Subject: Cooped up 2 The next morning, we were woken up by Dad pounding on the door and calling us down for breakfast. I rub the sleep out of my eyes and looked over to Shane, yawning and stretching. Could not help but notice we both were sporting morning wood. “Good morning and happy birthday, pipsqueak! Wanna start the big day with a jerk off season?” I asked him with a grin, shaking my hips a little. Shane’s face turned crimson and without saying anything he threw his pillow at me and went off to the bathroom. I generously decided to let this act of brotherly rebellion slide and gave my hardon a few tugs deciding against jerking off. I could smell the food and my stomach was growling, so I didn’t bother to put some clothes on and went down to the kitchen. Dad had prepared a pretty big breakfast with a bit of everything. Eggs and bacon, pancakes with chocolate syrup and toasted slices of baguette with tomatoes and mozzarella! When I sat down, Dad looked at me with a frown on his face. “Michael, it is your brother’s birthday. Couldn’t you at least put on some clothes?”, he complained with a disapproving frown. Having already started to load my plate with food, I flashed him a grin and replied: “Nope! Food was more important. Also, I don’t think he cares!” Dad rolled his eyes at me and went back to prepping some food. Shane came in a moment later, saw me and blushed. Before he could sit down and grab some food, Dad gave him a big bear hug. “Happy birthday kiddo! Can’t believe your 16 already, growing up so fast.”, he said, holding Shane in an iron grip. “Dad, let go! You’re gonna break my ribs!”, Shane rolled his eyes and tried to push Dads face away, who was rubbing his beard stubbles on Shane’s face. After breakfast was over, Dad kicked us out of the kitchen to prepare the cake and snacks for later. The rest of the afternoon was pretty uneventful, Shane had some video calls with friends, and we played some games together. When evening came, Dad called me to set the table (this time insisting on me wearing at least shorts and a shirt) and get the presents ready. After eating some cake and Shane unwrapping his present, we debated on a fun activity. “How about poker? I got a set from college; we can teach pipsqueak how to play!” I suggested. Shane threw a piece of muffin at me: “I’m not a pipsqueak AND I know how to play poker!” That earned him a bit of a skeptical look from both me and Dad, but the decision was made. I went to grab the poker set as well as couple beers and a bag with some shot glasses and Fireball Whiskey. Dad saw the alcohol and gave me one of his disapproving looks. “Michael, I don’t…” he started to complain. I interrupted him: “Come on Dad, he’s 16 and has to spent it locked up at home with his old man and awesome older brother. Besides better to try it under your supervision than at some random house party, right?” Dad seemed conflicted but eventual sighed and started to make room on the table. Shane was sitting there with the facial expression of an eager puppy, kinda adorable. Cards were shuffled, beer was passed around and after a few games it became quite clear that Shane despite being the youngest was an equal opponent. While poker for points was fun and at all it was time to spice things up a bit. “How about we raise the stakes kurtköy escort a little?”, I suggested. Dad frowned again. “We will not gamble for money, Michael.” “No not money! I’m broke as it is anyway. So how about strip poker? Its just us guys! Besides, it is summer, I’m hot as hell.” Shane started to spit and cough a bit of the beer he was drinking, is eyes darting between me and Dad. Dads reaction was quite a surprise: “Sure, why not? I’m kinda getting warm myself. Not like you boys don’t lounge around in your underwear all day anyway.”, he said. Shane seemed a bit unsure but before he could say anything, I already started shuffling the cards. Dad meanwhile grabbed the shot glasses and poured some whiskey for all of us. He lifted his glass and said: “A quick toast to my little boy growing into a fine man!” “Hear ye, hear ye!” I answered and we downed our drinks. Shane looked a bit skeptical but then followed suit. He started coughing and grimaced quickly washing the whiskey down with some soda. His reaction made Dad chuckle. Now the real fun began. Before it was just meaningless points, now our clothes and were on the line! The first victim was Dad, but he took the easy route and simply removed his socks (which count as ONE piece of clothing as per Shane’s and my protest). I was the next to lose, swiftly dropping my pants. Dad was right, I preferred to just sit there in boxers anyway. Shane was next, following my example and although a bit more reserved, dropped his pants and revealed a snuck pair of dark blue boxer briefs. Since each of us had lost once, another round of shots was poured. Damn! I lost another round. I stood up and pulled my shirt over my head, giving my chest a quick rub. Dad gave an approving whistle, apparently proud of the nice, fit body his son had. Shane, was staring at me seemed almost a bit transfixed until Dad gave him a nudge to start the next round. Shane lost again, also taking his shirt of. He seemed a lot more confident, probably fueled a bit by liquid courage. Dads reaction surprised me again, has he began feeling Shane’s chest and abs. “Looking good son. Proud to have two handsome kids. Keep it up!” Shane stared at Dads hand roaming over his body, feeling his slim but toned figure. This had a pretty clear effect, his cock began to grow, a pretty visible outline in his boxer briefs. But he was not bothered by any of this, he rather seemed to enjoy the attention. The game continued! For Shane and Me it came down to a thread, we both had only our underwear left. Dad lost the next round, taking his shirt off with a cocky grin on his face. And his confidence was well deserved! Despite being in his late 40s, he had been keeping in shape. His pecs were toned, his abs looked better than mine and his biceps an impressive size. Have to admit, Shane and I were both staring admiring the man who made, who raised us. Dad was definitely enjoying the attention, leaning back and placing his hands behind his head, clearly showing off his body. Another round began! Dad lost this one as well. He seemed more hesitant to take his pants off, actually stalling a bit for time as he began to pour another round of shots. “Pants off! Pants off! Pants off! Pants off!”, Shane and I began to chant. “Alright, alright!”, Dad said with sheepish aydıntepe escort grin on his face, dropping his pants. He was standing in front of us, wearing nothing but a jockstrap. One, that I would say, was definitely a bit to small for its content. Shane could not help himself and was staring straight at Dads package. The outline of his erection still clearly visible, with a small wet spot forming on his boxer briefs. I have to admit, my own dick was starting to chub up. Dad looked at Shane with a strange look on his face before sitting down. The three of us took another shoot of whiskey and began the last round. Shane was having a difficult time; the alcohol had some effect on him and his arousal made it difficult to concentrate. He lost the round. He stood up, looked at both of us, took a deep breath and removed his underwear. His hard erection sprung up, a small string of pre-cum hanging from it. He stood there, a bit unsure of what to do, so I too stood up and dropped my boxers, freeing my now hard cock and giving it a couple strokes. Dad followed suit, taking off his jockstrap. He was not quite hard yet, but it was impressive even in it half flaccid state. We all sat down again, just slightly rubbing our erections, without a word being said. Dad was now hard, is dick was quite impressive. Not that long, but thick with a pronounced head. After a while, Dad spoke up. “This reminds a bit of my college days. Fooling around with my friends. Fuck, I miss those days.” I closed my eyes, stroking my dick and thinking about my own fun days at college. “Yeah, I really can’t wait to get a good blowjob again.” Shane was quiet for a moment and then asked very quiet almost whispering voice: “What does it feel like?” Dad and I looked at each other. Before I could answer, Dad stood up and kneeled in front of Shane. He grabbed Shane’s hand and placed in on his head, when lowered his mouth and gave Shane’s dick a kiss, before taking it into his mouth. Shane gasped and instinctively pushed his hips up to get more of his dick into Dads mouth. Dad was using one hand to feel Shane’s chest, playing with his nipples. I stood up and move closer to Shane, presenting him my erection. And he eagerly took it into his mouth, his moaning sending wonderful vibration through my dick. I stroked his hair, gently pushing him just a bit deeper. He began to gag a bit, but was slowly getting more and more inches of my hard dick into his mouth. He was swirling his tongue around my head, lapping all that pre-cum up. Shane was cumming all too soon. Letting my dick fall out of his mouth, he began moaning like crazy, moving his hands over Dads head until he tensed up and began to unload into Dads mouth. Dad took it like a champ, although he did not swallow. His mouth still full of cum, he lifted the slightly dazed Shane by the hip and moved him onto the couch. He laid Shane on his back, lifted his lacks to expose his ass and let the cum drool onto Shane’s hole. With kisses and licks Dad used his tongue to try and push Shane’s own cum into his hole. Shane again began moaning like crazy, his dick still completely hard. I moved closer to Shane again, kneeling at his head and guiding my dick back into his mouth. From this position, I could feel the movement in his throat as he began to try tuzla içmeler escort and take my dick as deep as possible. Dad meanwhile was eagerly lapping and tongue fucking Shane’s hole. One hand was spreading Shane’s cheeks, with his other he was slowly jerking off. Rubbing one finger across his dickhead, smearing it with pre-cum, he began to slowly rub that finger on Shane’s hole, pushing carefully until it got in. I started to fuck Shane’s face, slowly, trying to hold back for now and letting him getting plenty of air to make it easy for him. I rubbed his chest, comforting him and trying to make him relax, so he could enjoy the new sensation Dad was giving him, watching as a second finger followed the first. Shane himself was grabbing my ass with one hand, pushing me into his mouth a bit, while slowly jerking his still sensitive cock. After some time, Dad got up, reached under the pillow of his favorite armchair and pulled up a used tube of lube, making me wonder what activities went down in the living room when Shane and I are not home. He popped the tube open and spread it onto his dick, mixing the lube and his pre-cum to a slick mess. He then moved between Shane’s legs and began to rub his dickhead up and down Shane’s ass. I took my dick out of Shane’s mouth and lifted his head, so he could look at his own father penetrating his virgin hole. Dad ever so slowly pushed into his sons hole. Shane tensed up a bit, so I began to rub his chest again to calm him. Then it happened, Dads dick popped in and slowly inch by inch his fatherly rod disappeared into Shane’s tight hole. Shane gasped, his hands clutching my thighs tightly. Dad bend down, taking Shane’s head and pressing their lips together, holding his dick deep in Shane’s ass. Shane moaned and Dad began to kiss him in earnest. Slowly Dad began to move his hips, pulling out until only the head remained inside and slowly pushing back in. After couple slow thrust, Dad leaned back, grabbed Shane’s legs and began to fuck him with a bit more force. With every thrust into his guts, Shane moaned. I pushed my dick back into his mouth. This whole situation was getting more intense and I had a hard time, as I began to face fuck Shane again. Looking at Dad, he gave a small nod, and we both increased the speed of our motions. Perhaps it was a bit rough for a first timer but Shane was still moving his tongue over my thrusting dick while jerking himself off. The pleasure was unbearable, Shane’s eager mouth and the whole erotic situation pushing me quickly to my limit. I could not hold it anymore and I began to shoot my load into Shane’s mouth. His tongue was crazy licking all around the head of my dick, swallowing the load I was giving him until I became to sensitive and pulled out. Seeing me cum made Dad go even harder. As he thrust in and out of Shane’s ass, he grabbed Shane’s dick and began to jerk him in fast motion matching his thrusting speed. Shane tensed up, overwhelmed by the sensations and shoot his load hard. His first cum shot went over his head and hit me, the rest of his shots leaving long white streaks of cum on his chest and abs. Dad came shortly after, his dick being massaged by Shane’s hole tensing up. He slammed his dick into his son and began to unload deep inside him. Carefully pulling his spend cock out, he bent down and began to lick the cum of Shane’s body, moving closer to Shane’s face and gave him a sloppy kiss, feeding his son his own load. After that the three of us collapsed in an exhausted heap, drifting off into the sleep of sexual satisfied man.

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