Cops and Rubbers Ch. 02


He had been laying on her for over an hour. Romantic music played on the t.v. He set it to the Barry White channel, if you know what I mean. Over the course of the hour his kisses grew longer and deeper, her legs wrapped around him and they both slowly grinded hips – both still clothed. She was impressed how he was taking his time with her. Most men just wanted to jump her bones and be done with it.

Although nothing matched the night he cuffed her to the bed and initiated her into the wonderful world of anal, their sex had been anything but vanilla.

One evening he picked her up at about nine o’clock, they drove an hour to the beach and did it while the tide was coming in. He put down a large beach blanket. They enjoyed the wine and cheese he brought. Then she loosened the tan trousers he had on and freed his hardening member. Then she reached further in and massaged his balls until he began to whimper. She quickly hiked up her black, low-cut dress and straddled him. Brenda guided his manhood between her wet legs and let her weight guide her to pleasure. She started grinding slowly. Then, as she lost control she was bucking uncontrollably and making entirely too much noise. He firmly held her hips and pulled her down after she lifted herself up. She was going along nicely and when she felt him start to explode, she let herself go.

“Yes! Yes!” she screamed, unaware of the couple walking on the beach a hundred yards away. They heard the cries and turned to see what the commotion was about.

They stood, stunned at what they were witnessing. They were well into their fifties. The woman stared as if viewing an auto wreck taking place. She turned quickly, startled when she felt her husband’s hand on her ass. She looked into his eyes for what seemed like many minutes. Then she grabbed his hand and led him into their beach house. They had been moved to passion and were going to deal with it right then and there.

Brenda let his quaking dick finish its spasms then lifted up and pulled her dress down. He kept his cock out enjoying the cool breeze. She pulled out some baby wipes and cleaned him off. They were quiet for a good part of the drive home.

Brenda broke the silence by admitting, “Ya know? When people talk about this fantasy, they never seem to say anything about ‘sand fleas’.”

They both laughed (and scratched) and drove home satisfied.

Another time they went to see a play down town. While walking back to the car, she pushed him into an alley and blew him behind a parked truck. He objected but that didn’t seem to bother his dick any. It was nice and hard. She kneeled while he held onto the truck. No time was wasted. By the time he was undone, his dick was hard and ready. She clenched his cock with her right hand and stoked it expertly. She did this for a minute to let it complete its hardening. Then she leaned forward and kissed the top of his head. She lifted his giant dick and kissed the underside. She continued down his shaft until she reached his balls.

“Mmmm! You shaved!” She exclaimed. He smiled slightly embarrassed. “Ooh. I LIKE it!” she purred and proceeded to open wide to take him in her mouth.

While she sucked, moving in and out, she held up each hand on either side of his balls and lightly scratched them from the top down until her hands met at the bottom. Brenda did this several times.

He moaned. “God, that feels really good,” he exclaimed. Clearly he never that this done to him before.

Then she slid one hand behind his balls and began to massage the back while the other hand massaged the front. All the while she was sucking on his dick like it was her only source of air. This all became too much.

He looked down and whispered, “I. I’m gonna…cum.” ankara escort She continued. He said again in a whispered voice that was practically a yell. “God! I’m gonna cum! I…” He grabbed the truck tailgate.

He wanted to grab the back of her head and shove his dick all the way down her throat. (He did this once with another woman. It ended badly with jiz filling her throat and shooting out her nose. That was it for blow jobs from her.)

Instead he held on and his dick went on autopilot. The first gush of cum was massive. Suddenly her mouth was filled with his hot, sticky splooge. She started to cough and gag but contained herself and stayed with him. The second burst was almost as big as the first. She figured he had three bursts, tops. After the fifth one she realized that this might be more than she could handle. Just as suddenly as the explosions started, they ended. After a minute she ensured that she had sucked every last drop of cum out of him, he leaned over and kissed on the top of the head.

“There! That’s better,” she said with a sense of accomplishment and they slowly walked to his car.

To show his gratitude, he took her home and licked her wet pussy to multiple orgasms. Brenda was happy with the first one but when he continued, she knew she was in for a long, pleasurable night.

Last week they went for a drive out in the country. Brenda taunted Mike with her halter top tied in the front (and no bra) and her Daisy Dukes showing off her incredible legs. They found a secluded spot and pulled over. He bent her over and fucked her like a mad man on the hood of his Corvette.

Their sex was NOT vanilla.

Tonight they were enjoying each others’ company, talking about all sorts of things. Things turned romantic as they always do when they’re alone together. They changed the channel to the swing station and enjoyed an old Frank Sinatra song. There were lots of long, soft kisses. After a while he helped her up and they went to her bedroom.

He said, “I’ve been thinking what you said about vanilla sex and I want to continue with the fun.”

“Oh?” she inquired quite curious.

He held up a paper grocery bag that appeared to be full of items. She let out an approving squeal.

“This is going to be fun!” she said.

First he pulled out a blindfold, she laughed. Then some scarves for her hands.

“Ooh. I get tied up AND blindfolded. I like it.” she cooed.

He replied, “you’re in for a hell of a time.” She giggled.

She put on the blindfold and he ensured she couldn’t see out the bottom. Then he tied her securely to the bed – this time face up. She was more than happy to comply and he could tell this by how hard her nipples were. She was gleeful.

First she felt something soft and smooth on her skin. He started rubbing against her face, then down, between her breasts, then across her breasts, and then down between her thighs. It felt so soft and it tickled.

“What is that?” she seemed stumped.

“It’s a new paintbrush I bought from the hardware store,” he replied flatly.

She never guessed that a common tool would make such a good sex toy.

Then Brenda felt something unusual and yet familiar touch her lips. She opened her mouth and realized he had his dick on her. She sucked hungrily enjoying her boyfriend’s big dick. He pulled it out of her soft mouth and he moved off the bed.

Next she felt something else on her lips and she licked them. Mmmmm! Chocolate! She liked that. She felt the chocolate drizzled into her mouth and down her body ending between her thighs. He licked some of the chocolate off her chin and kissed her deeply both of them enjoying the sweetness together. Then Mike slowly continued down her neck, escort ankara to her breasts where he took his time on each nipple. She was in heaven. Then he continued down to her belly then down to her thighs. Every inch of her body tingled and she strove to determine where he was and what he was doing.

He kissed her the inside of her beautiful legs. She felt her pussy lips parted and the warmth of his mouth plunge into her. He licked with gusto – up and down then he quickly moved his tongue left and right across her clit. She wriggled. She felt his tongue enter her. It was long and strong and it seemed to go all the way to her g-spot.

“GOD, YES!” she screamed.

He continued until she was just about to lose it.

Then he stopped.

He got off her and off the bed. She was surprised-stunned, more like it. She lifted her head to try to see but the blindfold was too secure. She laid there for several minutes completely baffled.

“What? Why did you stop? Where ARE you?”

There was no reply. She thought he had left her alone – a big no-no if you’re going to tie up someone and she started to struggle but the scarves were too tight. She only made them tighter.

Suddenly she felt a metallic coldness against her breast and she winced.

“Ooh! What is that?!”

“A knife” he said, evenly.

Just when she was going to ask him why he was holding a knife against her breast he said, “You don’t know me, do you? I mean. You don’t really KNOW me. You have no idea what my real likes and dislikes are. I haven’t been able to tell you what really make me happy – how I enjoy to see people encounter fear. You see, that’s why I really became a cop. I enjoy watching fear.”

As he was saying this he was scraping the knife down her body. He went passed her belly, down to her pussy.

By now Brenda was stiff as a board and pulling up on the scarves.

“Mike, what are you DOING? I don’t understand. I…”

“Oh, you’ll understand soon enough.” he said and he scratched the knife along her side.

“Ouch! Mike, please!”

“Yes, that’s it. I want to hear you beg,” He said.

He scraped the knife against her nipples. They were hard but not from an enjoyable erotic feeling. They were hard from fear.

“What if I decided to slice your nipples off?”

That was all she needed to hear. She began to thrash about wildly and called out to him – it was no use. He was off her and she continued to struggled. She had to get away from this psychotic man.

After several minutes and again no sign of Mike, she stopped, laid still and listened. Several more agonizing minutes later she heard him rustling through the bag.

“I picked up something else for you my dear.”

She felt something plop on her belly.

“A year ago I arrested a a man – real loser. He was just your average good-for-nothing loser. He had only one hobby: raising venomous coral snakes. I took one of those snakes and kept it for myself feeding it small rodents. And that’s what’s sitting on your belly.”

She bolted straight in unimaginable panic.

“Be careful. He’s hungry. I haven’t fed him in over a week.” he said.

Her mind was in complete overload. The fear overwhelmed her. She wanted to buck the snake off of her but she didn’t dare move. Soon she felt it start to slither, moving up her body. As it approach her breasts she started to let out muffled whimpers. She turned her head up hoping it would entice the snake to leave her. Then she felt it turn and move down her. She bolted straight again as it slithered down between her legs. She was as stiff as a board. Every synapse was firing. Just as she was about to faint, she felt something move between her legs.

Her ankara escort bayan legs we suddenly forced open and she felt his heavy body land on top of her. Then she felt his familiar, hard dick being thrust into her adrenaline-tightened pussy. He had pre-lubricated his dick and he was thrusting incredibly hard. The fear with the sexual sensation pushed her to the limit and she had an orgasm unlike any other. She was screaming from her fear and her orgasm. He, too, came incredibly hard.

It ended with him panting on top of her, pressing down on her. After a while she felt the scarves loosen. She quickly sat upright and ripped off the blindfold. He was sitting on the bed in front of her and she hit him.

“You ASSHOLE! What the hell are you doing?!?!” she yelled.

She hit him harder ready to defend herself from her attacker. He was going to kill her but she was going to make him suffer as much as possible. He grabbed her arms and held them still. She struggled and swung her legs around to kick him. He was impressed with her strength.

“Look.” he said.

She continued to struggle.

“LOOK!” he commanded and gestured to the floor.

On the floor was a metal spatula and a toy snake.

“What the hell are they?” she demanded completely confused.

“That’s the knife and the snake.”

“What are you talking about?!” Her had slipped out of his and she punched him again, this time in the nose. He reeled from the pain, rolled and stood up.

“That’s the supposed knife and the venomous snake that I used. Their FAKE!”

“I…don’t understand. You threatened me with a knife…and a SNAKE!”

“I did it to heighten your adrenaline. It was all to give you a rush.” he said.

She looked down in amazement. As she turned her head slowly looking down trying to re-live what she had experienced. It all seemed so real. She felt the knife digging into her skin. She felt the awful, poisonous snake slithering all over her. Her skin crawled at the thought.

“Why did you do this to me?” she pleaded.

“You seemed like you wanted some excitement in our sex life. I thought this would do it.”

“Well, that was exciting all right.” she said incredulously.

She rolled away from him and fell back onto the bed. The last time she had this adrenaline overload, she’d gone bungy-jumping. She laid there trying to make sense of it all. He moved back to the bed and sat silently.

It took her a few minutes. She rolled toward him. He moved toward her and began massaging her back. She rolled face-down.

“You really scared me. Did you mean any of those horrible things?”

“Not one of them.” he assured her.

She started to relax and rolled back over to him. He moved on top of her and they began to kiss. Then he pulled up.

“I studied human fear in one of my criminal justice classes. After seeing it in criminals and victims, I got good at inflicting it.” he explained.

“Let’s avoid that sort of excitement in the future.” she said.

They continued kissing and soon he was erect again. She reached down and guided him into her. He slid in easily and and held there for a moment. She moaned over his tongue in her mouth. He began to move in and out and the sensation of her body made him harder. She reached down with both hands, grabbed his ass and pulled him into her tighter. Finally she broke free from his kiss and gasped for air, her lungs lifting him up with her attempts to get more air. He didn’t last long. He came so hard the cum filled her and shot out the sides all over his thighs.

They laid there panting, trying to recover. After a short nap on top of her, Mike lifted himself up and began to run his large fingers through her hair. He kissed her softly on the neck and finally on her lips. It was so wonderfully relaxing, she thought.

He looked into her eyes, gently petted her face and whispered, “I love you.”

Her body went stiff with a shot of adrenaline.

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