Country Roads take us Home


This is my first attempt at erotic writing. I love to read erotica, but I thought I would try my hand at writing some and see where it takes me. I hope you like it.


We’re kickin’ up dust on another dirt road. The sun hangs low in the evening July sky and bathes rows of corn in bright orange and pink light. We’ve been driving for hours with no place to go, just talking about anything and everything. Listening to music and talking. It comes so easy for us.

As I look out at the window of your red Chevy pickup taking in the beauty and simple peace of the country, I can feel your eyes on me. I feel them scrape down my body, taking in my breasts beneath my white tank top. Down my stomach to the apex of my thighs. I feel the heat beneath my denim cutoffs. I meet your eyes as they shoot up to meet mine, and physical tension crackles between us. You reach across the bench seat to take my hand. Warm, large and rough. I take your hand and rest it on my bare thigh.

Tight warmth pools low in my belly at the contact of your touch and my panties are already wet from sweat and arousal. My eyes meet yours again and the slow burn I’m feeling stokes instantly higher to match the inferno shown in your eyes.

No words are spoken as you turn off and park next to an old, abandoned barn in the middle of nowhere. Your hand ventures up as I slide down the seat, opening to you. Your fingers begin to rub my clit through my shorts, and I can’t resist any longer. I unbuckle my seatbelt and launch myself across the seat to straddle you in the driver’s seat. My mouth crashes to yours and we’re a mess of tongues swirling, teeth nipping, sucking. A frenzy of heady passion and need.

Your mouth leaves mine. You kiss down my neck and nibble on my ear as I dig my fingers into your shirt, grabbing at your shoulders and arms. You bite down and I throw my head back pendik escort and yell out into the thick, humid air of the truck.

You reach your hand up to my neck and my face, pulling it back down to crash into your mouth again. The steering wheel is digging into my back and ass. It forces me to rock forward in your lap feeling the bulge of your erection through our clothes. The sudden friction and pressure on my clit makes me gasp and you groan into my ear. You begin shifting and rocking beneath me as we continue dry humping and sucking face for another minute. I’m so wet and ready for you.

You grab the hem of my tank and begin peeling it up over my head. Casting it off and onto the floor board of the truck.

The look in your eyes is mischievous as you pop the hooks on my bra and then turns positively primal as I slowly slide the straps down my arms revealing my tits. I condemn my bra to the floor board to join my tank as you begin kissing the top of my breasts and rolling my nipples in your fingertips. I yelp as you nip on the sensitive skin and I fight not to fall apart right then in your hands. The combination of friction down south and your mouth on me is driving me wild.

As if reading my mind you lift me off you. You try to follow me across the seat, but I push you back down. Your eyebrow hikes in question as I pop the button on your jeans and the sound of your zipper echos loudly through the truck.

I fumble to free your cock as you lift your hips and slide your jeans down. Your delicious cock bounces free and I know my eyes widened at the sight of you and betray my excitement and appreciation.

I lick my lips and bend down, kissing the tip and licking the head of your cock. I surround your cock with my mouth and sink slowly until it hits the back of my throat. Sucking hard and hollowing rus escort out my cheeks, I rise to your head again swirling my tongue around the tip before sinking down again. You grab the back of my head and twist your fingers in my blonde waterfall curls. You dig your fingers into my scalp as I continue fucking you with my mouth. I slurp and suck without shame, the sounds of your groaning and heavy breathing egging me on. You begin thrusting up into my mouth, growling and groaning as we both get carried away. This goes on and I’m fully expecting you to cum in my mouth, but you stop abruptly and push me back.

You urge me to lie back in the bench seat and then it’s your turn to pop a button and hear a zipper echo into the darkness. You hook your fingers into my jeans and panties and slide them down my thighs, over my knees, calves, feet and deposit them on the floor with the rest of our clothing entourage. I peel your shirt over your head and complete the floor board clothing party.

You climb up the seat and I relish in the heat of your skin on mine and the weight of your body over me as you kiss me, your erection pressing into my hip.

You begin kissing down my body, but I stop you. I know where your head is at but there will be plenty of time for you to pleasure me in that way another time. I need your beautiful cock inside me. I need you to fuck me, right now. It can’t wait any longer. You kneel in the seat and take your throbbing cock in your hand. Sliding the head of your cock up and down between the lips of my pussy, priming me with my own juices.

You pause at my entrance and meet my gaze our labored breathing drowning out the music playing in the background. You press the head of your cock into my pussy lips and begin pushing into me, slowly filling me.

This feeling, the moment your cock invades sancaktepe escort the tight, wet, warm depths of my pussy, stretching and opening me, is the hottest feeling on Earth. I moan long and loud as my body adjusts to accommodate yours, until you’re buried to the hilt and I feel your balls meet my ass. Then you slowly slide out of me and I instantly feel a void inside. You slam back into me in one swift motion and my breath hitches in response and I growl and moan out your name. It feels so incredible.

You continue pulling out and slamming back in at a torturous pace. 1, 2, 3 you slam into me as your balls slap against my ass. Then, I urge you forward and wrap my legs around you locking them at the base of your ass, I begin rocking my hips to meet your thrusts. Your cock is buried deep, and the friction is intense. You reach down between us to rub my clit and I cry out in pure ecstasy as flashes of light dance behind my eyes, my cunt clenches around your cock pulsating and milking you. You pick up speed grunting expletives and praises all at once as the orgasm rockets through my body. Your so close, I feel your cock harden even more inside me. You’re on autopilot pounding away, balls slapping my ass. My grip on you loosens because of the sweat and distraction of riding out my orgasm. You let out a gutteral groan, then the sexiest moan before slamming into me one final time and freezing above me, your load spewing inside me. My world explodes again, and my pussy twitches as I scream out your name. As I come down from my orgasm, I feel your cock twitch, releasing the last bit of cum into me.

You collapse on top of me, burying your face in my neck. The truck is filled with the sounds of our breathing as we bask in the afterglow of our tryst. You lift your head and kiss me sweetly, nibbling on my lower lip. We lay there for a time, tangled together and enjoying the heat of our skin touching and breathing in the cool night air.

As we drive home, I peer out the open window, breath deep and sigh contently into the night. You take my hand and give it a knowing squeeze. The fireflies twinkle and dance above the corn rows. I love nights in the country with you.

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