Country Boy, City Girl Chapter 54

Country Boy, City Girl Chapter 54New Year this year was a combined party between my family and Holly’s. We had erected a stile between our 2 houses a few days before, so guests could walk between the two yards. The cooking was done on our side, and guests milled back and forth as they felt like it.We had about 20 people there, and Mike volunteered himself as DJ. He even made up a bunch of tapes, including one made from my dad’s records. We all had a blast, and the cops were not even called. Holly spent most of the night when not talking to others in Jack’s lap. And during one break I tried to take Linda into the game room, but when we opened the door we saw a topless Mandy all wrapped around Chris.Neither of them noticed us, so we went up to my room for a little fooling around, returning back downstairs as the burgers were being passed around. And at midnight Linda and I shared a long kiss, welcoming in the new year properly.Thankfully everybody helped us clean up, and by 2 AM everybody headed on home and I was crawling into bed. The next morning Linda and Holly came over and helped me test a few multi-person modules for Oubliette. Mr. Cummings told us my solo adventures were a hit with the testers, and they were considering both an expanded edition with those included, as well as another expansion for more than 1 player.Well, 2 of the 3 worked as expected, the last being way harder than expected and everybody dying. So I started to rework it as Linda and Holly set up a game of Dungeon. Finally at around 4 Holly excused herself, as she had a date with Jack that night.Dad was at home that night, and after having dinner with him and Deana the two of us excused ourselves and said we were going out. It was a dark and chilly night, but it did not stop us from going to the Japanese Garden. After making love for an hour we were both cuddling and talking about the summer coming up. Likely our last one together for quite a while.“I already told my mom I want to spend the next weekend that your dad is not there with you. And she said I could!” Linda told me. “From Friday until Sunday, all weekend just the two of us, making love and being held by you as we sleep.”“That’s great baby, I think he is going again this weekend. It will be nice holding you when I wake up in the morning. But is that all you want to do that weekend?”We talked for a bit, and decided on Saturday we would go to Long Beach for the day. I had found a few game stores in a magazine that were located there, and we could also tour the Queen Mary and eat on the beach before coming home.Soon we were kissing again, and I tried to slip between her thighs. But Linda pressed her hand against my chest and told me to kneel. I did so, and watched as she rolled over onto her hands and knees, and wiggled her bottom at me. I held her hips in my hands and pressed myself against her. I pushed a few times, and my cock either moved up and slid along the crack of her ass, or slipped down across her labia and over her clit which caused a deep moan. Reaching down under her she grasped the tip in her fingers and guided me home.With our previous loving she was very wet. My cum from earlier causing wet slurping noises to rise from where we were joined yet again. I could even feel my thighs growing wet from the fluids that were coming out of her each time I slipped in and out of my baby. I could feel her fingertips against my balls each time I pushed fully inside and just held myself to regain control, and her moans told me she was not going to be holding back much longer.I held her hips tight and held my hips still, pulling her body back and forth like she was a doll. Linda’s moans increased at that, and she started whimpering. “Oh baby, yes, fuck me, fuck me good and hard and don’t hold back, I’m almost there!”Right after her climax started I pushed in deep, holding myself all the way inside as I came, the spasms in my cock mirroring those of her clenching pussy. Finally we were both finished and I collapsed on top of her and rolled us to our sides. I reached behind me to grab the blanket that had fallen off of us earlier and wrapped it around her. I then reached forward and started the truck, realizing it was going to take a while to warm up and defog the windows before I could take her home.It was finally warm enough that our breath no longer steamed as we used the baby wipes to clean ourselves and each other up. I even jokingly called her “sloppy Linda” which got me a slap, as I kept leaking out of her as fast as she was trying to clean herself up, and she had indeed dripped almost all the way down her thighs.Going back to school was a blast, and of course Linda had to show off her new ring to all of our friends. All the girls congratulated her and Linda preened under the attention as she told them about our promise to each other. And among the promises that we had made was that we were now exclusive only to each other. I drove Kimmie and Julie home the first day back, and Linda and her exchanged a big hug as she said that their “fun and games” were now in their past.Well, the next weekend, the weekend for the 2 of us turned into a weekend for 4. Somehow Holly and Jack got invited, and I had no problem with that. “Holly, are you sure?” was all I asked her.She took my hand in hers and nodded. “Yes, we have talked about it and decided it was time. We have done just about everything BUT that, and like you and Linda we want our first time to be more than just going at it in the back seat of his car. Not to mention that his car is just so damned small!”Linda and I both laughed at that, and said it would not be a problem. “OK, you two can have the guest bedroom, we will use mine. Are your parents going to have a problem with this?”“Nope. I finally laid down the law with them last month. I’m 18 now, and I have the right to spend my night with whoever I want. Besides, I am going to UC Long Beach after I graduate, so I’m not going to be living at home anyways after that.”On Thursday night dad asked if I could stay home, and I said it was not a problem. He grilled some steaks as I got the potatoes and salad ready, and we had a nice dinner with just the 2 of us. “Pete, I think I’ve reached a decision. And I want to talk to you about it first, it is only fair that you know.”“Why dad, what’s up?” I asked.He took a box out of his pocket, the same size as the one I had just given Linda. I opened the top, and inside was a gold solitaire engagement ring. “This weekend Dee and I are going to Santa Barbara. And I am going to ask her to marry me.”I gave him a huge hug, and said it was fine with me. “When do you hope to do it if she says yes?”“Well, we are going to keep the dates somewhat open. But I am thinking in November, while you are on leave. I don’t want anybody but you as my best man, son.”I gave him a big hug and kissed his cheek, saying I would be honored. And I had little doubt that she would say yes, as they were spending almost every weekend together as it was. “But what about her work?” I asked. “That is a bit of a commute for her every day.”“Oh, that’s not a problem. She actually mostly works out of her apartment. The company also rents an office for her as part of a rental cluster. I have picked her up there before, it is 1 receptionist and copier and fax machine that are shared by her and 5 others. They all have their own office, and are in many businesses. One is a lawyer, another is an investment broker. I think one is an interior decorator and another a computer consultant. She goes there mostly for meetings, or if she needs to use the fax or some other things she does not have at her home office.”“Well, I do hope she says yes dad, I think it’s great that you two are gonna do this. I can’t ever see her as being ‘Mom’ to me, but I think she will make a great step-mom.”“I do also, or I would not be making this step. I will give you a call that night if she says yes, and if she says no I have a feeling I will be meeting you back here.”I told him she was gonna say yes, and wished him a good night. I spent the next hour or two in the game room finishing up the next article I was submitting to Deana, and once it was printed out I put it under his car keys so he could take it with him the next day. This time it was on “Worthless Magic Items”. Basically a concept that in a world without technology but magic, much of the magic would actually be commonplace items that are of little real use in adventuring. Glasses and mugs that would never break for use in bars, salt and pepper shakers that would never run out, a flask that purified any water poured into it, stones and coins with Permanent Light cast on them to replace candles, things like this.This is something I had been doing for years, often to the consternation of the players. Holly and the rest swore at me like crazy when they found 40 drinking glasses that when checked were shown to be magical. They carefully packed them all up and dragged them all back to town with them (leaving behind a fortune in regular but valuable weapons and armor), only to be told that the enchantment was only that they could not break, and were only worth 1 gold bahis siteleri each. 2 of the sets of armor they had left behind alone were worth more than all of the glasses combined.I also in the end said that if somebody really read the properties of the Identify spell, it only told the caster the class of magic involved. Necromantic for spells involving the dead, reverse-necromantic for healing, alteration for spells involving heat and cold, things like that. So I suggested that they start to use that spell in the correct way, including the mandatory resting period once it was cast on an item (6 hours between castings).DM’s should not simply tell them everything about an item that Identify was cast on, and then allow them to cast it over and over again indiscriminately. This was to help make them more selective in how often they used the spell, and not just cast it over and over again indiscriminately.I hoped that weekend we would have 2 bits of good news from Deana. But of the 2, I was more hopeful she would say yes to my father than accept the article.The next day after school I brought Holly and Linda home with me, and they went over to Holly’s house to help her select things she was going to want for the weekend. Meanwhile I prepared 4 steaks and wrapped the potatoes in foil and got them ready for the grill. Jack got over right as I was finishing the prep so I told him to call the girls and that I was going to get started.Soon we were all sipping beers as I was burning some fine cows and roasting the potatoes. Then once everything was finished we turned out the lights and settled in the living room to watch the first of 2 movies I had bought for the night. Excalibur. The movie was almost over when the phone rang, so I paused it and went to answer it. And it was my dad.“OK Pete, first things first. Dee said she loves the article, and has already faxed it to the main office. It will probably be in the March issue. Expect a check next week.”“Wow, thanks, dad, and thank Deana for me. That’s great. And what about the other news?”He paused for just a moment. “Well, you had better be ready for a November wedding.”I gave out a loud yell, and everybody asked what was going on.“My dad is getting married! He and Deana are getting married!”Holly ran into the kitchen to get on the other phone as Linda yanked the phone away from me. Both of them congratulated him, then insisted on talking to Deana. And yes, they were both invited. And she was hoping that Linda would be a bridesmaid for her, and Holly an usherette. Of course they both accepted, and after many congratulations, we finally hung up and finished the movie.“Dude, you seem happy about that!” Holly said, and I nodded. I told them about dad telling me the night before, and asking for my permission first. “I am not sure if I had said no it would have made a difference since I am leaving in 8 months. But I know it made him happy, and I really like her a lot. But I have a feeling I am going to have a new editor very soon.”“Why’s that?” Jack asked.“Simple, conflict of interest. As my dad’s girlfriend, nothing was official so it would be hard to say she was passing on articles only because I was his son. But as my step-mom, she will likely be forced to pass me off to somebody else.”All 3 of them nodded at that. “Of course, come August my writing is pretty much going to end for a year or so at least I imagine. Nothing in boot camp, and likely not during my job training. I will have to see how much time I have available when I get to my first duty station.”As I set up the next movie, the girls suggested that we each go and change into something more comfortable. Jack didn’t bring anything, so I took him to my room and handed him a pair of my sweat pants. We came out and could hear the girls in the guest room, so we got more beers and popcorn as we waited for them to come out.I stood up as soon as the girls came down the stairs, Jack doing so a moment later. Linda had on my blue dress shirt, and Holly was in my red one. I had already turned off all the lights, but by the light of the TV it sure appeared that neither of them was wearing a bra under the shirts. Once cuddled in our laps, I started the second movie, “Clash of the Titans”. And sure enough, at least Linda was not wearing a bra under the shirt. As well as not wearing any panties. It was just after 10 when I rewound the tapes and turned off the TV, and we all headed upstairs to the bedrooms.Once in my room, I grasped the bottom of the shirt and yanked it off over her head, and Linda turned around and clung to me, kissing me deeply. After our tongues were dueling I felt her hands grasp my sweats, and pull them and my underwear down to my calves, where I stepped out of them.Our coupling that night was wet, steamy, and long. I would slide in and out of her for as long as I could, then taking a break for a few minutes to regain control. My baby’s wet tightness was heavenly, as were her moans and gasps each time I brought her over the top. Then we changed position and continued, this time with her on top.We were taking a break and letting me recover when we heard soft cries from outside the room. Linda giggled. “Well, it looks like sis is having a good time!” she said, then kissed me deeply as she started rocking her hips yet again. I tried to grasp her ass as I got close to have her stop, but she was having none of that this time. “Go ahead my love, is your turn now. I’m almost done in but I want your cum in me when we go to sleep.”I grasped her hair tightly in my hand and pulled her lips to mine. I roughly shoved my tongue into her mouth and she moaned and sucked on it as I felt myself throb, then flooded her cunt with my cum. Finally she broke away and collapsed on me, both of us gasping for breath.A moment after I slipped out of her and our combined wetness started to flow onto my now wilted cock we heard Holly giving out another cry, followed almost at the same time by a deep moan from Jack. Linda giggled and grabbed the towel on top of my laundry basket and wiped me off, then pulled the shirt back on saying she wanted to get to the bathroom before Holly did.As I laid there waiting my turn I heard a knock on the bathroom door, and Holly saying she needed to go next. Linda came back a moment later and we hugged and cuddled until we heard her leave the bathroom. I then went and took my turn, and at just after midnight I was cuddled up behind her as we drifted off to sleep.I got up first and after a quick shower told Linda to take one then wake up the other 2. I then went downstairs and started breakfast as Linda joined me. I was just finishing the biscuits when Holly and Jack came and joined us. To say they were glowing would be an understatement.I told Jack that we were having biscuits and pepper gravy, with bacon and eggs. Holly gave me a dirty look and said “Thanks a lot, asshole. Just eggs for me.”Linda started to giggle, and Jack looked confused. “Holly my best friend, do you think I would honestly serve something you could not eat? Both the sausage gravy and bacon are made from beef. After this long, do you honestly think I would serve you pork?”She blushed, and ran around the table and gave me a huge hug. “Sorry about that Fairbough, I should have known better!”Jack just shrugged and said he was a Methodist so could eat anything. We all passed around bowls and dug in, and then he asked about the “Fairbough”. Holly then told him it was a pet name that she had for me, from the first character that I had played when we were dating. “Basically, I use it as a sign of affection, or exasperation. It can mean either ‘I love you my friend’, or ‘you are a fucking asshole’, depending on the context of when I say it.”We all got a laugh out of that. Of course, Linda then asked how I had come up with that name. “It sounds kinda Celtic, but not really. Where did you get that name from?”I explained that in my English textbook that year there was a table of phonetic spellings. There were almost 100 of them so I simply rolled dice and selected the phonetic sound that they landed on. Then once I got enough of the right sounds I would try to convert it to what sounded like it as a real word.“I got several names that way. Fairbough, Quavingski, Carlain, Shwarntec. I still use it sometimes for NPCs, and it often comes out with rather interesting results.”“Like what?” Jack asked.“Well, take Quavingski. He was one of the most interesting characters I ever played. A half-elf fighter. He had a strength of 18/90, almost the maximum allowed. He was ugly as sin, his charisma was only a 4. He also had a super high wisdom score, as in 17, almost perfect. The joke I often said because of his name that he was half elf, half Polish.”Holly was laughing. “Tell him the best part Pete!”“Oh yea, his intelligence. You have heard us talk about Kaos, right? Super-duper intelligent, but with the wisdom of a rock. In short she does really bright things, but can be erratic because she never learns from her mistakes. Well Quavingski was the exact opposite, he had an intelligence of 4. He was barely able to grasp concepts beyond ‘fight, fuck, eat, and sleep’. canlı bahis But because he was wise as hell I would often have him do really stupid things, but he always learned from his mistakes and never repeated them.”Jack laughed at that, and started asking a bit more about some of the characters we had played. Soon we were all in the game room, and Jack was rolling up his first character. I ran him and the girls through a few adventures from my introductory book, and even Jack admitted at the end that he had a good time. Holly reminded him he was always welcome to our Wednesday night game sessions, and he said he might come the next time.Of course, Holly grabbed the bull by the horns, and told him to immediately roll up a new character. I gave her the sheet with the “normal starting items” I had set up, and told her to make him a 7th level character. And by the rolls, it looks like he had a great Ranger. I then pulled out my notebook, and pulled out a sheet that I had prepared for a future article that still needed playtesting.“What’s this Pete?” Holly asked, looking at it.“Well, I decided that if a Magic User could have a familiar, why not a Ranger? After all, in b**stmaster the main character is kind of a Ranger-Barbarian, who could communicate with a****ls. This chart is kinda like that. At 4th level, a Ranger rolls against it and attempts to call an a****l as a companion. One or two of the a****ls responds, and then the Ranger decides if they are going to bind them, or let them free. They can do this once a level, but once bound the a****l is with them until it dies.“They can only summon another familiar once they reach the next level, with the same restrictions. This way of a Ranger that wants a stealth style and gets a bear and a fox, can choose to let the the bear go and keep the fox. Or he can let them both go, in the hope the next time 2 ferrets respond. And the same with a more melee build that wants a warrior a****l gets a hawk and a bobcat, they can refuse and try again.”“Cool idea Pete! So how long have you had this?”“A few months now. But Jack here is the first one that said he wanted to play a Ranger since I wrote this out. I’m hoping to use him as my first playtester, and send it off for publishing before I leave. Along with the phonetic name table, I think I will work on that for the next article.”Soon Jack had an elven Ranger named Syrano, and he had a wolf familiar he named “Growlgh”. Holly looked at him funny, and asked what that meant.“What, Growlgh? That means “Trusted Friend” in the language of the wolves”, then leaned back with a grin.I started to laugh out loud. “So his alternate name is what, Kemosabe?”“Yep! You got it in one Pete!”I went ahead and ran them through Chaos in the Capitol, with Holly of course playing Kaos and another character, Linda doing 2 of them, and I ran the rest as NPCs. By the time we had finished Jack was laughing, and well on the way to being hooked. And when I asked what we should have for dinner, both of the girls asked for chicken fettuccine. So I headed off to the kitchen and Jack and I started chatting as I was cooking our dinner.“Dude, I need to have you talk to Juan, a friend of my family. He is a scriptwriter, and I think these adventures have a real potential as a screenplay. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard as today, honestly! Finding the seven dwarves, how absolutely ditzy Kaos was, then it turning out that Kaos was forced to work against them. I have seen B movie scripts and movies that have worse plots than that!”I told him I would think of it, and shortly afterwards dinner was ready. Jack admitted that my simple and easy to make chicken dish was really good, and said he would pass it along to his mom. And Holly and Linda spent the entire time during dinner telling him about many of the other adventures I had taken them through over the last 2 years.“Jack, one thing you should know about our Wednesday night games if you come. In reality, a lot of them are first runs of things I may ultimately publish. Either in a magazine, or through the game company I work for. Basically what I do is run them through it, and then either make changes if they are needed to make it suitable for publishing, or just abandon it and try again. I know you have connections in the film industry, so please keep this to yourself. I should not have to say how important ‘Intellectual Properties’ are, but in reality what you would be seeing is actually quite valuable to some in the game industry.”“Yea, no problem with me there. I will keep game nights just between us. And yea, it is like that at home. Many times my dad or mom would talk about work, and I knew I could not ever mention it elsewhere. Like this actress is being cast in this movie, or that book is being turned into a screenplay. Insider information is big in Hollywood, and they try to keep their secrets so nobody steals their ideas.”It was about 8 and all the dishes were cleaned when Holly grabbed Jack’s hand and almost dragged him upstairs. Linda gave me a big kiss, then did the same. But this time, I was the one in for a shock.Once we got into my room, Linda told me to have a seat in my chair, and took off the shirt she had been wearing. She then opened up her carry bag and pulled out a few things, and told me to get my clothes off and just sit in the chair.I sat down, and saw her pull out Petey and put him in her mouth. After wetting half the length with her saliva she then reached down with 2 fingers and spread her pussy lips wide, and started to ease it slowly up and down between them. Once it was obvious she was leaking she sighed softly, and started to slip the toy inside of her.I watched, mesmerized as she fucked herself with my birthday present from the year before. She never turned the vibrating part on, simply slipping the dildo in and out of herself, occasionally pulling it out and rubbing her clit with it before slipping it back in. After about 10 minutes I could tell she was getting close, and it was all I could do to not start stroking myself.Finally she took a deep shuddering sigh, and rolled over onto her belly. She took Petey out of herself and brought it up to her face. She slipped off the rubber cock part and actually slid it into her mouth, sucking on the vibrator part as she reached down into her bag again. I was surprised when I saw her bring out the bottle of sex lube I had gotten her, with maybe only 1/3 of the bottle left. I saw her squirt some on her fingers, and then transfer it to the vibrator.She then put a big glob of the stuff on her finger, and reached behind herself. I watched as she spread it over her ass! I watched in awe as she then started to push her finger into her ass. Linda was moaning softly, pushing her finger in then back out of her ass again a few times then reached back with the vibrator in her hand and pushed it against her wrinkled asshole. And with a soft moan started to work it inside.“Ohhhh, oh Pete, are you watching this?” she said softly, having pushed the first inch or so of the pink vibrator inside of herself.“Yes baby girl, I’m watching. You’ve done this before, haven’t you?”“Yes, I started a month or so ago. It feels so wicked, and I want more.”I moved to sit on the edge of the bed and watched her pleasing her ass. Her legs were spread wide on the bed, and releasing her grip on the vibrator she left it inside of herself, then moved her hand from behind her to under her body, grasping it again and feeding it more deeply into herself. Her other hand she moved up to her face and started to bite down on it. It took her several minutes, but she finally had only the last inch or so outside of herself, and was slowly fucking herself with the vibrator. Finally she stopped biting on her hand and grabbed the bottle of lube and handed it to me.“Please, I want you in there. This is my last cherry, and like the other two, I want to give this one to you also.”“Baby, I don’t want to hurt you” I softly said.“It’s OK, it’s a good hurt. I want you in there now, please Pete.”I sighed softly, continuing to watch her lewd display as I squirted some of the lube onto my fingers then started to apply it to my cock. Finally I was slick, and reaching out I grasped her hand and together we pulled the vibrator out of her. Then I moved on top of her, my legs between hers and pushed my cock against her fingers. She grasped it and moved it to the right position then pulled me against her.It took a minute or two but I felt the tip slip into Linda, and she moaned deeply. “Oh it hurts, but it hurts so good!” she softly moaned, and pushed herself back against me. I pulled out slightly then pushed back in, feeling more of my cock slide into her ass. She was almost painfully tight, and hot around me. It took several minutes, but finally I was deep inside of her, holding myself still for a moment, then I started to fuck her ass.Her moans were getting louder, and the low deep grunts and moans she had given earlier had given way to more high pitched whines. And I could hear her softly chanting. “Yes, fuck my ass baby, fuck my ass. Make my ass yours, like my mouth and pussy are yours. Faster, fuck me canlı bahis siteleri faster! God, it feels like you are pushing my stomach you are so deep in me. Please, faster and deeper!”I did as she asked, finding it both extremely exciting, as well as the tight clenching and heat bringing me closer to my own release faster than normal. After 5 minutes I was finding it hard to hold back. I moved my hands under her chest, grasping her shoulder to give me more leverage as I slid in and out of Linda. She clenched down tight around me and I could not move for a moment, she was gripping me so tight. Then she loosened and I started to fuck her again.I was giving her long deep strokes, and I realized that she had been getting louder. Her moans and cries were now at the volume of our normal conversation and getting louder. I was now pounding into her, and I could hear the sound of my hips slapping against her ass. “Yessss, fuck me Pete, fuck my ass! Fuck my ass hard, and cum in my ass! Fuck my ass, fuck my ass, fuck my ass!”I moaned I was close and she went crazy! “Yes, cum baby, go ahead and cum, I want it so bad! Cum in my ass!”And with that I lost all control and pushed all the way inside, I felt a burning in the base of my cock as her tight sphincter was preventing my cum from escaping. Then she loosened up a bit and with a deep moan I started cumming. 4, then 5 strong pulses as I squirted my cum deep into her ass, then collapsed on top of her.I could feel her moving slightly under me, and quickly pulled myself out of her. I looked down, and her asshole did not fully close right away. It was still open a fraction of an inch, and I could see a little cum leak out of her. Then finally the sphincter closed all the way. Linda was giving soft sobs and I curled up on her side and held her tight.“Oh baby, did I hurt you?” I asked, my voice full of concern. “God, I am so sorry, I never should have done that. I never want to hurt you, ever.”“It’s OK, as I said it’s a good hurt. I have never felt so full of you as I did then. But let’s only do this on occasion, OK?” I gave her a long soft kiss, and told her that I only wanted what she did. Then on shaking legs she got back up and pulled the shirt over her head and headed off to the bathroom.I could hear her talking to somebody in the hall, and the bathroom door had barely closed when there was a knock on my door. I pulled the sheet over my torso and told Holly to come in.“God Pete, you really did it this time!” Holly said, her voice filled with both a little awe and concern. “I know we had this conversation before, but how could you?”I sighed, and softly said “Holly, it was all her idea!” I pointed to Pinky, and the bottle of lube. “She has been practicing for a while with my gift to her last year, and she is the one that wanted it. I am just sorry you had to witness it.”She came over and kissed me softly, and then smiled at me. “Hey, I know how sis is when she really wants something. And it’s not like I had never heard you two going at it before. But I gotta say, you kinda freaked Jack out a bit. We were cuddling when I started to hear Linda getting louder, and told him that she can be a bit vocal at times. And I thought it was like that time before, when you were sliding in the cleft. But then she started screaming that she wanted you to cum IN her ass and not ON her ass, I knew this time it was for real.”I nodded, and we heard the toilet flush and she quickly went back to the bathroom door to wait for Linda to come out. A minute later they both walked in, and yea Linda was walking a little gingerly. Holly looked at me and tossed her head at the door. Getting the hint she turned her back as I pulled my sweats back on, then helped Linda to get on the bed. Giving her a long tender kiss I said I would be back in a bit and went into the bathroom myself.I took a quick shower, and headed downstairs to grab a soda. I sat in the dark living room and sipped it, wondering what had brought that on. I had never hinted to her that I was ever interested in anal, and I had to admit that now that I had tried it, my feelings were mixed. Sure it felt nice, and tight, and was very different than her pussy. But given a choice, I think 98 times out of 100 I would pick her pussy.I have no idea how much later it was, Holly came down and sat next to me. I wrapped my arm around her shoulder, and I asked her if Linda was OK. “Yea, she’s asleep now. She told me it was awesome, but not something she wanted to do very often. And yea, it was entirely her idea.”We talked for a few more minutes, and I walked her upstairs and gave her a soft kiss at the door to the guest room. “Sorry we ruined your night with Jack there” I said.“It’s OK. But I think this is one thing that I will allow Linda to one-up me on. I can’t imagine ever letting a guy put his cock in my ass!” And with a soft giggle she went in and closed the door behind her. I went into my room and could hear Linda’s soft breathing, she was indeed asleep. I carefully slipped in behind her and held her as I fell asleep with my baby in my arms.The next day I got up early to start breakfast, and told Linda to use the bathroom in my dad’s room. She gathered everything together and headed over as I walked in to use the hall bathroom. I heard the shower turn on as I finished and went to knock on the guest room, telling them I would have breakfast ready in about 20 minutes.Jack looked a little sheepish when he came down and helped me cook the beef bacon and eggs. It was like he was at a complete loss for words, and I just said “Dude, don’t worry about it. Sometimes Linda gets a little loud and raw,. If you are gonna spend time with us like this you might as well get used to it.”He chuckled and said Holly could be the same, but in a much more muted way. “She whispers it, but Linda was actually screaming it. I think that’s what shocked me the most. Well, that, and that you put it…”“Yea, that was all her idea. That was a first, and not something that we will likely repeat very often.”Jack looked at me, and softly said “So, how was it, I mean…”“Different,” I said as Holly joined us. “Different, and while it was good, it is not something that I can’t live without.”Holly nodded, and said Linda pretty much told her the same thing. Finally I was putting the plates on the table as Linda joined us. We ate breakfast and chatted, with no more mention of what Linda and I had been doing the night before.The girls were doing the dishes as I told Jack to go and get the bedding from the guest room and take it to the garage. I stripped down my bed and tossed everything in and started the wash cycle. I then went back upstairs and saw the toys Linda had pushed to the ground after she used them the night before. I took them into the bathroom and carefully washed them both, then put them back in her overnight bag.Holly suggested we all go out skating, and Linda actually winced. “Sorry sis, not today,” she said softly. “My ass is killing me!” Linda gave a soft chuckle, and we all laughed as Holly gave her a hug. Jack asked if he should go for a walk, and Linda shook her head. “No real reason to now, ya know? Like, you already know exactly what we did last night.”Jack and I sat on each end of the couch, as the girls sat in the middle between us. “So I gotta ask Linda, why?” Holly softly asked.“Well, we’ve seen that in a few movies, and the girls all really seemed to like it when a guy was in her ass. And Pete here got 2 of my cherries, my mouth and my pussy. I wanted him to have my last one also. So I practiced with a toy he got me, and last night I finally built up the courage to have him do it to me for real.”“So, was it good?”“Hmmmm, yes and no. It hurt like hell at first, but a good hurt, ya know? And it felt really really sexy, he was so deep in me. We will probably try it again, but not any time soon.”Jack was looking rather embarrassed, and I just chuckled. “Dude, if you’re going to be intimate with Holly and around us, you need to get used to things like this. You know Holly is my best friend, and we talk about everything. And these two together kinda treat me like one of the girls, and will share things with me I never expected. I have even seen Holly looking strung out and asked if I could help, and she simply said told me it was a heavy flow day for her and she would be fine.”Holly nodded at that. “Yea, pretty much. Pete here was a pretty good boyfriend, but he really is my best friend ever. We have no secrets from each other, and talk about everything. Sometimes I actually forget he’s a guy, to be honest.”“So, tell me about this movie,” Jack then said, with a grin. “Holly here told me you had some special ones that you keep hidden away.”Holly blushed, as did Linda. I laughed, and told him I had 5 or 6 porn movies on videotape upstairs. “It once again started because of Linda here. She was curious so I bought one. She liked it, and now about once a month or so I get one that we watch together.”Holly was nodding along with this, and Jack noticed. “And you have seen them also Holly?” he asked.She gave him a hug, and admitted she had. “It was mostly before I met you. Sometimes I would come over and watch them with these two here. They are, interesting. Mostly parodies of more regular movies, except with fucking.” Holly giggled at that, and said if he wanted some other time we would show him Misty Beethoven.

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