Subject: Cottagecore Chapter 3 Cottagecore: Road Trip Chapter 3 – Carlos By Jon McGee, cottagecore.stories@ ***** On my way out of Utah, I spent longer than I planned at Canyon of the Ancients National Monument and Mesa Verde National Park. When I originally sketched out my trip, I hadn’t expected to spend much time at sites dedicated to human habitation. My great love is wild places and I didn’t think I would be moved much by the remains of ancient dwellings. How wrong I was! Many people described the monuments and memorials with words like “sacred” and “holy.” I had to agree. The cliff dwellings and pueblo remains moved me in ways I didn’t expect. At Mesa Verde, I’d slept in the back of my truck to get an early start to a long hike to beat the intense sun. The hike was great, with petroglyphs, bighorn sheep, and almost no other people, but I realized on the walk out that I’d slept badly. As I drove down towards Santa Fe, which I’d promised my grandmother I’d visit, a knot had started to tighten below the base of my neck, just beyond where I could reach. By the time I was in Santa Fe, I could barely turn my head. It was dinnertime so I found the family restaurant my grandmother recommended. They made the best enchiladas I’d ever had, rich with red chili, spicy but not overwhelming, topped with squash blossom fritters and a fried egg. The owner noticed how stiffly I was moving and recommended a massage at one of Santa Fe’s fancy New Age spas, but it was Sunday and they were all closed. As I drove towards the campground where I planned to stay, I passed a new-looking gym on the outskirts of town. In bright paint on the front window, the gym advertised massages. I pulled into the empty parking lot, wondering whether I should just go on to the campground and try again tomorrow at the fancy spas. But my neck hurt and I’d never been to a spa, so I decided to see what the gym had to offer. The gym was empty. Nobody staffed the front desk and there was nobody working out. I turned to leave when a man asked, “can I help you?” I turned and saw a very handsome guy a few years older than me. He looked Hispanic, with black hair, a strong jawline, and deep brown eyes. He was in great shape, but what stood out to me were his hands�strong, rippling with veins, but with long delicate fingers. “I’m hoping to get a massage,” I explained. “I have a knot in my neck and I can barely turn my head.” “Okay,” said the man, “here’s the thing. We don’t normally give massages on Sunday nights. But maybe I can help. I am training for my massage therapist’s license and I need practice hours. I’m not certified, I can’t charge you, but I’m almost ready for my cert. If you’ll sign a form saying that I gave you a massage, I’ll do it for free, `though I wouldn’t mind a tip. I get the training hours, you get the massage. If somebody comes in during the massage I may have to stop to check them in, but nobody works out here on a Sunday night. Deal?” I laughed. “Deal. What do I need to do? I’ve never had a massage before.” “The locker room is behind us. You’ll see the robes, just strip down and put one on. You can take a shower first if you’d like. Actually, why don’t you rinse off and then spend some time in the steam room. Let the hot water hit the knot to start loosening it up and the steam will help you along. When you’re comfortable, the massage room is marked. Just head in and ring the bell. Get under the sheet. Lie face down and get comfortable. I’ll be in a few minutes after you ring the bell.” I hadn’t had a proper shower in more than a week, just hot water rinses while I camped. I took a long shower, enjoying the citrus soaps the gym provided. I washed, rinsed, washed again, all the while focusing the hot water onto the base of my neck. Then I moved into the steam room, where I sat naked on a towel. I felt some of the tension drain from my beck, but the knot was still tight and painful. I rinsed in a cool shower and went into dim massage room, which smelled of eucalyptus. I rang the bell, climbed under the sheets, and lay still. A few minutes later, the young man came in. “I’m Carlos,” he said in a quiet voice. “Let’s talk about your massage. I can see the knot without touching you, so let’s start there. Where else would you like me to focus?” “I don’t know where to start,” I said, “this is all new to me. I’ve been doing a lot of hiking, biking, and backpacking, so my legs and feet are tired, but not really sore. My lower back too. Maybe you start with the knot and then just do what you think is best?” “What about a release?” Carlos asked lightly. “Release?” I was confused. “Don’t worry about it. Sometimes a massage comes with a handjob at the end. The `release.’ Let’s get to that knot.” Carlos put some lotion or oil on his hands and started to gently massage my neck, first just rubbing lightly, then kneading, then sliding up and down my back and shoulders with long strokes. “Tell me if it hurts,” he said gently. It did hurt, but in a good way. I could feel the knot loosening, the tension draining away. A few times I almost asked him to let up, but he sensed my pain and backed off before I spoke. “The knot’s broken, but it will take a day or so for your body to heal. I don’t want to spend any more time on the area because your skin is going to be sensitive. I’ll work on your back and then your lower body, okay?” “Mmmmm,” I murmured. Using deep, long strokes with the heels of his palms and even his elbows, Carlos worked up and down my spine, moving out to my lats and then shoulders. He was getting a workout, breathing hard, really exerting himself. “I’m going to take off the sheet to work on your glutes, okay?” I didn’t expect that. “Okay,” I said, a little nervously. I wasn’t prepared to be lying face down while Carlos kneaded my ass. My dick was stretched between my legs and maybe visible to Carlos. “You’ve got a lot of tension in your glutes and hamstrings,” he said. “I’m going to try to work some of it out, let me know if I start to go too far.” He applied some more oil. I couldn’t help but moan and he drew his thumbs down my hamstrings, both hands around my thigh and both thumbs drawing down the back gaziantep escort of each leg, one at a time. Each time he did, his inside hand brushed lightly against my balls. Oh, shit. I suddenly couldn’t stop thinking about his release joke. I also thought about the shattering orgasm Dan had milked out of me on my last night at home and how strong Carlos’s hands were. I though about jerking off Bryce before he’d let me suck him off. I could feel my dick growing hard and prayed if was tucked far enough under my leg that Carlos wouldn’t notice. By the time I was fully hard, Carlos had moved through my calves and was working on my feet. He kneaded them hard with his thumbs, both hand on one foot at a time. I could feel the tension I’d built up with all my hiking and biking slipping away. My tired feet suddenly felt loose and light. Carlos was working miracles. I was still hard as a rock when Carlos said, “okay, roll over and I’ll work on your head, jaw, scalp and chest.” “Um, Carlos?” I said. “Your joke about `release’ got me pretty worked up. I’ve got a little `condition’ so maybe we should end this now.” He laughed lightly. “You `condition’ isn’t so little and I wasn’t joking about the release. It’s not something I normally do, so don’t tell anybody. I’ll never do it once I’m certified. But just among friends like you and me, I’d love to give you a hand. Roll over, big boy.” Carlos had pulled privacy sheet all the way down when he massaged my feet. I rolled over and readjusted myself on my back. “Mmmm,” Carlos said. “Let’s finish the massage and then take care of that `condition.'” Carlos started with my scalp, running his fingers through my hair and then down along my jaw. “You carry a lot of tension in your jaw,” he said. “Do you sleep with a nightguard? That would help ease this tension and also may stop you from getting knots in your neck.” It felt weird to be talking with Carlos about nightguards while my hard cock pointed at the ceiling, so I just said “I’ll pick one up,” and let him finish the massage. More massage oil, more light work that gave way to deep and almost-painful strokes along my chest and thighs, more fingers brushing against my balls. It felt like Carlos was intentionally breathing onto my cock as he worked my thighs, his hot breath tickling the tip of my dickhead, which had slipped out of my foreskin. By the time he finished with the massage, I was leaking precum onto my abs. “Lotion, oil, or nothing?” Carlos asked as he drew one index finger along the seam of my scrotum. “I don’t normally use anything,” I said, “but you’re in control.” I couldn’t forget how hot it was when Dan made me lie back and let him jerk me off. “Let’s start with a little oil,” said Carlos, as he poured a warm liquid onto my balls. He started to rub my nuts with his left hand, ignoring my cock completely, stroking my balls and gently stretching out the sack. Hi index finger trailed behind my nuts, between my legs, and almost to my pucker. He used his first two fingers to massage my prostate between my legs, every now and then slipping almost to my hole, but never quite getting there. I squirmed in delight. It took all my willpower not to reach up and start jerking my cock. Carlos squeezed a little more oil between my legs and let it drip all the way to my crack, which he started to tease. He drew his index finger back and forth across my pucker, never entering me, but toying with the sensitive skin, making me moan and thrash. “Do you want more,” he asked quietly, “deeper?” “I’ve never done that,” I said. “It feels really good, but I’ve never done anything like that.” “Okay, we’ll go slow” he said, continuing to stroke my sensitive hole. With his other hand, Carlos reached up and began to stroke my rampant cock. A little of the oil he’d poured on my balls got on his hand, but most of the lube was my precum, which had collected into an inch-wide pool on my belly and continued to leak from the tip of my exposed glans. He kept stroking the outside of my hole. Carlos switched sides so his right hand was now on my cock and his left had was stroking my hole. With the switch, there was a little more oil and a little less friction. Carlos continued with long soft strokes, his fingers brushing against my balls at the bottom and using my foreskin to stimulate my shiny dickhead at the top. He wasn’t trying to make me cum, just to turn me on and draw out my pleasure. With his left hand, Carlos continued to stroke my hole and rub my prostate between my legs. I was writhing in pleasure. Just when I didn’t think I could hold out any longer, Carlos began to stroke my cock harder. He increased his grip and sped up. Soon I was on the verge. I cried out as I came. The first shot hit my face, covering my mouth and cheek, and then shot after shot covered by chest and torso. Carlos continued to pump my cock, slowing as I started to dribble rather than shoot but never stopping. With his left hand, Carlos cupped my balls and squeezed firmly. I moaned as he coaxed out even more cum. “Jon, that was so fucking hot,” Carlos said as he used a soft cloth to wipe the cum off my face and then rest of my body. “I’m so glad you came in tonight.” “I’ve never shot that far, that was amazing.” I saw from the outline of Carlos’s shorts that he was hard. “Can I help you out?” I asked. “You’d do that?” he said, surprised. “I don’t have much experience beyond myself,” I said, “but I’d love to repay the favor.” Carlos answered by pulling off his shorts and underwear in one motion. He stood up and his thick uncut cock stood out at 90 degrees from his taut, muscular body. “Shirt too,” I said as I stood up to give him room to lay down. Carlos stripped naked and lay down, showing me his exceptional gym body�each muscle group perfectly defined, 6-pack standing out, trimmed of all hair but a small token patch above his dick. I wanted to suck his hairless nuts, but maybe that was taking things too far. “Oil?” I guessed after Carlos’s choice for me. “A little,” he said, “just to get started.” I squeezed out a few drops and rubbed my hands together, then started to stroke him cock, which was almost as thick as my wrist, with a huge suriyeli escort mushroom head that popped free from his foreskin when I started to slide my hand up and down his dick. I squirted more oil onto his balls, like he did for me. With my left hand, I rubbed a little of the oil across his fleshy glans to mix with his precum and continued to slide my hand up and down his silky shaft. I gripped him with my fingers across the top of his cock and my thumb running along the base, up along his slit. With my right hand, I massaged his massive nuts. He moaned and started to thrust against my left hand. “Fast or slow?” I asked. “I’m so fucking turned on,” he moaned. “Slow. Go as long as you can, but I’m already close.” I took a risk. “Can I use my mouth?” “Oh, fuck, dude. Yeah, I mean, watch your teeth, but fuck yeah.” I moved up along the massage bed so I was facing the tip of his cock, my hips at his shoulder. As I continued to stroke his cock with my left hand, I leaned over and used my lips to tease the tip of his cock. I tasted his salty, musky precum. Carlos shuddered and moaned. I continued to slide my fist up and down Carlos’s cock as I used my lips and tongue to tease his slippery dickhead. With a cock that fat, I bet he’d had a lot of teeth across his dick so I was careful not to go too deep too fast, but as I kept going my jaw stretched out. After a few minutes I had his entire glans in my mouth and beyond my teeth. I licked and sucked up and down the first inch of his thick shaft below his dickhead. Carlos wrapped his hands around the back of my head to hold me in place and started to fuck my mouth. I braced by left hand against the table and reached my right hand between his legs, pressing against his prostate as he had done for me. “Deeper,” he moaned and lifted his hips. As I slid my hand down to his crack, Carlos continued to thrust into my mouth. “In, in,” he moaned. Some oil I’d squeezed onto his balls had dripped down to his crack. As I started to massage his hole, my index finger parted the soft skin and slipped inside without much effort. Carlos moaned loudly, “deeper.” As I slid my index finger in and out, collecting a little oil to lube the way, Carlos began to grind against my finger. Suddenly he jolted, his cock oozing a gush of precum. “There! Oh fuck, right there!” he moaned as he ground down on my finger. I pushed harder, Carlos moaned louder, and I pushed my first two fingers in against the same spot. “Oh God!” Carlos screamed, his cock swelling even larger in my mouth. Hot cum hit the roof of my mouth as he drove down on my two fingers. I choked a bit as his massive cock and spurting cum filled my mouth, but kept swallowing and sucking and rubbing his prostate as Carlos gave me shot after shot. “Keep going, keep going,” he panted, worried that I might stop. Long after he stopped cumming, I continued to suck Carlos’s cock. He gently thrust into my mouth, letting me suck his slimy shaft and plum-sized head. Finally I stood, gripped his balls and the base of his thick cock in my right hand, and started to stroke him gently while I massaged his sack. “Thanks, bud. That was awesome,” I said. “And my neck feels better too,” I added with a wink. Carlos laughed. “That was amazing, dude. Thanks. Come with me.” I followed Carlos back into the locker room and then through a door that led into a non-public area behind the front desk. A small lounge included a couch, a few chairs, and a bathroom beyond. “Let’s get cleaned up in private.” Carlos led me into the bathroom, which had a spa-style rain shower in addition to an adjustable wall shower. Carlos turned them both on and pulled me into the water. Without thinking about it, I leaned in and kissed him deeply, my right hand gripping his hard ass cheek firmly, my left on his right biceps. He kissed me back, both hands around my lower waist. We continued to kiss, grinding our hard cocks against each other as the warm water spilled over us. After a while, Carlos reached out and pumped his hand full of lemony body wash. He pushed me out of the shower’s spray and started to rub it over my body, first my chest, then my belly, then my cock. He lifted my heavy sack and slipped a soapy hand between my legs. Once I was covered in suds, he continued to rub me, gently massaging my body, stroking my cock, slipping back my foreskin to lather my dickhead. Every now and then he’d lean over for another kiss. Once my front was lathered, Carlos turned me around and repeated the process with my back. I shuddered as he drew his soapy finger along my crack, and moaned as he leaned against me and slid his slippery dickhead up and down between my legs. I’m a few inches taller than Carlos, so I could feel his cheek against my back as he leaned against me and stroked my cock, once again hard as a rock. His pole was stuck between my legs, pushed against the back of my balls. He thrust a little as he stroked me gently. Neither of us was ready to cum again, this was just a nice intimate moment. I turned and kissed Carlos. “My turn,” I said, and stepped into the water to rinse off. I loaded my hands with bodywash and rubbed Carlos like had had me, paying special attention to his nipples and cock. I used extra wash on his crack, to wash away the massage oil. As I reached between his legs, Carlos moaned and arched his back. With the side of my index finger, I stroked and teased him as Carlos bucked and moaned. Once he was covered in suds, I pulled Carlos into a tight hug from behind. Because I’m taller, my cock parted his cheeks rather slipping straight between his legs. Carlos was rubbing up and down against my shaft. I cupped his heavy balls with my right hand and stroked the top of his thick shaft with my thumb. Every now and then I would reach out to fondle his slippery mushroom head. My left hand was wrapped around him chest, twisting and tweaking his nipple. “Fuck me,” he moaned, “fuck me.” “Oh God. I’ve never done that. Tall me what to do.” I ground my cock against his crack. “So fucking hot!” Carlos whispered. “Okay, let me get some lube. We’re going to have to take it slow.” Then to himself, “so fucking rus escort hot!” I had to agree. As Carlos wrapped a towel around himself to get the lube, a bell dinged in the lounge and a red light flashed. “Fuck,” he said, “that’s a member coming in to work out. You hang out here. I’m going to have to get dressed and see out what’s going on. Why don’t you dry off and get comfortable here in the lounge. I’ll come to you when I can.” Damn, I thought. I was so turned on I didn’t think my dick would ever go soft again. I’d dreamed about fucking a guy since I realized it was something guys could do. Now, my second chance to fuck an incredibly hot guy in a few weeks might not happen. Was I ever going to get laid? Maybe five minutes later, Carlos came back to the lounge. “I’ve got another massage, a regular customer who tips great. She needs some back work done, so it may take a couple of hours. Do you live around here? Can I see you again?” “I’m just passing through,” I said, disappointed. “I was going to camp up at Big Tesuque or Aspen Basin for the night before heading out tomorrow.” “Why don’t you stay here. You can sleep on the couch overnight. You’d have to get up early because my first customers normally come in at about 6:30 and my shift ends at 7:30, but we could pick it up where we left off in the morning and you’d have a comfortable place to sleep.” Once Carlos took his client in for her massage, I got some clothes and my sleeping bag and crashed on the lounge sofa. The next thing I remember, Carlos was nudging me awake. “Hey bud, care for a cup of coffee and a shower?” My morning wood said shower before coffee. I grinned up at Carlos. “Let’s do this.” “I already prepped myself, let’s get into the shower before anybody comes in to work out. We stepped into the falling water, Carlos in my arms. We kissed deeply, and Carlos sunk to his knees and took my cock in his mouth. He licked the tip, which was peeking out from the foreskin, before taking my head into his mouth. He sucked me for a minute or two, stroking his fat cock, to wake me up and get me in the mood. Carlos stood without letting go of my hard cock. “When you push in, go slow. If I say stop, stop right away. It can hurt a lot but if we go slow, it’s going to be awesome.” Carlos pulled me out of the falling water and spread a large blob of lube over the exposed head of my cock. He turned around and braced his hands against the waist-high bar on the shower wall. Looking back over his shoulder, Carlos looked into my eyes and said, “fuck me, Jon!” I took a step closer to Carlos and angled my cock at his hole. Carlos pushed back against me and my head parted his ass. Carlos breathed in, paused, and leaned back against my pole. I slowly pushed in a further and my head disappeared into his hole. Carlos moaned, pulled back a bit, and then pushed deeper. He reached back and grabbed my hip, pulling me deeper into him. He was so soft, so hot, it felt better than anything I’d ever felt before. Carlos moaned and pushed back harder. “In! Get in me!” he demanded and I pushed harder. Suddenly, I was in all the way, my pubes against his ass, with Carlos grinding against me. “Oh God, give me a second.” Carlos continued to grind against me, hands braced against the wall and my cock buried in him. “Fuck yeah,” he moaned. I started to thrust against Carlos, not pulling out, but grinding deeper against him. Carlos moaned so I sped up my pace, starting to thrust. I pulled out bit, less than an inch, and then pushed back in slowly. Carlos whimpered so I continued, slow short thrusts, grinding against his prostate. Carlos, moaning slightly, continuing to grind against my hips as I thrust into him. “Harder,” he said firmly, so I picked up the pace. My flowing precum mixed with the lube and I was quickly ramming hard into Carlos. When I’d started, Carlos had been on his tiptoes, but as I pounded into him, he anchored himself to the floor, braced with his hands against the walls and his feet firmly planted.”Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” he grunted with each thrust. By this point, I was pulling my cock almost all the way out before driving back into him. It felt so good! I was turned on by how turned on Carlos was. “Oh God, Jon, I’m going to cum. Fuck me! Fuck me, Jon!” I sped up, hammering him with short hard thrusts. He was panting and calling out and suddenly he tensed and screamed, “I’m cumming, oh fuck, keep fucking me, fuck the cum out of me Jon!” I kept fucking Carlos but I slowed down a little. Sometimes I get sensitive after I cum and some of the videos I’d watched made me think guys didn’t like to keep getting fucked after they came. “Keep going Jon,” Carlos moaned, “I’m not done yet. Keep fucking me. Harder, harder!” I reached around to grab Carlos’ slimy cock. I wanted to feel his cum and stroke his thick shaft. He moaned and ground back against me. “Like that,” he moaned, “fuck me like that!” I licked some of his cum off my fingers and then put the rest on his lips. He moaned and licked them clean. “I’m getting close, bud,” I told him. “Can you cum again?” “Keep stroking my dick like that, yeah, rub the head, oh God, keep fucking me, I’m close too.” I started to grind again. Carlos’s hole gripped me like a velvet glove. He could feel my breath ragged against his neck. His body was stiffening, getting rock hard. “Oh, God,” Carlos moaned, as his cock swelled and then shot another huge load into my hand and against the shower wall. Carlos’s cum set me off. “I’m cumming Carlos,” I moaned. He slammed against me as I shot my load. It felt like I shot a pint of cum. “Keep going, Jon, keep fucking me.” So I did. Hard thrust after hard sloppy thrust, I continued to pound him, then I continued to grind. Finally, spent, I just stood behind him, buried to Carlos’s hilt, holding his fat cock and kissing his neck and ear. Every so often I’d give him a stroke, or rub my thumb across his fat slippery dickhead. I licked some of his cum off my hand and squeezed his thick balls and twisted his hard nipples. Every so often I’d flex my cock inside him or give him a soft grind of my dick. Mainly, though, we just stood under the hot water, our legs shaking and our breath still ragged, connected. ***** Next: Cottagecore: Road Trip Chapter 4 � Eric and Jem Nifty thrives on your donnations, please help out if you have the fty/donate.html I’d love to hear what you think of this chapter. Please email me ail

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