command, Kelly began bouncing in the saddle again. “Fuck, fuck fuck…” It didn’t take long before Kelly was ready to cum again. Her head swimming and she was breathless as she neared the top of another mountain. Tilly watched and rubbed herself deeply joining Kelly in her pleasure. Kelly closed her eyes.

“Oh God! It’s a big one!” Kelly leaned forward on Marshall’s strong neck, her arms wrapped around to hold on as she bounced Ankara escort bayan in the saddle. The sensations flushed through Kelly’s sensitive young body. She lifted herself off the saddle with her legs but that only increased the pounding of the saddle between her legs. The sound becoming more of a wet slap with each bounce. “FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!” then Kelly collapsed in the saddle. Tilly was enjoying the scene and getting very excited herself. She rubbed herself vigorously before having a little orgasm of her own.

“Marshall. Walk!” The mighty horse returned to a walk as Kelly moaned and tried to recapture her breath. “Marshall really likes you.” Tilly said, “Take a look.” Kelly was squinting, unable to focus, trying to make out what Tilly was talking about. Tilly was pointing under the horse. Kelly looked down and saw Marshall’s huge member swaying back and forth. It was massive and it caused Kelly to gasp. Her legs shook in the stirrups as she watched Marshall’s studly member sway. She couldn’t imagine something that big doing what it was meant to do.

Kelly sat up grinding her ass into the saddle again, ‘It’s so big’ she thought to herself. Marshall turned his head looking at Kelly. His lip was curled like hers had been. He snorted in the air breathing in Kelly’s scent. “Marshall. UP!” called Tilly. Marshall kicked his back legs out then jumped in the air like a bucking bronco. Kelly instinctively squeezed her legs together to keep from flying off. She knew he was going to be strong and forceful. But, she was still flush and weak. Kelly felt like she was floating in the air and time seemed to slow. She was flush and her body tingled as she glided through the air.

When she finally came down it was more of a crash as the saddle spanked against her very red bottom. Her strength was sapped and she could barely hang on as the saddle slapped against her bottom over and over again. Kelly squeezed her eyes closed, “OH GOD!” Kelly was loosing it and Tilly was loving it. She watched as Kelly climaxed again, wobbled and jerked. Kelly’s skirt was dancing in the air exposing her pale bottom. She floated in the air just before slamming back into the saddle over and over. Kelly kept coming, her body torn from multiple orgasms. But time was up. The ride was over. “Marshall. Here!”

Tilly didn’t want it to stop as she was enjoying herself tremendously. She reluctantly pulled her hand from between her legs, took Marshall’s lead and walked him towards the barn. “I think you both deserve a rest in the shade. Don’t you?” Kelly was weak, her body jerking, her head leaning on Marshall’s neck again. She groaned with each step of the muscular horse. Her body still racked with spasms. She couldn’t answer Tilly’s question or tell where she was. Kelly was having the best birthday ever.

In the cool barn Tilly helped Kelly from Marshall’s back and let her collapse in a pile of straw. There was a great dark spot on the saddle where Kelly had creamed over and over. Tilly put Marshall in his stall and removing the saddle, toweled him off with great care and attention then returned to Kelly. “Have you ever been with another girl before?” Kelly was drunk with her orgasms. The desire for physical contact flooded her body. She bared her soul to Tilly.

Kelly mumbled on and on that she had only been with girls. None of the boys liked her skinny body. She said she wants a real cock so bad. So her and her friend(s) took turns being the boys they could never get because they were too shy or too plain, or both. They took each other’s virginity with a dildo. They put that toy in every hole as they played out scenario after scenario in preparation for the day they got a real man. Tilly stripped off her convicts clothes and stood there staring at Kelly’s heaving body. Tilly wore a lace bra and matching G-string panties. Tilly slid one hand to her breast and the other to her crotch.

Kelly lifted her skirt to show Tilly what she had already figured out. Her wet panties had a bulge in them, a perfect circle from the suction cup on the end of a dildo. Tilly bent down and kissed Kelly’s panties smelling her young scent. She turned to Kelly’s face and her young lips for an affectionate kiss. Then she stood, walked over Kelly’s still heaving body and slid off her panties. She was wet, hungry for pleasure. She knelt down over Kelly’s face and watched.

Kelly didn’t hesitate. She weakly guided Tilly’s pussy to her mouth and she began kissing and licking Tilly’s sensitive folds. Kelly’s hands began to roam, brushing sensitive skin and grabbing from time to time. She knew from practice what felt the best. Tilly was in heaven. Kelly may not have experienced a man but she is experienced with another woman. Tilly had an orgasm right away. She heard Jake’s voice in the distance. She knew he would be looking for them. Maybe Kelly’s ride wasn’t really over.

“Let’s change positions. Maybe we can help you with your… a… problem.” Kelly didn’t know what she meant. Tilly moved back in the stable to a taller pile of straw. Kelly rolled over and weakly crawled on all fours following Tilly’s pussy to cooler, darker spaces. Kelly returned to working Tilly’s crotch. “Stay up on your knees, young lady.” Tilly instructed. Kelly like Marshall, complied. Kelly was learning Tilly liked to be in charge and Jake knew it.

Jake came around the corner to find Kelly’s young butt poking out from under her hitched up skirt. The thin line of her panties and the distorted triangle of material covering her treasure and her toy. Jake looked at Tilly for guidance. “Don’t be frightened.” Tilly said reaching down and grabbing Kelly’s head. Kelly dug deeper using her tongue to penetrate the depths between Tilly’s legs. Kelly wanted it all. The horse ride had driven her to multiple orgasms, she felt she had found a new friend and she felt driven to see it through.

Tilly gave Jake a nod. Jake knelt behind Kelly and brushed against her distorted panties. He could feel the obvious dildo and wiggled it. Kelly jerked and pushed back. Jake grabbed the end of the dildo through the panties and jerked it around. Kelly groaned through Tilly’s pussy. Jake spanked her lightly before sliding the panties down. He noticed something else, “What’s this?” Tilly was curious and looked at Jake as if to say ‘what?.’ “There’s something going into her ass… a wire.” He pulled on it.

Kelly jumped. Jake kept pulling as Tilly held Kelly’s head in her crotch. The wire Escort Ankara finally pulled free to expose a vibrating egg. It was dancing away like a fish on the end of a line. “A vibrator? She’s a wild one. She’s got a dildo in her pussy and a vibrator in her ass.” Kelly felt ashamed and embarrassed again. Kelly tried to talk, “Don’t…” Tilly calmed her, “It’s OK. Don’t be shy. Nothing’s wrong. Keep going.” Tilly rubbed her pussy against Kelly’s open mouth. Even tho her heart was pounding Kelly returned to licking and probing.

Jake stroked the dildo in and out and Kelly relaxed and began groaning. Then he stuck a finger into her ass hole. Kelly squeaked then sped up. Tilly smiled, “I think she likes it.” Jake alternated pushing between the dildo and his finger until Kelly quivered. “I do think she likes it.” He stuck his finger in all the way. Kelly pushed back, squeezed his finger and stroked it. Tilly made a clicking sound and he stopped. Jake, like Marshall knew the signals and slipped off his jumpsuit then moved next to Kelly’s head.

“Have you ever sucked a real dick before?” Tilly asked lessening her grip on Kelly’s head. Kelly opened her eyes to see a wondrous sight, Jake’s big dick. A real dick, right next to her mouth. It was thick and sticking straight out from his dark pubic hair. His musk was thick in the air. She wanted it. Wanted to know how it felt, how it tasted. Tilly finally let go of Kelly’s head as Jake pushed his half limp rod towards Kelly’s face. Kelly turned to accept it and sucked it in. She moaned and licked, sucked and gagged. In moments Kelly was pushing herself against his big meat.

There was no forced entry here. Kelly must have practiced a lot with a dildo because she was sucking like a mad woman on Jake’s dick. Jake stiffened quickly. Kelly tried her best to swallow as much of his length as she could. Tilly pushed on the back of Kelly’s head until she gagged with that big dick nearly all the way in. Jake reached back to the dildo and pumped it in and out. She was wet, oozing with slime. His fingers were quickly covered with her juices. He slid two fingers deep into her ass hole. Kelly just groaned around his meat without stopping.

Jake pulled away leaving Kelly’s mouth wanting more. Tilly grabbed Kelly’s head pulling her forward and kissing her lips. Jake moved behind with his fingers still in Kelly’s little butt. Jake slid the dildo out of Kelly’s pussy and slid his stiff dick in. Kelly shook. Tilly whispered into Kelly’s ear, “That’s how a real cock feels. Do you like it?” Kelly quivered with the realization, “Um hum.” Then she arched her back and pushed. Jake pushed his way in until he felt the entrance to her womb. Kelly was quaking as she thought to herself, ‘my first cock.’

Jake slid back a little and pumped a couple more times as Tilly and Kelly kissed. He wiggled his fingers in her ass while he drove her wild with his pumping dick. Kelly started mumbling, “Fuck, fuck, fuck” into Tilly’s mouth with each pump. Then Jake pushed all the way in to Kelly’s womb. Kelly looked up into Tilly’s eyes, her face went red and she bucked, “FUCK!” Tilly laughed kindly, “Good, huh?” Kelly was in heaven. Her first orgasm on a real cock.

Jake slid back out. Kelly collapsed onto Tilly’s body, her breath heaving, her body jerking with her orgasm. As Kelly found herself again she reached back to pull on her butt cheeks. She wanted it all. Tilly nodded and Jake lined up his slick dick with Kelly’s moist ass hole. He pressed the head in. Kelly squeaked between spasms but didn’t protest. Jake pulled out and spanked her hard. Kelly groaned, “Fuck me!” Tilly smiled with excitement and nodded again.

Jake pushed into her ass again, deeper this time. Kelly pushed back up onto her knees looking for Tilly’s pussy. She dove in working it hard. Jake took that as a good sign and began slowly working his meat shaft deeper and deeper. Her ass was tight as expected, but she wasn’t afraid. Kelly began humping against Jake’s dick. Her tiny bottom split by Jake’s big meat. Tilly held Kelly’s head tight against her pussy, “You like that cock in your ass?” Kelly just groaned forcefully.

When Jake pushed his hips against Kelly’s skinny little ass for the first time, Kelly shook. She realized his hard cock was buried deeper than any dildo had gone before. The feeling of a real man’s dick buried to the balls in her ass was ecstasy. As he pumped, his hips bumped against her sensitive bottom again and again. Her body tingled as she felt things she never knew she would. Jake pulled back and pumped all the way in again. Kelly stopped licking and just held on to Tilly’s body.

Jake began pumping long slow strokes until Kelly broke her silence, “OH GOD! So BIG! Don’t… Stop!” Kelly’s body froze and Tilly knew Kelly was having the biggest climax her young body had ever experienced. Jake kept pumping firmly filling her ass with cock. Kelly started to shake from her core and whine. Jake kept pumping. Kelly jerked and thrashed her weak body through waves of ecstasy. She squeaked with each wave. Jake kept pumping.

After a few minutes Kelly finally wound down. Her body limp and jumping occasionally. Jake pulled out, inserted the dildo and vibrator back into their places and slid her panties back on. He spanked her hard, “Hope you enjoyed the day. We did.” Tilly smiled, “Its her Birthday.” Jake looked surprised, “Well, Happy Birthday to you!” Tilly put on her jumpsuit and helped Kelly up, straightened her dress and shirt.

Kelly wobbled on weak legs, leaning between Jake and Tilly as they made their way to the front of the barn. Her body still drunk from the excitement and orgasms. Her brain blank. A voice called out from the parking lot, “Kelly!?” Tilly whispered in Kelly’s ear, “I think your ride is here.” Kelly snapped back to reality. She went into Mother mode; checking herself, quickly putting her spandex shorts back on, adjusted the waistband of her dress so it slid down to her hips and showed less of her legs. She looked dazedly at Tilly, “Parents.” Jake reached under her dress and pushed the dildo deep one more time. “Enjoy the ride to your cabin.”

Jake and Tilly pushed her towards her mother, “Happy Birthday! Come back any time.” Kelly stumbled off towards the parking lot, occasionally turning to wave ‘Thank You.’ The trashy girl was gone again. The proper and protected girl returned in her place. Her fine dress and proper decorum masking the vibrator and dildo still wiggling inside her. She got her birthday wish; her first cock. She got to suck it, fuck it and had it buried balls deep in her ass. This was truly the birthday she would never forget.

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